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A Christmas Fantasy

A Christmas Fantasy is the story of a toy soldier who magically comes to life. The performance interweaves circus, puppetry, song and dance to create a spectacular 30 min show for all ages. Characters magically appear, as the toy soldier unwraps the Christmas presents and opens the giant cracker (Bon Bon) he discovers spread around the Christmas tree . With a blend of well known christmas songs, original music and the spectacular christmas bells this piece is sure to delight the young at heart.

The Show

Santa Claus We have a range of Santa’s for you to choose from including: Roving Santa’s Magic Santa Juggling Santa Stilt Santa and Mrs Claus Beach Santa Santa Pyramid with helpers Dancing Miss Santa Sexy Santa’s & helpers

ELMAC © 2006

Snow Maidens on stilts Elegant, glistening white ice maidens

Christmas Ice Angels on stilts Stilt Angels who grant wishes

Naughty or Nice They don’t fly and they don’t play harp but these winged celestials are sure to delight you with their synchronized skipping and kooky carols. You’ll find out if they’re naughty or nice! With their tinsel twirling and candy cane spinning you can be sure of at least two heavenly guests! Indulge in the sport of extreme gift -wrapping and Xmas bauble hypnosis ELMAC © 2006

Elves Mischievous, Fun Loving, Rhyming elves. They sometimes dance They sometimes sing They sometimes do magic They always encourage fun.

Face Painting Elves

Elves and Reindeers Inseparable Reindeers and Elves with bells on, sure to spread lots of Christmas Cheer and silliness. ELMAC Š 2006

Christmas Tree on Stilts Uprooted and on the move. Always in search of a present, the Christmas Tree on Stilts is a tall sparkling character that will light up any room. Best accompanied by an elf or two.

The Christmas Skaters As they skate around appearing to glide across the "ice", these two create a vision of the classic Christmas . On their own or as the perfect addition to Santa's arrival, they are suitable as both a roving act or available as a choreographed "ice" skating routine.

ELMAC Š 2006

Golden Angels Stilts or ground Creatures with golden wings and angelic smiles. Beautifully synchronized, these graceful angels caress the air as they move serenely.

The Tin Soldier Marching to his own beat. The Tin Soldier delights children and adults with surprises from his golden Christmas sack

Xmas Toys Alive Classic Xmas toys Jester and Doll come alive. Delighting audiences as they dance and move amongst the crowd. At times whipping out sparkling oversize Xmas Wrapping to create a whirlwind of flagging movement.

ELMAC Š 2006

Dancing Bell and Xmas Tree A Fast footed silver and gold Xmas bell has come to life, With bells on she Jingles wherever she goes. Suddenly breaking out into a show stopping dance number. Joined by the fun bright 3 layered Xmas tree who floats through the crowd, expressing Xmas Joy through movement. The top 2 layers are easily removed, encouraging young and old to participate in the Xmas cheer.

Xmas Presents They walk and talk!

Hoola Hooping Miss Santa's

ELMAC Š 2006

Xmas Lifesavers - Plop Plop is a humorous, interactive, irreverent and extremely adaptable roving act incorporating themes from 1920's beach culture. Plop is so much more than two blokes dressed up as surf lifesavers and Xmas hats. It’s two blokes dressed up as surf lifesavers with thongs, Zinc cream and Xmas hats. Sure they’re highly skilled improvisers and physical performers. Plop. They’ll do what you want, they’ll do what it takes, and they’ll do it in thongs, Zinc and Xmas attire!

Xmas Roo’d A pair of kangaroos on amazing bouncing stilts. Jumping up to a metre off the ground and 2 metres in a bound, they are a phenomenal sight. Their characters are a crossover of outback macho and inner city punk savvy - always Roo'd but never offensive. They spread the Xmas cheer

Xmas Koala or Bunyip

Xmas Tattoos

Xmas Cartoonist ELMAC © 2006

The Icicles On stilts or Roller Blades They are perfect as a roving act or stilt statues. On ground they can incorporate acrobalance, statue, dance, or meet and greet

Icy Men in White Two fabulous, friendly winter white gentleman who love to meet new friends and stop to chat. Their magic umbrellas glow white in the dark and may also change to other colours as you watch."

ELMAC Š 2006

Old Father Time He’s knows all Christmas’s past and has a story about each of them. He also knows what Xmas will look like in the future.

Xmas light Baroques Spectacularly elegant The Baroquials add an air of splendour and beauty to any function. These two characters glide demurely through crowds in a halo of light, lit by their own 12 Volt lighting system.

Story Telling At Xmas The Christmas Reporters The Christmas reporters are busy and bustling and full of reports on how Christmas is shaping up for the year. How are YOUR chances of Santa dropping in on Christmas Eve? They have the updates on who’s been naughty & who’s been nice. How Santa is coping with the stress, How to keep Rudolph with a cold to keep his nose red, Snow Reports and required chimney sizes to cope with Santa’s recent weight gain!

ELMAC © 2006

Using talents of magic, acrobats, improvisation, sound effects, balloon art and physical comedy. Draws in children of all ages, and weaves stories involving specialised themes and children participation. Scrooge, The Xmas Circus, The Lonely Star, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, Twelve Days of Christmas

Xmas Living Statues This live visual art performed by costumed & body painted dancers is an elegant addition to any event. For Christmas sleek bodies are painted with Xmas icons. Silver with stars, Gold with Tinsel, Green with Holly or simply in Xmas colours of Green and Red with Merry Xmas painted onto the body itself. Artistic, contemporary and just a bit cheeky. Can also be combined with Flagging for a touch of sparkle.

The Christmas Police The Petty Officers are the act everyone loves to hate. Officious, power hungry, stone faced and very, very petty. Walking the beat or cruising on their scooters, The Petty Officers enforce any regulations and laws you want them to. Their most popular act is fashion regulation – with Xmas approaching they are brushing up on festive season infringements…

2 Wise Men on Camels They lost the 3rd Wise man while searching for the Star. Now they try and find him, recruiting passers by with words and stories of wisdom.

ELMAC © 2006


Horns Alight For those twilight or evening events Horns Alight is the perfect entertainment solution. Draped in fibre optic cable Horns alight look fantastic and sound awesome. Talk about the perfect opening to an event. A dim room and Horns Alight enter playing music of your choice. The mood is set, the lights

Veren Grigorov Solo Violin. or a Duo violin with guitar or accordion. Xmas repertoire presented with wit and cheer. Born in Bulgaria, Veren studied at Conservatoriums of Music in Vienna, Austria, Sofia, Bulgaria and Sydney. His experience is wide ranging having worked with Baz Luhrmann, Barrie Kosky and INXS! His roving and playing is exceptional. The musicians interact with the people through musical humour.


Accelerando as The Oom Pahs Any Xmas carol you can think of they take on the challenge of playing it in the traditional Oom Pah style! Accelerando are swirling soaring interlocking folk and dance melodies, vibrant foot stamping polkas, elegant plaintive valse musettes and fiery Klezmer tunes. This is music with a gypsy heart to be consumed with vodka and passion: authentic and evocative. ELMAC Š 2006

Divine Inspiration is a three piece gospel/revivalist experience Led by Patou Powell who is the supporting voice for many of Australia’s top recording artists, Kylie Minogue, and Margaret Urlich to name a few.

Classical Harpists Strings Horns

Hi Life Xmas Horns Trumpet, trombone, saxophone and percussion. A diverse repertoire with a few laughs, lots of fun!

Christmas Carollers Very experienced, professional, good standard Christmas repertoire.

Santa’s Angels A roving three-piece a Capella vocal group that will leave your guests enthralled as they mingle amongst the crowd singing all the best known Christmas carols. Aurally as well as visually delightful, the girls dress to impress and are the perfect accompaniment to any Christmas festivities. Their honey sweet harmonies and renditions of all the popular Christmas songs make for an unforgettable experience ELMAC © 2006

Bands & Dj’s Our Bands and DJ’s are always happy to dress for Xmas. Pictured DJ Keeth Diamond ‘White Xmas’


ELMAC © 2006

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