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BS 5588-7:1997

Section 1

Northern Ireland: The Fire Services (Northern Ireland) Order 1984 and the Health and Safety at work (Northern Ireland) Order 1978. The Planning and Building Regulations (Amendment Order) (Northern Ireland) Order 1990. There are also a number of local Acts as well as entertainment and other licensing legislation which deal with fire safety and means of escape. The designer should consult the fire authority and building authority at an early stage to make certain that the building as planned will meet the requirements those authorities may make, particularly if a fire certificate or licence may be necessary. NOTE Under the Fire Precautions Act, 1971, fire authorities cannot generally require structural or other alterations relating to escape from the premises as a condition of the issue of a fire certificate, or under an improvement notice, if the plans of the building conform to the building regulations, unless: a) there are regulations made under Section 12 of the Act and it is necessary to make requirements in order to satisfy those regulations; or b) the fire authority is satisfied that the means of escape in case of fire are inadequate by reason of matters or circumstances of which particulars were not required to be supplied to the local authority in connection with the deposit of plans for building regulation purposes.


Š BSI 8 December 2004

Bs 5588 71997 fire precautions in the design, construction a  
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