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Online Is Lifeline For Teens C omputers are blamed for causing much

trouble, strife and emotional upset in the turbulent life of today’s social media obsessed teenagers. Yet when they are distressed and overwhelmed and don’t know how to cry for help, it is the internet that is throwing out a lifeline they are willing to grab on to. It seems that when online ;where they are not required to say who they are or show their face - many reluctant teens are prepared to take that first cautious step towards tackling issues. These issues range from struggling to make friends at school, dealing with exam stress, bullying and teenage relationship troubles through to abuse, self-harm, eating disorders, drug addiction and emerging mental health problems “For many young people, online is the first step they take when testing the service, whether we will listen, accept and recognise the experiences they are going through Yet Lifeline says its analysis of research indicated that it was more the convenience and the familiarity of the internet that was attracting teens to use it to seek help rather than the “faceless anonymity”. “This medium has the potential to allow those young people to access it in a less stigmatising, safer space - in their own home or a place where they can go to use it safely and confidentially, . “They don’t have to let anybody know that they are doing it. Teen Zone| 4

“And what the research also seems to show is that there is disclosure quicker that young people get to the point quicker. Certainly, our experience is that young people do jump straight in to whatever their concerns are.” Those already contacting it online were dealing with such issues as deliberate selfharm, suicidal thinking, psychotic symptoms, personality disorder difficulty, loss and grief, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, parental drug use or mental health difficulties, history of abuse, obsessive compulsive disorder, family violence, bullying and relationship difficulties and homelessness. Many young people had been struggling with “their difficulty” for quite a while before contacting eheadspace.Already there is a website call is putting its feelers out in the internet - through Facebook, Myspace, YouTube and Twitter - searching out the troubled teens who don’t come to its website or Google “I need help with others“ and is actively pushing mental health promotion into “their world”. In particular, it hopes to get to young males, traditionally known to be the worst at seeking help, whether it be from a doctor, a telephone helpline or a website.On top of the 1.4 million visitors per year to its website, is now using Facebook to engage with young people and share inspirational and lighthearted content relating to wellbeing, hold serious discussions around help-seeking, suicide prevention and mental health disorders and run competitions and campaigns on dealing with such teen troubles as bullying and break-ups .

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“YouTube is predominant to be used for showcasing young people’s opinions and the support of celebrities”

YouTube is predominantly being used for showcasing young people’s opinions and the support of celebrities and Twitter is being used for advocacy issues. All material is also being streamlined for smart phone usage.“The gender usage of our main site is disproportionally young women who come to but when you look at our engagement in Facebook and particularly YouTube it is much closer to 50/50,” Inspire chief executive Mr Nicholas said. And when teens saw the online health information, whether or not they dismissed it or acted on it was directly affected by whether they believed the website it came from was “ a place that understands them and their issues and their world”. “The real risk for services is if you are perceived to be expert-led and adults telling young people these are the issues that they should care about,” Mr Nicholas said. “Part of our mantra over the years has been if it’s

an issue for a young person, then we will have content on it. “We do not make any judgment as to which is more serious or not. We just want to make sure they find something and they can start their journey.” And experts agree this is the key - that more energy must be focused on getting more teens to start the journey to recovery. “Due to rapid technological advances and local expertise, we now have a major national opportunity to become a leader in the development of new forms of internet-based mental health care,” they reported. “By contrast, if we continue to spend most of our time and resources on tinkering with existing health services, then by 2020 it is highly likely that the majority of those in need will still not receive appropriate care.”

“Funny Incident”-There was a boy always busy with Facebook. Whenever his

mother comes towards him to talk, he never listen to her. Finally she ask strictly he replied “Come through online chat i will talk to you”.. Teen Zone| 6


Framing the World Around You Choose Your Right Frame

All of us are aware of the fact that the main

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base for choosing a pair of spectacle frame should be comfort and for protection. But still we prefer in terms of the material and color of the frame. But how many of us know which frames suits our face’s structure? The usual way of selecting is by trial and error finally being forced to pick one out of frustration.But do you think there is a particular procedure to buy a perfect frame?I would rather suggest if the frame selection could be from a expert advice to suit your looks and to protect your eyes. First things first. The frame has to be comfortable, and of a perfect fit. Choosing the right color is also important. The next thing to be taken care is to make sure that the frame should be durable and strong. You can also shop for metal frames, which could withstand vigorous bending without damage. In case if you are going to opt for plastic frames which are usually light weight, a branded one would preferably be the best choice.The eyeglass frames you already own have all the information you’ll need to buy new frames online. Like shoes, glasses have a size. On the inside corner of your frame, you’ll find three numbers. These measurements, in millimeters, are your lens diameter, bridge width, and temple length. The very best online eyeglass company will offer the option of browsing for a selection of frames based on your frames size. Enter these measurements and you’ll have perfect sized frames. If your glasses are missing measurements, use a millimeter tape to measure from edge to edge across the lenses. When you are buying a pair of sun glasses make sure it is a slim stylish pair which will protect your eyes even while riding a bike. Sunglasses are usually very fashionable, and their trend changes from time to time. There are different types of sunglasses, of all range and varieties. In the Early trends, womens prefer Sunglasses that would probably cover their Eye brows. On the other hand Men Prefer glasses that are fitting to their Eye alone.

The eyeglass frames you already own have all the information you’ll need to buy new frames online. Like shoes, glasses have a size. On the inside corner of your frame, you’ll find three numbers. These measurements, in millimeters, are your lens diameter, bridge width, and temple length. The very best eyeglass company will offer the option of choosining for a selection of frames based on your frames size. Enter these measurements and you’ll have perfect sized frames. A round face is equal in length and width, and has little to noangular structure. Round faces benefit from angled frames that add definition. Choose rectangles with rims that are wider than they are long. Square-faced folks have angular features like a strong jaw and a broad forehead. The polar opposite of the round face, square faced people need to avoid geometrical frames, and use rounded rims to soften their natural angles. Oval faces are slightly longer than they are wide. Oval-faced people hit the eyeglass variety jackpot; most frames look stunning on them. Avoid the alien look, achieved by choosing frames that are proportionally far bigger than your facial features. Heart-shaped faces have wide foreheads and narrow jaws. If you’re heart-shaped, add volume to your narrow cheek-line with some wide frames. Square and rectangular shapes will do this, as well as the stylish aviator. Avoiding frames that add width to the top of the head, like extra large frames, keeps the face in proportion. Its the early 60’s trend that has found its way back in fashion again.

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Jeeal allousy I s , Tr u e Lo v e

Being jealous and having feelings

of envy are normal to human nature. A little bit of jealousy combined with possessiveness is healthy, but if the same goes beyond control so much so that one of the partner feels suffocated in the relationship or one of the partner is constantly checking on the other, it can lead to a lot of social embarrassment. How do you detect that you are jealous or over possessive? If you find yourself constantly wondering what the person is doing and not because you miss the other person but because you are jealous and feel that the partner may be with another man or woman, this kind of thought process will lead to suspicion, jealousy and can prove to be detrimental to a healthy relationship especially if you call up your partner several times in a day just to check where the other person is? This kind of jealousy in the relationship will lead to fights and arguments till a point comes in the relationship when one of the partners walks out. This may even lead to a break-up or a divorce. Teen Zone| 10

“Reasons and causes of jealousy in a relationship. Its effects and how one can get over it”

If you are exhibiting any of the above mentioned signs its time for you to examine your behavior and determine the cause of your behavior. Ask yourself a few relevant questions like why do you have these feelings of jealousy? Why do you want to constantly check on your partner? Try to find out the root cause of your behavior, is it because you genuinely believe that your partner is overly flirt or you have strong feelings of inadequacy. Often jealousy stems from strong feelings of inadequacy or a low self-esteem. We may either berate ourselves constantly or always criticize a member of the opposite sex. Please remember jealousy does not enhance your

attraction in any way, in fact you appear to be a person who always harbors ill will towards others. The next though that crops up in everybody’s mind is how to curb jealous thoughts in oneself or one’s partner? Don’t worry there are many solutions to curb jealousy and build a healthy relationship. The first step in dealing with any kind of jealousy is to recognize that you or your partner is facing a problem of extreme jealousy. Firstly realize the fact that if your partner is a flirt or has actually been unfaithful, checking constantly on him or her is not really going to change them however if they have not done anything then it surely will annoy them and may make them feel suffocated.

So the thumb rule is unless you have caught them doing something do not suspect. Believe them if they offer an explanation for their behavior. Also get rid of any feelings of inadequacy in jealousy, because if the partner is with you then it definitely is out of choice and not any kind of compulsion. Handling the issue of jealousy in a relationship with sensitivity and understanding can cause the feelings of jealousy to die a slow death and mutual trust and understanding in the relationship will grow leading to a happy and fulfilling relationship.

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Color Personality Test


It always born with teens

of Attitude I t is always b o r n w i t h T e e n s


eing happy ... don’t you think you deserve happiness?? You will only get it if you indulge in doing something which gives you happiness. Its just about beauty , cloths , cosmetics , hairstyles , there is something more to it ,, and that’s attitude . It gives you a different feeling which makes you feel good from inside. Teens who wear a positive attitude feel and look more confident than the others. They will be own power in the society .The one who knows what they are doing and who they are , will always stand out from the rest of the crowd. You need not have to wear expensive clothes or good makeup to look beautiful . Just be yourself . Feel proud of what you see in the mirror. The key to look best is to have an optimistic approach and to wear a positive attitude. They have a best look just wear a simple jeans and a top , would could be anything of your choice . Try to be innovative. Wear a good costumes and accessories something like that. And to add the finishing touch carry clutch which is more trendy nowadays. Sometimes even when you wear a very simple dress but then when you carry a nice clutch with it , it gives an entire new look to your outfit .Always keep a simple and smiley face Its suits those who have the right kind of attitude to carry it and when you carry it with the right attitude nothing can come your way.

Be Specific Before any behavior can be dealt with or changed, it first must be specified or stated in detail. Although it might not be possible to make your son become more a “part of the family,” you may be able to get him to spend more time out of his room and become more involved in family interaction. Many parents find it somewhat difficult to look at specific behaviors, because it is normal to talk about our children in very general terms. However, the first step in changing any behavior is to be specific. Try to avoid vague, general terms, and identify the exact behavior or behaviors that are of concern and what you would like to change Another thing which can make you happy is friends. When its comes in friends it’s the best time ever . Plan for a their night , either a night out or at home .Play some good depending on your mood . If you are in a mood to dance all night then play some good dance numbers. Just put your foot down on the dance floor and forget all your worries in life . If you are not in a mood to dance then just listen to some soft music and have long sessions of chat with your friend .Just catch with all the things you missed out with your friends , indulge in some teeny stuff like give each other a good messages or a forgettable memories. Teen Zone| 14

We think that Color has a

lot to do with reflecting your personality, and sometimes even mood! We choose the colors subconsciously based on the person we want to feel, and the moods we want to reflect. So take a look at our quick guide to what your clothing says about you, you could take this like a personality test and choose your favourite color to see what it says about you.

Black – Do you like black,

then the personality test says that you are conservative yet sexy, you know that black is versatile. Wearing black clothing makes you appear thinner, giving your self esteem a turbo-boost.

Pink – If pink is your thing,

then the personality test says that Traditional and charming, pink is feminine all the way. A pink and black combo is a trendy twosome for women who like to add mystery to their otherwise girly image.

Red – Would you be dead

for red? The personality test finds that -Bold and vibrant, you like to be the center of attention. Red portrays the adventurous side of you that’s undeniable.

Blue – Is Blue for you? Then

the personality test finds that -Fun-loving and free, blue clothing attracts independent women who are comfortable with their inner-selves and achievements.

Orange – Loving the juicy orange? Personality test thinks- Extroverted and gutsy, orange means you like to stand out in a crowd. Never taking life for granted, you enjoy new challenges and have a tendency to come out on top.

Yellow – Not so mellow, bright and

yellow? Personality test says -Always the optimist, you’re athletic and outdoorsy. Yellow reflects a vibrantpersonality and great intuition. White – Radiant and light, you just picked white. The personality test finds-Those who favor white prefer “safe” colors for a perfect match. White can be a great accent for a deep, dark tan, adding sex-appeal to the “colorless” color.

Green – Love to be seen in green?

Personality test thinks-If you’re hot on green, you’re a down-to-earth, natural beauty. While somewhat stubborn, you’re still “the girl next door” who likes to have fun.

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Stress Busters For You Got Stress? Some Chill Outs especialy for you


ot stress? It’s a safe bet that for most of us, the answer is a loud and resounding yes. Sure, there are a few happy-go-lucky people out there who seem immune to the everyday bothers and take them all in stride. But for the rest of us, stress is a reality – and learning how to deal with it is a huge milestone on the road to maturity. After all, stress goes hand in hand with change, and our lives are all about change. To complicate matters even more, as soon as the school year starts, the jam-packed pace of student life can ramp up anxiety to levels that seem entirely overwhelming.

Stress is a natural response to nerve-wracking situations. For one, you’d never win a grueling foot race without stress. It prompts your body to produce and release adrenaline, which allows you to go the distance where you might otherwise run out of steam. While most of us aren’t running the 100-metre dash every day, stress is also a normal reaction to emotional and mental challenges. Think about it for a second. Got an upcoming algebra test and you can’t get those blasted formulas through your head? Have trouble getting through Shakespeare without those trusted and cherished Coles Notes? That’s where stress comes in. You might pace around a little at first, feel a bit hot around the collar, or you might be the type who gets sweaty palms. And it can get tricky, because Teen Zone| 16

we all react a bit differently to different types of stress. Some of us simply roll up our sleeves and get to it. And then there are those of us who’ll panic, do a little dance, and pray to any number of gods for divine intervention before settling down to the task at hand. While we may need that shot of adrenaline to finish a race, it’s sometimes a liability when you’re trying to sit still and study, or settle an argument with a friend. There’s simply no way to let it all out. The key is to make sure the stress doesn’t take over. Remember, stress is natural, but it can be a problem if you don’t stay in control. Teen Zone| 17

Stay Away From Your Stress Chill Outs: Take a breather

Put down your pencil and holster that calculator for just a second. Yoga may not be your thing, but those super bendy sorts walking among us may be onto something with their deep breathing techniques. Give it a shot. Inhale and exhale ,you know the drill. It’ll help slow you down when the heart rate gets a little crazy. Eat right Cola and chocolate covered peanuts are not the way to find nirvana. Sure, everyone likes a little comfort food, but you’ll need a balanced diet to work and learn ,and rein in your stress response.

Get moving

While most of our everyday stress is related to college, work, or a host of emotional issues, a bit of physical activity can help us work it off. When we’re under a lot of stress, our bodies can develop a lot of muscle tension. Regular exercise can help you relax and feel better.

Stay positive

Essays won’t write themselves, and good grades require hard work, but don’t dwell on the negatives. Give yourself credit where you see improvement. Stress is a clear sign of worry, but it doesn’t mean your situation is hopeless.

Speak up

The breakup of your favourite bad-boy rock band isn’t the end of the world, but sometimes life does throw some real problems at us. But don’t let the stress eat you up. Talk to a trusted friend. If you’re feeling seriously depressed and unable to keep up with school and life, speak to a family member or your doctor

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Best Friends

riends are a very important element in a person’s life, because there are some needs which only friends can fulfill and some secrets only friends can share. They are the family we choose and yet they are not the most important thing in the world. While we all may have many friends, we must learn to give them all their deserved level of importance. This, of course, is subject to every individual and depends on how close a person is with a friend or how comfortable they are with them. For some people it is easy, for others it’s extremely hard, but making friends is part and parcel of everyone’s life. Just as careful as we should be in choosing friends we should be careful in maintaining that friendship. Friendship is a fun-filled relationship, but in

“Friendship is a funfilled relationship” Teen Zone| 20

your younger days if egos clash, the relationship can be ruined for life. While friends share that level of closeness that they will understand you and accept you for who you are it is vital that you be careful in what you do or say, because at the end of the day your friends are still human and emote, react and feel pretty much the same way as you do. Most of us fail to realise this and take our friends for granted, which is why in a friendship when problems arise we find it hard to come to terms and solve the problems. Communication is step one towards mending broken friendships or little rifts between friends. When you have a problem, open all lines of communication. Nothing will happen unless you talk, so do what you can to start the discussion. SMS, instant message, email, call or have a face-to-face discussion with the person. Tell them how you feel in a calm courteous fashion emphasizing repeatedly on the fact that you want to be friends with them and you adore them as a friend. If they refuse to respond to you directly, use a common friend to let the person know you want to talk. If communication doesn’t work, one or both of you are too emotionally charged to set things right at this point. Give them some space. If things still aren’t working out, honestly assess the situation and see if you are in the wrong. Swallow your pride and try to look at things from you friend’s perspective. Try and picture what you would do if you were in your friend’s shoes. If you find yourself in the wrong, put your ego aside and go forth and apologise. You may be thinking that you have been wronged and you should be apologised to, but there is no harm in apologising for your part of the mistake. This can work wonders for the friendship. If all else fails and you feel you have done your best to repair the friendship and it has not worked then there is no other solution but to accept things for what they are and go separate ways, hoping that someday the other person will realise the value of the other. Friendship is like a kho-kho game; you go around in circles not knowing when who will touch who. It is better to take preventive steps and avoid fights rather than brood over them when they happen. Most problems arise from insignificant issues like divulging secrets, dominating, ignoring during important times, not sharing career aspirations, humiliating the others’ parents, making subtle religious remarks and other such things. If offense is taken, the issue must be dealt with at an early stage before it explodes and becomes a mountain from a mole hill.

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