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VIET DREAMS | issue 04 | 2014

A 501(c)(3) Charity organization Vietnam-United States 1

WELCOME to Viet Dreams This year, Viet Dreams is celebrating its 5th birthday. We are grateful to be supported by so many of you for fueling the growth of our community and the great work we gave back to Vietnam. With the amazing impact of your donation and support, in 2014 , Viet Dreams was able to install another 27 clean drinking water filtration systems in Hue, Danang, Quang Nam and Gia Lai, benefiting more than 9,000 underprivileged children in the remote areas of Vietnam. 200 free eye cataract surgeries were gifted to elders from low-income families living in Southern areas of Vietnam. In US, our team also served Christmas and Thanksgiving feasts for 2 shelters in Santa Clara County. 100% of every dollar donated goes to our projects Our organization is filled with the most dedicated people, who have fully committed their time and efforts to give these youths a chance to live their dreams. Together we are making a brighter future for many people, especially young children and elders who are still living under the normal living standard in Vietnam. We thank you for being a part of our journey in giving these children an opportunity of a lifetime and making their dreams a reality.

khac-quan nguyen

Founder/Executive Director

Every kid deserves to dream big

Who We Are, and Our Future Plans founded october-2010 What sets our organization apart is our unwavering commitment and passion. We are devoted to giving these children a healthier lifestyle and a promising educational future. Our efforts are focused on children living in the poorer, rural areas of Vietnam. We do not discriminate among ethnic backgrounds, religions, minorities or medical circumstances. Every child deserves our assistance.

Khac-quan nguyen Founder / Executive Director

Dr. Anthony My Tran

Xuan-Nhut Tran

Cuc Nguyen


Vice Chairman



of every dollar donated goes to our projects

2015 plans • Provides clean drinking water for 15 schools in Tay Giang province - Quang Nam • 30 more systems will be installed in 3 cities • 400 or more underprivileged elders will receive our free eye cataract surgeries • Our water micro-loan program for remote villages

Viet Dreams 2014 l


ZZ Donate Money. Make an instant , secure taxdeductible contribution with your credit card at 408-410-4920

Viet Dreams P.O. Box 360624 Milpitas, CA 95036-0624

Facebook: VietDreams Twitter: VietDreamsOrg Tax ID: 27-4115634 ZZ Visit our shop and purchase items donated from our artists and Viet Dreams branded merchandises. ZZ Make a matching gift through your companies to double the contribution. Viet Dreams is on all trusted matching programs of majority of companies.

Reach US


Give a hand

The Trunk Show Viet Dreams Charity Ball 2014


The Galleria at the San Francisco Design Center The 2014 Charity Ball was our biggest yet. For the very first time on our stage, Le Thanh Hoa and Luu Ngoc Kim Khanh’ collections were represented with models from SF Modeling Agency “The Look” Diva Ha Tran and Art Director Dzung Yoko also brought a new fresh air of modern art to our event.

Money Raised

$29,550 Projects Pledged

+ +15 Kids Served


Z 15 water systems


Special Thanks to more than 40 generous donors and our main event sponsors Timothy Chau & Justin Le. Total of $29,550 was raised at the event.

Z 15 schools

9,000 students

15 schools in Hue, Gia Lai and Quang Nam received these systems prior to the new school year.

Viet Dreams 2014 l


Viet Dreams Donors - 2014

Our missions are made possible by our generous, enthusiastic, & dedicated supporters: 144 $5,000 - $10,000


Homestead Family Dentistry

Anne Dang

Tiffany Phuong Nguyen

Howard bach

Alex Dang

Timothy Chau

Huong T Vu

Dr. Doan Phung

Tiffany Linh Tran

Huyen Tran

Van H. Nguyen

Jamie Wong

Vinh Nguyen

Julie Cleary

$1000 - $4,999 Andrew Kha Nguyen


Keith Shen

AnhTuan Truong

$999 and under

Kevin Khuu


Cuc Nguyen

Khoa Ly

Anthony My Tran

Amul Jobalia

Kim Ngan

Apple matching

Anh Q. Ninh

Kimi Lee

Calvin Phan

Anh-Thu Pham

Ky-Duyen Le Huynh

David Bui

Anhtuan Tran

Lam Research

Dean Giang

Anonymous ( 2 )

Le Thanh Hoa

Dr. Le Khac Binh

Anthony Huy Do

Liem Hong

Friends of Vinh Son

Bac P. Nguyen

Linda Nguyen

Hien Tran

Bach Nguyen An

Linh Hoang

Hugh Nguyen

Bao Quynh Tran

Linh Van

Hung Tran

Because for Hope Charity

Lisa P Huynh

Jessica Tran

ChauMy Tran

Mindy Tran

Jet Duong / Vmware

Chinh Nguyen

Minh Nguyen

Justin Le

Delia Cheung

Minh-Anh Pham

Kim Anh Thi Nguyen

Duc Le

Mr.Ha Duong Cu

Kinh-Huu Lam

Dwight Sung

My P. Nguyen

Lam Research

Fiona Tran

Mychael A Nguyen

Lan Cao

Gia Cat

New King Eggroll II

Minh Dang

Golden Harvest Catering

Mr. & Mrs. Ha Duong Cu

Nguyen Thi Van Huong

Ha Nguyen

My P. Nguyen

Nguyen Xuan Hoang Foundation

Mai Han Tran

Mychael A Nguyen

Richard Ho

Heidi Chen

New King Eggroll II Inc.

Viet Dreams Donors continued

Ngo Ngoc Han

Tera Test INC

In-Kind Gifts

Ngoc Rachel

Thien Huong Luong Le

Christine Ngoc

Nguyen Hoang Tuan

Tho Nguyen

Ivy’s Flowers

Nhut Tran

Thu-Hang Ngo

Le Thanh Hoa

Phuong Nguyen

Thu-Duong Nguyen

Luu Ngoc Kim Khanh

Poon Pearl

Tiffany Hoang

Nguyen Lap Hau

Quang Trung Tran

Tiffany Prajudha

Tuan Truong

Quyen Ly

Trinh Ai T. Tasedan


Quynh Nhu Truong

Trung Phan

Vuong Thuc Ta Video

REI Invest INC

Tuonganh H. Nguyen

Ron Woodward

Tyffany Ly-Tran

Ruby Tran

Vivian Duong

Scott Yoshikawa

Vivian Pham

Seng C. Saechao

William Joa

Synergy Badminton/ Allison Lee

Yolanda Gan

Teresa Thu-Huong Nguyen

Tera Test INC

how we spend our fund





17% Medical


27 more systems were installed at

200 underprivileged elders from

We provided Thanksgiving & Christ-

schools among 3 different cities and

6 provinces received eye cataract

mas parties for 2 shelters in San

more than 9000 students served

surgery from our Viet Eye program

Jose . More than 70 toys given out

Viet Dreams 2014 l


Statement of Activities

Supports and Expenses - Year 2014 ( Year ended December 31, 2014) Public Support and Revenue Public Support



Corporations Foundations and other organizations



Special Event Revenue

Ticket Sales




Project Pledges


Total Public Support and Revenue $131,622


Water Projects


Food, toy drive & others


Medical projects


Travel & logistics expenses


Professional fee, postage, publication, equipment, internet, bank fee


Net direct benefit to donor (Tickets)


Total Expenses


*Remaining fund will be used for future scheduled projects




Cities Total supports since 2011


32,000 students

Locations helped in 2014

Water projects completed between January 2013 & January 2014 Donor





zz Richard Ho

Duy Tan Elementary

DuyXuyen-Quang Nam



zz Allison Lee

Duy Hoa Elementar

Duy Hoa-Quang Nam



Duy Chau Kindergarten Duy Xuyen-Quang Nam



zz Richard Ho zz Viet Dreams / COV zz Hugh Nguyen zz Jessica Tran zz Dr. Duong Khac Binh

Ly Tu Trong Middle

Tay Giang-Quang Nam



Phu Thanh Elementary

Phu Vang-Hue



Phu Mau Middle

Phu Vang-Hue



Duong No Elementary

Phu Vang-Hue



Phu Tan Elementary

Phu Vang Hue



Phu Vang-Hue



Phu My Elementary 2

Phu Vang-Hue



Nghia Hung Elementary 1

Chu Pah-Gia Lai



Nghia Hung Elementary 2

Chu Pah Gia Lai



Le Hong Phong Elementary

Tam Ky-Quang Nam



zz Tina Vu, Mai-Han Tran Tiffany Tran, Jamie Wong zz Minh Phan, Quang Phan, Vinh Phan

Phu Duong Kindergarten

zz Trung Phan, Keith Shen, Nhu Truong Timothy Chau, Fiona Tran zz Kim Anh Nguyen, Mindy Tran zz Chinh Nguyen, Thu Pham, Ky-Duyen Le Tyffany Ly Tran, Tho Nguyen zz Henry Nguyen zz Anonymous

Rang Dong Kindergarten

Tam Ky-Quang Nam



zz McCarthy-Bui family

Chu Van An Elelmentary

Tam Ky-Quang Nam



zz Dr. Thu Hong Truong

Huong Sen Kindergarten

Tam Ky-Quang Nam



Anh Dao Kindergarten

Chu Pah-Gia Lai



Nam Phuoc Kindergarten 3

Duy Xuyen-Quang Nam



Chu Dang Ya Elementary

Chu Pah-Gia Lai



Hai Chau-Danang



Hung Vuong Elelmentary

Hai Chau-Danang



Avuong Elementary

Tay Giang-Quang Nam



Son Ca Kindergarten

Tay Giang-Quang Nam



zz Nguyen Hoang Sam & Family

Bhalee Elementary

Tay Giang-Quang Nam



zz Toan-Thang Nguyen

Atieng Elementary

Tay Giang-Quang Nam



Hoa Mi Kindergarten

Tay Giang-Quang Nam



Anong Elelmentary

Tay Giang-Quang Nam



zz Three Little Mermaids zz Alex Tran, Christopher Tran

Johnathan Tran

zz Linh Hoang, Tiffany Hoang, Ruby Tran

Le Thanh Hoa, Gia Cat

zz Nam Nguyen

Le Quy Don Elelmentary

zz Long Nguyen zz Because & Viet Dreams zz Nguyen Thi Van Huong

zz Nguyen Van Tich, Liem Hong zz Lan Nguyen, Jet Duong, Kendy Le

Viet Dreams 2014 l


meet the team in the field Duy Chau Elementary - Quang Nam

Atieng Elementary -Tay Giang-Quang Nam

Viet Dreams team and MK staff-Quang Nam

Avuong Elementary - Quang Nam

Visiting new locations for 2015 projects

Viet Dreams team with our sponsors

2014 - 27 Systems - 200 eye care cases - 300 low-income residents in san jose Starting in 2014, Viet Dreams created 2 more missions to provide medical assistance to elders and children from low-income families in Vietnam and holiday parties for underprivileged familiese living in shelters around San Jose, California.


Z 27 Clean Drinking

water systems

Each year, with your great support, we were able to bring more clean drinking water systems to remote schools. Our target for 2015 is 35 systems

Z Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving dinner for more than 80 residents of InnVision Montgomery and Julian shelters in San Jose. Thanks to King Egg Roll , Golden Harvest Catering and others.

Z Christmas dinner &

toy drive

Christmas dinner & toy drive 2014 at Family Supportive Housing - King road, San Jose CA, benefiting 35 lowincome families. Donated from REI Invest INC, Timothy Chau & Justin Le

Z 200 eye cataract


200 elders from 6 different provinces provided with free eye cataract surgeries. All donated by Anne Dang, Alex Dang, Van Huong Nguyen, and Hy Vong Charity from Saigon.

Z Medical Assistance With financial assistance from Viet Dreams supporters, Ha Tien, 8 yearold girl suffering from brain tumor ,was transferred from Danang to Saigon to get the appropriate treatment after 18 months of waiting.

Viet Dreams 2014 l


Get Involved Time for giving hands

8th graders St. Jopseph School Fremont, California Saint Joseph School’s eighth grade class recently held a bake sale to fund raise for a cleandrinking water filtration system at Duy Chau elementary in Vietnam. This is our first time being able to help students our age in a country located across the globe. During winter break, I was fortunate enough to travel back Catherine Truc-Cam Nguyen installed and presented the system to students at Duy Chau elementary on behalf of the 8th graders of St. Joseph School

to Vietnam to help install the system and meet the students. The eight graders understand that

“My name is Gabrielle, and I’m the pres-

having access to clean drinking

ident of Vietnamese Culture Club from

water is especially important,

Cherry Hill High School East located in

which is why we decided to sup-

Cherry Hill, NJ. We are a student organization committed to celebrating and

port Viet Dreams. With this new



system, the 146 children attend-

fund-raiser is called “Pho Night” part-

ing the school are able to receive

nered with a local, family-owned Viet-

clean water which will improve

namese restaurant, we hosted a night

their health and provide them a



where 15% of all profits made went towards Viet Dreams. Rather than raising

Vietnamese Culture club

brighter future. This meaningful project really inspired our

money for the club itself, we decided to

cherry hill high school-NJ

raise awareness and money for children

Raised $216 at a “Pho Night” partnered

the world.

with a local restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ

Catherine Truc-Cam Nguyen

in Vietnam” Gabrielle Tran

school to make a difference in


University of Michigan

Raised $3,423 for our water projects from their Dem Vietnam Cultural Show 2015.


Partners Collaboration & partnership

Since 2011, Viet Dreams has been collaborating with Friends of Vinh Son to help 7 orphanages in Kontum and Pleiku on clean water. More than 12 clean drinking water systems at these locations receive regular maintenance and service to make sure more than 1000 users always receive the best water. With support from Because

for Hope, Vietnam Fund, and MK company, Viet Dreams were able to set up more than 20 systems at kindergarten and elementary schools in Kontum, Quang Nam and Danang. We believe in collaboration and are open to join partnership with different organizations in order to bring more resources to children in need across Vietnam.

Because for hope BeCause’s mission is to bring hope and optimism to the less fortunate. They strive to achieve their goal through carefully vetted projects that focus on both long term benefits to the communities, as well as short term humanitarian aid relief where needed. Through their work, they hope to raise awareness of impoverishment in Vietnam, and improve the lives of those in need. BeCause Vietnam has been collaborating with Viet Dreams on different projects including library and clean water in Kontum.

Friends of Vinh Son An 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, Friends of Vinh Son Montagnard Orphanage, Vietnam, provides a coordinated effort to raise resources (cash and in-kind gifts) that provide a happier and more fulfilling quality of life for the children at Orphanage. In the last 2 years, FVSO and Viet Dreams have been collaborating on coordinating Christmas party projects and water maintenance for 7 orphanages in Kontum.

vietnam fund The Vietnam Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to improving the lives of children in Vietnam through the support of primary school libraries, education for orphaned girls, clean drinking water systems, school food programs, and traditional music and musicians”. “VFEMI was founded by Jane Coyle who worked for over two decades providing services to refugees and immigrants in the US, and as creator and director of an international adoption program placing Vietnamese and Ethnic Minority children with US families prior to starting the Vietnam Fund”.

Viet Dreams 2014 l


Z My Linh

Z Dzung yoko Has worked at Elle magazine and recently at L’officiel as graphic designer/architect whose artworks have been awarded and recognized in many years. Dzung joined our talent team as art director for our annual fund raising event.

One of the best Vietnamese pop singers. Best known for her vocal power and melismatic skills, she is considered by the public and critics as one of the four divas in Vietnamese music industry.

Z Xuan Lan Xuan Lan has been known as a supermodel, actress and catwalk director. She was named as “Kate Moss – Vietnamese version”.Currently, she manages her modeling agency and plays the role of head judge for “Viet Nam Next Top Model”

Z Le Thuy

Z Cao Thanh Hang

Le Thuy was the second runner-up at

Cao Thanh Hang was crowned as

Viet Nam Next Top Model 2011. She

Miss Photogenic from the reputable

has been working hard to transform

Beauty Pageant - Miss Viet Nam 2006.

from a rural girl to be one of the top in

Hang earned Bachelor Degree from

this professional field. She has been

St John’s University in New York, ma-

known as the muse of well-known

joring in Political Science and Govern-

designer Do Manh Cuong (DMC label)


Z Thuy design house Thuy studied fine arts and had established herself as well-known painter. However, people mostly knew her through her unique, feminine, vibrant color designer clothes. Thuy is running her own design house and being involved with charity project called “Save Our Rivers”.

Z Le Thanh Hoa He is the owner of label “Le Thanh Hoa” in Vietnam, Creative Director of Acqua Gusto fashion brand, and Creative Director for Magazine Celebrity World. Hoa won many awards and most recently, participated in Elle fashion show, Dep fashion show, and International fashion week




San Jose Beauty Warehouse 1746 Junction Ave #F&G San Jose CA 95112

San Jose Beauty Store 3983 Stevens Creek Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95051




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Viet Dreams 2014 l



Profile for Viet Dreams

Viet Dreams 2014 Magazine  

Viet Dreams 2014 Magazine  


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