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==== ==== Find out what you need to know about gout and how to relieve your pain. ==== ====

The classic symptoms of gout in the foot are pain in the first joint of your big toe. This is usually where you will see this condition first. It does not mean that gout cannot affect other joints, because it can, but it most often manifests in the big toe first. This will usually be a pain that lasts for a little while and then fades away. At some point it will return again. This is most often referred to as flare-ups. Gout is not something that should keep you in constant pain unless you have a pretty severe case of it. Besides pain, other symptoms of gout in the foot would be swelling. This is because your body is responding to the pain stimuli in the joints. It sends in more blood and white blood cells to deal with what is causing the pain. Because of this you will probably see swelling of that toe if not the entire foot. This can make it extremely painful to wear shoes of any sort while you are suffering an active gout attack. It can also make walking around awkward and even more painful. Ice packs and elevating your foot for about twenty minutes at a time might help with this symptom. Heat is another one of the symptoms of gout in the foot. Your big toe might feel a little bit warmer to the touch than the rest of your foot. Again, this is another natural response of your body and should not lead to difficulty or complications of any sort. It should not be extremely hot, but it could be that your foot will sweat a little more because of the heat, especially if you are wearing socks or shoes. The best advice I can give you for this would be to just let your body do its work. Of all the symptoms of gout in the foot the pain in usually the hardest one to deal with. People respond to pain differently, but there are things that you can do to make it easier. You can alternate between elevating your foot slightly for about twenty minutes and applying some heat and then ice to it. Apply ice for the first day to keep the swelling down a bit, and after that apply some gentle heat while you are elevating your foot. Yes, there are also different types of pain killers, though ibuprofen usually works better it this case.

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==== ==== Find out what you need to know about gout and how to relieve your pain. ==== ====

Symptoms Of Gout In The Foot