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View Art Gallery presents a group show

KA-BOOM! January 24 - March 17, 2013

View Art Gallery 159-161 Hotwells Road Bristol BS8 4RY United Kingdom for enquiries: +44 (0)5603 116753


BEN ALLEN Pop art, comic books, Japanese graphics and nature are all entwined within Ben Allen’s electrifying art. By working instinctively, he lets his images evolve during the painting process, creating a fresh and unpredictable style. The dramatic compositions and rich textures that result, expound a raw energy. Allen works in a myriad of different materials and his influences are heavily saturated throughout. The work being exhibited in Ka-Boom! has been completely inspired by the history of the graphic novel, with its comic book characters, speech bubbles and high impact poses, these paintings are set to provide a sensory overload for the viewers. With clients such as Jade Jagger and Richard Branson, Allen is quickly evolving into a highly collectable artist.

Love Hate acrylic, spray paint, bitumen, blackboard paint and ink on canvas 120 x 130 cm ÂŁTBA

Hope no. 21 paint and varnish on canvas 80 x 70 cm ÂŁ1,375

Hope no.19 paint and varnish on canvas 100 x 90 cm ÂŁ1,700

left top: Gun Series no. 2 acrylic, spray, silkscreen on canvas 50 x 50 cm £715 left bottom: Gun Series no. 3 acrylic, spray, silkscreen on canvas 50 x 50 cm £715 right: Vampire Vixen acrylic and spray on canvas 60 x 70 cm £935 over page: Forgotten Dreams acrylic, spray paint, bitumen, paint and ink on canvas 140 x 80 cm £TBA

ROBERT BRADFORD Playful, dynamic and vibrant, Robert Bradford’s’ plastic sculptures are a form of Pop Art that you may not have seen before. The inspiration behind this series is his desire to use materials that have already had a history. Comprised of anything from discarded plastic toys to buttons and clothes pegs, Bradford combines an eclectic mix of ‘everyday’ items in order to create an even more familiar object. With subjects ranging from rabbits to guns, fairies to dogs, Bradford’s technique means that each sculpture is totally unique in its own right. The appeal for him lies in the way this amalgamation results in energetic combinations of colours, textures and shapes. On a slightly deeper level, Bradford is also intrigued by the manner in which the items he uses can be viewed as a cultural signifier of the fads and fashions people were drawn to at the time. As society is essentially fickle in its interests, his sculptures can therefore be regarded as a form of documentation. Rediscover your childhood interests through Robert Bradford’s charismatic sculptures.

Sniff Bristol Toys on wooden armature 110 x 60 x 25 cm £3,800

above: Flip Off Toys on wooden armature 55 x 50 x 8 cm £880

right: Measha Toys on wooden armature 60 x 40 x 20 cm £2,100

Rabbit Rabbit Toys on wooden armature 80 x 30 x 30 cm ÂŁ3,800

Fairy Too Toys on wooden armature 100 x 50 x 30 cm ÂŁ3,500

DAMIAN DALY Enchanting, unnerving and exquisite, Damian Daly’s art is a constant source of intrigue. Inspired by a wide range of influences, from memories and his subconscious to sci-fi and comic books, Daly’s imagination is captivating. Having nothing but a vague theme in mind before he begins each image, the resulting drawings always retain an element of fantasy through the mysticism that they emit. The beauty behind Daly’s art is how it inspires viewer participation. The detailed layers of narrative mean that the audience are on a continuous journey of discovery, constantly able to unearth new elements and points of intrigue. Combining a total freedom of expression with incredible technical ability Daly’s drawings will transport you to another realm.

Goat Eyed Space Girl pen on paper 70 x 90 cm £750

Mother and Child (Happy Teeth) pen on paper 70 x 90 cm ÂŁ750

A is for... pen on paper 70 x 90 cm ÂŁ750

He Has His Father’s Eyes pen on paper 70 x 90 cm £750

History 1 Joan pen on paper 70 x 90 cm ÂŁ750

THOMAS DOWDESWELL Futuristic, mechanical and geometric, Thomas Dowdeswell’s art reveals a sense of order out of chaos. The early twentieth- century art movements; Vorticism, Constructivism and Futurism predominantly inspire Dowdeswell’s art. He combines this with an avid interest in current affairs and how people interact with each other within our society. Ultimately his work is an illustration of his fascination with the human form. Within this latest collection of works, it is also possible to see his modern twist on famous figures in the art world such as Goya and Manet, references of which are infused within his art in a unique manner. His highly detailed and densely packed cityscapes are rich in narrative and vibrant in colour.

The Pyramid of Power oil on canvas 152 x 101 cm ÂŁ3,000

The City Has Eyes oil on canvas 152 x 101 cm ÂŁ3,000

Speeding Train oil on canvas 60 x 30 cm ÂŁ800

right: What Will Become of the Lonely Souls oil on canvas 80 x 30 cm ÂŁ700 over page: The March on the Innocent oil on canvas 60 x 30 cm ÂŁ600

KRISTIAN FLETCHER Kristian Fletcher’s highly realistic yet semi-abstracted drawings will transport you into an ulterior universe. Inspired by films such as Sin City, based on the graphic novel series by Frank Miller, Fletcher’s fantasy scenes aim to explore how permanent and temporary structures come to be invested and reinvested with meaning. Technically brilliant; the hard realism of his work is achieved through his detailed execution of the built environment. His talent lies in his ability to combine this realism with a real sense of mysticism and atmosphere. One of the most intriguing aspects to this latest collection of work is the viewpoint as we, the audience, are the subject of his drawings. This technique maximises viewer participation with his work and enables us to draw out our own meanings and interpretations of the narrative. Dramatic and powerful, Fletcher’s drawings will stretch your imagination.

The Engineer pen and pencil on paper 125 x 90 cm ÂŁ995

Cuban Light 1 pen and pencil on paper 70 x 90 cm ÂŁ750

Cuban Light 2 pen and pencil on paper 70 x 90 cm ÂŁ750

CEDRIC LAQUIEZE Representing a fantastical element to Ka-Boom!, Cedric Laquieze’s magical, exquisite and technically brilliant warrior series and flower skeletons will astound you. Having been fascinated by creatures from an early age, it was during his time at the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam that this interest really grew. Captivated by organic materials and esthetic shapes, he began specialising in using all kinds of dead objects in his art, from animal and bird skeletons, to dead insects and flowers. Despite the extreme technical skill needed to create these wonderful sculptures, his talent becomes most evident through the different personas he manages to incorporate into them. From delicate and graceful to intimidating and unnerving, these otherworldly creatures are truly wonderful.

Flower Skeleton medical anatomical skeleton and silk flowers 41 x 24 x 18 cm ÂŁ1,000

MR. MEAD Surreal, otherworldly and inhuman, Mr Mead’s art is driven by his ultimate fear of anthropomorphism. Working traditionally in pen and ink, his artistic technique is entirely suited to the theme of Ka-Boom!. Whilst the figures in his drawings are conjured from his imagination, their illustrative nature retains a certain graphic novel feel. Through blending animals, humans and nature, unexpected images and scenes are combined together. Mr Mead refers to this as “Bio-Mechanical Anthropomorphism” Varying between planning his drawings and simply rolling with a vague idea, he describes his creative practice as a “cathartic process to release his inner nightmares.” Explore the dark, hollow-eyed creatures of Mr Mead’s imagination.

Grand Wolf pen and ink, printed mount, on board 152 x 152 cm £1,950

Lady Camarillo pen and ink on paper 50 x 38 cm ÂŁ600

Party Boy pen and ink on paper 35 x 28 cm ÂŁ495

Peter and the Carrot Children pen, ink and acrylic on board 183 x 92 cm ÂŁ1,800

PAUL OZ Explosive Pop artist Paul Oz returns to View with new dynamic art. Created specifically for Ka-Boom! Oz’s eye-catching works will not fail to impress. The first is a depiction of Heath Ledger playing the role of the Joker in Batman. Oz’s talent is clear through his ability to perfectly capture the sinister and disturbing temperament of this iconic figure. Spiderman, who is seemingly leaping out of the canvas towards the viewer, is another of Oz’s subjects. He has also made a particularly powerful portrait of Batman. His intense gaze, directed straight at the viewer confirms this characters status’ as a hero. His final piece for Ka-Boom! is the literal painting of the title Ka-Boom! A real sense of energy, movement and character are palpable throughout these electrifying images. Each work is painted in his distinctive technique with a palette knife and oil paint. His intensely thick paint application, in places carved 2cm thick, gives his paintings a 3D effect. He aims for them to cast their own shadows, further intensifying the charismatic quality of his art. Literally translated, Ka-boom! means the “wow effect version of boom” a description, which simultaneously seems totally apt with Oz’s work.

Heath oil on board 159 x 92 cm £3,700

Bats oil on board 92 x 115 cm ÂŁ3,700

Spidey oil on board 159 x 92 cm ÂŁ3,400

DARREN WEST Dazzling, provocative and electrifying, Darren West, master of the 100-year-old trade of neon glass blowing, has transformed his traditional commercial work of neon signs into extraordinary and illuminating art. His high impact subject matter ranges from pop art icons to comic book heroes. With deeply sensual poses and suggestive characters, West is clearly not afraid to push the boundaries. West’s interest in neon lies in how it had fascinated society for years, from the initial enchantment when it was shown in 1910 in Paris, to how it has now become a fashionable symbol of retro and vintage. His use of it is within his art is never overpowering but integrated into the work to provide a soft glow. Whether they shock you or intrigue you, there is a beauty to each of West’s pieces.

POW 1 neon and print 71 x 91 cm edition of 3 ÂŁ3,300

POW 2 neon and print 71 x 91 cm edition of 3 ÂŁ3,300

I Want to be Dirty mixed media 30 x 40 cm ÂŁTBA

Divine Pleasure mixed media 30 x 40 cm ÂŁTBA

Neon Angel mixed media 70 x 80 cm ÂŁ2,700

Secret Promises mixed media 70 x 80 cm ÂŁTBA

“The high impact art of comic culture fits perfectly within the View gallery style - it’s positive, vibrant, energetic and has some sinister undertones that provide additional layers of narrative beyond the aesthetic.” Nick Waugh Director, View Art Gallery


Ka-Boom! catalogue  

online catalogue for Ka-Bom! exhibition at View Art Gallery

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