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The Right Way to Apply for Visa to Vietnam

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As a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia, Vietnam attracts international tourists throughout the year. Some people visit the country to explore its scenic beauty and famous tourist destinations. Also, you can plan a family holiday in Vietnam to understand the lifestyle, customs, and traditions of the local people. The regular inflow of tourists has contributed immensely towards boosting the local hospitality industry in Vietnam.

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Based on your holiday plan and budget, you have options to choose from several hotels and holiday accommodations. But unlike some other countries, Vietnam does not offer visa on arrival to tourists. Each tourist must have valid passport and visa to enter the country. However, you have several options to apply for and obtain a Vietnam visa. If you are planning to spend a family holiday in the country, it becomes essential to understand various aspects of travel visa to Vietnam.

Points to Keep in Mind while Applying for Visa to Vietnam Decide the Type of Visa ď ˝ Before applying for a Vietnam visa, you must plan your trip properly. You also need to decide the visa requirements according to the nature and duration of your stay. It is also a great idea to avoid completing the visa application form till you have not decided the ports of your arrival and departure. Often changes will make you to go through lengthy procedures. So you must decide your trip in advance to decide the right visa type and apply for it. The initial planning will help you to save both time and efforts during the vacation. Validity of the Travel Visa ď ˝ Normally, the tourist visas to Vietnam are valid for a maximum period of 30 days. But the tourists also have option to extend the visa while they are vacationing in the country. But the official procedure for extending tourist visa is both complex and time-consuming. So you must plan the vacation in advance to avoid the red tape and time required for extending your travel visa.

Fees ď ˝ While applying for a Vietnam visa, you have to pay the required fees. But the amount of fees will vary from one country to another. Also, the fees will vary according to the embassy you are applying through. Also, you have to incur some additional expense, if you are applying for the visa through a travel agent or visa service company. It is a good idea to visit the Permanent Mission of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam website to understand the details of visa fee and application procedure. Multiple Entry Visas ď ˝ Many international tourists love to explore several Asian tourist destinations within a shorter amount of time. During your upcoming trip, you can consider exploring Cambodia, Thailand and Laos in addition to Vietnam. You can further explore the connecting regions by making side trips. If you are planning to explore the popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, it is a good idea to apply for multiple entry visas. Once you obtain the multiple entry visas, it will be easier for you to explore the region in an easy and hassle-free way.

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It is also important for a tourist to understand how to apply for a Vietnam visa. Many people still prefer applying for visa through the Vietnamese embassies or travel agencies.

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But the smarter tourists prefer applying for the tourist visa through online visa processing service providers to save both time and effort. You can avail the assistance of a reliable online visa processing service provider get your visa application processed in a quick and hassle-free way.

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The right way to apply for visa to vietnam  

As a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia, Vietnam attracts international tourists throughout the year. Some people visit the count...