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“The best and most beautiful in Gelderland” Gelderland deputy Jan Markink, whose managerial portfolio includes sports, explains: “Sports events increase the attractiveness of Gelderland for residents, tourists, the business community, and recreational, amateur and professional sportsmen and women.


he Province of Gelderland focuses on several specific sporting activities, like athletics and long-distance walking, cycling, judo, equestrian sports, tennis, and volleyball.”

For everyone Jan Markink continues: “Hiking through the endless acres of gorgeous woodland our province boasts, heading out along one of the many paths by bike, e-bike, or on horseback, visiting a swimming pool or sports centre, taking your horse out to the fields and heath, or perhaps acting as a spectator at one of the many events, or as a participant in a side event: sport is for everyone - for young and old, amateur and professional, for people with or without a disability.” “The International Nijmegen Four Days Marches is a great platform for long-distance walkers. It’s fantastic to be able to welcome all those walkers from all over the world to Gelderland.”

Sports energy Gelderland has already made its mark on the map as one of the hosts of the Beach Volleyball World Championships and the Giro d’ Italia. Attractive events are planned for the coming years too, like the Four Days Marches, Red Cross Bloesemtocht and Airborne Wandeltocht long-distance walking events. Jan Markink: “These events are not just about the main sports event, but also about the side events and the enthusiasm and ‘sports energy’ that radiates from all of this.”

Jan Markink

And on the topic of the province’s involvement in events like the Four Days Marches, he says: “I am very proud that we are involved in all these events. As a province, we are more than willing to contribute to these wonderful events. Because with sports, we are getting the best and most beautiful out of Gelderland.”

Information on Four Days Marches nutrition As dietician Laura Hoogers announced in the first issue of the Four Days Marches online magazine, an information evening on good nutrition before, during and after long-distance walking events like the Four Days Marches will be held. This event will take place on Monday 11 June from 5:30 to 6:30 pm at the HAN University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen) at Kapittelweg 33 in Nijmegen. The meeting is being organised by dietetics and lifestyle coaching practice Profitt. You can register for this meeting by sending an email to or calling 024 204 2200. Be sure to register before 2 June.


Swiss celebrate special anniversary this year It’s a double party for the Swiss in this, the 102nd edition of the International Four Days Marches Nijmegen. The Swiss delegation will be taking part in the marches for the 60th time this year, and the 55th edition of Swiss Week in Bemmel, which originally started through contacts between the Four Days Marches organisers and the military delegation, will be held between 15 and 20 July.


his double celebration for the Swiss military and other Swiss walkers will be spiced up with the music of the 70-member-strong ‘Spiel der Kantonspolizei Bern’. This will be the fourth time that the Bern police orchestra enlivens the Four Days Marches and the Swiss Week in Bemmel. This orchestra sees performing during the Four Days Marches as a highlight of their year. The Swiss like visiting Bemmel so much that several made an impromptu visit to the town in 2000 to honour the then retiring mayor Henk Bergamin with song.

Four Days Marches church service Sixty years of having a military presence in the Four Days Marches, in addition to the always festive Swiss Week in Bemmel, has also produced the requisite anecdotes. For example, the church service held on the Sunday of the Four Days Marches week was initiated thanks to the participation by the Swiss. Back then, Swiss military participants arrived in Nijmegen on Sunday morning by train. Older Nijmegen residents remember that after arriving at the station square, all the soldiers assembled for roll call, after which the soldiers, who still had to fulfil their Sunday church duty after the train ride to Nijmegen, were “marched off ”, first to the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church (Doddendaal), and then later to the Saint Anthony of Padua Church (Groesbeekse-


Spiel der Kantonspolizei Berne in their role as a marching band.

weg) and the St Petrus Canisius Church (Molenstraat). Due to the considerable interest this year, the service is being held on 15 July at 10am in the St Stevenskerk right in the city centre.

‘Bemmel girls’ The hospitality that countless Bemmel families have offered to the many Swiss musicians visiting the Betuwe region for the Four Days Marches over the course of the last 53 years has produced far more than Swiss Week alone. Numerous exchanges of associations and individuals have taken place over the years, and no fewer than six musicians from various Swiss music ensembles who have been guests in Bemmel have married ‘Bemmel girls’.

Gala concert It has not yet been fully established exactly how the ‘Sixty years of Swiss delegation participation in the Four Days Marches’ will be celebrated, though the programme for the Spiel der Kantonspolizei Bern is more or less ready. On Sunday 15 July, the music corps will take part in the ‘Leemkuulers Kappellen Festival’ at the market square in Bemmel. On the first walking day, they will play marching music in the heart of Bemmel throughout the day for the Four Day Marches participants as they pass through, and on Wednesday evening, a large gala concert will take place in the church in Haalderen. On Thursday, the Day of Groesbeek, Spiel der Kantonspolizei Bern, together with the Swiss military, will take part in the traditional tribute involving laying wreaths at the Canadian War Cemetery in Groesbeek. And on Friday, the final day of the 102nd Four Days Marches, the entire group of musicians from Bern will of course accompany the Swiss military detachments as they walk along the festive Via Gladiola to mark the close of their march for the 60th time.

During his farewell speech in 2017, former March Coordinator Johan Willemstein announced that he, as a ‘regular citizen’, could now finally join the Four Days Marches once again. Although Johan has also walked quite a bit during his period as Chairman/March Coordinator, he is still undergoing training in order to live up to his promise. He scheduled his first training session for that weekend in March when the temperature (with wind chill) was not expected to rise above 0 degrees Celsius. He recorded his warm memories of that walk in the column below.

temperature with wind chill could drop to -15˚. So, on with the thermal underwear, ski jacket, gloves and beanie, and then onward towards Macharen (somewhere between Ravenstein and Oss) to walk 20 kilometres, together with Janny. On our way there in the car, the cold quickly convinces us to shorten the walk to 15 kilometres. If you can walk 15 kilometres without difficulty, this will bring you to at least Elst during the Four Days Marches, even with a reversed route. And then the first day would certainly no longer pose a problem, meaning that the first training target has then already been achieved. So, off we go to walk our 15 kilometres. During the first half, we’re walking right into the wind, still cutting and icy cold; it feels like we are on a polar expedition. The love for the event in Nijmegen has to be pretty strong to continue training under these circumstances. I went from high up to low down, singing the official Four Days Marches song: “Want wij zijn één voor allen...” (because we are one for all).


[Bij foto:] t is Sunday 18 March 2018. Outside, a Spiel der Kantonspolizei Berne in their role as cutting, a mar- icy cold wind is blowing. For the second time, the Beast of the East, ching band. or the Siberian Bear as the Dutch would have it, has paid us a visit. Just the type of weather to encourage you to turn up the heat and stay inside. But, training is a must. After all, in four months’ time, for the first time since 1980, actively taking part in the Four Days Marches is on my calendar. Just the 30 kilometres, true - but still. The organisation recommends that you continue to train, no matter the weather. You never know, in the third week of July the

The halfway mark is also the turning point. In a lovely, warm shed, the participants are welcomed with snacks and drinks: thick pea soup, buns with hot sausage, coffee and more. With the very reasonable prices, everyone tucks in. “En allen zijn wij één…” (and we are all as one). Once our refreshing break is done, the Siberian bear blows us back to the start/ finish. Training walks of 20, 25 and even 30 kilometres are already scheduled over the next few weeks. Still two months to go. Johan Willemstein


Welke grens steek jij over bij de SuperSelfie op de Wedren? Speel de hoofdrol in een panoramisch filmpje en beleef de SuperSelfie in Nederland, Columbia of Nepal. Je kent het Kadaster van de feitjes onderweg en de routekaarten tijdens de Vierdaagse. Maar we doen veel meer dan dat! In Nederland zijn landrechten goed geregistreerd. In 70% van de wereld is deze eigendomsregistratie niet op orde. Het Kadaster werkt internationaal mee grenzen uit te zetten en mensen een veilig ‘huis en haard’ te bieden. Wij zijn benieuwd welke grens jij oversteekt. We zien je graag op de Wedren!

Routepartner van de Vierdaagse




Four Days Marches ranks high in lists of events After the 2016 and 2017 editions of the International Four Days Marches Nijmegen were proclaimed the Best Public Event at the National Events Congress (Nationaal Congres Evenementen or NCE) in April, further recognition was achieved early in May when the Four Days Marches finished in third place in the category ‘free events’ in the 2017 Top 100 Events Monitor (TOP100 Evenementen Monitor 2017).


n this Top 100 list, the Four Days Marches topped the list in the area of media attention, and it came in fifth place for attendance figures. Taken together, these achievements saw the Four Days Marches gain the third spot in the Top 100 ranking.

Of the Four Days Marches, the 2016 (100th) and 2017 editions were judged as part of the National Events Awards. According to the jury, the Four Days Marches is “an important tradition that is a premier event among its kind, both nationally and internationally. Participants, spectators, supporters, local residents and other stakeholders have all described the positive impact of the long-distance walking event as unique”. The jury went on to say that the event also has an enormous positive social effect. “Walking brings together a wide range of target groups. In short, the Four Days Marches deserves to be named Best Public Event.” This year, the Four Days Marches earned its spot on the list ‘on its own merits’. For many years in succession, the Four Days Marches has ranked among the top 3 of the biggest/best events in the Netherlands; however, the name ‘Four Days Marches’ was then seen as the collective term for both the International Four Days Marches Nijmegen and the Four Days Festivities. The figures and results of each of these events are now considered separately.


A representative of Four Days Marches’ organiser Stichting DE 4DAAGSE accepts the praise, award and certificate from jury president Eltje de Klerk.

The Four Days Festivities claimed the top spot on the list of top events in 2017 published in TOP100 Evenementen Monitor 2017.

All emergency services involved in the Four Days Marches held a successful emergency exercise in early April using the Four Day Marches Emergency Plan. The mock emergency and response took place in the municipality of Mook and Middelaar. The current emergency plan was updated in 2016 but had not yet been tested in practice. The fact that the international Four Days Marches event involves three safety regions (taking place in the provinces of Gelderland, Limburg and North Brabant) and twelve municipalities makes drawing up and implementing an emergency plan particularly complex. Because the City of Nijmegen, represented by Mayor Hubert Bruls, would play a leading role in the event of a major incident, it also played this role in the emergency exercise. All emergency services participated in the exercise, including the police, fire brigade and the regional medical emergency response organisations (GHOR) for South Gelderland, the Northern region of North Brabant and North Limburg.


Year after year, the entire region around Nijmegen does its utmost to make the Four Days Marches a success - a fact made abundantly clear by the enormous efforts the twelve municipalities en route make to give a warm welcome to the participants, supporters and other visitors.


good example is the municipality of Gennep, which will see the 50km walkers passing through its streets on the third day (the Day of Groesbeek). Gennep has called on its residents, both individually and through clubs and associations, to contribute to the successful passage of the 50km walkers through Gennep and Ottersum. From the official Gennep website: “Do you, as a resident, club or association in or around Gennep, have a great idea for the Four Days Marches, like setting up a water station or massage station, or perhaps organising games or other activities along the route? Or maybe your club or association would like to help decorate or clean up after the event? Send us your Four Days Marches festivities idea and you may qualify for a reimbursement of the

VersIERDAAGSE decoration packet - while stocks last costs of your activity!� ( For people who live along the route in Gennep, the council is going a step further, inviting them to request a VersIERDAAGSE

Loop mee voor vrijheid en vrede Vrede komt niet vanzelf. Daar moet je aan werken, elke dag weer. Het vfonds ondersteunt inspirerende initiatieven en projecten die vrede en vrijheid stimuleren. Zoals de Vierdaagse, verzets- en oorlogsmusea, debatten op school, bevrijdingsfestivals en herdenkingen. Want vrijheid is niet vanzelfsprekend. Loop met ons mee; word vriend van het vfonds.

Vraag je gratis vriendenpas aan op


decoration package that includes a number of festive Gennep promotional items (see photo) to decorate their section of the route. The package is provided for free as long as stocks last. See

“To all the walkers: we hope you have a great time on your walk and be sure to head out well prepared!”


For the fourth year in a row, is helping walkers get on their way (again). During the Four Days Marches, walkers can find a variety of walking-related pharmacy products in the pop-up pharmacy at the Wedren shopping street, such as plasters and bandages, blister lances, painkillers, foot creams, sunscreen and other suncare products. What is

How does it work? carries a range of over 67,000 pharmacy items, including natural health products. From nutritional products, dietary supplements and over-the-counter medicine to personal care and beauty products: when it comes to health and beauty, you’ll find whatever you need at Bewustwinkelen. nl. The webshop also offers a wide selection of natural, organic and gluten-free products.

As explained on the website: “Anything you order before 9pm will be ready for you to pick up the next day. You only pay when you come to pick up your order, and with more than 500 pick-up points, there’s sure to be one in a pharmacy or other shop close to you. We have at least 10 pick-up points in and around Nijmegen, and of course, from 15 to 19 July, you can


also pick up your order at the pop-up shop at the Wedren shopping street.”

Special Four Days Marches page Walkers can find everything they need to get them on their way at vierdaagse. “Browse the various categories for a bit of inspiration. And if you find out when you get here that you have forgotten anything, simply order it by 9pm and you can collect it at one of our pick-up points the next day.”



With this merchandise you’ll really be part of the action! Trekking all over town trying to find great Four Days Marches merchandise is now a thing of the past. A virtual visit to the official web shop of main sponsor Hi-Tec ( or a stroll into the brick-and-mortar store (Lopers Company Nijmegen, Bloemerstraat 14-18 in Nijmegen) will keep you from (figuratively) losing the shirt off your back and ensure that you will (literally) be perfectly outfitted when you join the fantastic Entry along Via Gladiola on 20 July. For all Four Days Marches T-shirts, trousers, caps and much more, you can go to or visit Lopers Company Nijmegen. Whether you’re taking part or standing on the side-lines to cheer the walkers on, get your special merchandise now and show your love for the Four Days Marches!


The Four Days Marches orchestra has finished its rehearsals for this year. Photo: Rob van Hassel

Four Days Marches orchestra joined by dance troupe The Four Days Marches orchestra (Vierdaagse Orkest in Dutch), assembled especially for this event, includes musicians from the regions Land van Cuijk, Rijk van Nijmegen and northeast North Brabant. In addition to the orchestra and an extensive choir, a dance troupe will also perform at the various concerts held during the week of the Four Days Marches.


he orchestra has finished its rehearsals and mastered the new, promising programme, and the choir, led by choirmaster Stephanie Bongers- van Werkhoven, has been topped up with fresh talent. The orchestra, under the baton of conductor Bart van Zutven, has not changed much since last year. Once again, the music programme features a varied mix of classical pieces, pop, rock, and Dutch sing-along favourites.

A first this year is a dance group of four young women, under the direction of Wendy Peters, who will add an extra something special to the spectacle. Between 15 and 22 July, the Four Days Marches orchestra will perform twice in Cuijk (at the Rooie Loper concert and Kade concert), and in Wijchen (at the market square), Nijmegen (Goffert Park) and Boxmeer (Raadhuisplein town square).

This year, due to expired registrations and cancellations, the total number of registrations dropped significantly below the registration limit of 47,000. As a result, for the first time in the history of the Four Days Marches, the board of Stichting DE 4DAAGSE decided to make reregistration available for first time participants who were initially eliminated by the draw. Unfortunately, this novel initiative did not go off without a hitch. On Monday 23 April, the 1744 starting tickets that had become available were redistributed within a few hours; however, before this was all settled, the organisation had to call on the patience of the aspiring participants hoping to gain one of the now available spots. Although everything worked fine while testing the reregistration module, a technical problem with the payment module arose that morning, which unfortunately took several hours to solve. Stichting DE 4DAAGSE spokesperson Jennifer Bus-Vos explained: “We are aware that the late opening of the module may have resulted in people who were ready at 10 am to try their luck at getting a starting ticket not being able to try again later in the day. However, because closing the module altogether and opening it on another day and/ or at another time would also possibly result in people not being available to register at the new time - while they had been available at 10am that morning - it was decided to continue the re-registration in the afternoon.� On the same day, the organisers of the Four Days Marches offered their sincere apologies for the technical problem.


Four Days Marches Magazine Online 2018 - 2  

Online magazine about the 102nd International Four Days Marches Nijmegen.

Four Days Marches Magazine Online 2018 - 2  

Online magazine about the 102nd International Four Days Marches Nijmegen.