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Agrupamento de Escolas de Amares

Project: “My school, area and country”

Itens Title

“My school, area and country” This Project main goal is to show our school, our region, its events

General idea about the Project

and festivities, and our country’s places worth to be visited. The communication, the sharing and the exchange of information will be done by using web

Project Language Subject Area Nº of envolved students Students’ age

English Transversal (Information and Communication Technologies and English) 4 12-15

Interest Areas

Information and Communication Technologies


March to May

Information and Communication Technology tools

E-mail, Chat, Virtual Space, eTwinning, Forúm, Picturetrail, PowerPoint, Word, Windows moviemaker.  Make students aware of the potential of the Information and Communication Technologies in an apropriate and clear way;  Teach students to use or develop their skills on the use of the Communication Technologies;


 Communicate, change information, cooperate, and share experiences by using web 2.0 tools;  Develop English writing and speaking skills  Kown others schools, area and countries from others partners;

Step 1: march  Create teams in TwinSpace (Members- Login and Password)  Create a cardboard to promote the Project in the school  Share in TwinSpace the created cardboard  Select differents photos  Create a personal presentation by using the PowerPoint Work methodology

Step 2: april/may  Create a small movie about our school and our area  Share the movie in the TwinSpace  Select differents photos of our country  Create a presentation by using PictureTrail (  Share it through TwinSpace

Expected results

The final product will be a set of information that caracterizes the schools, regions and countries of the diferent partners.