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Hop into your Easter plans

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59°F Low 42°F Precip 20% High

This warmth feels eggs-ellent.

58°F Low 38°F Precip 30% High

Be on time today. Don’t be [choco]-late.

65°F Low 47°F Precip 10%

69°F Low 51°F Precip 10%



Why did the Easter egg hide? He was chicken...

Hop into the sunlight this nice day!

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dents to get involved with the movement regardless of their involvement with the Student Government Association. “There’s power in just being a student here ... just because I’m not on the Student Government Association doesn’t mean I cant have a say,” she said. The student activists hope their set of demands are met by the Board. “It’s not about the money. It’s never really been about the money. It’s about integrity, openness and honesty,” Roehl said.

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Students demand integrity Flanagan admits to from the Board of Trustees yelling at ex-employee lindsey cl ark Reporter

holly petrovich kellie fl ahert y News Editors Despite a lack of administration presence, Associate Professor Richard Sullivan and student activists convened in an open forum Wednesday night in regards to the “Flanagan Fiasco.” Sullivan recognized the concerns he and many other members of the ISU community have towards the lump sum former President Timothy Flanagan was paid upon his resignation. Flanagan’s March 22 resignation sparked interest among students in Sullivan’s social movement class. Not only have the students in this class created the “I Paid for Flanagan 2014” Facebook group, but they have also extended the movement’s invitation to all students and faculty. With over 900 members in the Facebook group and 1,500 signed petitions to reinstate former groundskeeper R. Patrick Murphy, they have gained a significant amount of support over the past few weeks. “It has really been a cool thing to watch you all express your unity and solidarity,” Sullivan said. Documents with the group’s demands pertaining to answers, accountability and fairness were passed out to an audience of about 30 people. One of their main unanswered questions includes why Murphy has not yet been reinstated as a university employee even after Flanagan was charged with disorderly conduct. Sullivan said Murphy’s reinstatement is

Previous ISU President Timothy Flanagan has disclosed to police that Timothy he had yelled Flanagan at an ISU Grounds worker during a Dec. 5 incident outside his home.

Jake Johnson / Photographer

Sociology professor Richard Sullivan speaks to a group of students Wednesday. at the top of Chief of Staff Jay Grove’s agenda. “I can say that I’ve made a point to stop with multiple grounds and facility workers and give them a flyer and say it’s for Patrick Murphy,” Ali Dilley, senior sociology major and student activist, said. “Through having conversations with them, they’ve said how great of a leader he was, how great it was to work with him and how unfair the situation is.” Sullivan said the 40 group members continue their outreach efforts by meeting almost every other day to

discuss and organize plans. Senior sociology major Chris Roehl said the group plans to keep raising student awareness and pressing the Board of Trustees for answers. “The Board of Trustees made the decision to hire Flanagan. They also made the same decision to fire Flanagan seven months later,” Roehl said. “We want the president and other administrators under the same contract [as other employees].” Dilley said she encourages all stu-

However, Flanagan continues to stand by his statements of not having made any contact with the employee, according to an article in The Pantagraph Wednesday. As of recently, Flanagan has admitted to Capt. Nichol Bleichner that he had shouted at an employee and acknowledged that an employer should not speak to employees this way, The Pantagraph reported. Flanagan continues to deny allegations that he spat or made contact with Murphy, however. Having been charged with dis-

orderly conduct, Flanagan is arranged to be in Circuit Court for the occurrence at 9 a.m. next Wednesday. No bond is required. If found guilty, Flanagan’s sentence could lead to a fine and court supervision. At most, he could face 30 days in jail for the charge. “It’s now in the court’s decision as for how they are going to prosecute,” Aaron Woodruff, ISU police chief, said. On Feb. 27, Patrick Murphy, the former superintendent of ISU Grounds, filed a police report about the Dec. 5 altercation that had taken place between Murphy and Flanagan outside the president’s home, owned by ISU. The morning after, Flanagan willingly went to the ISU Police Department to give his own statements. The report also says Flanagan is in the midst of hiring a lawyer. Murphy is currently still trying to get his job back and is on probation as of now. The University has opted to pay Flanagan $480,000, for the rest of this year as well as next school year’s salary, for his resignation as president March 22. The reason behind this executive decision remains unidentified.

see integrity page 2

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Vidette Editorial Board

Stress consuming doctors S tress can cripple one emotionally, even those who are well off. We have always heard that “money can’t buy happiness,” and a recent study into the lives of American physicians back up this cliché with great strength. According to the, being a doctor has become the most miserable occupation in America. An astonishing nine out of 10 physicians would not recommend going into the medical field, and 300 physicians are projected to commit suicide this year. This editorial board believes this is a byproduct of a broken health care system, and the mental health of our physicians needs to be preserved in order for the health care system to improve. Constant stress and sleep deprivation are destroying our doctors around the country. According to the same article by The Daily Beast, primary care doctors typically see about 24 patients a day, limiting the amount of time a patient can see the doctor in his office. Not

to mention, doctors work ridiculously late hours, interrupting their basic biological need for sleep and relaxation. Other professions that have innocent lives dependent on their work (pilots, bus drivers, air traffic controllers) have regular sleeping schedules. Yet, the people who operate on our bodies and attempt to cure our ailments might be running on fumes. These people should be in tip-top shape in terms of mental clarity, instead of fighting back fatigue. Their family lives can take a turn for the worst because of the extreme hours; they don’t have time to spend with their significant other or their kids, which can obviously degrade their family relationships. They also have the lives of other people in their hands. Can you imagine the humiliation or shame a doctor could experience if he made a mistake diagnosing someone and they end up in critical health because of the misdiagnosis? On

top of the misdiagnosis, doctors are liable for the mistakes they make, making them susceptible to lawsuits. For students going into the medical profession, after reading interpretations of the current state of the medical field, this editorial board hopes that budding doctors are aware of the demanding aspects of the job. The profession has enveloped current doctors’ lives completely, pushing them to the brink of retiring early or dropping the profession altogether. Stress management and tough skin seem like a necessity for this kind of work, especially during the current state of today’s medical care system. The demand in this profession is incredible, especially the financial burden. Graduating with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of loans might be worth it if the outlook of the profession was not so bleak. Medical care needs to top the list of priorities to improve, or else this could get worse.

Editorial policy is determined by the student editor, and views expressed in editorials are those of the majority of the Vidette’s Opinions Council. Columns that carry bylines are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Vidette or the university.

Community strength, the positive side of tragedy MY VIEW Nick Ulferts Columnist

It’s hard to believe that it was just a year ago this week that the Boston Marathon Bombings shocked our nation. The memories are still fresh as many still try to make sense of what was such a horrific event.

It seems like every time one turns on the news there is a new tragedy unfolding somewhere in the world. During a week dedicated to remembering what happened in Boston, a gunman entered two Jewish centers in Kansas City and took the lives of three people. It seems there is never any time to mourn one senseless crime as there is always another one right around the corner. Yet despite all the endless, unthinkable acts that dominate our news, we never break. Because through it all, when faced with tragedy, what we can count on is people coming together. Instead of falling apart, we grow resilient. A year later after the Boston Marathon Bombings, the constant message that has resonated through the memorials on television is how much stronger Boston is today. The

people of Boston have grown together through such trials, forever changing the entire community. Illinois State University has not been exempt from tragedy. The recent death of Michael Collins has been incredibly painful for the ISU community. Through that pain, the way ISU has rallied together has been so special. By raising money to help Collins’s family pay for Michael’s medical bills, to the thousands that have joined his Pay It Forward campaign, ISU has shown the country just how tough we are as well. Our community continues to honor his “legacy of kindness” and it’s something to be proud of. Like the city of Boston, the members of the ISU community will never be the same either. We’ll be stronger. There is no better way to honor

that is dedicated to helping people and it is one that he would surely be proud of. There will always be tragedy, but as we move forward we at least can take solace in the bravery and kindness that it brings out of people. There is no end to the fortitude of the human spirit and though there will always be sorrow for those we lose, it is that fortitude that gives us hope. “We are learning not jut perseverance, but resilience,” Boston Mayor Martin Walsh said this week. As we continue to grow and move forward, we all are. Nick Ulferts is a junior English education major and columnist for The Vidette. Any questions or comments regarding his column can be sent to




the people we have lost than by uniting in their memory. Every tragedy or disaster has amazing stories of heroism and people lifting each other up. It is those stories that give us hope, no matter how horrific an event may be. As we remember the Boston Marathon Bombing, let’s choose to focus on the heroes that showed such courage. Let’s remember how a city rallied together and became “Boston Strong”. When we think back to that tragic day, let us be reminded of human reliance rather than scenes of destruction. Years from now, when we look back on the life of Michael Collins, let’s remember the inspirational acts he did in his life and how ISU came together and became “#MCStrong” when he passed. There is no better legacy to leave than one


Today’s Redbird Rumble or Fumble:

Compiled by The Vidette Editorial Board

Redbird Fumble: To the man who thought it would be funny to place a backpack near the finish line of the Boston marathon on the anniversary of the Boston bombing. What were you thinking?

Redbird Fumble: To the teenagers who thought it was a good idea to tweet American Airlines bomb threats. Seriously, who was the genius behind that idea?

Redbird Rumble: To Shannon Peterson who is advocating

Catholics who have made it all 40 days of giving something up for lent. Happy Easter!

for vaccines after she lost her young daughter to a case of the chicken pox. It is nice to see someone defending vaccines for a change to get attention from the media.

Redbird Rumble: It’s Easter weekend! Congrats to all

Redbird Rumble: To Kasey Gandham, the shark tank winner who attended ISU, for speaking to students and faculty Tuesday. Congratulations!

part of a healthy breakfast



the top


Compiled by OLIVIA GILBERTSEN/ Senior Staff

Dishes to bring to an Easter meal


Jelly bean bark

This simple, festive dessert is sure to impress and takes under an hour to prepare. First line a baking sheet with wax paper, microwave two cups of white chocolate chips and two tablespoons of vegetable shortening for one minute or until smooth, then stir in one-fourth of a cup of your favorite jelly beans. Spread the mixture one-fourth of an inch in thickness onto your prepared baking sheet, sprinkle the top with one-fourth of a cup of jelly beans and refrigerate for 15 minutes until firm. Finally, break into pieces and enjoy.


Peep-infused vodka

For a more adult item to bring to an Easter celebration, Peep-infused vodka is easy and festive. Simply fill a container of your choice with about 30 Peep marshmallows and pour in a mid-shelf plain vodka. Let them sit in the vodka for as long as you prefer, the longer you let it stew the more Peep flavor you will infuse.



Spring-themed cupcakes

A fun and simple dessert to bring are spring themed cupcakes. Simply use cake mix to make the cupcakes, then decorate with your favorite spring designs including daisies, umbrellas or even Easter egg designs.


MCT Campus Photo


Jake Johnson / Photographer

Peep-infused vodka is an Easter beverage option.

Twist on classic deviled eggs

Take your classic deviled egg recipe and make it more festive by dying your egg whites to look colorful and festive. Make your deviled eggs as you usually would but before piping in the yolk mixture, soak your cooked egg whites in food coloring. Have separate bowls for each desired color and add about one cup of water to every four or so drops of food dye. Then soak the egg white halves until you reach your desired pastel shade.

Spiced-up deviled egg filling

You can also spice up your deviled egg filling by adding jalapeño and cheddar, or sea food such as shrimp or crab, or even avocado. The options to change up the flavors are endless, so get creative!

Deviled eggs can be a festive Easter appetizer.

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49 “Cathy,” for one 50 Skewed 51 “The Amazing Race” network 52 Flash, perhaps 53 Get rid of 54 3-D images 55 USAF Academy home 56 Swindle, in slang 60 March girl 61 Baby-viewing responses

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Origins of the Easter bunny Which came first, Easter or the bunny? Though the Christian holiday originally celebrated the resurrection of Christ, it is now associated with chocolate bunnies and baskets of eggs. Which ancient myths began this tradition? Quinn Wermeling Reporter

The mystical creature called the Easter bunny is known to take many forms. This season you will surely see him in two of his most famous modes: tasty and bite-sized; a chocolate or marshmallow treat. According to the National Confectioner’s Association, 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced each year. Each Easter season, Americans buy more than 700 million marshmallow Peeps, tiny goodies shaped like bunnies and chicks. While you shovel the mounds of animalshaped sugary goodness into your mouth this weekend, take a brief breather to ask yourself, “What does this ubiquitous bunnybeast even have to do with Easter, anyhow?” How is it that the most recognizable symbol of Easter, an ostensibly Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after crucifixion, has become a massive, egg-toting rabbit? It does not take a priest or Biblical scholar to tell you that the Bible fails to mention a monstrous, basket-carrying bunny. Further, anyone even remotely familiar with the pictures of “sketchy” or “creepy” Easter bunnies that saturate the Internet every spring is surely aware that there is nothing particularly holy about the Easter bunny. So what gives? Our current conception of the Easter bunny myth appears to be a composite of a whole host of disparate myths and traditions. German immigrants are widely thought to have brought the tradition of an egg-bringing Easter hare to early America. Rabbits,


Jake Johnson/Photographer

While many people grew up thinking that the Easter bunny is simply a mythical being that distributes candy, there is more to the story than that. like hares, are prolific breeders. If you want proof just take a look around the Quad on a warm night. The association of rabbits with springtime likely stems from the fact that these animals have large litters in early spring, mak-

ing them apt symbols of the rising fertility of the earth at the March Equinox. But how did the symbol of the hare become associated with Christianity? Some scholars contend that ancient thought about the hare being a hermaphrodite capable of

reproduction without the loss of virginity led Christians to associate hares with the Virgin Mary. Similarly, a three-hare motif, with the see Origins page 9

ways to decorate Easter eggs

Kelsey Stiegman Senior Staff

Nail Polish Marbling

If any of you ladies have done this to your nails, you already know the drill. For any guys out there looking to plan a fun date, here’s how it’s done: Fill a disposable cup or bowl with room temperature water. If the water is too hot or too cold the polish will sink, so be sure it’s at the right temp. Next, pour in a small amount of bright colored nail polish and swirl it with a toothpick. Silver and gold add an interesting twist to classic Easter colors. Dip your eggs in the polish and then place them back in the carton to try. You’ll be left with bright, marbled eggs.

Gold Leaf

For this Willy Wonka-inspired technique, you can dye your eggs beforehand or leave your egg uncolored, depending on your desired look. Using a gold leafing kit, which can be found at a craft store, you can start to decorate your egg. Paint o n the glue in random spots and apply a gold leaf. Then gently rub off the excess gold, for a marbled look. If you’d rather your eggs look like they came straight from a magic goose, cover the entire surface of the egg in glue, then add your leaf.


This one is fairly simple, but still really cool. It isn’t the best idea to completely cover your eggs in glitter, because when it comes time to eat, things could get a bit messy. Instead, use a paperclip to poke a hole in the top and bottom of your uncooked egg, and blow out the insides. After you have gently rinsed the egg and allowed it to dry, you can add a little sparkle to your life. Just cover the egg in craft glue and roll it around in powdered glitter, then let it dry. You’ll have the most fabulous eggs in town.

Jake Johnson/Photographer

Dip Dye

It just wouldn’t be Easter without the classic dip dye. Fill a few bowls with one cup of hot water, one teaspoon of white vinegar, and 20 drops of food coloring. If you want a darker, more vibrant color, add as many drops as you see fit. After you’ve boiled your eggs, put them in the mix for a couple of minutes. For a brighter color, leave them in for up to 10 minutes. To create designs, place stickers on your egg before dying. Once you peel them off, a unique design will be left.

Silk Dyed

Thrift shops will offer the best prices for 100 percent silk products, like neck ties and blouses. Cut the silk into pieces large enough to wrap around the entire egg and then some. Do the same with a light-colored, lightweight fabric, like a sheet. Place the front side of the print on the egg and cover that with your piece of sheet. Once you have the fabric pieces pulled taut, use a twist tie to secure the excess fabric, so that your egg resembles a pineapple. Submerge the eggs in water, add one-fourth cups of vinegar and bring it to a boil for 20 minutes. Once they have cooled, remove the fabric and enjoy your newly transferred print.




Easter fun for all ages

If you aren’t heading home this weekend for Easter, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the springtime holiday right around town. Take advantage of fun Easter-themed events in the area, or invite your friends and create your own event in your backyard. K ayl a Stroner Senior Staff

If you are 21...

If you aren’t yet 21…

At 3 p.m. Saturday the White Oak Orchard will be hosting its second annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt. The orchard is in Carlock, a 15 minute drive from campus. Participants must be at least 21 and admission is $10 per person for an afternoon of wine and egg hunting. The prizes awarded to the winners are pretty enticing as well. They include a bed-and-breakfast overnight stay at Green Gables, located in White Hall, Ill., two tickets to Conklin’s Dinner Theatre and a White Oak Vineyards gift basket with one bottle of White Oak Vineyards wine, two wine glasses, cheese and crackers. Senior theatre education major Becky Solomon was very excited to hear about the event. “I think going to a winery would be so cool. It could be a really fun way to meet other students who enjoy wine. Sounds like such an awesome way to celebrate a holiday that it usually meant for kids.” Tickets are being sold now and can also be purchased on the day of the hunt. For more information, contact White Oaks Orchard at (309) 376-3027.

Have a springy get-together with friends and family and make a point of utilizing eggs creatively. There are plenty of ways to cook them outside of the typical way they’re served up for breakfast. Put fried eggs on top of hamburgers. Bake an egg into an avocado. Make sunny-side up bacon pizzas. And of course, try the classic Easter activity of coloring some boiled eggs. If real eggs aren’t your thing, create your own Easter egg hunt with friends. Ask everyone to bring a dozen plastic eggs filled with prizes. The prizes could include money, lottery tickets, tickets to a movie, or something as simple as a nice note or handful of jelly beans.Visit a park and have a volunteer hide all the eggs. Then set your friends loose to hunt for the tiny plastic treasures. If you’ll be hanging out with some younger silbings, a neice or nephew or if you’re just a kid at heart, why not visit the Easter bunny at Eastland Mall? The furry, cotton-tailed icon will be in the west wing of the mall, near Kohl’s. Put on your spring attire and give what will hopefully be our last bout of chilly weather the boot as your enjoy an afternoon of good food and friendship.


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the top five


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items to start taking home


Cab / DD Money With the warm weather finally here, don’t be lazy and catch a cab every weekend; walk!


Compiled by TYRIANNA JONES/ Senior Staff

Space Heater Many apartments may not have had heat this winter but with the sun coming out, the extra heat only adds to the electricity bill.

5 4

Ice Scraper Thankfully, the days of frozen car windows are over. Put that scraper aside until next year.

Winter Accessories

Bring home your scarves, gloves and winter hats this weekend, and DON’T get caught wearing Uggs in the spring time.


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Origins continued from page 7

hares representing the Holy Trinity, is seen in many historic churches throughout Europe, possibly accounting for the association of the hare with Christ. Why the colorful eggs? Eggs, also a symbol of fertility since antiquity, when boiled with springtime flowers, change colors. This may explain why the tradition of egg coloring coincides with the celebration of the bloom of springtime. In many cultures, the color

of the eggs has deep symbolic meaning. In some Eastern Orthodox Churches for instance, the eggs are traditionally colored red to symbolize the blood of Christ. Egg coloring may even stem from the ancient art of Ukrainian pysanka, an egg designing tradition that is thought to be older than Christianity itself. So this Easter, as you bust open your plastic egg and look your chocolaty bunny in his chocolaty little eyes, take a moment to reflect upon the rich history of this unusual and endearing symbol of springtime, and then enjoy the sugary goodness.

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Become a registered nurse in only five semesters through our evening, weekend and online course schedule. This Second-Degree Accelerated BSN program is designed for working adults who have already earned a bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing and want to become a registered nurse. Upon completion graduates will be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam to become licensed as registered nurses. This is the only program of its type in the greater Peoria area, and the only one that includes an on-site, hands-on internship that provides students with real-life opportunities. Classes and clinical experiences are scheduled evenings and weekends so students can continue working.

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Sigma Delta Pi partners with College Mentors for Kids lindsey cl ark Reporter Members of the ISU Eta Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi (SDP) performed a puppet show and coordinated other activities on Wednesday afternoon, partnering with College Mentors for Kids. A group of 10 second graders from Sheridan Elementary School in Bloomington got the chance to learn more about tooth education through the puppet show and games SDP put together for them in Room 145 of the Center for Visual Arts. “College Mentors approached us to put on the event,” SDP president Lydia Reitz said, “and we have been getting this together all semester.” Once SDP applied for a grant through their national organization to get the funds to put on the show, preparation began — which included making the stage, shopping for supplies and writing the script. Throughout the event, SDP members guided the kids and integrated Spanish into each activity. The kids were introduced to the theme of the event right away; they learned what “tooth” meant translated into Spanish, and the word “diente” was used fluently throughout the afternoon. First up was the puppet show, which told the story of a young Span-

a line so each child could try to throw a lasso over a cardboard-made tooth from a distance away. “The integration of the hands-on activities helps cement the learning in their heads,” Reitz said. “Instead of just one thing, it helps sink in after a few different activities.” In wrapping up activities for the afternoon, the songs the SDP members played for the children were true to theme, relating to brushing teeth and intermixing Spanish in the lyrics. SDP member Heather Carnahan mentioned the importance of teaching and encouraging students to reach out at a young age to their community. “We want to encourage them to be learners and teachers,” she said. They can learn something in school, and go home and teach their brothers or sisters, she explained. Different SDP members have strengths in acting or in script writing, Jake Johnson / Photographer so it was nice to have them use their talents to present to the kids, which Second graders do their best to lasso teeth at an event hosted by Sigma Delta Pi and College Mentors for Kids. was helpful since a lot of us are education majors or education-focused, ish boy, Miguelito, losing a tooth and Ratón Pérez,” by Rene Colato Lainez. create. showed the kids the differences be- The book employs strategies to help After the show, SDP members Reitz said. tween the U.S. version of the Tooth English-speaking children become distributed sheets of white paper in “Our main goal was to help them which the kids could color in their recognize that Spanish is another Fairy and the Spanish equivalent, more familiar with Spanish phrases. SDP members performed the pup- own teeth, with their names printed known as El Ratón Pérez. Continue reading The script, written by SDP mem- pet show through puppets they had on the paper below. this online. bers, was adapted from a children’s made behind an elaborate stage, When the kids were done decoratbook, “The Tooth Fairy Meets El which took about 15 to 20 hours to ing their paper teeth, they gathered in

Today’s Birthday (04/17/14). Fun and creativity highlight this year. Two eclipses this month (for six months) affect partnerships and finances. Tune infrastructures at home and work, making repairs and revisions. Communication pays off. Make plans and itineraries. Launch big projects after May 20. Indulge in summer fun; relaxation builds health for autumn changes. Aries (March 21-April 19) Travel and adventure calls to you. Keep the big picture in mind... does this trip forward the dream? Set long-term goals. There’s more work coming in. A mate has excellent advice. Taurus (April 20-May 20) Get into the details today and tomorrow. Consider resources and supplies, logistics and team management, and finances. Wheeling

and dealing could be required. Build a strong foundation. Consult friends and experts. Many hands make lighter work. Gemini (May 21-June 20) Let your partner drive. Collaboration gets you farther than playing Lone Ranger. Practice your arts, and beautify your surroundings. Indulge your curiosity, and get the latest expert research. Let yourself get carried away by romance. Negotiate and compromise. Two heads are better than one. Cancer (June 21-July 22) Practical considerations hold your concern. Follow safety rules and high standards. Sort through feelings as they arise. Trust your experience. It could get hectic today and tomorrow. A friend makes an excellent suggestion. Use it to persuade the team. It pays to have good manners. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Lay down the law.

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more thought. A lucky break blesses your passion project. Your work and opinions garner respect. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Pay attention to finances. Fill orders and rake in the money. Schedule a sit down meeting. Pull strings to get a compromise. You’re very persuasive now. Trust your feminine side. Make time for visiting friends. Take the roundabout route when necessary. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Generate enough to cover expenses in a test of your frugality skills. There’s more money coming your way. Friends and siblings share the wisdom of their experience. Brilliant ideas come at odd moments. Evaluate old policies. You’re becoming more certain. It all works out. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) There’s more work, and the pressure’s rising. Take a

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ISU splits doubleheader


Playoffs: the most wonderful time of the year for NBA and NHL TIM CARROLL Sports Columnist

Archive Photos

Regan Romshek (left) was ticketed with the win in game two on Wednesday evening and Stephanie Gallant (right) scored the final run, giving ISU the victory. Sam isdale Senior Staff

Game Two- ISU 11, Bradley 2

Illinois State’s softball team (1724, 9-5 MVC) split a doubleheader at Bradley University (19-24, 10-7 MVC), going scoreless in the first game and coming out with 11 runs in the second.

Game One- Bradley 1, ISU 0

Laura Canopy led off the first inning for the Redbirds and was hit by a pitch. Nichelle Harrison and Regan Romshek both grounded out and Canopy advanced to third before Jordan de los Reyes was walked. The two ’Birds were left on base as Sara Bradley was thrown out as well. Bradley was unable to score any runs in the bottom of the first and game one remained scoreless until Bradley got some hits in the bottom of the sixth and scored one run, leading the Redbirds 1-0. The Braves took the win as the Redbirds did not score in the seventh.

The Redbirds gained some momentum in game two and started off the first inning with one run. Canopy had a leadoff walk but was thrown out at second when Harrison reached on a bunt. Romshek got to first on an error from the shortstop, advancing Harrison to second. Harrison scored on Bradley’s fly out to right field to give the Redbirds a 1-0 advantage. With Taylor Baxter in the circle, she induced a fly out on her first batter and struck out her second and fourth to retire the side. Kara Repp started out the second inning with a single to center field before Kolby Hoffman fouled out at first. Canopy took first base when she was hit by a pitch and Romshek smashed the ball to right center for a double to score Canopy and Repp. ISU extended its lead to 3-0. The Redbirds protected the plate again and Baxter struck out another in the bottom of the second. The Redbirds ran into a double play in the third and were unable to score, but the Braves picked up a run in the bottom of the half to tighten the gap, 3-1, ISU.

ISU had a short top of the fourth, sending just four batters to the plate. Bradley earned another run in the bottom of the fourth inning with a home run making it 3-2, ISU. Both teams could not score in the fifth, but ISU tacked on four more runs in the sixth, igniting its offense. Stephanie Gallant singled through the right side to score Romshek before Molly Cull scored on Brittny Drish’s single. Bradley scored when Hoffman smacked the ball to left center and Gallant sprinted home on a sacrifice fly from Canopy extending the lead to 7-2. The Redbirds flame remained high in the top of the seventh adding another four runs to the board. Lindsey Greene and de los Reyes scored off of a wild pitch and a walk, respectively, after the Redbirds had the bases loaded up. Another wild pitch sent Bradley home before Harrison reached on an error sending Gallant home and giving ISU an 11-2 advantage. The Braves could not score in the bottom half and ISU won the second contest. The ’Birds will stay in Normal this weekend as they host Evansville in a three-game series, Friday and Saturday. The game is scheduled to start at

5 p.m. Friday.

King ends gymnastics season in 11th at NCAA’s Todd Marver Senior Staff Illinois State junior Sami King competed in the NCAA Regional for the third straight year April 5 at Arkansas in Fayetteville, Ark., earning 11th place on the balance beam with a score of 9.625. King competed in the first rotation of the meet alongside the California - Davis squad. “[King] did a good job,” ISU head coach Bob Conkling said. “She was a bit more nervous than usual, so it wasn’t her best beam set of the season. She had a couple wobbles but stayed up on the beam and did her routine. Overall, the competition was very exciting and there were some really good performances.” King took sixth place last year as a sophomore on the balance beam at the NCAA Regional with a 39.125 score and finished in 16th place as a freshman with a score of 38.45. The top two teams and the top two all-around competitors not on an advancing team at the NCAA Regional will head to the national championships in Birmingham, Ala., from Friday to Sunday. Utah and California – Los Angeles advanced to the national championships, as the Utes took first at the NCAA Regional with a score of 197.3 and the Bruins earned a 196.6 score to place second. Host Arkansas took third place with a score of 196.375. Additionally, all event winners that were not part of a qualifying team or an all-around qualifier at the NCAA Regional advanced to the national

Archive Photo King earned all-conference honors for her performance at the MIC Championships.

championships. The NCAA Regional culminated a season for King in which she won the balance beam event at the Midwest Independent Conference Championships at Redbird Arena March 22 with a season-high total of 9.875. For King’s performance at the MIC Championships, she earned all-conference honors. All gymnasts

that finished in the top three in any event at the MIC Championships were named to the all-conference team. Two other Redbirds’ efforts at the MIC Championships were rewarded all-conference honors with senior Jenna Bossle’s first place in the allaround, first place on the uneven bars and third place on the balance

beam and sophomore Sarah Fisher’s first place on the vault. King earned MIC Specialist of the Week honors after winning both the balance beam and floor exercise events, earning a career-high 9.925 score on the floor exercise and a score of 9.825 on the balance beam at the Illinois Classic at Horton Field House Feb. 21. King also earned MIC Gymnast of the Week honors after winning the all-around competition with a season-high score of 39.2 in a Senior Night win over Penn March 1. King also won the vault (9.775 score), uneven bars (9.825 score) and floor exercise (9.85 score) events in the meet against Penn. Other than the Senior Night victory versus Penn, Illinois Classic at Horton Field House and MIC Championships at Redbird Arena, the ISU gymnastics season also included an opening-season loss to Ball State at Horton Field House Jan. 4, third place at the Iowa State trio meet Jan. 10, first victory over Penn Jan. 18 in Philadelphia and loss to Lindenwood at home Jan. 24. February included fourth place at the Illinois/Michigan Invite quad meet Feb. 1, victory over AlaskaAnchorage at home Feb. 7 and third place at a trio meet against Lindenwood and Missouri Feb. 14. The final two meets of Illinois State’s gymnastics season leading up to the MIC Championships were a pair of road dual meet losses against Southeast Missouri State and the University of Illinois-Chicago.

With the NBA regular season concluding Wednesday night, and the NHL playoffs beginning tonight, it marks the time of year that people love.

For us college students, school is winding down. Of course we’ll be busy with projects, papers and tests galore, but when we sit down in the evening looking for some relaxation, we will have the privilege of turning on our TVs to exhilarating playoff hockey and basketball. Admittedly, I’m not the biggest hockey or Blackhawks fan, but that doesn’t mean I won’t catch a little Blackhawks fever when every party or bar I go to will be playing every Chicago Blackhawks/St. Louis Blues game, with all the diehards screaming at every play. I, as well, will be screaming, but more so when the Chicago Bulls start to play. Whether it’s against the Nets or Wizards in the first round, I’ll be on the edge of my seat all game, yelling at every foul call, and up with every slam dunk. This time of year simply can’t be beat. Everyone is hanging on to the hope that the Blackhawks or Bulls can go on a run. For the Blackhawks, despite injuries, they have the fifth best goal differential in the NHL. Call me crazy, but it actually could have been a blessing in disguise that Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews missed the last few weeks with injury. It might have been just the rest they needed to help the team. After the last time they won the Cup, they were only the eighth seed, playing the Vancouver Canucks at their absolute peak. But this time around, the Blackhawks actually looked like the defending Stanley Cup champions. It’ll be interesting to watch. The Bulls, meanwhile, have been on a tear lately. I don’t simply mean since the Luol Deng trade. Since the All-Star break, they are 21-8, which is a near 60-win pace over a whole season. Joakim Noah is obviously the guy to watch, but the rest of the team (minus Derrick Rose) is actually healthy. Last season everyone appeared to be on their last legs, but not this year. Both teams should feel very confident heading into their playoff series. Sure, there may be a chance both teams go home early, but never let that stop you from enjoying the playoff action. With all Chicago fans in playoff mode, everyone will be on their feet until they tell us there are no more games for the Bulls and Blackhawks to play. So make sure to wear your Kane, Toews, Noah and Gibson jerseys as often as possible and don’t give up hope that your team can make it all the way.

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