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==== ==== What is the mesothelium and how is it related to mesothelioma and lung cancer. ==== ====

If you are wondering what is mesothelioma, you will not be happy to know that it is a disease that is often fatal. The good news is probably that it is a rare disease and that it has one known cause which you can avoid. Mesothelioma if a form of cancer that affects the lining of the heart, lungs and abdomen. This lining is known as the mesothelium and its work is to cover and protect this organs. The cause of mesothelioma has so far been found to be asbestos. You probably have no idea what they are and, they are natural minerals that are used to produce so many products for the home, office, factories and others. The special properties of being resistant to fire and heat make it a good insulator that is widely used. The asbestos can be found in 3 known categories and there are blue, brown and white forms of asbestos. The first two were known to be dangerous and with time the white kind is also being seen as toxic. The workers who undertake their duties in the midst of the substance might not be aware that they have a toxic among them. The most common way that a person is affected by mesothelioma is through inhaling the asbestos dust. They are mostly known for causing the mesothelioma affecting the lungs which is called pleural mesothelioma. When the disease affects the abdomen lining it is referred to as peritoneal mesothelioma. If you need to know more on what is mesothelioma, your doctor will go a long way in giving you details. You do not have to go far because the internet is filled with resources which will explain to you exactly what is mesothelioma. When you have been exposed to asbestos as a child, it will develop after many years and this means that when you are around 50 or 60, it is the time the disease will emerge from its latent state. There are several symptoms that you can look out for and, if you have pleural mesothelioma, you will have your lungs and chest area affected. The signs include chest pains, shortness of breathe, persistent cough, swelling of face and neck, you can also cough blood, the pains will lead to a loss of appetite and in turn the patient will lose a lot of weight. Nausea might also feature in your symptoms. It will be therefore necessary to seek medical advise before it is too late. If you still want to know more on what is mesothelioma, you can read on the symptoms that will be experienced when the disease affects the abdomen. You will have general discomfort, swelling, bowel obstruction, pain in the intestines, vomiting, weight loss because of lack of appetite and the list can go on and on. The symptoms may occur when the cancer has already formed. On the information on what is mesothelioma, you will learn that there is treatment. The cure for mesothelioma has not yet been discovered. The treatment involves surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Each person will have a special treatment tailored to their needs.

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==== ==== What is the mesothelium and how is it related to mesothelioma and lung cancer. ==== ====

What Is Mesothelioma  

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