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BS 5588-7:1997

Section 1

3.13 means of escape structural means whereby a safe route or routes is or are provided for persons to travel from any point in a building to a place of safety 3.14 phased evacuation a system of evacuation in which different parts of the building are evacuated in a controlled sequence of phases, those parts at greatest risk being evacuated first 3.15 place of safety place in which persons are in no danger from fire 3.16 pressure differential system a smoke control system designed to minimize the spread of smoke from one part of a building to another via gaps and small openings in the construction, by maintaining a pressure differential relative to the space containing the fire 3.17 protected lobby/corridor a circulation area consisting of a lobby or corridor enclosed with a fire-resisting construction (other than any part that is an external wall of a building) 3.18 protected stairway a stair discharging through a final exit to a place of safety (including any exit passageway between the foot of the stair and the final exit) that is enclosed with fire-resisting construction 3.19 simultaneous evacuation an evacuation procedure in which all persons within a building or part of a building are evacuated simultaneously following discovery of a fire within the building 3.20 smoke visible suspension in atmosphere of solid and/or liquid particles resulting from combustion or pyrolysis 3.21 smoke clearance system a smoke control system designed to remove the products of combustion following a fire and used at the discretion of the fire service to assist firefighting operations 3.22 smoke control any technique used to control the movement of smoky gases within a building in order to protect the structure, the contents, the means of escape, or to assist firefighting operations 3.23 smoke dilution smoke control achieved by mixing the smoky gases with enough clean air to achieve less hazardous conditions 3.24 smoke exhaust ventilation system a smoke control system designed to remove a sufficient volume of smoke to minimize the possibility of inter-connected spaces becoming untenable as a result of the spread of smoke


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