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viet dreams | issue 003 | 2013

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Get Involved Allison Lee Water

Sandals For a better life

Sandals for everyone Gia Lai - Kontum, Vietnam

Viet Dreams | Report # 3


Another Milestone 2013

Dear Supporters From our Founder On behalf of Viet Dreams, a nonprofit organization dedicated to impoverished children in Vietnam, we are humbly grateful and appreciative of your donations. Without your generosity, our mission to give these innocent lives a better future would be nearly impossible. With your enormous supports from all around the world, in 2013 Viet Dreams was able to install another 24 systems at orphanages, kindergarten and elementary schools in Hue, Gia Lai and Quang Nam, benefitting more than 9000 underprivileged children. In 2014, Viet Dreams will start working with other NGOs based in Vietnam to collaborate and expand our projects to more needy areas in Hue and Gia Lai. The official permit to operate as an international NGOs in Vietnam would enable us to explore and work more efficiently in the future projects. Please know that your funding will go directly into building essential water systems, providing educational materials and the most basic necessities that all humans are entitled to. Our organization is filled with the most dedicated and honest people, who have fully committed their time and efforts to give these youths a chance to live their dreams. Kính thưa quý mạnh thường quân & quý ân nhân, Thay mặt cho hội từ thiện Việt Dreams , một tổ chức phi lợi nhuận dành riêng cho trẻ em nghèo tại Việt Nam , chúng tôi xin chân thành cảm ơn và đánh giá cao đóng góp của quý vị . Nếu không có sự giúp đỡ nhiệt tình và hào phóng của quý vị , các công trình của chúng tôi sẽ không thể trở thành hiện thực. Với sự hỗ trợ to lớn của quý


Viet Dreams | Report # 3

vị đến từ khắp nơi trên thế giới, trong năm 2013 Việt Dreams đã có thể lắp đặt thêm 24 hệ thống tại trại trẻ mồ côi , trường mẫu giáo và trường tiểu học ở Huế , Gia Lai và Quảng Nam , mang lại lợi ích cho hơn 9000 trẻ em nghèo . Trong năm 2014, Việt Dreams sẽ bắt đầu làm việc với các tổ chức phi lợi nhuận khác tại Việt Nam để hợp tác và mở rộng các dự án của chúng tôi đến các khu vực nghèo ở Huế và Gia Lai. Giấy phép NGO cho tổ chức phi chính phủ quốc tế làm việc tại Việt Nam sẽ giúp chúng tôi có thể khám phá và làm việc hiệu quả hơn trong các dự án trong tương lai. Các nguồn giúp đỡ của quý vị sẽ luôn luôn được trực tiếp dùng vào xây dựng hệ thống nước cần thiết , cung cấp tài liệu giáo dục và những nhu cầu cơ bản nhất cho tất cả mọi người được hưởng. Thành viên của Viêt Dreams luôn luôn mong muốn được dành nhiều thời gian và nỗ lực để cung cấp cho các trẻ em nghèo tại Việt Nam một cơ hội để sống với một giấc mơ thật tươi đẹp.

The Dream Team

getintouch... Email Phone Website

Khac-Quan Nguyen

Help one kid a day Founder/Executive Director Viet Dreams 408-410-4920

Another Milestone 2013


ur missiom is to provide disadvantaged children in Vietnam and Unit-

ed States with better educational opportunities and a more healthy, sustainable way of living. It is our duty to provide these children with clean water, vital medical supplies and educational assistance so that they may live better lives and one day fulfill their dreams.

The Team Khac-Quan Nguyen [Founder / Executive Director] Anthony Tran Quoc My [Chairman] Xuan-Nhut Tran [Vice Chairman] Cuc Trinh [Treasurer] Jacqueline Vo [Secretary of the Board] Trinity Vu [Event/Volunteer Coordinator] Cong-Nguyen Bui [Project Coordinator / Danang Vietnam] Doan Tran [Country Director / Saigon Vietnam]

Accomplishments in 2013


24 UV drinking systems at 24 orphanages, kindergarten & elementary schools in Gia Lai, Kontum, Hue & Quang Nam

Coordinated with philanthropy groups in Gia Lai to provide 1000 pairs of sandals and 800 jackets to unfortunate people in remote villages

100% of every dollar donated went

Christmas festival in Kontum for more than 1000 orphans and low-income children in Konray - Kontum

to our projects

Christmas Toy Drive in US - 330 wish-list gifts for low-income families Viet Dreams | Report # 3


Another Milestone 2013

Locations Helped in 2013 Water projects done between January 2013 & January 2014 Name


Students Donated By

Date completed

Duy Nghia Ele #2

Duy Xuyen - Quang Nam


Cuc Trinh


Duy Hai Elementary

Duy Xuyen - Quang Nam


Cuc Trinh


Duy Nghia Kinder

Duy Xuyen - Quang Nam


Ryan Phung


Duy Nghia Elementary

Duy Xuyen - Quang Nam


Cuc Trinh


Quang Trung Middle

Duy Xuyen - Quang Nam


Ryan Phung


Huong Duong Kinder

Phu Ninh- Quang Nam


Misa Nguyen


Vinh Son 3





Kim Dong Kindergarten

Ya Chim - Kontum


The Cao/Jane Coyle


Huong Ho Kinder

Huong Ho - Hue


Vinh Nguyen/Nhut Tran


Nguyen Du Elementary

Thang Binh - Quang Nam


Anthony Tran


Duy Phu Kinder

Duy Xuyen - Quang Nam


Tina Tien


Mang Non Kinder

Tam Ky - Quang Nam


Luong Vinh Tuoc


Dai Cuong

Dai Loc - Quang Nam


Hao Nguyen


Dai Tan

Dai Loc - Quang Nam


Nicole, Chris, Chinh Nguyen


Do Van Qua

Dai Loc - Quang Nam




Thuy Duong Kindergarten Huong Thuy - Hue


Dr. Teresa Tran


Thuy Luong Kindergarten

Huong Thuy - Hue


Calvin Phan


Thanh Tan Elementary

Huong Thuy - Hue


Bob Wong


Vinh Phu Elementary

Phu Vang - Hue


DTA Foundation


Phu Hoa Orphanage

Phu Hoa - Phu Yen


Mike Vo


Thanh Son

Quang Ngai


Because Vietnam


Nghia Hung Elementary

Chu Pah- Gia Lai


Misa Nguyen


Nghia Hung Kinder

Chu Pah- Gia Lai


Vy Nguyen


Chu Dang Ya Ele

Chu Pah- Gia Lai


Trang Nguyen


* Ele : Elementary School

Total Progress-2013


WATER SYSTEMS INSTALLED Total up to date : 49 systems

9,000 $116,919 KIDS SERVED

Total up to date : 16,000nulluptate magna faccum zzriliquis


Viet Dreams | Report # 3




Another Milestone 2013

Su p p o r t s a n d E x p e n s e s - Ye a r 2 0 1 2



PUBLIC SUPPORT AND REVENUE Public Support Individuals $71,709 Corporations $14,712

Foundations and other organizations


Special Event Revenue

Ticket Sales $20,854

Auctions $4,850 Total Public Support and Revenue


EXPENSES Water Projects $42,680 Food, clothes and hospital fee


BeCause Vietnam projects


Travel and meeting expenses


Professional fee, postage, printing, publication, banking, & phone


Net direct benefit to donors ( Event Tickets & Calendars) Toy Drive

$23,656 $4,770


$ 52,565



Viet Dreams | Report # 3


Another Milestone 2013



13 9

systems at orphanages in Kontum

Huong Duong Kindergarten Phu Ninh-Quang Nam

Elementary schools in Gia Lai & Kontum


Each system helps 500 kids

Kindergarten schools in Hue

“Diseases from unsafe

osity, Viet Dreams has been

able to help more than 15,000 kids

sanitation kill more

at 49 orphanages, kindergarten

all forms of violence,


ince 2011, with your gener-

water and lack of basic people every year than

and elementary schools throughout Kontum, Gialai, Quang Nam, Danang and Hue. Each system would fulfil the water need for up to 500

including war� Kindergarten & Elementary in Quang Nam-Danang


students and people living around

Charity Water

the community. With our ambitious dream, we would like to provide this

Support more than

9000 kids

resource misallocations by doing work that may have already been done.Every year, each organization can take turn to have representatives come and visit the plants.


e work closely with other non-profit organizations



ur clean water system can help to eliminate the expenses of $100 per month for drinking

water at each school, and to reduce the time teachers

in these locations and keep an up-to-date database to

used for hauling clean water from outside, so they can

ensure that all needs are met without the chance of

concentrate and spend more time teaching.

Viet Dreams | Report # 3

system to every single kindergarten and elementary school in these 5 regions. Each of these sophisticated Ultraviolet clean water systems could produce up to 500 litters of drinking water per hour.

Another Milestone 2013

New UV Systems

24 schools in Hue, Gia Lai & Quang Nam received new UV water filtration systems from Viet Dreams in year 2013. Majority of them had to spend almost $100 per month for drink-

Christmas for

ing water. Some had clean water for the first time. Total 8 kindergarten and 16 elementary schools benefited.

1,000 kids

Christmas party for more than 1000 kids at 7 orphanages in Kontum and 330 gifts for low-income families in San Jose


n the last 3 years, with the support from Dr. Anne Dang from Montreal Canada, Viet Dreams was able to organize Christmas parties for 7 orphanages in Kontum, benefitting more than


1000 unfortunate children. The event includes activities like group dances, singing, games, story

Every 2 months, Viet Dreams vendor would

time, dinners and gifts for each kid.

visit our water filtration systems at 49 current


locations to perform maintenance to ensure

n December 2013, we collaborated with REI Invest to gift out more than 330 wish-listed gifts

these systems and parts are functioning prop-

to children of low-income families in Santa Clara County. The program was organized and

erly. Each system cleansing and proper filters

supported by a team of more than 30 volunteers at San Jose Christmas in The Park. This is just the

replacement cost approximately $50 every 2

start of our yearly projects together, please follow our Toy Drive activities at http://vietxmasdreams.



1000 sandals More than 1000 new pairs of sandals were donated to remote villages. The project were collaborated with other friend organizations such as PKC Family, Tôi Yêu Krong Pa & Hạc Giấy Tây Nguyên.

Viet Dreams | Report # 3


Another Milestone 2013



leiku City Family (PKC) was founded on 01/12/2010 with 30 core members

who are students and full-time employees. Total members regularly participate in the activities of groups are more than 200 people.


he main mission of PCK is being the bridge between students, volunteers

and professionals on helping unfortunate people in the remote areas of Gia Lai. Their tasks are meeting with young children, organizing fun activities, help fixing houses, and providing the daily necessi-

ties. In 2013, PCK collaborated with Viet Dreams on 3 projects, providing more than 1000 pairs of sandals and 800 jackets to remote villages.

BeCause Vietnam


eCause’s mission is to bring hope and optimism to the less fortunate. They

strive to achieve their goal through care-

Collaboration & Partnership

fully vetted projects that focus on both long term benefits to the communities, as well as short term humanitarian aid relief where needed. Through their work, they hope to raise awareness of impoverishment in Vietnam, and improve the lives of those in need. BeCause Vietnam has been collaborating with Viet Dreams on different projects including library and clean water in Kontum.


ince 2011, Viet Dreams has been collaborating with Friends of Vinhson to help 7 orphanages in Kontum and Pleiku on clean water. Every 2 months, with support from Viet Dreams and FVSO , more

than 12 systems at these locations receive regular maintenance and service to make sure more than 1000 users always receive the best water. With support from Vietnam Fund and BeCause Vietnam charity, Viet Dreams were able to set up another 17 systems at kindergarten and elementary schools in Kontum, Quang Nam and Danang. With our good connections and resource throughout the central areas of Vietnam, Viet Dreams also helped other organization to setup library programs at 4 elementary schools in Kontum. We believe in collaboration and are open to join partnership with different organization in order to bring more resources to children in need across Vietnam.


Viet Dreams | Report # 3

Another Milestone 2013

Vietnam Fund


he Vietnam Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to improving the lives of children in Vietnam through the support of primary school li-

braries, education for orphaned girls, clean drinking water systems, school food programs, and traditional music and musicians”. “VFEMI was founded by Jane Coyle who worked for over two decades providing services to refugees and immigrants in the US, and as creator and director of an international adoption program placing Vietnamese and Ethnic Minority children with US families prior to starting the Vietnam Fund”.



ydensg is a group of young-minded people, who have non-stop enthusiasm in doing charity jobs. Though it’s near or far, dirty or horrible,

isolated or not, they come to the places without hesitation. ver the past 2 years, they have collaborated with Viet Dreams in number of projects: donating schoolbooks, clothes, medicine, essential com-

modities, etc.. to minority people in Pleiku; leprosy patients in Quy Nhon; orphanages in Dong Nai, Long An; homeless people in Saigon. Long-term-benefit project with Viet Dreams is our goal in the years to come.

Friends of Vinh Son


n 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, Friends of Vinh Son Mon-

tagnard Orphanage, Vietnam, provides a coordinated effort to raise resources (cash and in-kind gifts) that provide a happier and more fulfilling quality of life for the children at Orphanage. In the last 2 years, FVSO and Viet Dreams have been collaborating on coordinating Christmas party projects and water maintenance for 7 orphanages in Kontum.

Our association with Viet Dreams has been wonderful. They have well qualified people in country. They produced a clear analysis and action plan for each site Patrick Leary FVSO board member Viet Dreams | Report # 3


Another Milestone 2013

Viet Dreams Donors 01-01-2013 to 01-01-2014

We gratefully acknowledge and thank those individuals and companies whose generous contributions have made our mission accomplished


Andy Kha Nguyen

Hao Nguyen

Nicole Nguyen

Alan Nguyen


Patrick Leary

Angie Elconin

Hung Nguyen

Phong Le

Anne Dang

Huy Bui

Quang-Trung Tran

Anthony My Tran

Huy Mai Vo

REI Invest

Bich Diep

Ivy Vuong

Ruby Tran

Bob Wong

James Thang Nguyen

St John Vianney school

Calvin Phan

Jay Dack

Thanh Nga Truong

Cecillia Dao

Jet Duong

Thanh Nga Pham

Chau Ly

Justin Le

Thanh Nguyen

Chinh Nguyen

KimThoa Nguyen

Thanh Hai Nguyen

Chris Nguyen

Kinh-Huu Lam

Thao Nguyen

Christine Ngoc Nguyen

Lan Cao

Tho Ha

Cuc Trinh

Kendy Le

Thuc-Quyen Pham

Dave Cung

Lan Pham

Tiffany Tran

David Regenold

Lan Phuong Nguyen

Timothy Chau

Diana Fukuda

Lan-Anh Dang

Tina Tien

Dien Duc Giang

Lap-Hau Nguyen

Trinh-Ai Tasedan

Doan Phung

Linh Huynh

Trinity Vu

Dr. Teresa Tran

Linh Nguyen

Tuoc Luong

DTA Foundation

Linh Van

Vanessa Lam

Friends of Vinh Son

Minh-Thu Nguyen

Viet Face TV

Gia-Cat Le

My Tran

Vinh Nguyen

Gina Pham

Nghi Khue Luu

Virginia Kirwan

Golden Trust

Ngoc Nguyen

Yann G

Viet Dreams | Report # 3

Another Milestone 2013

100% of your donation goes to our projects

Join & Support Us

Give a Hand D

onate Money. Make an instant , secure taxdeductible contribution with your credit card



isit our shop and purchase items donated from our artists and Viet Dreams branded



ake a matching gift through your companies to double the contribution. Viet Dreams is

on all trusted matching programs of majority of companies.

$3 $1,400

Provides a kid access to cleandrinking water


e use our musical talents to raise the necessary funds to support our projects. The majority of our

To set up one UV water filtration

system for a school of 500 kids

funding coming from benefit concerts, auctions, sponsors, and selling CDs and various artworks. Our mission is to give disadvantaged children in Vietnam better educational opportunities and healthier lives by providing them with scholarships, clean water & medical supplies.

Donate now from your phone

Reach us at 408-410-4920 Viet Dreams P.O. Box 360624. Milpitas, CA 95036-0624 Facebook: VietDreams Twitter: VietDreamsOrg Tax ID: 27-4115634

Viet Dreams | Report # 3


Another Milestone 2013

OurLittle Dreamers

Get Involved Allison Lee


y name is Allison Lee and I am 8 years old. I first heard about Viet Dreams

through my mother. When I looked into Viet


Dreams with the photos and stories behind it, I wanted to become involved immediately. I asked my parents if I could help out in any way and they were so proud of me for the way I felt. I saw photos of all the underprivileged kids in Vietnam without even having access to clean water to drink or enough food to eat. Not to mention the lack of schools for the kids. I currently compete in the sport of badminton. I have some great support from sponsors and also


the support of my parents. I have been fortunate enough (even at a young age) to experience great success from the sport of badminton and have met many great people. I want to use my connections to make a difference in the lives of the kids in Vietnam. I would also like to make a trip there to see what kind of impact I could have for the kids in Vietnam in a positive way. I am very excited for my plan. In the meantime, please support and give what you can to make a difference in the lives of all the kids in Vietnam. It will take a lot of work and effort to make it happen, but I am ready for the challenge and the emotional reward.




Alexa, Jonathan & Christopher Tran


came from a different project with a pretty small group (100 Bikes), so I didn’t know what to expect working

with the group running the VD Toy Drive, which made what I walked into all the more impressive. Working for the drive, I found a large group of caring, charitable people who genuinely wanted to help those in need, dutifully preparing and organizing tons and tons of gifts for children who otherwise


would not be able to afford them. Viet Dreams is truly a wonderful organization, and I’m happy to be a part of it.


Viet Dreams | Report # 3

Christopher Tran

Nguyen Du Elementary Quang Nam

Another Milestone 2013

Sam-Thi Nguyen


hen I left Hanoi in the late 1980s, with a violin and some music scores, in to a journey which I was prepared to never return: either

because I was ended dead in the sea, or because the political situation will not allow a fugitive like me to come back. Nevertheless, I survived and successfully resettled in London.


y new life is good, I was comfortable and happy doing the job which I am passionate about, which is playing violin and teaching violin.

But like most of the people who have moved away from their birth place, I could never forget the past, constantly remember where I came from.

I hope it has opened a future for many more of Viet Dreams activities in Hanoi...


014 is coming to me as a very special year: a birthday which I would like it to be different from any other year. So, a decision was made,

that I will return to Hanoi and give a concert with many of my former musician friends, and that it will also be a charitable event.


or a very personal reason I chose to support Viet Dreams, a charity helping school children in rural areas of Vietnam. I have been follow-

ing Viet Dreams since it started, admired it’s achievements in the last few years . The concert was a big success: music and friends united after years of separation; and for me the concert has helped me to close an unsettling past, I could finally let the past go.


lthough we could not make any announcement regarding Viet Dreams at the evening of the concert; we handed out flyers, many people were making donation through many different ways. It was a good start for Viet Dreams

in Hanoi; I hope it has opened a future for many more of Viet Dreams activities in Hanoi and other cities in North Vietnam, where there are many more children could be benefited from the amazing works by the Viet Dreams team.

Sam-Thi Nguyen

Misa & Misu Nguyen

Happiness is made by sharing little.... Misa Nguyen


uck plays a large role in all our lives. My sister and I were lucky enough to be born in America, to a family

that never wants for food or clean water. Some children are not so lucky. They are Vietnamese like us and schoolchildren like us: they laugh and play like us. The only difference is that by some chance, they were born in the Vietnamese countryside, and that changes everything.


es, luck affects everyone…but sometimes we can give it a helping hand. y parents have always taught us that happiness lies in sharing. What my sister and I gave could have bought

us books or toys, but we don’t miss those things. The knowledge that four schools now have what we take for granted every day – clean, safe water – more than makes up for them. My sister and I are lucky enough to have food, water, and shelter every day of our lives, and we are lucky enough to be able to give back. True, in the big picture, one could say it doesn’t make much difference. There are hundreds of schools in Vietnam that still don’t have water, maybe even thousands. But for every single student and teacher at one of the four schools we helped, the world has changed…for the better. If happiness lies in sharing, then my sister and I are happy.

Viet Dreams | Report # 3


Another Milestone 2013

THANK YOU... Friends and Supporters




Christine Jade Photo

Timothy Chau

Flowers by Ivy

Broker Associate

Ivy Vuong

Christine Ngoc Nguyen

Tel. 408-888-0337

Tel. 408-605-6366

Tel. 408-489-5983

Jet Duong

Boutique Web Design Studio

Paloma Cafe

Martell Brand Ambassador

Duc Le

Tuan-Linh Nguyen /

1111 Story Rd, #1003. San Jose, CA 95122

Tel. 650-561-2862

Tel. 408-660-8683 / (+84)982-384-746

Tel. 408-277-0922

Stevens Creek

Nathalie Quynh Tran

AnhTuan Truong

Justin Le

575 Tully Rd, San Jose CA 95111

4202 Stevens Creek blvd San Jose, CA 95129

319 Brokaw Road. Santa Clara, CA 95050

408-724-8678 / 1-855-866-5858


Phone: 408-727-6811

Feeling Inspired? Contact us to be in this featured section 14

Viet Dreams | Report # 3

Another Milestone 2013

New Faces Dear Friends, This year 2013 is a very special year. We are fortunate to get to know Viet Dreams Foundation, a charity organization in which they provide clean drinking water to children in Vietnam. Your business and supports enable us to be the one and only proud sponsor for Viet Dreams Calendar this year 2014 We would like to once again thank you for your business, your continuing supports throughout the years. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year Timothy Chau


Timothy Chau Group


Artworks by Thuc Quyen

Vie t Dre am s. org Clean Water for K id s

Sponsored by Timothy Chau Group [408] 888.0337


huc-Quyen Pham graduated from the University of Fine Arts in 1993 in Hanoi. She is currently working for Nhi Dong newspapers and a member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association. Her specialty is drawing on dó paper and lacquer. huc-Quyen is a regular participant of National Art Exhibitions, The Fine Arts Association Exhibitions, and Women’s Painting Exhibition held annually. n 2013, Viet Dreams was fortunate to meet and have her 12 paintings printed on our 2014 calendars. The campaign raised enough money for more than 1000 pairs sandals and 800 jackets for children at remote villages in Vietnam.


Nguyen Lap-Hau


guyen Lap-Hau was born in Saigon and migrated to America in early of 1990s. He graduated from Southern Connecticut State University, majoring in Graphic Design. LapHau considers himself as an amateur painter although he attended a private art school for a period of time. Currently, he resides in sunny Southern California and enjoys his graphic designing career and painting hobby. This is the second time that Lap Hau donated his artwork to Viet Dreams for raising fund. Last year, his artwork “Nang” was auctioned at $1600.

AUCTION “Hoa Đôi” oil on canvas (24”x24”)

Viet Dreams | Report # 3


Another Milestone 2013

Summer Serenade Valencia Hotel - Santana Row - San Jose


Events Activities

Flower Workshop by Ivy Summer Serenade 2013


Viet Dreams | Report # 3


an Jose

Another Milestone 2013

Summer Serenade Game winner

Toy Drive 2013 Xmas in The Park - San Jose

Valencia Hotel - Santana Row - San Jose

Summer Serenade Valencia Hotel - Santana Row - San Jose July-2013

Hoa Tran-Tran Thu Ha &VQT Band

Summer Serenade -2013

Decorated by Flowers by Ivy

Viet Dreams | Report # 3


Another Milestone 2013

The Trunk Show Viet Dreams Charity Ball

Fund-raising for annual clean water projects for poor children/villages at remote areas in Vietnam. Providing them a healthy, sustainable way of living with vital medical assistance so that they may live better lives and one day fulfill their dreams. There are 15 projects available for pledging. Please visit our Viet Dreams booth to learn more about the details


zung Yoko is a well-known graphic designer/architect whose artworks have been awarded and recognized in many years. Nickname “Yoko” came from his work with his brother (architect Trung Tran) established rock cafe named Yoko quite common among the young community. He cooperated with many famous artists and luxurious resorts in the role of art designer. Currently, Dzung Yoko is the Art Director of ELLE magazine in Vietnam. After designing logo and CD covers for Viet Dreams, this year, Dzung will join our talent team as art director for our annual fundraising event - The Trunk Show.

Dzung Yoko


or the very first time on our stage, we are honoured to bring you our one and only very first Vietnamese American jazz vocalist of the bay area: Thùy Linh. Self-taught and drawn to jazz in college by the classic voices of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole and Louis Armstrong, this diminutive (4’ 11”) chanteuse possesses a surprisingly low-pitch that glides warmly between lyrical sensuality and pensive nostalgia. She credits her love of singing to the melodious songs she heard growing up in our Vietnamese community. urrently, she is creating original compositions in collaboration with her best friend, the poet bashou like Lotus Child: survivors of human trafficking rise to greatness!, Lady Moon: the irrepressible Ho Xuan Huong- 18th century feminist poet, celebrates the untamed spirit of HXH’s politically astute erotic poetry. You can learn more about Thuy Linh at


thùy linh

Special Thanks to Our Event Sponsors Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors Mr. & Mrs. Xuan-Nhut Tran

Dr. Anthony My Tran Chiropractic

Stevens Creek

In-kind Gifts


Viet Dreams | Report # 3

Give a Hand Improve Lives


e Thanh Hoa graduated from University of Architecture - HCM City as the top student. He is the owner of his own label “Le Thanh Hoa” in Vietnam, Creative Director of Acqua Gusto fashion brand, and Creative Director for Magazine Celebrity World. He won many awards and most recently, 1st place at Aquafina Pure Fashion 2009. 1/2011, Hoa designed “ao dai” for the Foreign Consulate General offices in Vietnam “Without Borders Dresses” He also designed gowns for Vietnam’s contestants at Miss Universe.


ashion designer Luu Ngoc Kim Khanh (LNKK) graduated from the University of Architecture - HCM City. This gorgeous and trendsetting designer has been turning heads on runways and red carpets since her debut at the Designer House Fashion Show in Aug 2012. Kim Khanh mixes the flavor of sensuality, rebel and confidence into her own collections and imprinted her success on them.


ran Thu Ha has been known as a chameleon with her frequent changes and unpredictable direction in music. Professional critics said she has a very delicate vocal and great sense of music. She also is a rebellious personality which makes her stand out from the crowd and leads her to a successful career. Audiences love her famous uncle’s songs through her beautiful voice but She will unfold another side of her talent at Viet Dreams Charity Ball. You will be exploded with her fashion (designed exclusively by designer Le Thanh Hoa) and her unpredictable performance.


atalia Duong is a performance artist, choreographer, and scholar, native to the San Francisco Bay Area. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on Kinesthetic Empathy as a resource for conflict resolution, community devised theater, and the embodied transmission of trauma as exemplified in the bodies of those affected by Agent Orange. Natalia is also the Founder and Artistic Director of PAO, a New York based movement collective interested in how war is inherited in the body. Her work has been presented in university settings at Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT), University of Massachusetts Boston, New York University, Northwestern University, and Stanford University in addition to various dance venues such as Movement Research, Dance New Amsterdam, Chen Dance Center, and Dixon Place. She recently gave a TEDx talk on her research at TEDxStanford in May 2013. She holds a Masters degree in Performance Studies from Tisch School for the Arts at New York University, and is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Stanford University with a BA in Psychology and Dance. She currently lives in Brooklyn.

Viet Dreams | Report # 3


One Year Anniversary


Viet Dreams | Report # 3

Viet Dreams 2013 Magazine  

With your enormous supports from all around the world, in 2013 Viet Dreams was able to install another 24 systems at orphanages, kindergarte...

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