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Why procrastinate ?

Introduction •

DONE is a To-Do list which will reward the users with points, depending on the difficulty of the task.

• When the user would cross certain threshold of points his 'level' increases. The plan is to further incite the user to complete his tasks with the help of achievements. • The application will be implemented as both, mobile and web app.



People tend to work harder under fear/pressure. It can be a good motivation factor


Rewarding people is another approach to keep them motivated and energized. It helps them keep a positive perspective.

We chose REWARD

Data Flow Diagram

Key Write Read

Database Design User Database

Project Database

Table: "user_details" Columns: _id, user_name, user_hp, user_level

Table: “subprojects_db” Columns: mainid, id, subproject_name

Table: “project_db” Columns: project_name, project_id, project_difficulty, project_status, project_start_date, project_finish_date

Technology Considering the percentage of mobile device users, we decided to develop an Android app as well as Web app.



Tools used for Android (JellyBean) App. Development • Eclipse IDE – For Rapid App. Development • Android SDK – Tools required to code for Android Devices • Android Virtual Machine – To test an Android App. on the development machine/OS • Java • XML • SQLite

Tools used in Web (PHP) App. Development • Notepad++ - Code Editor. • HTML – Language for the web • CSS – Styling language • JavaScript – Popular Scripting language for web • WAMP – Windows Local Server Suite • Apache Web Server – Local Web Server • MySQL – Database Server • PHP – Server-Side Language

Screenshots – Android (JellyBean) App.

Layout - Web (PHP) App.

Vision • Complete the Android app • Development of web app • Synchronization of mobile & web app through the cloud • Improvement of UI (User Interface); the look & feel


App for College Project


App for College Project