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Viet Ho GD208 Project 1 Editorial Illustration

Creative Brief Article: “This is Scary: Scientists find a way to erase frightening memories� People have been got threaten since their childhood. Those fears are still affecting them even theygrowed up.

Problem: How to remove or erase those fear out of people memories. Solution: Scientists at Uppsala University in Sweden have been found a way. They use electric shock in a specific brain area that respsonse to fears. This will produces protein to replace the fear mermories area slowly.

Target Audience: People who are reading technology blog on Yahoo and caring of their health.



Create illustration and employ on computer.

Key Benefit :

Help to illustrate and imaging a random topic in future.


Light and emotion.


Webpage and pdf file

Original Article

Sketches and Concepts

Source Photos





The area that brain respsonses fear

Final Composition

The area that brain respsonses fear

Citation inside-the-mind/emotions/fear.htm

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My first project in GD208 class

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