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Your Studios Next Window of Opportunity: Vanishing Attention Spans “Failure to maintain focus can leave the mind lost in repeating loops of chronic anxiety… The power to disengage our attention from one thing and move it to another is essential for well-being.” - Daniel Goleman, Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence More than ever, people need to disconnect, to be mindful and to devote their attention fully to something — anything, really. Most people recognize this, but we live in a world of constant distraction and overstimulation that provides very few opportunities to do so. The mindfulness revolution is a large step in the right direction, but it tends to concentrate too much on meditation, which many people are not capable of or don’t want to try. A better way to provide disconnection is in the form of engagement in an activity, because it provides not only peace of mind and focus, but also a sense of progress. Studios have become more and more valuable in this modern age because they provide that valuable service, an hour or ninety minutes of freedom from distraction, of reconnection between body and mind, and of skill acquisition. A pleasant alternative to more extreme forms of disconnection. As a studio owner, disconnection should be one of the key tenets of your marketing campaign, especially when most of the marketing is

taking place on those sites that distract us the most, like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. If you put a post on Facebook about a yoga class you are offering, work something into the headline and description about distraction, like “Rediscover your Focus” or “Need to Disconnect?” Maybe include a subtitle with a relevant stat, such as the decline in the average attention span of adults, from approximately 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds today. (You might also include that the average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds!). Use soothing or relatable images with concise captions. Always remember to link to your website so that it is easy for potential students to find your studio and your classes. "Free your mind for 90 minutes. Rediscover your focus."

Once they’ve clicked on your link, it’s vital to remember that they aren’t hooked for long. 17% of page views are under 4 seconds and only 4% are over 10 minutes. The problem you are attempting to help them with is the same issue that will work against you unless you make things as easy as possible from the moment they click on your link. Just like your class, your site should feel like a blissful escape from the rest of the world. Make it beyond easy for students to: •

Access a clear, interactive calendar

Sign up for a class

Pay for it

If there is the smallest complication, students will bounce right off your website. The desire is there, but it’s rapidly fleeting and the execution depends on you. Viewcy can help to streamline your site and attain that level of ease that doesn’t scare away the easily distracted. You can design your whole site through Viewcy or simply link to it’s interactive calendar and payment system. Your website becomes a frictionless experience that helps you to lock new students. Now you just have to do what you do best: teach a great class. The new student will feel the benefits of disconnecting, as advertised, and become a loyal student. Loyal students share their experience both online and off. Viewcy makes it very easy for students to like or recommend classes on Facebook and other social media sites. Suddenly this attention starved, technology addict has become not only a loyal student, but also a free marketer for your business. You have successfully turned a negative trend in society into a positive trend for your business. -

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Your studio's next window of opportunity: Vanishing Attention Spans  

Some advice for studio owners on how to capitalize on our distracted, overstimulated society

Your studio's next window of opportunity: Vanishing Attention Spans  

Some advice for studio owners on how to capitalize on our distracted, overstimulated society