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40 year NL – VN Rotterdam, 25 october 2013


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About Vietnam About NL VN Relation Intro horticulture sector About VCT Questions and Answers

Vietnam in a glance • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

329,560 km2 90 ml inhabitants (60%<40yr, youngest in Asia) GDP: $US 136 bill (+5.3% - 9% last 20 yrs) Export: $US 114 bill (+20%) Import: $US 110 bill GDP/cap: $US 1,500 (PPP: 3500 $US ) Literacy: 95% (highest in SEA) Language: Vietnamese/English 30 ml motorbikes 32 ml internet users (34% population) 155 ml cell phones Rapid industrialization (+20%) FDI: $US 20 bill, 72 bill (2008) FII: $US 35 bill Remitance: $US 11 bill

Vietnamese economy in a glance 1975 1986 1997 2000 2008 2010 2014 2014 2025

End of Vietnam War New economic policy (GDP + 5%) Asian economic crisis (GDP+7%, second highest) Bilateral trade agreement (GDP +7%, FDI inflow, export +25%) Global financial crisis (72 bill USD FDI, GDP +7%) ASEAN FTA (all custom tariffs: 0%) FTA EU (expected) TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership â&#x20AC;&#x201C; expected) 17th biggest economy (Goldman Sachs survey)

FDI in Geographical Areaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s FDI â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Foreign Direct Investment

Mekong river Delta 5%

Offshore 1,2% Red river Delta 23,9%

Southeast 45,8%

North central and central coastal areas 19,7%

Central highlands 0,4%

Northern and mountain areas 1,8%

Why Vietnam? Stable Socio-Political Environment Safe Business Environment Stable Economic Growth (5,3-9% last 20yr) Competitive Labor Cost (150 USD/mt) WTO Membership Centre of ASEAN (4 bill consumers within 5 hours flight)

Market of 90 ml people (retail, sales & consumption) Attractive Tax Incentives

Vietnam is top in: Rice, Coffee, Peppers, Seafood, Cashew nuts, Natural rubber Emerging in: Electronics, oil & gas, petrochemical

Netherlands-Vietnam: Milestones • 400 yr: VOC: Hoi An & Pho Hien • • • • • •

40 yr: 1995: 2001: 2005: 2011: 2011:

Diplomatic relation (4 sept 1973) PM Phan Van Khai (jan), PM Wim Kok (sept) PM Phan Van Khai PvO Willem Alexander PvO W. Alexander & Prs Maxima PM Nguyen Tan Dung

VOC: The Trader Weapons for both North & South

Netherlands-Vietnam: Economic relation • • • • • •

NL Investments in VN: 5,9 bill USD Total trade: 3,2 bill USD SPA water & climate Rotterdam & Hochiminh City Amsterdam & Hanoi Sector: Agriculture & Food, Maritime, Water, Horticulture, Banking & Financial

Vietnam horticulture: interest by politics

Vietnam: Horticulture

Vietnamese horticulture: Diversity •   

Central highlands – Da Lat Main vegetable production area Year round temperate vegetable production and highest production standards “Professional” large scale seedling production

•   

North – Vietnam Main vegetable production season from October till March Large gherkin processing industry Very small scale land units for most crops, but for some also quite large

• Coastal area Nha Trang  Seasonal melon production • South – Vietnam  Year round “tropical” vegetable production  Seasonal melon production

Breaking the downward spiral in vegetable sector Vegetable sector: Breaking the downward spiral • Inconsistent supply: quality & quantity • Low productivity per land unit (scattered landscape of small producers) and unsustainable production methods • Bad harvesting and transportation • Escaping the downward spiral of:

Challenge • • • •

Bad consumption experiences Limited choice Poor food safety level Unsustainable production methods

Window of opportunity in vegetable sector

• Increasing demand for better quality produce (rise of the middle class) • No “brands” in the market (limited quality competition) • Huge yield increase potential

Challenge • Capturing the window of opportunity: • Consistent good quality • Added value

Future of vegetable sector in Dalat Da Lat has grown into an important supplier of vegetables within Vietnam and some export markets, but the sector has to face a few challenges to further grow: • How to comply with future demands from the domestic and export markets in terms of product quality and safety? • How to increase productivity levels per m2 in a sustainable way? • How to ensure year round supply of products? • A modern horticulture vegetable production sector could provide an answer

• How to accelerate the development of a modern horticulture vegetable production sector?  Transition Facility  PSI

Horticulture: partnership

Vietnam Horticulture: crops Vietnam: interesting crops • Central Highlands – Da Lat Vegetables, tomato, potato, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, coffee

• North – Vietnam Vegetables, tomato, potato, carrot, cabbage, cucumber,… • Coastal area Nha Trang Melon, dragon fruits • South – Vietnam Melon, cucumber, pomelo, mango

VCT Connecting Businesses • • •

Vietnam’s leading specialist since 2000 15 employees & 25 freelancers in total Office NL & VN

Focus on SME/ Family owned companies – Ned Spices, Ned-Deck Marine – Wassenburg, Dobla – Royal Kusters Engineering, Royal Johan Enschede

Special projects for – Evides, DSM, VDL – Wartsila, Voith – Dutch government (EL&I, E&I, NL Agency) – Trade Organizations (NWP, HME, FME, IRO, etc.)

VCT: trusted since 2000 • • • •

Business & Sector Development Financial Engineering & Subsidy management Events Management & Partnerships Marketing & Sales Industrial Equipment


Rensen & van der Plas

Ned-Deck Marine


What has VCT being done? Business development: 250 clients 40 investment projects: 1,8 bill Euro Grant: 40 ml Euro

Sector: energy, maritime, medical, banking, agriculture & food

Sector Development: Public Private Partnership Energy (AETIN)

Mr. Hoang Trung Hai, Dep PM

Mr. Truong Tan Sang, president

Mr. Peter Voser, Shellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s CEO


The Dutch care: from cradle to grave Dairy: Dutch Lady Medicines: Organon Cosmetics: Unilever Water: Evides Transportation: Damen, Ned-Deck Marine Chocolate: Dobla Medical devices: Wassenburg, Philips Entertainment: Heineken Flowers for ceremony: Dalat Hasfarm

Business Development: VCT

1998: Mr. Hanh Do met The Nehterlands Queen

2005: The Netherlands Prince visited Vietnam

2008: Ministers Koenders & Heemskerk

2011: The Princess Maximaleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s delegation

2011: The Princess Maximaleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s delegation

Questions & Answers NL – VN: Commons? Delta, Water, Big Neigbour NL – VN: Differences?

Contacts VCT VCT Netherlands

VCT Hanoi

89 Laan van Meerdervoort 2517 AT, The Hague T: +31.70.3885965 E:

26/55 Do Quang Cau Giay, Ha Noi T: +84.4.35535486 E:


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