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How to Get Visa for Vietnam? If you want to travel to Vietnam, the first thing to do is look for a visa. The process of getting the visa for Vietnam upon arrival involves acquiring an approval letter through a travel agency. This visa should be collected at the airport upon arrival. You need to avoid several common mistakes if you want to enjoy your trip. You do Not Get a Visa upon Arrival without Applying Online: A lot of people believe that they can acquire a visa directly upon arriving. This is completely untrue because you might finally have to cancel or delay your flights or keep waiting at the airport to have your visa approved. This is why you need to make an online application for your visa to Vietnam. After that, you can easily collect the visa from the airport. Visa to Vietnam on Arrival at the Border: The visa on arrival is applicable only for air travel. This means you don’t need a visa for border or overland crossing or for water or sea entry. Hence, if you do not arrive to Vietnam by air, you only need to ensure that you collect the visa in advance. Typos or Spelling Errors: Do not fill the application form with wrong details pertaining to your date of birth, passport number or full name on the passport. This might not be a major problem, although the airline might refuse you at the departure due to mismatch of information between the passport and the letter of approval. You need to careful and correct while entering the details on your Vietnam visa. Date of Arrival: A lot of people believe that the visa validity starts from the date of their entry to Vietnam, instead of being on the provided date. This is untrue as the visa validity commences from the date which is provided in advance, and not from the date of your landing. This is why you need to have a clear plan of when you should enter before ordering your visa for Vietnam. Extension of Visa: It is not easy to extend your visa once you arrive in the country. The process is expensive as well as time taking. You should always apply for a visa of 3 months in advance instead of a 1-month visa in order to save money on extending your visa. This will make your journey to Vietnam safe and secure.

About Author: If you are looking to apply for a Vietnam visa, get your visa for Vietnam by providing correct information. This will give you the correct visa to Vietnam.

How to Get Visa for Vietnam?