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ON THE COVER Featured on This Old HouseÂŽ in January, this beautiful Arts-and-Crafts house in Arlington, MA, was built in 1909, but now it has an updated heating system thanks to Viega.

2 | Viega Voice | April 2017

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016 was a difficult year in many aspects, with big changes across many industries, both global and local. It’s no different with Viega LLC, because 2016 marks the year our offices moved from our long-time home in Wichita, KS, to our new headquarters in Broomfield, CO, on the outskirts of Denver. Kansas has been a good home for us, but as we continue to grow, the Denver area became the obvious choice for us. We can be more effective here, reach more people here, provide more convenient training opportunities here, and continue to grow here as we have grown in Wichita since 2005. Direct flights to and from the Denver airport are among the least expensive in the United States, and our new training center and our new headquarters are underway. With our new training center, we’ll be able to offer more advanced education options that will help our customers grow their businesses. We already provide the best industry-focused training available, and soon it will be easier to access than ever. An active, dynamic city, Denver has a growing economy that fits our business model, but how do you move a company like Viega LLC without disrupting the way you do business? It’s not impossible, but the challenge was real. If you’ve ever moved before, you know what a distraction it can be. There are boxes to pack, people to relocate, a new location to discover. The task of moving a home is an all-consuming one. Multiply it by a hundred, and that’s what it’s like to move an office. Yet, 2016 brought excellent sales performance for Viega LLC. We continued to grow, both in sales numbers and in employees. We accomplished our move to Broomfield without disrupting our sales activity. We kept our momentum and increased our commercial performance. How is that possible? The answer isn’t easy, but it makes Viega who we are. One thing has always been true at Viega LLC: We are a team devoted to giving our customers the highest quality solutions and service in the industry. If one department within Viega tried to move alone, it would not have been successful. Instead, we all worked together, not only to transition our offices to a better location but also to keep our customers satisfied along the way. The employees here at Viega kept doing what needed to be done, regardless of personal sacrifice or inconvenience to themselves. That’s what makes us a great team. We have a common goal and focus. We always seek to help our customers succeed even when we are being pulled in many different directions. If Viega was able to do all this and still keep growing and taking care of our people and our customers during a year like 2016, just imagine what we will accomplish in 2017. I can’t wait to find out.

“We are a team devoted to giving our customers the highest quality solutions and service in the industry.”

Santanu Debnath

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Viega LLC Viega. Connected in quality.

“The tight quarters made the double drop elbows the best choice.� Rich Dean

Commonwealth Plumbing installed Viega systems in the Emerson College dining hall project.

4 | Viega Voice | April 2017

Senior Plumbing Designer, Vanderweil Engineers



hen it comes to redesigning the plumbing systems in a

Peter Hannon, Vice President of

An average user will take 30 seconds

Commonwealth Plumbing, the

or less to wash his hands. Most of the

historic building, most times you have to

company that installed the plumbing

time that means the water he uses will

expect the unexpected. But designing

systems, explained.

have been sitting in the pipe line for a

for the unexpected takes experience, cooperation, and the necessary tools. The central dining facility at Emerson

“It’s a very old building and just has the issues that come with renovations

while. It won’t be freshly heated water until the line is purged.

to a very old building. We had to drop

“That dead leg water is in those

College in downtown Boston was built

individually to each sink as opposed to

faucets,” Dean said. “It will purge itself

around 115 years ago. With a historic

having the space to run it horizontally

over time, but not usually fast enough.”

structure of that age, the space needed to

down right to the fixture,” Hannon said.

install completely new plumbing systems

“Due to space within the wall, we didn’t

fittings in the bathroom installation,

would come at a premium. But space

have that luxury. The tight quarters made

Vanderweil and Commonwealth were

wasn’t the only concern.

the double drop elbows the best choice.”

able to eliminate the dead leg in the

With the all-new renovation also

By using Viega’s double drop elbow

line completely.

came metered faucets on timers,

continued on page 6

which are wonderful innovations, but in an installation like the Emerson College dining hall, they added a level of complication. “Most of the faucets are on timers, which limit the amount of water that can flow out,” said Rich Dean, Senior Plumbing Designer for Vanderweil Engineers who designed the hot water system installation for the project. “When you have the limited amount of time, you don’t purge the line. Viega’s double drop elbow gets water to the faucet from the source quicker, and that improves user experience.” Dean designed the hot water plumbing systems for two bathrooms in the dining facility. One bathroom provided the space necessary to install regular tees, but the other bathroom was too small.

Founded in 1880, Emerson College sits in downtown Boston, MA. Viega. Connected in quality.

GET CONNECTED “Installing the double drop elbows

“People live in those locations,

allows us to get the piping much closer

and they may have compromised

to the fixtures to minimize the dead legs,”

immune systems, and you really have to

Dean said. “Having warm water at the

consider that,” Dean said. “Design for the

faucet is a better experience for the user,

unexpected. You don’t know if a client is

so they’ll think the best of the facility.”

going to come through there with a bad

But what about the other bathroom,

immune system, and you don’t want

the one with more space which allowed

them to get sicker because of bad

them to install more traditional fittings?

plumbing design.”

“We still used the series design in the other bathroom,” Dean said. The beauty of designing a water

That being said, a public toilet room isn’t as much of a concern for the Legionella bacteria compared to nursing

quality system with Viega is the flexibility

homes or hospitals. For the Emerson

of the options. For Viega, water quality

College project, the main focus was

isn’t just a plumbing solution, it’s a total

providing hot water to users in spite of the

revolution in design technique.

low-flow faucets.

“You don’t know if a client is going to come through there with a bad immune system, and you don’t want them to get sicker because of bad plumbing design.” Rich Dean Senior Plumbing Designer, Vanderweil Engineers

“We have used Viega in the past,”

“We’ve done a loop

Dean said. “When it was first presented

system before similar to

to us, it was unique and a bit different, but

this,” said Hannon. “This

it started to meet some of the issues we

was the first time we’d used

were experiencing.”

these particular fittings, the

The dangers of the development of

double drop elbows. We

Legionella bacteria in plumbing lines have

met our installation goals.

only recently started to make national

Especially where there

headlines. The deaths associated with

was a lot of wood in the

Legionnaire’s Disease have been on

building, pressing saved

the rise since the first major outbreak in

us from having to solder.”

Philadelphia in 1976.

Emerson College

“We first saw Viega’s double drop

marks the first time

elbows more than a year ago,” Dean said.

Vanderweil has installed Viega’s double

“The Viega team came to the office and discussed its use in hospital situations.

drop elbows in a commercial project too. In a series design installation, like

“We have used them in other projects,”

We thought about how it would be good in

the sinks in a bathroom, when water is

Dean said. “They’re currently being built,

commercial applications too.”

turned on at the end of the line, the water

a small wellness clinic and another in the

circulates through the whole system,

public toilet rooms for a lab building. It’s a

a concern, eliminating it in a facility like a

purging the line and providing hot water to

solid system. And Viega is a solid product.

dining hall bathroom isn’t as crucial as a

the active fixture almost immediately.

While the Legionella bacteria is always

hospital or nursing home.

6 | Viega Voice | April 2017

They’re very good about marketing the product and educating the engineers.” Dean was one of many engineers who

“Once our rep introduced the engineers to these fittings,” Hannon said, “we worked together on how best to make

attended Viega’s water quality seminars,

it work. Our rep was a great help, and we

which were held across the country in

really appreciated his input.”

various locations. “The water quality seminar was excellent,” Dean said. “Extremely informative and to the point. Very

Dean believes that innovation is a critical component to being successful in the world of modern plumbing design. “We’ve had a great experience with

detailed. It’s been helpful in our day-

Viega and with the whole product line,”

to-day design duties.”

Dean said. “Viega is innovative. They are

“We’ve been using Viega for a number

trying to look at other areas where they

of years and have had very good luck with

can help designers and engineers in the

it,” Hannon said. “We recommend and

field. In today’s world of low-flow and

submit it for projects as often as possible

green design, we need to be on top of it.

as a product to use.”

But having innovation on our side is key.”

Thanks to coordination with their local Viega rep, Vanderweil and

“In today’s world of low-flow and green design, we need to be on top of it. But having innovation on our side is key.” Rich Dean Senior Plumbing Designer, Vanderweil Engineers

Commonwealth worked together on the Emerson College project.

Viega. Connected in quality.


This three-level, 2,400-square-foot home was built in 1909 and was featured on This Old House® in January 2017.

8 | Viega Voice | April 2017



HISTORIC HOME GETS NEW, EFFICIENT HEATING SOLUTION H istoric houses are a common sight across New England, some dating back as far as the Revolutionary War and earlier. But while these homes out of history are beautiful, they present a hazard when it comes to renovation. One such house, a beautiful Arts-andCrafts house in historic Arlington, MA, was built in 1909. A three-level, 2,400-square-foot home, this historic

“What always happens on our This Old House® projects is that people feel radiant heat and end up wanting it everywhere.” Richard Trethewey Founder and Owner, RST Thermal

structure was originally heated with steam and later converted to high temperature hydronic heating. The house, featured on the nationally known renovation program This Old House® in January, ran the gamut of renovation projects, including a new porch, expanded areas for the kitchen and master bathroom, a new chimney, and an updated heating system. With so much space being heated by high temperature hydronic heating, the cost to keep the climate controlled in a home like this is off the charts. To keep the house warm would require spending an estimated $10,000 annually. Installing a new, high-efficiency heating system only made sense, especially since the rest of the house would be undergoing renovations as well. The problem? With a house this age, soldering new heating lines posed a risk to the old wooden framing. Fortunately, Bilo Plumbing and Heating Company in Ipswich, MA, has a history continued on page 10

Kevin Bilo of Bilo Plumbing and Heating and Richard Tretheway, Plumbing and Heating Expert for This Old House®, install Viega radiant systems. Viega. Connected in quality.


of experience with Viega radiant heating

“We went in and demoed the whole

systems that spans 20 years. Lead

heating system,” Bilo said. “We removed

plumber Kevin Bilo has been installing

all the heating piping, the radiators, and

Viega radiant systems for 15 years.

the oil tank.”

“What always happens on our This Old

Bilo and his crew installed all new

Viega Climate Trak on the entire first floor, and stainless manifolds. “The Climate Panels in the bathrooms provide the most comfortable and efficient option you can install in a tiled area,” Bilo

House projects is that people feel radiant

plumbing and heating in the historic home

said, “especially under the tubs and the

heat and end up wanting it everywhere,”

using ViegaPEX Ultra tubing and Viega

shower floors.”

said Richard Trethewey, Founder and

PEX Press fittings. For the radiant heating

Owner of RST Thermal in Westwood, MA.

solution in the home, Bilo used Viega

homeowners wanted to preserve the

Tretheway has been the plumbing and

Climate Panels in all three bathrooms,

original wood flooring on the main level


heating expert for This Old House® and

Specific to this project, the

yet still provide consistent heating.

Ask This Old House since 1979. “I’ve ®

been doing radiant on television since 1987, and it’s always a winner.” According to Trethewey, radiant heating was only planned to be installed in one part of the home, but those plans changed. “We were only supposed to do a small part of it,” Trethewey said. “The homeowner felt it and wanted it in more of the house.” So that’s what Bilo Plumbing and Heating did. 10 | Viega Voice | April 2017

“With the whole new system and copper construction and radiant heat on the first floor and bathrooms, the cost of their fuel is going to drop considerably.” Kevin Bilo

Lead Plumber, Bilo Plumbing and Heating Company

GET CONNECTED Viega Climate Trak provides an energy efficient radiant option for remodel projects that prevents added floor height.

ART-AND-CRAFTS MOVEMENT Arts-and-Crafts-style homes are also called Craftsmen or Prairie-style homes. The Arts-and-Crafts-style didn’t just relate to house designs. It was an entire movement of art, music, furniture, and even politics, which started in England in the mid-19th Century.

“Viega’s Climate Trak system was a great opportunity for them to put radiant heat in the first floor and save their

really, it’s just the confidence I have in the product.” Bilo Plumbing and Heating installs

“With the whole new system and copper construction and radiant heat on the first floor and bathrooms, their heating

hardwood at the same time without any

radiant heating solutions on a regular

costs are going to drop considerably,”

extra cost,” Bilo said.

basis, both for interior applications and

he said. “They may cut their costs to a quarter of what they are currently.”

Additionally, the crew from Bilo

exterior ones, like snow melting. In fact,

Plumbing and Heating installed Viega

according to the company’s website, on

FostaPEX tubing throughout the house,

average they install 10,000 feet of radiant

was featured on 16 episodes of This Old

using the aluminum-coated, form-stable

tubing every week.

House®. Watch the episodes online to

PEX to adapt to the manifolds and the new boiler in the mechanical room.

“From my point of view,” Bilo said,

The Arlington Arts-and-Crafts Project

see Kevin Bilo and his crew in action. If

“all Viega products and fittings and

you want more information on Viega’s

technology are reliable and dependent.

innovative radiant solutions and how we

systems gave us a lot more options for

Viega always stands behind their

can help you with your next project,

installation,” Bilo said. “There was a lot of

products, and if we’ve ever had any

check out our website or call your local

old framing, and it made it easier to get

problems, they’ve backed us all the way.

Viega representative.

from point A to point B.”

They’re first class about fixing problems. I

“The FostaPEX and ViegaPEX Ultra

Bilo has prior installation experience

have 100 percent confidence that if Viega

THIS OLD HOUSE® is a registered

with several other radiant systems, and

fittings are installed properly, there will be

trademark of This Old House Ventures,

he believes Viega radiant solutions are

no leaks or issues.”

LLC. Used with permission.

the best. “They’re easy to work with and

Installing a radiant heating system in a home provides a long list of benefits

installation friendly,” Bilo said. “You have

for homeowners, but for this project, Bilo

more options to get the job done, and,

feels that the greatest benefit will be the energy savings. Viega. Connected in quality.

The tank is extinct.

Introducing in-wall flushing technology by Viega.

Say hello to the next evolution of toilet systems. Viega’s German-engineered in-wall flushing technology is easy to install and maintain. And by eliminating the tank, it finally opens the door for exceptionally designed bathrooms. Viega. Connected in quality. Read more on page 20 12 | Viega Voice | April 2017

Š2017, Viega LLC



“The owners of that building were facing multiple leaks, so it was easy to sell them on Viega.”

Dan Metcalfe

Owner, Taps Plumbing

ounded as a garrison community in 1826, London, Ontario in Canada

now boasts a population around 370,000 strong and is still growing. As part of an affordable housing project in the historic districts of the city, many older buildings are being transformed into apartment complexes. Not all of the apartments are old, though. Some of the construction is new, even though it’s designed to look old, like the apartments at Woodfield Terrace. Woodfield Terrace is a four-story, 33unit complex located in central London, and in 2016 Taps Plumbing installed nearly every available Viega system solution inside it. “We looked at all the other stuff that was out there,” said Dan Metcalfe, Owner of Taps Plumbing, “and Viega’s products are the most user friendly, especially in the larger sizes.” The owners of Woodfield Terrace also owned the building’s next door twin, where a different contractor had installed a fusion-welded system four years earlier. Just as the Woodfield Terrace project was beginning, that four-year-old system sprang a leak. “The owners of that building were facing multiple leaks,” Metcalfe said, “so it was easy to sell them on Viega. Viega’s got the best warranty on the PEX and the copper.” Metcalfe and his crew got to work and installed ViegaPEX Ultra tubing, Viega radiant systems, Viega ProPress for copper, and Viega MegaPressG for natural gas all in sizes ranging from ½" to 2". They

even installed Viega ProPress for copper

boiler completely and use the solar system

fittings in 3" sizes.

to provide the primary source of energy.

“With conventional copper fittings in

With four floors and more than 30

that size, it would take an hour per

units to deliver hot water to, it only made

fitting to join them,” Metcalfe said.

sense for Taps to install a hot water

“With Viega, you can do a whole run

recirculation system. The problem: space

of fittings in an hour. We ran literally

was extremely limited.

thousands of feet of tube and had no issues with performance.” Taps Plumbing also installed solar

Installing a traditional recirculation system would take up too much room in a project that didn’t have room to spare.

systems, the SmartLoop internal

That’s why Metcalfe decided to give

recirculation system, and a gray water

SmartLoop a try.

recycling system. “The solar system is amazingly efficient,” Metcalfe said. He hopes that the system will perform so well that they’ll be able to shut off the

SmartLoop is a revolutionary internal recirculation system that maintains the temperature of hot water along the mains and delivers it faster to the faucet. continued on page 14

Viega. Connected in quality.

GET CONNECTED “The SmartLoop is awesome,” Metcalfe said. “We ran the loop through the entire main branch and back. It works incredibly well. We already had a very congested space to work in, so saving one more pipe run was a big savings.” Viega worked alongside Taps Plumbing to design both the plumbing system and the heating system in the apartment complex. Metcalfe and the Taps Plumbing crew all love installing Viega system solutions. “My crew can install all kinds of PEX, but Viega PEX Systems are by far the easiest,” Metcalfe said. “They’re the ones that our guys feel are more secure. We have no concerns about pipe failures, and you can pressure test right away. And the

“My crew can install all kinds of PEX, but Viega PEX Systems are by far the easiest.” Dan Metcalfe

The Viega SmartLoop is a revolutionary internal recirculation system that maintains the temperature of hot water along the mains and delivers it faster to the faucet.

Owner, Taps Plumbing

cold weather doesn’t bother them. A lot of

“When I was at the training facility

Attending the training in New

this work was done in cold weather, and it

Viega opened my eyes to their other

Hampshire did more than just help

doesn’t affect Viega systems at all.”

products,” Metcalfe said. “And knowing

Metcalfe understand the high quality of

that I could use my same tool to do all

Viega press fittings. The training changed

Viega press systems for four years, ever

that, we pretty much converted our

the way Metcalfe viewed radiant solutions.

since a fire incident on a project that

shop overnight.”

Taps Plumbing has been installing

damaged a building in the historical part of town. “I was looking for a safe, reliable

After switching to press technology,

“To be honest with you, radiant was something we’d all heard about but

Taps Plumbing tried to adopt a no-flame

nobody believed in it,” he said. “Now I

policy, which would allow them to work

believe in the system.”

technology,” Metcalfe said. “I initially

in hospitals and government projects,

started with just ProPress.”

among others, without the frustration of

course, Metcalfe enjoyed having the

fire watches or hot work permits.

opportunity to talk to other tradespeople

After investing in Viega ProPress, Metcalfe decided to take a trip to the

“With ProPress we can just press

At the week-long radiant training

in an open environment.

Viega Educational Facility in Nashua, NH,

away,” Metcalfe said. “We’ve been

where he was able to experience a week-

using the stuff for four years, and in four

from all over Ontario,” Metcalfe said,

long training event.

years we’ve never had a leak on any

“and they weren’t all Viega people.

ProPress fittings.”

We discussed products from other

“I got to compare notes with people

companies, and if there had been a 14 | Viega Voice | April 2017

GET CONNECTED Metcalfe also appreciates how easy it is to train his staff to install Viega press systems. “We have guys of all skill levels, from master plumbers to apprentices to helpers, all of whom are capable of utilizing the tool if they have to,” Metcalfe said. “If you’re soldering you aren’t going to let a junior guy do that.”

“Since we’ve utilized Viega’s radiant technology, we’re going gangbusters with work.” Dan Metcalfe Owner, Taps Plumbing

With unparalleled support and personalized service, Viega worked alongside Metcalfe and Taps Plumbing to make sure every potential challenge was overcome before it became a problem. “I can’t say enough about the support during this project,” Metcalfe said. “The nice thing about Viega is they give you the product, and then they back it up. They answered my questions. It was a problem with a Viega system,

“The engineers inspected the building

pretty smooth operation. It was just nice

someone would have mentioned it.

and told us that we’d need 120-degree

knowing you can pick up the phone and

But nobody did.”

water in the boiler,” Metcalf said. “Well,

talk to engineer.”

Metcalfe and his crew had always

we’re running 82 degrees on the boiler

Metcalfe set out with a goal to install

been interested in hydronics systems,

and keeping it 72 degrees in the building.

every Viega system in the Woodfield

but after the radiant training course, Taps

The engineer was off by more than 30

Terrace project, and he succeeded,

Plumbing took their interest to the job site.

degrees. It’s amazing.”

much to the delight of his crew and the

“Since we’ve utilized Viega’s radiant

Thanks to industry-focused training

building owners.

technology, we’re going gangbusters with

and versatile on-site support, Taps

work,” Metcalfe said. “We’re doing a huge

Plumbing’s first radiant installation has

and the time savings and the reliability

project with all outside snow melt using

been a resounding success.

of it, make it worth sticking with Viega,”

the Viega Rapid Grid foam panels.” With the Woodfield Terrace project,

“I’m 100 percent sold on in-floor

“We’ve just found that the warranty

Metcalfe said.

radiant heat,” Metcalfe said, “and I

the Taps Plumbing crew installed in-floor

honestly think Viega offers the best

radiant heating on all four levels, all

product on the market—better manifolds,

33 apartment units, and even the

better systems, and the best support.”

parking garage.

Viega. Connected in quality.



iega earned a global reputation for

pressure testing, and since Viega fittings

tested up to 600 PSI with an operating

revolutionary plumbing solutions

can be jointed when a system is live, all an

temperature range of 0°F to 250°F.

when we developed the original press

installer has to do is press the connection

fitting system, Viega ProPress for copper,

once they see it. Job done. No more

MegaPress for black iron, you even have

more than 25 years ago. Now we’ve done

leaks, no tearing out long runs of pipe, and

the tools and jaws you need. You can

it again.

no callbacks after the job is finished.

make secure press connections on a

Introducing Viega MegaPress stainless

If you’ve already been installing Viega

Ideal for industrial applications,

MegaPress stainless system using the

steel, now available in two high-quality

MegaPress stainless can be installed in

RIDGID RP 330-B or 330-C power tool.

grades, 304 and 316. For the first time,

a wide variety of applications such as

Other RIDGID tools are compatible as

you can install Viega fittings for 304 or 316

process water, ammonia, low-pressure

well, including the RIDGID RP 320-E, the

stainless steel with off-the-shelf Schedule

steam, or any number of other essential

RIDGID RP 340, and the RIDGID CT 400.

10 to Schedule 40 IPS pipe.

fluids or gases. With the anticipated

Viega offers MegaPress stainless

Not only do MegaPress stainless

NSF-61 rating, MegaPress stainless 316

fittings in multiple configurations, like

fittings eliminate welding and threading

will also be approved for potable water.

elbows, couplings, reducers, tees,

from the job site, they also include the

While recommended operating

reducing tees, threaded adapters, unions,

patented Viega Smart Connect Feature.

pressures for MegaPress stainless fittings

caps, and flanges. With fitting sizes that

Smart Connect allows installers to easily

is 200 PSI, the system can be pressure

range from ½" to 2" and factory-installed

identify unpressed connections during

sealing elements, EPDM for 316 stainless and FKM for 304 stainless, Viega has the exact fitting you need. And with a 420 stainless steel grip ring and a 304 stainless separator, you can count on Viega MegaPress stainless to perform in the harshest environments. Combined with off-the-shelf IPS pipe, MegaPress stainless fittings compose a complete system that will reduce installation time and labor costs on your next project. Contact your local Viega sales representative for a demonstration today. Or, get in touch with Viega Technical Services at 800-976-9819, to see if MegaPress stainless is right for your current project.

New Viega MegaPress stainless steel provides all the benefits of high-grade stainless with the innovative reliability of Viega press technology.

16 | Viega Voice | April 2017


Compliant with:

• ICC LC1002

• Uniform Mechanical Code


• International Mechanical Code

• Third party certified to NSF-61-372

• ASME B31.1, B31.3, and B31.9

Viega. Connected in quality.



Radiant installation at Big Bear, CA


ost industry professionals know

were able to install more than 22,000

radiant systems only in the context

square feet of ViegaPEX Barrier tubing in

can be installed economically and on

of efficient building climate control, but

less than one day. The crew had no prior

schedule, even in a region where radiant

after an innovative, revolutionary project

radiant installation experience.

is uncommon," said David Desjardins,

in Big Bear, CA, the industry may start seeing radiant solutions in a different light. The Big Bear Area Regional

"The project really showed that radiant

Thanks to this innovative solution,

Heating and Cooling Product Manager for

BBARWA will save $225,000 per year in

Viega. "It proved that slab heating systems

transportation costs. The project itself was

can be installed quickly and easily."

Wastewater Agency (BBARWA) needed a

so impressive, the Plastics Pipe Institute

new idea. They were spending thousands

named it their 2016 Project of the Year for

BBARWA project, no one can measure the

of dollars in transportation costs at their

the Building and Construction Division of

potential of Viega's award-winning radiant

waste treatment facility, and they needed

their annual contest.

systems. Providing extreme labor savings

a solution that would reduce the sludge's

The BBARWA project demonstrated

If you consider the results of the

during installation and keeping jobs on

water content, lighten its overall weight,

the versatility of PEX tubing systems and

schedule is only part of the benefit. With a

and make it easier to transport.

raised awareness for radiant technology

system this versatile and this trustworthy,

beyond merely heating and cooling.

any industry can find a use for it. What will

That's where Viega stepped in. With a Climate Mat system, the project workers

18 | Viega Voice | April 2017

yours be?




Aspen Heights as an organization is all about people, which is why the company has invested so much in providing resortstyle living options for university students. To build a brand new student housing project in Syracuse, NY, the company hired two different contractors to install the plumbing systems. Burns Bros. Contractors Inc. Plumbing in Syracuse worked on two of the three buildings, and ATL Plumbing and Mechanical in Chittenango, NY, worked on the other. But they’re both installing Viega MegaPressG for black iron pipe. Burns Brothers Plumbing, a union contractor, installed Viega MegaPressG in the project’s parking garage, which will provide heating to the residences. Burns Brothers also installed ViegaPEX Ultra tubing for the project’s potable water systems. In the same project, ATL Plumbing and Mechanical, a non-union contractor, is currently installing Viega MegaPressG fittings too. Since Viega solutions are flameless and dependable, every installer saves time and labor, and that means less frustration. The 422-bed complex provides 145,000 square feet of rentable space for students, and the three, five-story, gardenstyle apartment buildings make up the bulk of a $38 million development. Working together isn’t always possible in this industry, but when contractors can join forces to get a job done on time, that’s always worth celebrating. Thanks to the great teamwork provided first by Burns Brothers and also by ATL Plumbing and Mechanical, that’s something Aspen Heights Syracuse will be able to do for a long time.

Viega. Connected in quality.

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or public-use facilities, don’t present

realize. Ancient civilizations used a

many options for installation or for other

primitive type of flushing system

bathroom design concepts. They take

easy to install, Viega in-wall flushing

for waste disposal dating back

up space, make maintenance awkward,

systems offer superior head pressure,

5,000+ years.

and put obstacles in the way of cleaning

sound proofing, space savings, and the

processes. It hasn’t changed because it’s

industry’s best 10-year warranty.

he toilet has been around for a long time, much longer than many people

Since 1596 and before, the modern

Modern toilets, whether in residential

toilet has certainly come a long way, and

worked well enough, but that’s not the

many different advances in technology

case anymore.

have improved its basic design. But why

In-wall flushing systems are flexible

flush plates to stretch the creativity of bathroom design. Easy to clean, easy to maintain, and

Known around the world for revolutionary design techniques with the highest quality engineering, Viega

should only its basic design change when

by design and compatible with many

presents the next chapter in bathroom

it could evolve? Quality in engineering

popular brands of bowls, so it won’t

design—Viega in-wall flushing systems.

and design means sometimes changing

matter which one you’re installing. We

the way we think.

have award-winning design on our

continued on page 22

Viega. Connected in quality.

THE TOOL BOX Beauty on the outside. Brilliance on the inside.


bathroom is just a bathroom, right?

plates can be installed flat against tile for

Or can it be something more? Viega

added discreetness.

has always been about excellence in

Manual flush plates offer artistic

plumbing engineering, beginning with

highlights for the bathroom. Created

quality at the start, but it’s not just utility

by working hand-in-hand with world-

that makes excellent plumbing. The best

renowned designers, these flush

plumbing is an art form.

plates add flair and beauty to an often-

Now, the beauty of the art of plumbing behind the wall can be seen in the fixtures on the surface. This new concealed flushing system

overlooked room. Touchless flush plates provide the same details and more. With motion sensor technology, there’s no need to touch the plate at all.

design from Viega is an award-winning

No fingerprints and no spread of germs

solution that allows the freedom to

means superior hygiene. Smooth dual-

transform “just a bathroom” into an

flush technology provides the option

exceptional space.

to save water. Clean, contemporary,

Viega flush plates provide reliable

and minimal, Viega flush plates

functionality with style, whether you

integrate seamlessly with our Eco Plus

choose the manual option or our special

WC carriers.

touchless variation. A light push or a

Viega flush plates exceed the

gentle wave triggers the actuator, either

expectations of functionality and will

for a large flush or a small one. Many

withstand the tests of time and use.

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THE TOOL BOX It’s not a bathroom. It’s a private collection.


levate your next bathroom with

frees up space in the rest of the bathroom

Viega Water Carrier Systems. With

too, providing installers six more inches

for traditional toilets, though. Viega

this revolution in plumbing technology for

to use by moving the tank inside the wall.

also offers our Eco Plus Urinal Carrier

the bathroom, builders and architects can

With so much open area in the room,

System for installation in artfully

rewrite the book on bathroom design.

just imagine what other features the

designed bathrooms.

Discover what you can create with

bathroom could offer. Or push a wall

The manual flush plates are the most

new options from Viega. Our water

to add that space in a kitchen or any

popular option for this particular system,

carrier systems exceed the EPA Water

adjacent living space.

but it is compatible with both the manual

Sense standard, which means more

Whether you’re installing a residential

Viega doesn’t just offer this solution

plate and the touchless plate.

efficient water usage. Since the bowl

toilet system or one for public or

is not attached to the floor, this design

commercial use, there’s a design option

incorporates multiple solutions that

makes it easier to clean beneath the bowl

to fit your needs. Both manual and

simplify cleaning and maintenance.

and eliminates the hard-to-reach space

touchless flush plates are available in

Viega urinal carriers feature simple

between the bowl and the tank.

various finishes and materials, and the

assembly and an extensive diversity of

water carrier systems are designed to

design options. Combining design with

work with many different bowl designs.

technology, this system includes infrared

Installation of a water carrier system is easy with simple assembly and tools Viega offers, alongside training and a

And, of course, you have Viega’s

Viega urinal flushing systems

sensors, automatic user recognition, a

library of technical information. Beyond

assurance of excellence. Our heritage

24-hour hygiene flush cycle. The system

installation, maintenance of this system is

of quality speaks for itself, but Viega

is available in hard-wired or battery-

simplified since the tank and interior can

Flushing systems come with a 10-year

powered versions.

be reached through the faceplate.

warranty for parts and a lifetime warranty

With this design, the toilet can fit into tight spaces. This new design option

for the frame and tank.

Whatever project, whatever needs installing, Viega has a high-quality, reliable solution for your next bathroom.

Viega. Connected in quality.


iega stands behind our systems. They’re new, they’re

innovative, and they’re changing the way America installs plumbing. Our system solutions are trustworthy and reliable, thoughtfully engineered and tested beyond the limits of what the industry actually expects, so you can work with confidence. That’s what it means to be Connected in Quality.

Viega. Connected in quality.


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F For applications that need piping

other obstacles that could potentially

You save time in laying pipe. You save

installed underground, Viega is proud

cause concern. So instead of cutting

time in avoiding obstacles, like boulders

to introduce new insulated PEX Barrier

rigid pipe and connecting a fitting, all you

or landscaping, or even hidden objects

piping. Viega’s top-notch reliability for

have to do is bend the piping around the

below the surface that might require extra

indoor solutions now goes beyond the

obstacle, an easier solution that requires

expense to remove. All of these savings

walls, providing products for entire

fewer fittings, which reduces potential

add up to one underground PEX solution

outdoor solutions as well.

leak points.

that offers reliable performance.

Rigid piping systems are leak-

Viega’s new insulated PEX Barrier

Whether you’re installing insulated

prone, causing expensive callbacks

piping isn’t just suitable for installation

pipe underground or above ground, for

that take time and cause frustrations.

underground. With a UV-stable piping

a radiant heating or snowmelt system,

But with Viega’s PEX Barrier piping,

jacket, it can be installed in above-ground

Viega’s new insulated PEX Barrier piping

you may never need to install rigid pipe

applications as well, supported with

provides the flexible, durable solution for

underground again. PEX Barrier products

either fixed or sliding supports.

your project’s needs. If you aren’t sure if insulated PEX

provide a start to finish solution for

By far, the greatest advantage of

radiant and snow melt applications.

Viega’s new insulated PEX Barrier piping

Barrier piping is the right choice for

is the savings you gain during installation

your project, contact Viega’s Technical

PEX Barrier piping is flexible enough

time. Like other PEX tubing, pre-insulated

Services department at 800-976-9819.

to bend around obstacles, which also

Barrier piping is easy to install, regardless

At Viega, we stand behind our systems,

significantly reduces the number of

of application. A properly designed

but we also stand behind our customers.

fittings required. But insulated PEX

system will have fewer connections than

Ensuring that you have what you need to

Barrier piping is also strong enough to

a traditional rigid pipe installation, and

get the job done right is what we do.

withstand shipping and harsh job site

that practically eliminates the potential

conditions that exist in underground

for leaks.

Like other PEX systems, insulated

applications. Plus, with Viega standing behind the system, you can trust that it will always perform above and beyond your expectations, so you can complete the job with confidence and peace of mind. Viega’s insulated PEX Barrier piping is suitable for distribution in radiant and snow melting applications. This new piping solution is a bonded system with closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation. It also incorporates a proprietary membrane that provides superior R-value retention by reducing off gassing. Insulated piping reduces heat loss, and its high compressive strength makes it ideal for areas with high traffic loads. As with any PEX solution from Viega, insulated PEX Barrier piping offers a complete range of pipe, fittings, and accessories. This piping is pre-marked every meter. For installing this new piping solution, a standard trenching machine should be able to provide a deep enough cavity (16 inches to 24 inches) to handle foot or car traffic loads. Insulated pipe can bend in any direction around trees, shrubs, or

Insulated pipe fittings paired with insulation kits ensure a secure, fully insulated connection.

Viega. Connected in quality.

Viega ProPressÂŽ

Ball valves in brass, Zero Lead bronze, and stainless steel


The washer hose depicted in this image is not sold or endorsed by Viega LLC.

Connecting your next ball valve just got easier with Viega ProPress. For potable water applications, you can choose between 316 stainless steel and Viega’s unique Zero Lead silicon-bronze alloy. Both materials are available in a range of sizes and configurations. Viega also offers brass ball valves for non-potable water applications. Engineered with the same high quality and reliability as all Viega press fittings, our ball valves provide confidence in your connections. Viega. Connected in Quality. 26 | Viega Voice | April 2017



ames Music, general manager of Anytime Mechanical in Arvada, CO,

has always been a lucky guy. Music recalled a story about winning a backhoe once. Winning the piece of construction equipment was lucky enough, but what made it really special was who awarded it to him. Back when Music was 18 years old, he tried for a position at a water company, and part of the test included operating a backhoe. He’d aced the maintenance test, and he been given 20 minutes to dig a hole using the equipment. He’d never been in a backhoe before, but he was game to try it. But after only 10 minutes, the supervisor kicked him out because it didn’t look like he was going to succeed.

ViegaPEX Ultra tubing is available in red and blue to distinguish hot and cold potable water lines.

“We introduced the PEX line to them, and now they're stocking it!” James Music

General Manager, Anytime Mechanical

Winning the backhoe all those years later became even more special because the man who had to award it to him was the same supervisor from that job site. continued on page 28 Viega. Connected in quality.


“We're old school, so it wasn't easy to stop soldering, but when we're building hotels and time is of the essence, why not?” James Music General Manager, Anytime Mechanical

Viega MegaPress is available in the widest variety of fitting configurations on the market.

Luck has a funny way of turning tables on

you have to use a hairdryer on it to coax

method in winter?” Music said. “And with

us when we least expect it.

it along.”

the gas pipe, you don’t have to set up the

But while Music feels like a lucky guy, it isn’t just luck that’s gotten him where he is today. It’s reliability. “We completed our first hotel using

It was about that time when Music met his local Viega representative. “When I ran into my local rep, I started looking at the Viega systems,” Music

pipe-threading machine. You don’t have all those required tools. All you need is your press tool.” Music stays loyal to his suppliers.

Viega, a Residence Inn,” Music said.

said. “And I realized it would solve a lot of

He’s been with George T. Sanders for 34

“And we have two more that we’re doing.

the problems we’d been having.”

years, and one thing he identifies as the

Anytime Mechanical is becoming a commodity in the hotels in this area.” In fact, Anytime Mechanical is

Music and Anytime Mechanical elected to try installing Viega PEX Systems in the Residence Inn at the

most important aspect in a manufacturer is service. “Service is a must,” he said. “That’s

installing the plumbing systems in three

Denver Airport to see how the

really important for me. Viega products

projects on a corner near the airport,

system performed.

are good quality, but their service is good

all of them either Hilton or Marriott brand hotels. “We also landed a Springhill Suites in Centennial,” Music said. “And now we’re getting calls to go to Phoenix.” Music has been plumbing in Colorado

“So we tried it out,” Music said.

too. I know I can call my rep and he’ll do

“We introduced our supplier, George T.

whatever he can to take care of it for me.

Sanders, to it.”

That’s the experience I’ve had with him.”

“We introduced the PEX line to them,” Music said, “and now they’re stocking it!” Anytime Mechanical didn’t just install

Since installing Viega systems, Music has become a representative for the Viega systems all across Colorado.

for more than 30 years, but Anytime

Viega PEX Systems in the Residence Inn.

Mechanical started up in 2012, a

They also installed Viega MegaPressG for

about the product,” Music said. “It’s

minority business run by his girlfriend

black iron pipe in sizes up to 2".

been a really good deal for us. In the

Jade Blanchard. “We used to use an expandable PEX

“We liked the gas pipe a lot,” Music

“I called my friends and told them

wintertime, you can’t go wrong.”

said. “I knew it was going to cost us

Music didn’t start out believing that

system,” Music said. “But it’s tough

more per fitting, but I also knew the

press technology would work better than

to install in the winter. When you try to

labor we were going to save would

conventional joining methods, but he has

expand plastic when it’s cold, it doesn’t

be astronomical.”

changed his tune. And luck had nothing

want to do it.” Many expandable plumbing

After their experience with ViegaPEX Ultra and Viega MegaPressG, Anytime

to do with it. “We’re old school, so it wasn’t easy

system manufacturers hold that simply

Mechanical has decided that they’ll be

to stop soldering,” he said, “but when

heating the PEX tubing avoids these

installing Viega systems in every new

we’re building hotels and time is of the

complications. But Music and his

hotel they do.

essence, why not?”

partners decided it was a lot of trouble. “It has a memory on it,” he said, “but it forgets what it’s supposed to do. So 28 | Viega Voice | April 2017

“Who can measure how much time and money you save if you’re using a press method in lieu of the expandable



AFFORDABLE HOUSING IN A BOOM TOWN Star, ID, a bedroom community to

Apartments. This brand new 37-unit

Individual units will range in size from

Boise, is growing at an unprecedented

complex sits on 2.7 acres near

670 square feet for a single bedroom to

rate. In 13 years, from 2000 to 2013,

downtown Star.

910 square feet for a two bedroom. The

the city’s population spiked almost 270

Brian Watson with Elite Mechanical in

complex will also have three-bedroom

percent. Nearly all of that population is

Meridian, ID, is the contractor installing

townhouses. Thirty-two units in total will

urban. When a small town becomes a

the plumbing and heating systems in the

be reserved as affordable housing options

boom town, almost everything gets more

Moon Valley Apartments.

for the local community.

expensive, especially housing costs. That’s why affordable housing options

The Elite Mechanical team is installing

Construction began in September,

Viega MegaPressG for black iron pipe

and the first residential building should be

are so important. Currently several

for the project’s natural gas system as

available for residents in March 2017.

affordable housing projects are underway

well as ViegaPEX Ultra tubing with Viega

in Star, one of which is the Moon Valley

PEX Press fittings for the project’s potable water.

Viega. Connected in quality.


EARN YOUR ASSE INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION IN HYDRONICS FROM VIEGA O nce installed primarily in European countries, radiant heating and

cooling systems are becoming more

popular in the United States. While the theory of how radiant systems work is simple—and proven, dating back to Korea in the Bronze Age and Ancient Rome—installing a radiant system correctly takes training and design. You can attend a manufacturer's training course for nearly every brand of radiant on the market, but how can you be sure that training will meet the standards of the industry? If training doesn't prepare you for an industry-approved installation, your project may suffer unnecessary delays and callbacks. That's where the Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA) comes in. RPA designed a standardized course for radiant installation, the ASSE/IAPMO/ ANSI Standard 19000 Hydronic Systems Certification Program. Viega is the first manufacturer to be certified to offer this course. What's more, one of our radiant instructors, Jim Erhardt, is one of only 11 other radiant industry professionals officially certified to teach it. Erhardt, an industry professional with more than 40 years in hydronic heating experience, believes that there is more to installing radiant systems than just understanding the products themselves. "Today's hydronic contractor must be familiar with not only specific equipment installation requirements, but also how

This three-day course covers the

Hydronics Heating and Cooling Installers.

all the pieces of a hydronic system must

concepts and definitions of a radiant

Don't let a lack of training prevent you

be selected and installed," he said. "This

system installation, including system

from differentiating your business with

will ensure that these systems deliver

components and their proper installation,

radiant systems, not when Viega has a

the comfort, efficiency, and reliability our

tubing, code requirements, system

certified solution that will help you.

customers expect."

commissioning, documentation, and

The ASSE Standard 19210 Hydronics

This exciting new class begins in

more. The 24 hours of training ends

April. Enroll now to reserve your seat, and

Heating and Cooling Installer Training

in a 100-question examination, and

you can earn your ASSE International

Course is open for enrollment at the

upon passing, trainees will be certified

certification too.

Viega Educational Facility in Nashua, NH.

by ASSE International as Professional

30 | Viega Voice | April 2017

TECH TALK Viega Tech Talk Experts Jason Allison, Jacob Demars, and David Melendy

Q Are Viega ProPress for copper fittings Q Is the floor sensor from an old 18030 Stadler-Viega thermostat suitable to be pressed onto hydronic baseboard tubing? A Yes. ProPress for copper fittings may be used on baseboard tubing as long as you incorporate an insert stiffener

Q Can ViegaPEX Ultra be used for standalone fire protection systems,

compatible with the new Viega Digital

or is it limited to multipurpose and


passive purge systems?

A No. Even though both floor sensors are two-wire, water-sealed probes

A Yes. Per NFPA 13D, ViegaPEX Ultra tubing is permitted for installation in

with the fitting. Most fin-tube baseboard

that accurately measure slab or

standalone fire protection systems,

emitters are constructed of type-M

floor temperatures, they are not

but there are a few considerations you

tubing that is stretched, so you need an

interchangeable. Both thermostats

should know about. Prior to the 2013

insert stiffener to provide rigidity to the

measure floor temperature via a

edition of NFPA 13D, all materials

tube. This will ensure that a permanent

thermistor, a temperature sensitive

installed in stand-alone fire protection

mechanical connection can be made

resistor commonly used in the heating

systems had to be rated to 175 PSI. The

when you make the joint. To complement

industry. As temperature increases or

only allowance for materials rated at

our standard ProPress for copper fittings

decreases, a thermistor will register a

130 PSI was for multipurpose systems.

used with fin-tube heat-type emitters,

change in resistance. A thermistor is

Traditionally, in a multipurpose system,

Viega also offers a ProPress for copper

typically identified by the resistance it will

plumbing codes restricted the maximum

90째 extended street elbow. This fitting

register at 77째F.

pressure to 80 PSI.

is designed to provide an extra length

The sensor included with the old Stadler-

In 2013, NFPA revised 13D to allow PEX

for penetrating through floors with a

Viega Thermostat is a 30K thermistor,

tubing to be installed in a standalone

CTS-OD copper stub, which gives you

so at 77째 it will read 30,000 ohms. The

system. That system must be supplied

something to press.

sensor used in the newer Viega 18050

by the same water supply that serves

On the street end, you can install either

thermostat is a 10K thermistor and will

the domestic plumbing fixtures where

a Viega ProPress fitting or a ProPress-

read 10,000 ohms at 77째F.

incoming pressure is below 80 PSI. If

to-PEX Press adapter for a copper-to-

When you upgrade to the new

the water pressure is above 80 PSI, a

PEX transition where ViegaPEX Barrier

thermostat, you will need to upgrade

pressure-reducing valve can be used to

or FostaPEX tubing is being used as as

your floor sensor because the

limit the water pressure level.

supply line.

Digital Thermostat reads a different

For systems that have a fire department

resistance scale.

connection (FDC), NFPA maintains the requirement to pipe the system with materials rated to 175 PSI. Viega. Connected in quality.




Viega LLC 12303 Airport Way, Suite 395 Broomfield, CO 80021 Return address requested 800-976-9819 www.viega.us insidesales@viega.us

The term Viega, as used in this publication, does not apply to a specific company within the various separate and distinct companies comprising the Viega group of companies. The term Viega as used in this publication refers to the Viega brand itself or generally to the Viega group of companies. References to activities in North America specifically refer to activities of Viega LLC. A green dot on a Viega ProPress, MegaPress and PEX Press polymer fitting indicates the Smart Connect feature with an EPDM sealing element. A yellow dot on a Viega ProPressG and MegaPressG fitting indicates the Smart Connect feature with an HNBR sealing element. A white dot on a Viega ProPress (304 FKM) fitting indicates the Smart Connect feature with a FKMsealing element. For a current list of applications, please visit www.viega.us/applications. Zero Lead identifies Viega products meeting the lead-free requirements of NSF 61-G through testing under NSF/ANSI 372 (0.25% or less maximum weighted average lead content). ©2017, Climate Mat®, Climate Panel®, Climate Trak®, FostaPEX®, GeoFusion®, ManaBloc®, MegaPress®, ProPress®, PureFlow®, Radiant Wizard®, SeaPress®, Smart Connect®, SmartLoop®, Snap Panel®, S-NO-ICE®, Viega®, XL® and XL-C® are registered trademarks of Viega GmbH & Co. KG. ViegaPEX™, Visign™ and Eco Plus™ are trademarks of Viega GmbH & Co. KG. Eco Brass® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Shindoh Co., LTD. RIDGID® is a registered trademark of RIDGID, Inc. THIS OLD HOUSE® is a registered trademark of This Old House Ventures, LLC.

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