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One device for displaying:  Time  Stop watch  Temperature  Humidity Available for the OPERION and system walls


Always displays the precise time using dierent types of synchronisation.

Shows temperature and humidity with loss-free transmission.

The integrated stop watch enables precise time measurement.

The INFOBAR can be flush mounted above an OPERION. It can also be mounted on operating room walls, for example, above a door.

The stop watch is operated using two coloured buttons.


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ALL INFORMATION AT A GLANCE INFOBAR – MORE THAN JUST A CLOCK Precise, easy to read and hygienic! The VM INFOBAR is not just a clock with large digits; it also features a stop watch and a temperature and humidity display. The time on the INFOBAR can be synchronised in various ways: 

Time plays an important role in the operating room. The INFOBAR is a clock that can be synchronised in various ways.

NTP – Synchronise with a configurable Network Time Protocol

server (NTP). (DHCP is required, optional) 

DCF-77 – For better reception, place an external DCF-77 recei-

ver outside the INFOBAR. (Optional) 

AirTime – Synchronise the clock wirelessly with an AirTime 868

MHz transmitter. (Optional) 

The bright display shows the information and can be read from every angle.

GPS – The clock can also be updated via the GPS signal (Global

Positioning System). (Optional) 

Slave clock line – Synchronise the INFOBAR with your existing

master clock (included on request, project-specific).

The integrated stop watch can be operated with just two buttons.

STOP WATCH INCLUDED You operate the stop watch with only two buttons. Press one button to start the stop watch and press the other button to stop it again. Press both buttons simultaneously to reset the stop watch.

EXTERNAL SENSORS AND A/D CONVERTER The temperature and humidity sensors can be positioned externally,

Humidity and temperature data is important when it comes to achieving optimal environmental conditions.

exactly where you need them. The measured data from the sensors is transmitted digitally to the INFOBAR via an RS485/Cat5 cable. The optionally available analogue/digital converter allows existing sensors with an active 0-10 V output to be connected to the INFOBAR. The converter provides separate channels for temperature and humidity. 15 programs are available for evaluating the signals. The converter can be programmed via RS232. The digital signal is connected to the display

Mehr Informationen: Noch mehr Informationen zu den technischen Details der PC-Komponenten finden Sie in der Further information on the INFOBAR can Broschüre: be found on the Internet: OPERION PC-MODULE

via RS485.

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TECHNICAL DATA INFOBAR 1190 Time display (HH:MM), temperature, relative humidity, stop watch (HH:MM:SS)

Glass protection

5 mm safety glass with silk print behind, perfect elimination of reflections using ‘single surface micro etching’

Temperature/humidity sensor

High-quality combined digital sensor connected via RJ45 (RS-485) to use network structure (one-to-one connection)

GPIO inputs/outputs

Start (12 V LED), stop (12 V LED)

Connection cable

Start/stop cable, length: 3 m, type: OPEK00500-REV 1.1 WL, with wire end sleeves for connecting to flush mount rocker switch

Power supply

AC 90-250 V, 50/60 Hz

Power supply unit

External 24 V power supply unit (2-pin Microfit), medically certified according to EN 60601-1:2005

Power consumption

12 W

Dimensions (W x H x D)

1190 x 150 x 119 mm


9.4 kg


DIN EN 60950-1:2006 + A11:2009 + A1:2010




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