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VIET DREAMS- ONE YEAR VietDreams is a 501 (c) (3) organization founded by musicians, artists, music enthusiasts and journalists who all share a common goal – to provide disadvantaged children in Vietnam with better educational opportunities and a more healthy, sustainable way of living. It is our duty to provide these children with vital medical supplies and educational assistance so that they may live better lives and one day fulfill their dreams. Some of our projects include donating bicycles and helmets, granting scholarships, medical supplies, and most recently, providing access to clean water, which will reduce water-borne illness among children. Our organization also collaborates with local networks and other non-profit organizations such as Hope for Tomorrow in order to successfully create an environment where every child is safe, self-sufficient, and able to pursue their education. But what sets our organization apart is our unwavering commitment and passion. We are devoted to giving these children a healthier lifestyle and a promising educational future. Our efforts are focused on children living in the poorer, rural areas of Vietnam. We do not discriminate among ethnic backgrounds, religions, minorities or medical circumstances. Every child deserves our assistance. We use our musical talents to raise the necessary funds to support our projects. The majority of our funding coming from benefit concerts, auctions, sponsors, and selling CDs and various artworks. We hope that our efforts and commitment will serve as a powerful reminder that there are many children in Vietnam who still need our help. Our goal is to give these children an opportunity of a lifetime and to make their dreams a reality.

Accomplishments in One Year 7 Drinking Filtration Systems (from $1,500/each) 3 Water Filtration Systems (from $2,300/each) 2 Drilled Wells ($3,000/each)

Provides clean water for 800 people 30 Scholarships & Food Support ($150/kid) 400 Uniforms/jackets for Vinh Son orphanages New Year Gifts for Bu Dang kids

Projects Collaborating with Because Vietnam 4 Cement Bridges in Hoa My 2 Happy Rooms

Report updated 3/2012

VIET DREAMS 2011 Annual Report

We served more than 800 people with clean and safe drinking water

100% of every dollar donated went to our projects * Amount already excluded event ticket sale and benefit to donors at two main events



2011 brought support from around the world to Viet Dreams. 25% are from repeating donors,10% from donors living outside of US, 10% from our friend organizations and the rest are from our members and new supporters. As a result, we were able to install 10 water filtration systems, 2 wells, build 4 bridges & 1 happy room (collaborated with Because Vietnam)






$2465 Total Raised


Invested in water projects



Sponsored food, tuitions and other needs

$6680 Spent on Because Vietnam’s projects VIET DREAMS- 2011 Annual Report





Foundations and other organizations


Special event revenue: Ticket sales Auctions Total public support and revenue

$16,145 $1,627 $81,495

EXPENSES Water projects


Food, tuitions and other needs for Kontum


Because Vietnam projects


Travel and other expenses


Professional fee, postage, priting, publication


Net direct benefit to donor ( Tickets) Toy Drive Auction and PR items Partial payment for year end event Total expenses CHANGE IN NET ASSETS NET ASSETS AT BEGINNING OF THE YEAR NET ASSETS AT END OF THE YEAR

$9,761 $1,497 $4,457,045 $1,638,181 $1,743 $1,500 $56,597 $1,527 $24,898 VIET DREAMS 2011 Annual Report

Clean Water for “Children of Kontum” We left Saigon on an early flight to Kontum at 6:00 AM. My heart was doing back flip and my stomach had butterflies in so many years. It was the first time that Viet Dreams and I had such a big project outside of United States, in a place that not a lot of people want to visit. The place is considered as “a highly sensitive area” based on the minority population and political background. The Vinh Son Orphanages (formally known as the Vinh Son houses) are located in the remote region of the Central Highlands-Kontum Province. Administered by the Sisters of Miraculous Medal, they provide food, shelter, clothing, medical care and education to hundreds of ethnic minority orphans. As some of the 54 ethnic minorities in Vietnam, these orphans face unique challenges to integrate and flourish in Vietnamese society. Beside food and clothing shortages, the orphanages are desperately in need of a good and clean source of water for daily use. In fact, the current water supply in these six locations is insufficient to meet the high water demand of more than 700 children. Identifying these needs, Viet Dreams has been raising funds to support the Clean Water Project of 2011. Ms. Cam, a dentist and core member in Saigon, and I arrived at Kontum airport at 8:00 AM and were picked up by Mr. Binh. Mr. Binh is a volunteer living in Gia Lai who devoting 100 percent of his time to supporting churches and nongovernmental organizations who come to help orphanages in Kontum. The road to Vinh Sons, one hour away from Gia Lai, was not as bad as we expected it to be. Mr. Binh’s car did not have air conditioning to fight the humid 80F weather of Vietnam. We first visited Vinh Son House 1 where the first drinking filtration system was installed and ready to serve more than 230 people when we arrived. The filtration system was imported from the United States and assembled at MK Inc, a reliable company in Danang, which has been working with great numbers of NGOs in the past 10 years. Beside Vinh Son 1, filtrations were also installed at Vinh Son 3 and 5 within the first week of July. Each system is able to serve more than 200 users with 500-liter tank of water installed inside the location. For the long-term sustainability of the UV and ozone water purification system, program staff will train beneficiaries on the use of the UV systems and schedule quarterly check-ins throughout the first year to make sure the system still functions properly. While checking on all the completed water systems at Vinh Son 1, 3 and 5, we also had the opportunity to meet children and donate more than 200 uniforms, books, soap and clothes to children at Vinh Son 4 and 6. Our own Viet Dreams treasurer, Cuc Trinh, sponsored the cost of uniform. Thuy Vu, a leader of Hip Hop Jazz Dance Company in Saigon, donated the books, soap, sandals and second-hand clothes. Last but not least, the expense of total $4,000 toward all water filtration systems for Vinh Son 1,3 & 5 were from the benefit of our Heart to Heart Gala in May. We spent some quality time with Sisters who have been administering the orphanage in past decades to learn more about the difficult background of these Kontum children. We have seen the poor living condition of their daily lives. There were 34 kids to share a small bowl of poultry. The children sleep on beds without mattress or even a mat. They bath and wash their clothes in a small stream in which color like a milk coffee. These pictures had been captured in my mind and I kept thinking about them on my way back to Saigon. For sure, it will flash back at any time from now to the rest of my life. This is just the beginning of the clean water project. The wells team will go back to Kontum very soon to measure and study the areas for drilling next 2 wells at Vinh Son 4 & 6. Many challenges are still ahead of us. We left Vinh Son Orphanages in the evening after the children sung “I have a dream” song to farewell us. Just like the song lyric, “I believe in angels”, Viet Dreams team believes in your loving hearts and your continuous supports. We believe to complete our mission successfully. More wells will be drilled, more filtration systems will be installed and more clean water will be provided to lack of condition areas. On behalf of Viet Dreams team, we would like to thank all sponsors, supporters, volunteers and families who have been with us since the first day and supported us through all our charity projects. July 2011 Khac-Quan Nguyen Executive Director/Founder of Viet Dreams


Viet Dreams 1 Year Anniversary

5 pm Sunday, December 4th 2011 Garden Court Hotel 520 Cowper Street Palo Alto, CA 94301

Contact Us : 408-410-4921 Price: $60

Dinner-DJ Music-Auctions-Raffles-Games-Dancing-Free Valet Parking

Toy Drive December 10th, 2011

Viet Charm June 3rd, 2012

One Year Anniversary December 4th, 2011

Book Signing - Bich Dung November 26th, 2011

One Year Anniversary Event Viet Dreams Team

Heart to Heart


You are cordially invited to attend Viet Dreams Gala Dinner to benefit The “Children of Kontum”

6:00 pm Sunday, May 1st 2011 The Corinthian Grand Ballroom 196 N 3rd St, San Jose, CA 95112 Reception includes 3 course dinner, auction, raffles, live music & dancing. Cash bar

Silver sponsor $60 / person Gold sponsor $100 / person Diamond sponsor $1,000 / table Please RSVP to or Jacqueline @ 408-410-4921

Black Tie

Heart to Heart Gala Dinner

Tet Gifts

First Fundraising

New Year Gift Drive

Viet Dreams First Auction

May 1st, 2011

November 2010

November 27, 2010

Tet for Kids - with Ni Nguyen

A Dream for Children Concert VIET DREAMS 2011 Annual Report

Give a hand

Catherine Truc-Cam Nguyen

Angelica Huynh

Sold her own CDs

Made & sold wallets

Garage sale

Donates $10/each performance (On going project)

Donated : $300 to Red Cross $150 to OneVietnam $250 to VietDreams

Donated : $250 to VietDreams

Donated : $200 to VietDreams

Contribute $10 from each performance

help to build drinking water system at Vinh Son 2

help to build drinking water system at Vinh Son 2

help to build drinking water system at Vinh Son 2

help to improve water quality

Thao Nguyen & Brittney Tran

Khac-Uyen & his orchestras in UK

VIET DREAMS 2011 Annual Report


We gratefully acknowledge and thank those Individuals and companies whose generous contributions have made our mission accomplished Donors

An Tran Andy Kha Nguyen Ann Nguyen Anne Dang Bich-Hop Phan Christine Cam-Tu Nguyen Dai Quach Dan Le Dave Cung David Duong Denise Owen Do Nguyen Doan Gia Cat Le Donna Le Dunncan Huynh

In-Kind Gifts

A Perfect Day Spa Ai-My Nguyen Bao’s Artistry

Anne Dang



Elizabeth Vo Giang Chu Han Tran Hang Nguyen Hao Quach Hoa Doan Hope for Tomorrow Hoang Le Hung Phat Jewelry Hung Tran KimNgoc Huynh Kimphuong Tran Kimuyen Bach Nguyen Mrs. Kim Tin Kiwanis Club Of San Jose

Lan Dang Linda Tran-Sanford Linh Nguyen Linh Van Martin Baccaglio Michelle Tu-Minh Pham Nana Do Nga Pham NhanAi Dang Oracle Paul Vo Rau Bui Richard Flynn Tham Nguyen Thien Bui

Thu -Nga Vo Thuy Nguyen Tiffany Linh Tran Tina Nguyen Tina Tien Truc-Cam Nguyen Tu Minh Pham Tuong-Anh Nguyen Van Hanh Nguyen Victor Duong Vinh Nguyen Vivian TruongGia VSA of SCU Xuan-Nhut Tran

Chau Le & Nhan Hoang Duc Le - Dzung Yoko

Happy 8 Health Center Hiphop Jazz Saigon JUUT Salon Spa

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Jew Ni Nguyen Theodore Bui VIET DREAMS 2011 Annual Report

Viet dreams team

KHAC-QUAN NGUYEN Founder-Executive Director


XUAN-NHUT TRAN Vice-Chairman

JACQUELINE VO Secretary of the Board

CONG-NGUYEN BUI Project Manager - Vietnam

DOAN TRAN Project Coordinator - Vietnam

CUC TRINH Treasurer

NHAN-AI DANG Project Coordinator-US

Volunteers Cam Nguyen Hoa Nguyen Huy-Chuong Le John Nguyen Nam Nguyen

Ni Nguyen Truc-Cam Nguyen Tuan Bui

CHI NGUYEN Outreach Director-US


Keep in Touch

Viet Dreams

a 501 (c)(3) organization

P.O. Box 360624 Milpitas, CA 95036-0624 Tel. [408]-410-4920 Email: EIN : 27-4115634

Viet Dreams Newsletter 2011  

Viet Dreams Newsletter 2011

Viet Dreams Newsletter 2011  

Viet Dreams Newsletter 2011