November - December 2021 Holiday Issue of ViewOn Magazine

Page 103

by Rebecca Roessner


hen most people think about casinos these days, their attention is mainly directed towards slot machines. Between the flashing lights and jingling money sounds, it’s exciting to play those kinds of games. And they’re easy, too. Put in a couple of dollars, push the button, and talk smack when the reels don’t line up. On the other hand, table games are an alternative for the players who prefer more interaction during their casino time. Even if you don’t know how to play blackjack, the dealers offer enough tips which will make the game at least understandable. Then, there is the sportsbook. Even if you enjoy and understand sports, it can be intimidating to walk up to the counter for the first time and confidently place a bet. Reading the betting lines is about as self-explanatory as reading a stock exchange, making it more complex for the regular slot player to decipher. Of course, the sports crowd knows the lingo, but for the people who don’t, it’s like a secret code. Most

newbies wouldn’t know the basic questions they should ask to get started, and even if they did, those questions can be embarrassing, especially when you feel like people expect you to know the answer. Instead, some people declare they don't like sports or sports betting just so they won’t have to learn how to do it. But with a little bit of background, sports betting doesn’t have to be something that only the cool kids do. Let’s first consider that sports betting is not as glamorous as Hollywood suggests. The typical sports bettor does not spend tens of thousands of dollars on a single bet. They don’t lose a life savings on one game, and they don’t reliably hit big on the longshot. All a sports bettor really has to deal with is the frowny face on the guy sitting at the next table rooting for the other team. Although many people who sports bet are familiar with sports in general (and probably one or two in particular), moderate

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