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Friday February 9, 2018 8pm to 2am Hyatt Regency in Burlingame




WELCOME! Wir begrüßen Sie ganz herzlich zu unserem 41. Wiener Ball! On behalf of the 2018 Steering Committee, we are delighted to welcome you to the 41st Annual Stanford Viennese Ball! It is a great honor for us to commence the fifth decade of this cherished tradition, bringing together the elegance of Austrian waltz culture with the spirit and talent of the Stanford community. We are excited to return to the beautiful Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, which first hosted the Ball in 1999. Our event, like this venue, has evolved over the years. For the first time in four years, we have a live orchestra in the Waltz Room—the distinguished Saratoga Symphony. It is also our pleasure to provide 60% more dance floor and an additional photo booth. We hope that these enhanced spaces and details will inspire you tonight, empowering you to fully enjoy the company of your loved ones and the charm of the dance community. We are so grateful for the wonderful people who have made all of this possible: the spectacular musicians, performers, volunteers, and event staff. Above all, we thank our outstanding Steering Committee; we deeply appreciate their efforts and commitment to making this a night to remember. Finally, we thank you, our beloved guests. Your enthusiasm for the Viennese Ball has sustained it as a strong and successful tradition. As you arrive at the Hyatt Regency, we hope that you will check both coats and trepidations at the door, and freely join us in celebrating a magical evening. We look forward to greeting you in person on the dance floor; until then, we send you our heartfelt thanks for joining us at this year’s Viennese Ball. Cheers—we wish you an evening full of joy! Warmly,

Frances Guo and Sara Van Rensselaer Chairs, 41st Annual Stanford Viennese Ball 3



Friday, 26 January 2018 7PM Introductory Polka lesson 7:30PM Bohemian National Polka workshop 9PM Dancing at the Roble Gym Dance Studio 113 Celebrate the beginning of the 2018 Viennese Ball season! Enjoy a performance (in tuxedo!) by members of the Opening Committee.

COMPLIMENTARY LESSONS Locations TBA. Please refer to our website or Facebook event.

Cross-Step Waltz I

Be whirled away by the elegance of waltz! This class is essential to learn the basic footwork of cross-step waltz.

Rotary Waltz I

Be whirled away by the elegance of rotary waltz! This class teaches the basic footwork of a faster waltz.

Mon, 29 Jan 8 - 10PM

Swing I

Viennese Ball is not just for waltz; an entire ballroom is devoted to dancers who love swing. This class teaches the basics of six-count swing.

Tue, 30 Jan 8 - 10PM

Cross-Step Waltz I

Be whirled away by the elegance of waltz! This class is essential to learn the basic footwork of cross-step waltz.

Rotary Waltz I

Be whirled away by the elegance of rotary waltz! This class teaches the basic footwork of a faster waltz.

Sat, 27 Jan 8 - 10PM Sun, 28 Jan 8 - 10PM

Wed, 31 Jan 8 - 10PM


Tage FORTNIGHT Cross-Step Waltz I

Be whirled away by the elegance of waltz! This class is essential to learn the basic footwork of cross-step waltz.

Rotary Waltz I

Be whirled away by the elegance of rotary waltz! This class teaches the basic footwork of a faster waltz.

Swing I

Viennese Ball is not just for waltz; an entire ballroom is devoted to dancers who love swing. This class teaches the basics of six-count swing.

Sun, 4 Feb 8 - 10PM

Cross-Step Waltz I

Be whirled away by the elegance of waltz! This class is essential to learn the basic footwork of cross-step waltz.

Mon, 5 Feb 8 - 10PM

Cross-Step Waltz II

A follow-up to the beginning crossstep waltz class. Learn new figures that will dazzle on the dance floor!

Tue, 6 Feb 8 - 10PM

Swing II

A follow-up to the beginning swing class. Come triple step and kick step your way through some new vocabulary!

Wed, 7 Feb 8 - 10PM

Rotary Waltz I

Be whirled away by the elegance of rotary waltz! This class teaches the basic footwork of a faster waltz.

Thu, 8 Feb 8 - 10PM

Rotary Waltz II

A follow-up to the beginning rotary waltz class. Wow your partners with sweeping, romantic new moves.

Thu, 1 Feb 8 - 10PM Fri, 2 Feb 8 - 10PM

Sat, 3 Feb 8 - 10PM


Am Abend EVENING OF • •

ATTIRE Guests are encouraged to dress in formal attire (black tie optional), such as evening dresses for women and suits or tuxedos for men. Comfortable dance shoes are the recommended footwear. Ballet slippers, suede-bottom Mary Janes, and ballroom dance shoes are all excellent choices for women, and jazz shoes and suede-bottom oxfords are great choices for men. Stilettos, pumps, and other dressy shoes are forbidden for dancing, as they can be dangerous to other people on the dance floor. Many guests without dance shoes also enjoy the evening in socks.


The “fast lane” on the dance floor is the outer lane, and the inner lane is slower-paced. Stationary patterns should be done in the middle of the floor. For the safety of all dancers, please do not block traffic. Both partners should take initiative in changing the couple’s speed and direction in order to prevent collisions. Please refrain from free-style dancing during a choreographed dance. Please do not perform aerials or other exhibitions out of consideration for other dancers on the floor.


• • •

A coat check is available. However, there is very limited space to check items. Due to space concerns, we ask that you bring a maximum of one bag and one coat per guest. Please plan on bringing only the most essential items with you to the Ball. Please do not leave valuables in public areas. The hotel and the Viennese Ball do not assume responsibility for damage to or loss of articles left in the hotel prior to, during, or following the Ball. For any misplaced items, please call the hotel’s general information number at (650) 347-1234 or email No outside food or beverages may be brought into the hotel.


des Balles THE BALL


A self-service parking garage is located at the hotel. The rate is $5 for the evening. Please validate your ticket in the Viennese Ball registration area. Overnight parking is $30.

SHUTTLES We strongly recommend that our guests take advantage of our free shuttle service to and from the Viennese Ball. The shuttles will run between Stanford University at Tresidder Union and the Hyatt Regency SFO in Burlingame. Please arrive at the bus stop at the times listed below:

Tresidder to Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Regency to Tresidder

6:45 PM 7:00 PM ^ 8:00 PM

11:30 PM 12:30 AM 1:00 AM 1:30 AM ** 2:10 AM ** 2:20 AM ** 2:30 AM

**Shuttles will be held until full ^ This shuttle will not arrive in time for the Opening Ceremony

SHUTTLE POLICY The shuttles are to remain alcohol-free. No alcohol is permitted onboard, and you will be denied entry to the Viennese Ball if you are visibly intoxicated. If you become ill on the bus, you will be subject to a cleaning fee of $500.

STEERING SASHES The members of the Viennese Ball Steering Committee are wearing red and white sashes on the evening of the Ball. If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our committee, and we will do our best to assist you.



The waltz is a vibrant partner dance that moves with both grace and exuberance and whose character is as elegant as it is playful. Originating from the Austrian countryside, the waltz evolved from the traditional Ländler, a lively folk dance performed by small groups in inns near the Vienna woods. As the first dance to be performed primarily in closed position, the waltz was slow to gain acceptance in high society ballrooms, but it finally flourished with the musical talent of Johann Strauss I and his son, Johann Strauss II. By the mid-1800s, the Strauss family had all of Europe waltzing. Today, hundreds of balls take place in Vienna during the season of Fasching, which begins in early January and ends on Ash Wednesday. Retaining the splendor and excitement of the age of Strauss, balls typically begin with a lavish opening ceremony featuring honored dignitaries, costumed dancers, and handsomely-clad young couples. The elegant atmosphere serves to make the Ball all the more unforgettable as guests of all ages share the evening of dancing and merriment. Orchestras and bands provide a variety of music for all to enjoy, ranging from waltz and polka to swing and tango, and the dancing continues until dawn. In 1978, students returning from the Stanford-in-Austria program organized the first Viennese Ball at Stanford. That first ball, held in Toyon Hall and attended by 350 students, began a tradition that would be cherished by generations of Stanford students to come. Now in its 41st year, this elegant celebration returns to the exquisite setting of the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame. We hope you enjoy taking part in one of Stanford’s beloved traditions, the Viennese Ball. Now, let's waltz! 8

Hotelkarte HOTEL MAP


Unser Programm OUR PROGRAM

Die Eröffnungszeremonie OPENING CEREMONY 8:30 PM in the Waltz Room Welcoming Address Lucas Garron Opening Committee Processional The Throne Room from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope by John Williams Honored Guests Processional Radetzky March, Op. 228 by Johann Strauss I Opening Polka Csárdás aus "Ritter Pásmán," Op. 441 by Johann Strauss II Choreographed by Derek Chang and Mai Bui Opening Ballet Ballabile from Napoli (Act 1) Choreographed by August Bournonville, Set by Madelaine Graber Opening Waltz Luxembourg Waltz (Themes from Der Graf von Luxembourg) by Franz Lehár Choreographed by Derek Chang and Mai Bui First Waltz Sphären-Klänge, “Music of the Spheres,” Op. 235 by Josef Strauss (Everyone is welcome to dance the First Waltz) 10

Heute Abend THIS EVENING Waltz Room

( The Saratoga Symphony )

9:45 PM

The Academy of Danse Libre

9:55 PM

Bohemian National Polka

10:05 PM

Cross-Step Waltz Mixer

10:30 PM 11:00 PM

Swing Room

( Don Neely Swingtet )

Shim Sham Cross-Step Waltz Contest Swingtime & Los Salseros

11:30 PM 11:45 PM

Tokyo Polka

12:00 AM

Viennese Waltz Contest

12:30 AM

Swing Contest

12:45 AM

Bohemian National Polka

1:15 AM

Romany Polka

2:00 AM

Last Waltz 11

Ehrengäste HONORED GUESTS IN MEMORIAM Eric Sun 2012 Opening Committee Choreographer

Ms. Angela Renae Amarillas

Mr. Scott Gamble

Stanford Dance Instructor

Co-Founder, Friday Night Waltz

Mr. Jason Anderson

Professor Wendy Goldberg

2009 Opening Committee Choreographer

Program in Writing and Rhetoric

Ms. Kseniya Charova

Mr. Lewis Hom

2013 Opening Committee Choreographer

2015 & 2016 Opening Committee Choreographer

Mr. Jason Chen

Professor Marsh McCall

2015 Viennese Ball Steering Chair

Department of Classics

Mr. Joachim De Lombaert

Professor Brad Osgood

2013 Opening Committee Choreographer

Department of Electrical Engineering

Mr. Nick Enge

Mr. John Poon

2013 Viennese Ball Steering Chair 2014 Opening Committee Choreographer

2010 Opening Committee Choreographer

Mrs. Melissa Enge

Mr. Richard Powers

2014 Opening Committee Choreographer

Stanford Dance Instructor

Mr. Martin Rauchbauer

Ms. Kristine Tom

Austrian Consul

2017 Opening Committee Choreographer

FRIENDS AND FAMILY Mr. Sean Chang and Mrs. Kit Chang Mr. Nam Bui and Ms. Roxanne Chou Ms. Torild Moen and Miss Madelena Dash Mr. Ryan Atallah and Ms. Ashly Edwards Huntington Mr. Jeffrey Ericson and Ms. Yifan Luo Mr. Shi Chen and Mrs. Cailan Shen Ms. Ellen Silverman Ms. Bridget Xing Qi Mr. Andrew Vigneault Ms. Hongling Zhang 12

Ballkomitee STEERING COMMITTEE Chairs Frances Guo Sara Van Rensselaer Derek Chang Ellen Ouyang Jerry Chen Juliann Hallum Katherine Erdman Kevin Li Lillian Zhu Madeline Lee Mai Bui Sagnik Majumder Sharon Chen Sunny Wu Tianyi Huang Vincent Sheu Wendi Liu


Die Musiker THE MUSICIANS THE SARATOGA SYMPHONY The Saratoga Symphony is composed of 45 dedicated local performers who participate in the orchestra for the love of music and educational benefits for the community. The goals of the orchestra are to bring both familiar and rarely-performed works to the community's cultural life, to provide local artists the opportunity to perform solo works with a symphony orchestra, and to premier the works of local composers. The Saratoga Symphony has a unique reputation for dedicated performances of unusual repertory under the leadership of its music director of 30 years, Dr. Jason Klein. In addition to its four annual concerts in the South Bay area, the Saratoga Symphony has served as the performing ensemble for the San Francisco Waltzing Society since 1992, amassing a large repertory of waltzes, polkas, and quadrilles through the years. Learn more on their website:

DON NEELY SWINGTET The Don Neely Swingtet, one of several smaller ensembles of the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra, is making their highly-anticipated debut at the Viennese Ball this year. They are renowned for authentically performing the exciting sound of Big Band Swing, Hot Syncopated 1920s Jazz, 1930s & 1940s Swing, Blues, Dixieland, Romantic Background Music, Vintage Jazz, Traditional Jazz, and Western Swing. They are well-loved and sought-after throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Whatever flavor of swing music gets your feet moving, Don Neely Swingtet is sure to have something for you!


Erรถffnungskomitee OPENING COMMITTEE Aleksander Dash and Frances Guo Arun Kulshreshtha and Jane Lange Brian Chu and Kate Park Cameron Schaeffer and Feddi Roth Chris Ling and Lily Liao David Liu and Alyssa Rudelis Derek Chang and Lily Liu Eric Showers and Madeline Lee Ivan Ravlich and Elise Miller Jonathon Yu and Abi See Kevin Li and Stephanie Tang Michael Wintermeyer and Christina Ren Paul Chen and Sharon Chen Pedro Milani and Qian Lin Steven Ingram and Georgia Murray Thomas Teisberg and Mai Bui Tianyi Huang and Nicole Hartman Yushi Wang and Annie Hu

Choreographers Derek Chang and Mai Bui




Abby Chen Alexa Wnorowski Andrea Dahl Bernardo Ramos Emma Dauterman Evelyn Zhang Leilani Tian Madelaine Graber Olivia Zhou Rebecca Wong Sabrina Kuta Stephanie Chang

Amelia Thomas Anna McGregor Christina Wright Clare Adrien Craig Chen Danielle Baiata David Starke Derek Chang Edoardo Maragliano Felicia Estrada Henry Wang Irvin Tyan Jason Anderson Jerry Yu Jessica Purdin John Beale Julie Tsai Kimber Rudo Kunal Sahasrabuddhe Laura Hill Temmerman Lee Bernhard Lucas Garron Maddy Trione Michelle Gumport Peling Lee Sade Warner Vincent Mei



SWINGTIME Alexandra Bernard Arkira Chantaratananond Ben LeRoy Bonnie Nortz Guy Blanc Ima Grullon Jack Swiggett Jackie Lin Jean-Baptiste Ruffio John Rees Mailo Numazu Maya Ziv Richard Lin Sam Spinner Sarah de Ugarte Sofia Poe

Adam O'Regan Aminata Kalokoh Blake Villanueva David Tagliamonti Dennis Chang Faith Koh Gabriel Perez Jose Luquin Joseph Manuel Joshua Wolff Katherine Vera Leilani Reyes Marco Antonio Vasquez Maria Suarez-Nieto Maribel Cardiel Melissa Machado Nicolette Grabiec Sandhini Agarwal Sara Clemente Scott Stevens


Vielen Dank MANY THANKS The Viennese Ball Committee would like to give special thanks to:

Richard Powers Jason Anderson Caroline Chen Frank Chen Daniel Chia Paul Csonka Lucas Garron Sheridan Rea Lauren Janas Anthony Kramer ASSU Undergraduate Senate Frogmouth Productions Flooring Office of Student Activities and Leadership Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs Stanford University Dance Division Hyatt Regency SFO in Burlingame The Saratoga Symphony Don Neely Swingtet Pix.Co Photography United Coach Tours The Stanford Fund Omega Printing Andy Wilson Chisel-It Ice

The 2018 Stanford Viennese Ball logo was designed by Lauren Janas and edited by Ellen Ouyang.


Zum Abschluss CLOSING REMARKS DONATIONS The Viennese Ball Committee is thankful to have the support of generous donors and funding organizations, which makes it possible for the committee to continue making this special tradition a magical night to remember, year after year. If you are interested in making a donation to the Viennese Ball, please contact us at

ANNUAL GRANT As interest in the Viennese Ball grows, the Viennese Ball Committee strives to expand event capacity while keeping the Ball affordable for students. If you are a Stanford undergraduate student, we would greatly appreciate your support in voting “yes” on the Viennese Ball Committee's Annual Grant during the April elections. Thank you for your support!


The Viennese Ball Steering Committee would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Last year’s comments were extremely valuable in planning this year’s Ball! Please send your feedback to


If you will be in the Bay Area through February 2, 2019 and are interested in joining the Viennese Ball Committee, please contact

See you next year!



Viennese Ball 2018 Program  
Viennese Ball 2018 Program