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==== ==== Learn the best way to care for your pet iguana. ==== ====

Traditionally, the dog has been mans best friend but a new creature has emerged to take this position. The iguana has replaced the dog as man's best friend. There have been several stories concerning people who treat cats, fishes, dogs or even birds as their best friend. However, many people steer clear of huge reptiles like lizards and snakes. Unlike ordinary pets, iguanas are challenging to keep but will give a great deal of satisfaction to those willing to try and keep them. There are a number of reasons for keeping a pet iguana. Some of these include the following: 1. Iguanas are herbivorous Their diet consists of flowers, fruit, seeds and leaves. One doesn't have to visit the pet shop to purchase food for an iguana. Greens can simply be picked from the garden or purchased fresh from a grocery. This is simple and cheaper than feeding most other pets. As an owner of other pets, pet food is purchased from the pet store. This may be limited to dog food for dogs or cat meal for cats, however other pets may require varying diets consisting of mice, cockroaches, worms or crickets. 2. Iguanas take a liking to their owners. Interaction between pet owners and their iguanas is simpler than with other pets like snakes and lizards. As an indication that they grow fond of their owners, some iguanas have been known to sleep next to their owners. They may also become calm upon being held but would act aggressively towards strangers, whom they may even bite. Some owners even get away with dressing their iguanas in various outfits. 3. Iguanas have a long life span The life span of an iguana tends to 20 years however some have been known to live for up to twenty nine years of age. A pet with a long life span is a great pet as a significant amount of emotion is going to be invested in it besides the expense of veterinary services, medicine and food. 4. Absence of Fur or Hair Few people are allergic to iguanas as they lack fur or hair. Patients with asthma don't have to worry about a pet iguana as they are clean and don't harbor particles that could trigger the onset of an asthma attack.

5. Education A lot can by learnt by children simply by caring for iguanas. Knowledge of animal husbandry, temperature, diet, rainforests, etcetera will be imparted upon them as they take care of the iguana. A study of prehistoric animals such as dinosaurs can be introduced to children as lizards are their distant relatives. Furthermore, they are a good theme for classroom presentations, as well as good research subjects. 6. Physical Appeal The iguana is a beautiful creature to observe. Its tail is linger than its body and is sometimes used when defending itself from predators. It has a large round body. It interacts with others by whipping its powerful tail and bobbing its head. Furthermore, it has a sharp sense of smell, good hearing and an acute vision. It is also quick on its long feet. Its length when fully grown can range between ten and fifteen inches. It is evident that there are many reasons for one to own an iguana. Don't hesitate to purchase one from your pet shop now.

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==== ==== Learn the best way to care for your pet iguana. ==== ====

Iguanas Make Great Pets  

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