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==== ==== To ease your sciatic nerve pain there are some stretching exercises you can try. ==== ====

Problems with the large sciatica nerve can lead to constant pain in the lower back area and down into the legs. Problems of this nature are often characterized by pain as well as numbness or tingling in the back and one side of the buttocks and legs at a time. These symptoms worsen while standing for long periods of time, sitting down, or laying for extended periods. Some people experience relief from the pain by performing regular stretches for sciatica, though these exercises are not seen as an overall cure. The most common symptoms of this condition include not only sharp or burning pains, but also weakness and even difficulty moving a leg or foot sometimes. Gentle, regular stretching can help reduce these symptoms for short periods of time. They can also condition the back, buttocks, and legs against future occurrences of sciatica symptoms. While certain stretches can help with symptoms of this condition, they should only be performed after consulting a health care professional. A proper diagnosis should be made before beginning any treatment plan, as certain exercises that work for sciatica could actually exacerbate other back problems. Treatment options can be prescribed by a myriad of professionals including physical therapists, chiropractors, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, certified athletic trainer, and spine specialists. One of the first basic stretches involves the hamstring and hip. The patient lies flat on their back on the floor and bends their legs. They cross one leg over the other leg, either left or right, then raise the bottom leg up as far as possible. If necessary they can use their hands to help raise and support the bottom leg. They should hold the stretch for 15 to 20 seconds and then lower the bottom leg and return to a position with both legs on the floor. Three repetitions for each leg should suffice for this stretch. For sciatica sufferers who cannot hold the full hamstring stretch, adjustments can be made to create a more gentle exercise. Instead of crossing the top leg over the bottom, they can bend it up to bring their knee to their chest. They will still lift the bottom leg for 15 to 20 seconds, and do three repetitions for each leg. While the full form of this exercise provides a deep stretch through the buttocks, the adjusted version provides a much less in-depth stretch. The next stretch also starts with the client lying down with their back flat on the floor. With one leg bent at the knee, they raise it toward their chest and then slowly straighten it out as much as possible; if needed they can use their hands to support the leg. After 20 seconds the leg should be returned to the floor. Three repetitions should be done for each leg, alternating from left to right for the stretches. As with the first exercise, adjustments can be made for those that have trouble performing the full

stretch. Instead of bending the knee to the chest when lifting a leg, it can be kept straight as it is raised. This cuts down on the amount of motion in the exercise and creates a shallower stretch. One more exercise for clients to try begins lying on the floor on the stomach, instead of the back. Hands should be held at the sides with palms flat on the ground. Carefully the client pushes their upper body up from the floor as far as they can, which may only be an inch or two depending on how flexible they are or how much of a stretch their back can take. Pain is less likely if the back is kept straight as it lifts, so they shouldn't let it arch. The raised position should be held for 15 seconds and then slowly released back to the ground.

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==== ==== To ease your sciatic nerve pain there are some stretching exercises you can try. ==== ====

Easy Stretches For Sciatica  

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