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==== ==== Let Lego Creator game help your children to develop their creative and reasoning abilities to their fullest potential. ==== ====

It's common knowledge that LEGOs are instant classics ever since they were first introduced to the toy market. If you recall during your childhood days, LEGOs invited you into a world of your own, where you are the artist and creator of whatever pops into your mind. And more often than not, you would spend the lazy afternoon inside the living room or in the backyard along with your siblings or friends, doing nothing but the next "work of art". While most people tend to view LEGOs as a "boy" thing, truth is there are a lot of LEGOs for girls that are designed specifically for them. Especially in today's marketplace - whether in the local toy shop or online discounted store, one can find an animal care or zoo set, or even themed LEGOs that are suited especially for girls. Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing the perfect LEGOs set for yourself, your daughter or that special girl you have in mind: 1. Know Her Interests - Just because she's a lady doesn't mean that she's into Barbie and every feminine figurine. It might surprise you that she's into adventure or loves a certain type of character in a movie or game. If she's into stuff such as Dungeons and Dragons, you might want to get the "Drawbridge Defense" set, which comes complete with a princess who's in charge of the bridge and has control over the golden knights. Or if she's more of the Star Wars type, you might want to give the "Tantine IV" set a shot. Princess Leia along with the droids are its main centerpiece. 2. Search the LEGO Site - The main site usually has a section on LEGOs for girls. Remember that it's not just the color that defines whether it's a "she" thing (e.g. even if the color pink is missing, it doesn't mean that it's not a LEGO set for her). 3. Shop Around for Alternatives - It's no surprise that these types of sets can get expensive, so once you select the best LEGO set, compare it with other websites such as eBay, Amazon, or other merchant sites that are offering the same or similar kind of set, but at a better value. You might be surprised to find a cheaper deal but with the same standard of quality. 4. Never Limit Your Choices - Don't confine yourself to the girl LEGO sets if what you are looking for, or what you know she wants isn't there. The other sections may very well be of great interest to her, and it may just contain the set that she desires. As every LEGO enthusiast and collector knows, be sure to pay careful attention, especially on buying used LEGOs, as there may be small parts which are missing. Always have handy Ziploc

bags as well for easy cleanup and so that your house doesn't look like a childrens playground.

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==== ==== Let Lego Creator game help your children to develop their creative and reasoning abilities to their fullest potential. ==== ====

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