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Occupancy category C.3: short term Atrium/accommodation method of separation

30 min fire-resisting (integrity and insulation) construction with:

Means of escape provision

Where escape from the accommodation is via a balcony, which is separated from the associated floor area by smoke retarding construction, means of escape in two directions to independent protected escape routes should be provided. There should be an 18 m maximum travel distance from bedroom door to nearest storey exit or a fire door leading to a protected corridor

Evacuation strategy. Individual occupancy Smoke control system

Associated areas sprinkler system

Smoke control system Yes designed to ensure that untenable conditions are not created in means of escape in atrium

Fire alarm and warning system

Type L1 AFD system, and voice alarm throughout the building

Use of atrium base

Controlled fire load


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Š BSI 8 December 2004

Table 3 — Occupancy category C: occupants who are likely to be asleep (continued)


BS 5588-7:1997


Bs 5588 71997 fire precautions in the design, construction a