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Bill Cosby returns to ISU for 50th anniversary tour

Kayla Stroner Reporter

Though he’s best known for playing Cliff Huxtable on “The Cosby Show” and hosting “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” it’s the crazy sweaters, funny dance moves and comedic storytelling that makes Bill Cosby a quintessential American icon. On Saturday from 8-10 p.m., Braden Auditorium will host an evening with Bill Cosby. News that Cosby would be coming to Bloomington-Normal began circulating around campus nearly a year ago, to the excitement of many. Barb Dallinger, associate director of the Bone Student Center said this is actually the comedian’s fifth time performing at ISU. “We consider him to be one of our Braden family starts,” Dallinger said. “In fact, his people called us and said that Bill wanted ISU to be a part of his tour.” This tour was created in order to celebrate the comedian’s 50th anniversary in show business. It is quite an honor to know that someone like

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Cosby has enjoyed his time in Bloomington-Normal so much that he selected it out of the entire country as one of the stops on such an important tour. Dallinger has had the privilege of meeting Mr. Cosby during his previous visits to ISU. “He’s a very nice guy,” she said. “One thing I have learned working backstage with the different stars who pass through Normal is that they’re all just regular people on the road who get tired sometimes and miss their friends and families. We like to make them feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.” When asked about the nature of the event itself, Dallinger said that Cosby typically does some standup comedy on his visits, but that he also just enjoys talking on stage. “He is very much a storyteller,” she said. “He loves to talk to the audience and create comedy through stories.” Tickets for this event can be purchased through Ticketmaster or by calling the Braden Auditorium box office.


“But da**it! I have a granite counter top in my kitchen.”



45°F Low 26°F Rain 0%


Mostly sunny, but brisk and windy.



47°F Low 34°F Rain 0%

55°F Low 34°F Rain 0%



Bright sunshine all day to start off the weekend!

Sunny; a perfect day for tailgating with your family!


52°F Low 37°F Rain 0%


Another chilly but sunny fall day. Source: National Weather Service

The Bird’s Eye

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Pet of the Week CoCo is a

So you think you know your Illinois State University campus, eh? Each Thursday, The Vidette features a unique view of a reasonably common site on campus. If you think you know where the photo was taken, email your response to We will draw a name from the correct submissions, and the winner will receive a pair of Vidette sunglasses.

six-year-old Yorkshire Terrier submitted by

Tawni Ricketts.

The winner from last week was Emily Bornhoff. The photo was of the State Farm Hall of Business.


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kellie flaherty News Editor

On Tuesday afternoon, I had the opportunity to have a one-on-one phone interview with two of the stars from MTV’s newest reality show, “Scrubbing In.” Chelsey and Heather, registered nurses and two of the show’s cast members, gave me the details on their travel assignment and new adventure at a California hospital.

How did MTV select you for this documentary series?

Heather: The five of us — Michelle, Crystal, Nikki, Chelsey and I — were all looking to do a travel assignment to take a new step in our careers, and we were chosen from there.

What do you want people to get from watching your show? In particular, what can nursing students learn from it?

Chelsey: Personally, I want America to see all the work that nurses do and how much the nurse is involved in patient care. The nurses are the

Chelsey and Heather from MTV’s “Scrubbing In” MCT Campus Photo

ones that are at the bedside for a whole 12-hour shift and really know the patient from head to toe. It’s the nurse that knows the patient and knows how to relate to them. Heather: We really want nursing students and even the general public to be aware of what we’re doing as nurses. We’re the doctors’ surveillance cameras, and we bring many of the patient’s problems to the doctors’ attention. You have to be on your toes at all times. Being a nurse isn’t about making a lot of money; you have to be passionate about what you do.

What are you looking forward to most about the premiere?

Heather: We’re just looking forward to bringing light to what nurses actually do on a day-to-day basis. There’s a lot of controversy out there that as nurses there’s not any time to enjoy our lives. You work long shifts three days a week, but you also have free time to do what you want after work.

Was a camera following you almost 24/7 bothersome at all? Did you get used to it right away or did it take awhile?

Chelsey: I personally feel like we kind of knew what we were signing up for, and particularly in the hospital the cameras were respectful of what we were doing and didn’t step in if it was getting too crazy. They sat back and let us do our jobs. It wasn’t hard getting used to them [the cameras] because they kept to themselves.

be able to show America the lives of nurses. We went out there as a group of friends who take a new adventure in our lives, so I’m very excited for everyone to see it.


DETAILS Is this show a good depiction of your everyday lives?

Heather: I mean we did what we would normally do; we just had cameras following us. So I would like to say yes. We are nurses first, and we would never do anything to jeopardize our careers. But at the

same time, we are all in our 20s so we want to have fun in our personal lives because you only live once.

WHAT “Scrubbing In”

Did you enjoy filming the documentary?


Chelsey: I don’t think we necessarily enjoyed the filming, but we enjoyed the fact that we’re going to

WHEN 9 p.m. tonight

INFO Visit

Worship Directory Baha’i Faith Activities: Study Circles-Devotional Meetings-Fireside discussions-Various Locations “The earth is one country and mandkind it’s Citizens.” –Bahu’u’llah (309)827-5936

ClearView Church 1503 E College Ave. Normal, IL Across from Target (309) 451-8439 Service Time: 9:15 & 11:15 Need a ride to church? Contact “Rides for students by students”

Apostolitic Pentecostal Church

Jacob’s Well Community Church

2810 Tractor Ln Bloomington, IL 61704 (309) 829-3936 Sunday Services 10:00am - Evangelistic Service 6:00pm - Celebration Service

304 Jersey Ave. Normal, IL Sunday Morning Service at 10:30am Wednesday Prayer Service at 7:00pm (309) 830-3795

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Delivery • Carry-out • Catering • Dine-in

Home of the Famous Gondola™

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Scared out of our wits by Halloween Editor’s Note: The following editorial appeared in the Miami Herald on Oct. 23, 2013. Did all the fussing and feuding over raising the national debt limit convince you that the United States is hopelessly polarized and we face a future of endless political gridlock that eventually devolves into chaos, ruination and entropic desolation? Well, cheer up. Nothing brings us together like a good war. And the good news is that the political right and left have finally found one that they can agree on: the war on Halloween. Unlike the wars on drugs, Christmas and women, all of which have been decisively lost (especially the one on women, who’ve grown in numbers until they now compose 50.8 percent of the U.S. population), the war on Halloween is going pretty well. Journalist Nick Gillespie, freshly returned from the front, provided a morale-boosting list of glorious victories last week in Time magazine. In Mechanicsburg, Pa., Sporting Hill Elementary School banned Halloween costumes because “safety is a top priority” (never underestimate the threat from those lethal ballerina costumes). A hundred miles away, in Philadelphia, administrators bravely stood up for separation of church and state by banning Halloween celebrations because of their “religious overtones” (never underestimate the threat from those massive Wiccan conspiracies). Gillespie, a typical mainstream-media nattering nabob of negativism, wrote with the defeatist perspective you’d expect from a reporter. “We are a society that is so scared of its own shadow that we can’t even enjoy ourselves anymore,” he concluded sadly. He completely missed the heartwarming note of

national unity provided by a war in which everybody from all points of the ideological spectrum can join with equal bloodlust. Christian fundamentalists can do battle with Satan. “Halloween is Satan’s night,” televangelist Pat Robertson told his audience a couple of years ago. Robertson, however, is practically a conscientious objector compared to Jacksonville evangelist Kimberly Daniels, who warned parents that “most of the candy sold during this season has been dedicated and prayed over by witches.” Liberal champions of egalitarianism can fight back against plutocratic children of the 1 percent. Maryland Elementary in Bexley, Ohio, outlawed Halloween costumes because some children can’t afford to buy them. The cutting-edge pedagogues in Bexley apparently never heard of two of the popular costumes of my childhood — cutting a couple of eyeholes in a pillowcase as a ghost, or magicmarkering whiskers and a dark nose onto a kid’s face to turn him or her into a cat. (I mean, make him or her look like a cat. Only the Wiccan priestesses in my neighborhood can actually turn kids into cats.) Conservative culture warriors can take a stand against the rising tide of child sexual degeneracy. A Mormon church in Sandy, Utah, generously invited neighborhood kids to its Halloween party, but added a stern asterisk: “Please no masks or cross-gender dressing.” Woe to the little girl trying to sneak in wearing a Mr. Potato Head costume! To be fair, there are some unenlightened pockets of resistance out there. Three years ago, when other parents criticized a Kansas City mom for letting her five-year-old son trick-or-

treat as Daphne, the girl detective in the Scooby-Doo cartoons, she fired back: “If you think that me allowing my son to be a female character for Halloween is somehow going to ‘make’ him gay then you are an idiot … I am not worried that your son will grow up to be an actual ninja, so back off.” Progressive educators can get in some licks against the dread cultural biases that lurk in practically every corner of human knowledge. New York City’s Department of Education last year tried to outlaw questions with any reference to Halloween from tests because it’s associated with “paganism” and might “appear biased” or “evoke unpleasant emotions” in students. Also banned: dinosaurs (yucky associations with evolution theory), birthdays (Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t celebrate 'em), creatures from outer space, homes with swimming pools, computers, vermin, junk food, abuse, terrorism, divorce and any references to disease and holidays. It occurs to me after that last one that you may suspect I’m making this stuff up. I’m not, but I don’t blame you for wondering. The sheer dementia of these attacks on a holiday devoted to making pretend and eating candy, the two most treasured kid activities of my childhood, is so unreal that it sounds like parody. That’s why you can read, all over the Internet, blasts at Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann for demanding an end to Halloween, which she said amounts to nothing more than “sucking on Satan’s candy bags.” Except she didn’t say it; the quotes were made up by a satirical website called the Free Wood Post, which now has presumably learned that reductio ad absurdum ridicule doesn’t work very well when reality itself has turned absurd.

When does school spirit go too far? MY VIEW Nick Ulferts Columnist

Generally speaking, having a loud student section is a positive for any college sports team. While they may not play, the noise and energy fans create can have a huge effect on a playing field. For example, Texas A&M’s football team has become nearly unbeatable at home, partially due to their rampant fan base, commonly referred to as “The 12th Man.” Illinois State’s own fans have



seemed to give the Redbirds an edge as well. After all, our football team is currently undefeated at home. While our student section may not be as big as others, there are definitely some passionate fans that create a lot of great energy in Hancock Stadium. Although most ISU fans are respectful and encouraging of their team, lately I have been noticing some disturbing behaviors at some of our home games. It seems that during the second half, when ISU has a fairly strong lead, some student fans begin to get incredibly rude and obnoxious towards the opposing team. It is a trend that seems to be getting worse and really needs to stop. Part of the reason this seems to occur now, or at least more than it did last year, is that the student section is directly behind the opposing team. This has essentially become a recipe for disaster. Some students have begun offensive chants aimed at players from

opposing teams, most of which are obscene and over the top. For example, at the Abilene Christian game, students were calling a specific player “Needle Dick” while simultaneously looking up other player’s first names on the Internet so they would be easier to insult. One student even tried to instigate a fight with a player. At last weekend’s Indiana State game, the taunting got so bad that an affiliate of Indiana’s athletics department scolded the student section fans. This type of behavior is unnecessary and unacceptable for a variety of reasons. Student sections should be more focused on cheering on their own team rather than insulting the opponent. During the Indiana State game, there were numerous occasions where ISU was making great plays that were going unnoticed because students were so focused on berating the other team. It was ridiculous, and the lack of attention toward our own team, in my opinion, was insulting

to them as well. What bothered me even more, though, was how students were insulting players right in front of their families. While it is likely that some of these students didn’t realize that player’s families were so close to them, that doesn’t excuse why they shouldn’t have been aware of the possibility in the first place. Losing is bad enough, but it’s hard to imagine having an entire student section single a player out right in front of his family. Likewise, it must be equally hard for the families to watch their loved ones being targeted by such obscene insults. Nobody should have to go through that, and it’s really disappointing that some students here at ISU are causing this. I do realize that a little jeering towards opposing teams is normal, and that athletes will have to deal with it their entire lives. However, when insults are so obscene that people on the sideline feel the need to talk to our student section,

clearly it is out of hand. Creating such a negative environment takes the fun out of the game for most people, as well as defeats the purpose of having a cheering section in the first place. Most of these players and their fans only visit ISU once a year, and it is to attend these games. To insult them the entire time creates a distasteful image for the entire school. These games are a chance for fans to represent ISU and to reflect the character of the school. We don’t want to be remembered as the classless school that instead of cheering on its own team was busy taunting the opponents. Players of any sports team, including ISU, are expected to honor good sportsmanship. As fans, we need to as well. Nick Ulferts is a junior English education major and columnist for The Vidette. Any questions or comments regarding his column can be sent to


Do you think berating an opposing team’s players is taking school spirit too far? Vidette L E T T ERS P O LICY The Vidette welcomes letters to the editor, provided they are no longer than 250 words and are typed and double-spaced. Letters that exceed the 250 word limit can be published at the editor’s discretion but shorter letters take precedence. Letters containing name calling and insults will not be published. Letters must be signed and contain the major or official title of the writer, the year in school if presently enrolled, address and a daytime telephone number for verification. Letters without phone numbers will not be considered for publication. Names may be withheld upon request, but only after approval by the editor. Letters are subject to editing for style and space at the editor’s discretion.






Corner of Main and Hovey




Reclaiming the value of thrift stores

Tired of teaching yourself bass & guitar?

Rock Into The Semester! We Offer Lessons we also offer:

Free String Installation Tune Ups Set Ups


129 E. Beaufort, Normal, IL 61761 e-mail:

MCT Campus Photo

Fast Mexican Food

Thrift stores are a great place to find cheap clothing and other major sales. The Neighborhood Thrift Store in Bloomington is close enough for students to find deals on furniture, accessories, clothes and other household items.

Matt Johnson Reporter

Do you only got $20 in your pocket? Does John Wayne have anything on your fringe game? Well, there is a thrift shop down the road for everyone’s needs. The Neighborhood Thrift Store, located at 406 N. Main St., is a place to shop for stylish, pre-owned furniture, accessories and household goods. Jim Pankey, owner of Neighborhood Thrift Store, talked about his business strategy of price negotiations with customers. “I like doing it,” Pankey said.

“I like negotiation. It is part of the business model, so to speak. People know they can come down here and do that and people like that. Most places you go to prices aren’t negotiable.” The store they tries to stay away from submitted electronics, unless an item is packaged, but there are some exceptions to this rule, Pankey said. Otherwise, the Neighborhood Thrift Store is willing to talk about negotiations with customers on submitting items. The Neighborhood Thrift Store also has an auction house located at 705 E. Lincoln St. This is an establishment where people may come and sign their goods to Pankey and


the store. “What I hope to instill with customers is that a thrift store doesn’t have to be a smelly place with junk,” Pankey said. “We are recreating what a thrift store is. It has good quality merchandise at a reasonable price that consumers can afford to buy.” A final note Pankey added to anyone wanting to go into business is you have to have the courage to do it. You start a business by finding a need and it could work out because you perform some “undesirable work.” The Neighborhood Thrift Store is open Monday through Saturday from 9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Sunday hours are from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m.

FRESH MEXICAN FOOD Tacos & Tortas, too. Downtown Bloomington 108 West Washington 3009.829.5096

Downtown Normal 129 East Beaufort 309.452.2243

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mixed drinks (incl. red bull)

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MONSTERS BASH 10 featuring D1rty No1ze


Biggest Halloween Party in BloNo!



Cash and prizes for “hottest” and “best overall” costumes!



Stop in for the BearS game tHurSDay night and someone will win RASCAL FLATTS tickets!









3 $ 3



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THURS 3pm–1am FRI 3pm–2am SAT 3pm–2am

309.821.9222 511 N. MaiN Street, DowNtowN BlooMiNgtoN



Top 5 off-campus spots to study Melanie Lowe Daily Vidette Staff Writer

If you’re searching for a quiet, off-campus spot to study, look no further than this list. The Coffeehouse, located in Normal, is the perfect place to enjoy a roasted coffee while cramming for that upcoming test. The Coffeehouse offers a full vegan menu, including a number of deliciously baked pastries, breads, cookies, and cakes. But what makes this place the ideal study spot is its large location filled with comfortable couches, chairs, tables and free Wi-Fi.

Located in Uptown Normal Serving Lunch and Dinner Everyday/Brunch on Sunday An eclectic menu & over 30 specialty beers on tap Unique indoor and outdoor dining

Medici in Normal 120 W. North St.


Try something new! Located on Main Street, Fusion Brew is a bubble tea and espresso café with an entirely relaxing atmosphere. If you’re having a hard time focusing on class material, order one of Fusion Brew’s soothing teas or scrumptious sweets to help you concentrate. The café is often filled with other students who are usually there to study, but it is never noisy or over-crowded. Fusion Brew even offers free Wi-Fi for its customers. The colorful Coffee Hound, located in Uptown Nor-

mal, is an iconic study spot for ISU students. Not only is it a quick walk from campus, but it has some of the most delicious pastries around. The Coffee Hound is equipped with free Wi-Fi and tons of outlets so that students can bring their laptops and iPads. The atmosphere is somewhat lively, which makes it a great place to study with a group of friends or classmates. If you find this location to be too distracting for your personal taste, you could also try the location in Downtown Bloomington.

One FREE Day Pass for NEW visitors OR Buy One, Get One free for everyone. One time use only. Must present coupon at time of purchase. Gear not included.

Expires November 30, 2013

College Night every Wednesday 4-10pm Free Day Pass

Kelly’s Café is a



small, intimate restaurant located on Center Street in Downtown Bloomington. Offering tasty pastries and a variety of sandwiches, the café is a nice place to have lunch and study on a fall afternoon. Kelly’s usually fills up around lunchtime, but it’s perfectly peaceful around 3 p.m. Study by yourself with a warm coffee, or go with friends and share a sandwich/soup combination. If studying at a coffee shop isn’t your cup of tea, bring your backpack to Sugar Mama Bakery on Main Street in Downtown Bloomington. The bakery offers a variety of delectably decorated cupcakes and cake pops. Sugar Mama has a comfortable atmosphere, and its small space makes for a productive environment. Once your sweet tooth is satisfied, you may be able to do your best studying yet!

with Valid College ID On Wednesday, Nov. 6th 2013

Ladies’ Night every Thursday 4-10pm

Free Day Pass for Ladies On Thursday, Nov. 7th 2013 From 4-10pm only

All photos from Vidette Archive




The joys of the Pepsi Ice Center


Matt Johnson Staff Writer

If it is fun and frolicking you seek to take a break from the monotony of schoolwork, experience the joys the Pepsi Ice Center can bring to anyone’s day.



Open Skate

The fall open skate hours are 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. An additional Friday night session is scheduled from 7:30 to 9 p.m. On Saturday, two sessions are available from 12:30 to 1:50 p.m. and 2 to 3:20 p.m. Sunday open skate runs from 2:30 to 4 p.m. The cost for skating is $5 and the skate rentals are $2. The Pepsi Ice Center has group rates available too.


Skating Lessons

The Pepsi Ice Center offers a number of different classes for all ages to learn how to skate on the ice. “Learn to Skate classes are our number one priority,” Michael Hernbrott, Pepsi Ice Center manager, said. “I always say our job is to bring three-year-olds into the building and get them to enjoy all that ice skating can offer. Once they’re in, they get hooked and it opens up a whole new world to them.” Freestyle sessions are $4.50 per 30 minutes. The Learn to Skate classes vary but usually are around $12 a week.



What is Broomball, you ask? The game received its name because it was originally played with brooms which you would use to sweep a ball into a net past your opponents. Although, the Pepsi Ice Center does not use actual brooms anymore, the broomball sticks are broom shaped and the ball is like a volleyball with its air removed. The game is played across the ice and the hockey nets are used. Anyone wanting to bring a group out to play can contact the Pepsi Ice Center and employees can set it up for you. They have all of the equipment ready.


Hockey Learn to Play classes term costs vary, but typically when broken down per class, they are under $12 a week. The Pepsi Ice Center offers two forms of open hockey. The first is Stick & Puck which is for anyone to work on their individual skills. The second is Pick-Up hockey and is for players wanting to play in actual games. Separate pick-up sessions exist based on skill and ability. The C level is for new or beginner level skaters while the A/B level sessions are for intermediate and higher-skilled players. The cost for Stick & Puck ranges from $6 to $9. The cost for Pick-Up hockey is $11. Skates, helmets and gloves are mandatory.

The Pepsi Ice Center is the home of the Redbirds. Two ISU clubs compete in the American Collegiate Hockey Association there. One is a Division II club, and the other competes in Division III. “Both teams have started off well,” Hernbrott said. “The teams practice and play many of their games at the Pepsi Ice Center. The games are usually Friday and Saturday evenings.” So, if you have some free time, head on over to the Pepsi Ice Center and form the Flying V with your friends or catch Redbird Hockey in action.


E C N E I R E P X E S E L A S GAIN REAL-WORLD ! D I A P T E G & T I D E R C EARN INTERNSHIP 2014-2015 e th & 4 1 0 2 g n ri p S r We’re hiring fo

GAIN EXPERIENCE IN • Advertising sales • Account management • Prospecting new business

Academic Year!

APPLICATIONS DUE • Building relationships with local businesses • Working in a team environment • Developing marketing campaigns with clients and student graphic designers

THURSDAY OCTOBER 31, 4PM Pick up an application at the Vidette Building OR Download an application at


Earn opportunities for promotion to leadership roles (Team Leader & Ad Sales Manager)










the top five 5 Rader Family Farms

Part-Time $8.75 - 9.00 per hour. TravelCenters of America is ranked as the preferred travel plaza chain in the nation. Join us NOW at our Bloomington location – I-55, I-74, I-39 Exit 160 (W. Market St.). Various shifts available. Apply online at or call 888 669-8256

by Kelley Bowles Reporter Photo: MCT Campus

Best October activities

This pumpkin patch is located at 1238 Ropp Rd. in Normal and offers a variety of activities including a huge corn maze, pumpkin sales, hay rides and petting zoos. There are a few different stands that have snacks, apple cider, unique desserts and fall drinks. There is also a gift shop with Halloween decorations and treats like pumpkin donuts.

Store & Fuel CASHIERS


4 Gail’s Pumpkin Patch

Located at 1709 2000th Ave. in Beason, this pumpkin patch is not far from Normal. Gail’s pumpkin patch is closing Oct. 31, so get there while you can. Gail’s has apple cider, pumpkin spice donuts and of course, pumpkins. New this year there are activities with an antique tractor as well. Gail’s Pumpkin Patch updates and photos can be found on its Facebook page.

3 Haunted Trail

Oct. 25-26, the Constitution Trail will be transformed into the Haunted Trail from 6:30-9 p.m. This is the scary weekend and is not kid friendly. Those who want to attend should line up behind Normal City Hall at 100 E. Phoenix Ave. Admission is only $1 and you can also donate canned food at the event that will go toward the local food pantry.

2 Curtis Orchard and Pumpkin Patch

If you are willing to take a short trip to Champaign, you can check out this orchard and pumpkin patch. Located at 3902 S. Duncan Rd. in Champaign, this orchard isn’t only open in the fall; they open at the end of July and stay open until Dec. 20. There are a variety of attractions including the pumpkin patch, apple orchard, café, and country store. There is also a petting zoo and other fun activities for kids.

1 Haunted Houses

There is a haunted house about 20 minutes from Normal in Downs, open Oct. 26 and 27. Admission is $2 and there are concessions and other activities taking place in Dooley Park. There is a hayrack ride and a bonfire, and on Sunday there is a non-scary version of the haunted house for kids where they can walk through the haunted house with the lights on and no scaring. See for more details.


Tickets and DUIs


COUNTERMEASURES Alcohol & Drug Assessment, Education & Treatment • DASA Licensed • DUI / Drug & Alcohol Evaluations • Remedial & Driver’s Risk Education • Early Intervention & Treatment • Convenient Day & Evening Classes • Caring & Friendly Staff • Anger Management Classes • Court Approved Victim Impact Panel


343 Court St., Pekin (309) 347-8282 110 N. Center, Bloomington (309) 827-0818  456 Fulton Suite 271, Peoria (309) 676-7868

Visa/Mastercard/Discover accepted 


$ 1 25

Miller Family Bottles


$ 200

Imports / Micro Bottles


$ 1 00

Domestic Bottles


$ 1 00

Well Drinks & UV Flavors


$ 1 50

20oz Bud Family Drafts


$ 200

20oz Bud Family Drafts


$ 200

20oz Bud Family Drafts

5-9 / Monday - Friday & ALL DAY SUNDAY 12 - 6 $2.00 Burger Basket Combo $3.00 DBL Basket Combo


A walk down Main Street


T yrianna Jones Vidette Staff Writer In college, dining out happens pretty frequently (and if we’re honest with ourselves, it probably happens more than it should). But you don’t need to limit yourself to ordering pizza or Chinese each time; Main Street in Downtown Bloomington offers more than just bars. In fact, just walking down a couple of blocks, you can find great locations to eat lunch, dinner and dessert at, as well as getting a drink or two if you are of legal age.

Lunch/Dinner – Reality Bites 414 N. Main St. Bloomington, IL

Reality Bites is a tapas restaurant that offers a very diverse menu with everything from Italian to sushi. Customers can also choose from either the regular or gluten-free menu. The dishes are elegant and decorated for a finer dining experience. The restaurant serves Cold Bites, Warm Bites, Lunch Bites, green options — called Rabbit Food — and sides for both lunch and dinner. Bartender Tommy Solberg said the most popular dish is the bacon wrapped dates, topped with a spicy maple syrup. There are plenty of different lunch dishes to choose from as well including classic favorites, like the burger, all for under $20. The restaurant offers different features every week that include two dinners and two tapas or appetizers. Reality Bites has been in its current ownership for two years now, and the restaurant gets really busy around dinner time on the weekends. However, it is a nice place to enjoy an afternoon meal and bite into something different. Visit its website at to find our more information.

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Dessert – Sugar Mama Bakery 405 N. Main St. Bloomington, IL

Sugar Mama Bakery specializes in cupcakes with different flavors to choose from each week. The bakery offers more than 40 flavors total and sells its cupcakes in either minis or regulars. In addition to cupcakes, Sugar Mama offers cookies, bars, cakes and cake pops called Sugarbabies. For custom cakes, Sugarbabies or cupcakes, customers must preorder at least seven days in advance. Owner Krista Gaff said the most popular flavored cupcake is the salted caramel which stays on the weekly menu. To add some extra local flavor, the Mocha Mama cupcake contains a special brew from the bakery’s neighbor, Coffee Hound. College students can enjoy a free mini cupcake every Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m. during Happy Hour. A current student ID must be presented. In addition to dessert, the bakery has drinks and coffee as well as Sugar Mama Bakery shirts available for purchase. Sugar Mama Bakery came to Bloomington on Jan. 24 of this year and was operating out of a rented church room two years prior. The current location has a very welcoming atmosphere with plenty of space to sit and relax. To learn more about everything Sugar Mama has to offer, visit its website at

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Drinks – Mulligan’s 531 N. Main St. Bloomington, IL

Mulligan’s is a themed bar known for serving its drinks in Mason jars. There are different specials every day of the week, except Sunday when the bar is closed. While food is not served, the large servings of drinks make up for it. Assistant manager Racheal Henderson said the most popular drink is the long island which comes in a 32 oz. Mason jar and has a special price of $6 on Fridays. On Thursdays, the bar’s specials include $2 well drinks and $6 Mason jar vodka Red Bulls. Saturdays are

another popular night due to the $6 rum and coke or vodka lemonade options and $2.25 Coronas. Mulligan’s has been open since 2002 and continues to be a favorite among Downtown Bloomington bars. The bar offers live music throughout the week and a jukebox for customers who want to pick their own tunes. There is also an outdoor patio where customers can relax when the weather is nice. Visit Mulligan’s Facebook page to find more deals offers and hours of operation.



111 W. North Street | Normal, IL 309.452.1113

The “Love” Bouquet vased or wrapped $19.95 Free Delivery in Normal

0 89 e1 Sinc

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- fresh flowers - plants - chocolates - stuffed animals - natural soaps (made locally)

A night on the town Grace Johnson Supplement Editor As college students, we’re at an age where we have increasing responsibilities, like adults, but we still like to participate in activities often associated with kids, such as playing games. This balancing act is made even more difficult by our lack of income (or significantly lower income than most adults). Sometimes, though, it is important to bring out

our inner child. This can help alleviate stress and give us a break from our hectic schedules. The impression that society often gives is that college students only like to drink for fun, which we know is not true. There are a variety of other options, and here are just a few to add to your list of possibilities for next weekend!

Vidette Archive

Urban Warfare:

For those of you who don’t get enough virtual shooting with games like “Call of Duty,” Urban Warfare could be just the perfect location for you. The company offers paintballing, laser tag, and splatmaster (which the website describes as paintball for beginners). Although this can be a little pricey, if you get your entire group of friends together, laser tag can be as little as $10 per person. There are safety risks involved in all of these activities, so a signed release form is required. Urban Warfare is located at 14088 Prairie Commercial Park off of East 1400 North Road in Bloomington. Saturdays and Sundays are the only open-range days, with all other days requiring appointments. For more information, call (309) 261-2596.

Curtis Orchard and Pumpkin Patch:

You may have already been to Rader Farms to get a pumpkin or two for carving jack-o-lanterns, but there are not any apple orchards in the immediate BloomingtonNormal area. However, Curtis Orchard and Pumpkin Patch in Champaign offers every fall activity a person could hope for: apple-picking, a corn maze and pony rides. This adventure is a bit of a drive, but as the location nearest Illinois State’s campus and just a few minutes from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, it is likely that many ISU students would visit. Visit to see if the trip is worth it for you.

116 North Street, Normal IL 61761 || (309) 585-2163 Open Monday - Sunday


Pick a cup, fill it up! ĻľŁŁŎńŊŇĸŊŅ


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Nov 1st - Dec 1st


Thank you for choosing us as ISU’s party headquarters!

Illinois State University’s

World Series Headquarters

$2.00 Domestics Lunch Special from 11-2 .00 $3 Captain Morgan Ham and Cheese .00 $4 Captain Morgan Lime

Rollingbrook Park:

Although parks aren’t necessarily thought of as a fun place to go once you hit the age of 12, they offer a lot more than you might remember. There are a significant number of parks throughout Bloomington-Normal, but Rollingbrook Park stands out. Aside from the traditional playground equipment, there are also three tennis courts, a softball diamond, and an inline hockey rink. Something else you could do with your friends here is have a picnic. The park itself is free; however, it does cost money to reserve certain areas. Rollingbrook Park is located at 1002 Hershey Rd. in Bloomington, with hours from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Alcohol is not permitted on the premises. For specific information regarding certain reservation fees, call (309) 434-2260. Vidette Archive


lool koo WHAT’ s HAppenin g! g! k WHAT’ s HAppenin


Make the most of Family Weekend

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Visiting the Bowling and Billiards Center on campus is a great way to spend time with visiting family members.

Kelsey Lutz Feature Reporter

Macy’s invites ISU students to a special One Day Sale! Macy’s Eastland Saturday, October 26, 12pm

Macy’s invites ISU Show your school pride! students to a special One Day Sale!

School is back in session, and Macy’s is turning the store Illinois State red just for you! Whether you forgot a few dorm room basics, or just want to update your collegiate style, students and their parents will find everything you Macy’s need at thisEastland special sale event celebrating ISU. Shop to the beat of a live scarf down delicious snacks and join us Saturday,DJ,October 26, 12pm in the awesome party room reserved for ISU families. And ladies on campus can stop by our cosmetics counters to study up on the latest makeup trends and treat themselves Show your school pride! to a mid-semester makeover. School is back in session, and Macy’s is turning the store Illinois State red just for you! Whether you forgot a few dorm room basics, or just want to update your collegiate Early action style, students and their parents will find everything you Here’s something than a ISU. midterm: one need at this specialelse salethat’s eventbetter celebrating Shop be to the of first 50 customers to show a current ISU student ID, and beat of a live DJ, scarf down delicious snacks and join us get your very own Redbird in the awesome party roomgift*! reserved for ISU families. And ladies on campus can stop by our cosmetics counters to study up on the latest makeup trends and treat themselves to a mid-semester makeover.

As school gets more hectic and classes begin to pick up speed, it gets difficult for students to find the time to go home for a visit. However, this weekend families of ISU students have been cordially invited to campus to spend time together for Family Weekend. Coordinator of Student and Community Outreach and organizer of Family Weekend, Harriett Steinbach, says that this celebration between relatives has been a tradition at ISU for well over 10 years now. It’s a great time for all family members to connect with their loved ones and enjoy each other’s company. There are many entertaining events planned throughout the weekend. One exciting opportunity to enjoy with your family is tailgating outside of Hancock Stadium and then watching a Redbird football game, a “must” in the eyes of Steinbach. Also, take part in the family-style game show “Minute to Win It,” and make sure to catch the famous comedian Bill Cosby perform live in Braden Auditorium in the Bone Student Center.

N3090520A.indd 1

go to that favorite restaurant you can’t afford. In fact, it is pretty convenient that the car will pass a few grocery stores on the way there. Might as well restock the fridge if Mom’s offering, huh? In all seriousness, this weekend is a great time to catch up with one another on current events and make some memories bonding with family. Steinbach says the key to having a successful Family Weekend is planning ahead. “Parents and students may have different expectations about their Family Weekend experience,” Steinbach said. She suggests students have a conversation with their family about what events they are anticipating to attend ahead of time. Parents may be expecting to spend a full night as a family watching Bill Cosby while a student may be making plans with his or her friends for later that evening. It is important to make sure to be on the same page with one another upon a family’s arrival. There are countless ways to take advantage of Family Weekend, but the best means to do so is by simply enjoying every second of time spent with one another.

Hidden deals for students in Blo-No Grace Johnson Supplemental Editor Everyone knows that college students are always out to save a few bucks, and local businesses often play a huge role in this. Bloomington-Normal is no different, with deals seemingly around every corner. Many students are only aware of the deals that involve food or drinks, since those are typically more advertised. But entertainment in the area has no shortage of deals. Check out this list to find out a few locations that offer discounts.

Early action

N3090520A.indd 1

Some of these activities will require participants to have a ticket. In order to view more events for the weekend or see what events require tickets, visit FamilyWeekend.IllinoisState. edu. Tickets can also be purchased at this website or at by searching Braden Auditorium. It would be wise to purchase the tickets to the many outstanding events offered in advance before they are sold out. Though many of the main events require a purchased ticket, there are also various, equally enjoyable activities that come at no cost whatsoever. Take part in fun, free events on campus such as bowling and billiards, a magic act, a workout at the student fitness center and even a photo with Reggie Redbird himself. “You can have a very full Family Weekend experience and it doesn’t have to be expensive. That’s something that’s very important to us,” Steinbach said. “There are a lot of activities that can be very inexpensive for the families participating.” However, Family Weekend doesn’t necessarily have to be taken advantage of on campus the entire time. This can be a great excuse to finally

Wehrenberg Theatre Although Wednesdays at ISU are typically deemed Here’s something else that’s better than a midterm: be one “Pub Wednesdays” for the deals students can reof first 50 customers to show a current ISU student ID, and ceive, it isn’t exactly satisfying to be under 21 years get your very own Redbird gift*! old and unable to access these deals. For those of you not looking to drink in the middle of the week, an alternative fun option is to attend a movie. “Wehrenberg Wednesdays” have been deemed such due to the discount students receive when they attend a show on Wednesdays. In addition to the $3 show, you can Events subject to change or cancellation. *While supplies last. also sign up for a Wehrenberg MVP card which allows you one small free popcorn, and as you buy other snacks, you earn more points, ultimately leading to 10/16/13 4:08 PM more deals. Meredith Maughan, a fifth-year senior majoring in psychology and painting, explained that she learned about the deal randomly when she had gone to the theatre on a Wednesday night. “I like to go because it’s a great deal. It’s also good for hanging out with friends in a large group,” she added. Next time you’re looking to spice up your Hump Day, call Events subject to change or cancellation. *While supplies last. (309) 828-8081 to find a showtime you want.

10/16/13 4:08 PM

Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts If you’re looking to become a little more “cultured” in your college career, perhaps the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts (BCPA) is the place for you. The BCPA offers a wide range of performances, such as symphony concerts, musicians, plays and book readings. While not all of these seem like typical college student activities, you may be surprised how entertaining these performances can be and how they can relate to other aspects of your lives, such as readings of books you have read in class. Ticket costs vary in price depending on the event and on the location of seats you choose, but there is the option of selecting “student” when ordering tickets online. This discount can only be effective if you present your student ID when you attend the event. For a full schedule of upcoming events and more details about the student discount, call the BCPA at (309) 434-2777. Pheasant Lanes While the Bowling and Billiards Center (BBC) has quite the draw due to its student discounts, you may want to try something different that has other entertainment options aside from the basics found at an alley. Pheasant Lanes in Bloomington offers $2 Tuesdays, and although this is a little pricier than the BBC, you also have the option of miniature golf and sand volleyball. Additionally, if you feel the need to have a drink, the Tuesday deal includes $2 well drinks and $2 domestic cans, something else not available at the BBC. Plus, if you are looking to sign up for a league to get some extra practice, you have the option of doing this at Pheasant Lanes. For more information, go to or call (309) 663-8556.



Geek out: book & game stores in Blo-No

T yrianna Jones Vidette Staff Writer


Bobzbay is a secondhand store located on Main Street in Bloomington that sells books, media, electronics and other merchandise. “The only things we don’t sell are guns or weapons,” owner Shane Vogeo said. The store started four years ago with Vogeo and his friend and has had all kinds of items come in since then. The store buys and sells merchandise with the majority of those items being books, but video games are also in high demand. Customers can also find DVDs, VHS tapes and even records. Additionally, there are older stereo systems and instruments, such as guitars, for sale. Jewelry, toys, figurines and clothes are also up for grabs at Bobzbay.

Collectible Corner

Collectible Corner buys, sells and trades different sports and gaming cards. The most popular card game is Magic the Gathering, but there is a high demand for baseball cards as well. Sales are fairly uncommon due to the regular deals that are offered. Cards can cost anywhere from 10 cents to several hundred dollars for older or autographed cards. Aside from cards, Collectible Corner also sells sports- and game-themed memorabilia. It also features an eBay website to help make shopping easier. The store, located on Susan Drive near Meijer in Normal, opened over a year ago and has seen a lot of business since then. People are encouraged to come in, trade their cards and take a look at what else Collectible Corner has to offer.

Acme Comics

Gryfalia’s Aerie

Gryfalia’s Aerie is the only game store in town, according to the owner Ken Roth. It offers card games, board games and role-playing games, mainly with fantasy themes. The most popular game sold is Magic the Gathering. Tournaments for this game and others are held throughout the week. Other popular games include Settlers of Catan and Warhammer. Dungeons & Dragons Encounters can also be played inside the store. The games range from $10 to $150. Located on Main Street in Downtown Bloomington, Gryfalia’s Aerie is a great place for avid gamers to compete or just play for fun. Visit the store’s website at for more information.

Acme Comics is a wacky store found in Uptown Normal. It features a mannequin sitting outside and one waiting to greet customers as they walk in. The store offers all types of comics, books, games and pop culture kitsch. Most of the comics and merchandise are superhero-related, which seems to be the theme of the store. There is a big sale of back stock at the end of the year where customers can purchase older issues of comics for 50 percent off. Customers can find board games, older game systems and video games, posters and action figures as well. Acme Comics opened 20 years ago at the same location and is now solely owned by Jim Schifeling. Visit its website at


• Best Prices

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311 S. Main Street • Normal, IL


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56 commutes to campus. 56 gimmicks. 56 high-pressure sales tactics.

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Staying in with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Fall can be one of the most beautiful and fun seasons, with the changing leaves, Halloween costumes and decorations, and activities like carving pumpkins. But with the decreasing temperatures, the temptation to stay in occurs pretty frequently. Since staying in is often seen as something to do when you have a lot of homework, it can become boring fairly fast, which is why it is essential to keep in mind the fun options you actually have while at home. Many of you may still have pumpkins to carve from Rader Family Farms. Whether or not you opt for the scariest face your artistic ability allows you to do, the best part about carving jack-o-lanterns is having the pumpkin seeds! Although it can be a lot of work to separate them from the rest of the pumpkin innards, it is definitely worth it. A lot of times, these roasted seeds are done with just salt and butter, but adding some other spices can really add to the fall feeling. Ingredients 1½ c pumpkin seeds 2 Tbl melted butter 2 Tbl granulated sugar

1 tsp cinnamon ½ tsp nutmeg ¼ tsp salt

Directions 1. Preheat oven to 350°F. 2. After scooping out the pumpkin insides, separate the seeds from the pulp. 3. Toss the seeds with the butter in a bowl until they are completely covered. 4. Add salt and spices to the bowl, continuing to coat the seeds completely. 5. Spread seeds evenly on a cookie sheet. 6. Bake until golden brown (about 30 minutes). Make sure to stir the seeds Recipe from while they are baking to toast them evenly.

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Families get a taste of college this weekend

Archive Photo

Parents at the newly renovated Hancock Stadium for a football game. The Redbirds are playing South Dakota Saturday.

jessica smith Staff Writer This weekend, students will share the college experience with their families. Activities will take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be hosted by many departments on campus. Friday night offers a free magic show in the Brown Ballroom, hosted by the University Program Board. Derek Hughes will take the stage at 9 p.m., following an hour of socialization and refreshments. Ticketed events will include a performance of the play “Send the Light” in Westhoff Theatre from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., and Band Together, a new event fea-

Archive Photo

Academic open houses will be held this weekend on Friday and Saturday in honor of Family Weekend. The School of Communication, shown here, is one of the departments that holds open houses for its students and families.

turing the musical talents of ISU’s Big Red Marching Machine, Wind Symphony and Symphonic Winds. Band Together will start at 7:30 p.m. at Redbird Arena. The football game against University of South Dakota will start at 1 p.m. on Saturday. Before the game, a tailgate lunch will take place outside of Hancock Stadium. Tickets are $10. “The football game is a must,” Harriett Steinbach, student and community outreach coordinator, said. Steinbach suggests students and their families attend the football game on Saturday, if nothing else. “The game is the centerpiece of the weekend. Obviously, the new stadium is beautiful

and this will give parents a chance to see it. Plus, it’s always fun to watch us win,” she added. Saturday evening offers several entertainment options, such as a Dueling Pianos show in the Brown Ballroom at the Bone Student Center, a “Minute to Win It” competition in the Student Fitness Center and photos with Reggie Redbird also in the Bone. Additionally, famous comedian and actor Bill Cosby will be performing an act at 8 p.m. in Braden Auditorium. Families can also explore the campus and the services offered by the university through tours of Student Health Services, where students can receive a free flu shot, and the Student Fitness Center, where fam-

ily members over 18 who pre-register may enjoy a free workout. Parents can meet faculty and learn more about academics through departmental open houses on Friday and Saturday. Finally, Campus Dining is allowing students with a meal plan up to two extra free meals for family and guests. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, they must fill out a reservation form and turn it in. “There are a lot of ways to experience family weekend; it all depends on what folks want to get out of it,” Steinbach said. Tickets will be available throughout the weekend. To see a full schedule of events or to purchase tickets, visit FamilyWeekend.IllinoisState. edu.

Student challenges others to dispute sterotype A day in the life of Kevin Sullivan is the same as every other student here at ISU; he goes to class, runs his fraternity, works at WZND and watches sports with friends. He does not let his disease get in the way of his normal life experiences. Kristina Austin Reporter

For Kevin Sullivan, fifth year mass media radio major, the daily grind of college life is especially challenging since he relies on a wheelchair to get around campus. “Right off the bat [the wheelchair] is what people notice, but then they talk to me and they realize I’m just an average guy,” Sullivan said about his interactions with peers. “I still go to college. I still go out on the weekends, just like everybody else.” The Buffalo Grove native was born with Arthrogryposis, a physical disability that Sullivan said has mostly affected his ability to build muscle strength. Even though Sullivan is able to walk, he chooses to use a wheelchair to save time and energy. “I’ve been carried up more than my fair share of stairs, but it is what it is. You’ve got to make the most of it,” he said. His physical disability is not stopping Sullivan from following his dreams. Currently, Sullivan is president of his fraternity, Alpha Epsilon

Pi, and he announces for WZND, She said knowing Sullivan has ISU’s student radio station. made her appreciate the little “I’m your average guy. I’m not things about college life, like the anything special, and I prefer to ability to walk across the Quad, be treated as just every other per- and so much more. son. I don’t want special treat- “Kevin is a really positive perment just because I look a little son,” she said. different than everybody else,” “Some would say it would be said Sullivan. a struggle having to use a wheel Sullivan plans to graduate in chair, but he really makes the best May and hopes to find a job in of it. He knows that he has to use sports radio. a wheelchair to get around, and “Ideally, I “I’m your average guy. I’m not he doesn’t want to be a have a probplay-by-play anything special, and I prefer to lem with it broadcaster because he be treated as just every other for a baseknows there’s ball team. person. I don’t want special no other way.” Ideally, it Sulliwould be for treatment just because I look a van believes the Cubs.” little different than everybody that all stu In his free dents should time, Sulli- else.” be less judgvan says he mental about loves hang- Kevin Sullivan students with ing out with Mass media radio major physical handhis friends, icaps. watching the Hawks, the Bears “Don’t assume. I think a lot of and the Cubs “when they don’t times people get caught up in suck.” stereotypes and think that every Danielle Ryan, junior special one in a wheelchair must have education major, has been one a mental handicap. Don’t get of Sullivan’s personal assistants caught up in the stereotypes,” for two years. His assistants help he said. him with everyday tasks like eat- “Make your own decisions reing and showering. garding it and just be friendly and “Kevin literally amazes me day treat us like you would treat anyafter day,” said Ryan. one else.”

Samantha Flory / Staff Photographer

Kevin Sullivan has an optimistic outlook on life despite his Arthrogryposis.

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Cardinals perched for the World Series again Marc Carig Newsday

ST. LOUIS­ ­— Autumn officially arrived here Friday night. The brisk chill of the fall pushed away the heat and humidity of another splendid summer. Raindrops doused fans who formed a boisterous sea of red. And the Cardinals won the NLCS in six games, beating the Dodgers, 9-0. For the 19th time, the Cardinals will represent the NL in the World Series. Former Met Carlos Beltran will play for a championship for the first time in his remarkable career. At the plate, he finished 3-for-4 with a pair of RBIs. In the field, he robbed Juan Uribe of an extra-base hit. “Let’s get it done!” Beltran told his team in the clubhouse before the first of the champagne was popped. It has been only 18 months since Michael Wacha was pitching at Texas A&M, but the 22-year-old righthander showed the poise of a seasoned veteran. Wacha allowed the Dodgers only two hits in seven innings, lowering his postseason ERA to 0.43. He has allowed one run and eight hits in 21 innings against the Pirates and

Dodgers. “Whenever they put up nine runs, it makes my job a lot easier,” said Wacha, the Series MVP, who beat Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw twice in this series. Wacha embodied a Cardinals team that overwhelmed the glitz and glamour of the Dodgers and their $230-million cast of superstars. With their season on the line, the Dodgers cracked in spectacular fashion. Kershaw likely will win his second Cy Young Award, even though he looked overmatched, allowing seven runs and 10 hits before being pulled with none out in the fifth. Yasiel Puig committed three costly defensive blunders, which stoked lingering criticism about his fundamentals despite his otherworldly talent. He was booed mercilessly, becoming the de facto symbol of complete defeat against the Cardinals, who began their romp in the third inning by blitzing Kershaw for four runs. Matt Carpenter triggered the rally, fouling off eight straight pitches before doubling to right. Beltran followed with an RBI single and advanced to second on a poor throw by Puig. Two batters later, Yadier Molina lined a two-out single to

make it 2-0. David Freese followed with a single and Matt Adams walked on a fastball that appeared to catch the lower portion of the strike zone. Kershaw yelled at plate umpire Greg Gibson, but it did little good. Shane Robinson made the most of his first NLCS start, lining a two-run single to rightfield to put the Dodgers in a 4-0 hole. With an accurate throw, Puig might have nabbed Freese at the plate. But his throw sailed over the head of catcher A.J. Ellis, the first of Puig’s two errors. Two innings later, Kershaw was finished, chased in the midst of the Cardinals’ five-run inning. Kershaw made the slow walk to the dugout, sending a wave of glee through the crowd of 46,899. Soon they had even more reason to celebrate. A season ago, the Cardinals seized a three-games-to-one lead in the NLCS against the Giants, only to watch the pennant slip from their hands in three straight losses. Against the Dodgers, the Cardinals avenged that epic postseason failure, capturing their second pennant in three years. “They were on a mission from spring training,” Cardinals owner Bill DeWitt said.

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Today’s Birthday. Find your higher calling this year through study and communication. Discover the best way you can imagine to help others while growing stronger physically and financially. Do it all for home and family, and your sanctuary will rejuvenate you. Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is an 8 — Imaginative changes move from the idea stage into reality. An older female shows you something new. Check account balances to avoid extra fees. Rules get stringently enforced. Take charge, and make it fun. Creative games help. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is a 7 — A controversy continues. Selfdiscipline plus a warm heart guarantees success with Venus and Saturn

favorably aligned. Don’t fall for a trick. Do the homework, consult with experts and wrap up a project that has moved very slowly. Bring it home. Gemini (May 21-June 20) — Today is an 8 — Don’t keep arguing if it’s over who is right. Determining who’s right makes no difference. Put your energy to work on a private effort. Trust old love and old information. Faithfulness counts. Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Today is a 9 — The possibility of error is rather high. Rely on your own experience, and trust your intuition. Be frugal with money and words. Listen, instead. Don’t surrender to a sweet talker, though. True love isn’t after your loot. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) — Today is a

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9 — You continue to call the shots. Another job requires immediate attention. Don’t believe everything you think. Check it over with some practical people and get their advice. Consider all options. Add discipline to forwarding what you love. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — Today is a 7 — There’s no shame in doing what worked before. Patience is required. Change doesn’t happen all at once right now. Capture the essence of a dream into an expression. Deal with household responsibilities. Play a game later. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) — Today is an 8 — A disagreement about priorities springs up. Ask friends for advice. Handle with care, and impress an older

person. Congratulate yourself, but don’t stop the action. Pay attention or it could backfire. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) — Today is an 8 — Dedicate time to your community. You’re making a good impression. Proceed with caution … it’s not a good time to discuss finances. Don’t trust unquestioned belief. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) — Today is a 9 — Apply determination, persistence and practice towards an area of your passion. Watch for hidden dangers. Go for fun, intellectually, physically and spiritually. Don’t fall into the gossip trap. Stand for excellence. Breathe deep, and perceive beauty. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — Today is an 8 — Ask for more and get it, but

don’t burn all your bridges. Hold on to what you have. Cut entertainment spending. Listen to what your associates are saying like it’s worth a million bucks. They’re cluing you into the conversation. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) — Today is a 9 — Practice juggling as you negotiate obstacles today. Don’t stress. If you see that you’re getting nowhere, take a break and try again. Partnership saves time and effort. Treat the team to dinner and rest easier. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Today is a 9 — Your fears aren’t fact-based; double-check the information for relief. Travel could be challenging right now, so be ready for surprises. Avoid shopping, too.

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Help Wanted: Childcare

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far as I can tell, he’s been in much better spirits. Even if he were absolutely no good, the Bears don’t exactly have a grocery list of alternatives. Any of the free agents up for grabs next year are laughable by comparison. Any draft pick who would even be worthy of first-year starter is going to be way out of the realm of possibility. If you think we’re getting Johnny Football you’re kidding yourself (and that might be like drafting Cade McNown all over again, anyway). At this point, anybody except for Cutler deserves being criticized for the Bears losing three of their last four games. It’s time for everyone else to step up in his absence and prove that we aren’t (such) a bad team without him. We’ll do that, of this I’m sure, but I’ll still be more than happy to franchise him come 2014.


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Bears fans: Leave Jay Cutler alone! ZACK FULKERSON Sports Columnist

Archive Photo

ISU hockey hosts Teddy Bear Toss Ryann hoffenberg REPORTER Tonight’s Illinois State Hockey game will double as a Teddy Bear Toss, collecting stuffed animals to be donated to Toys for Tots. Audience members are asked to bring children’s toys to the U.S. Cellular Coliseum to be thrown onto the ice after the Redbirds score their first goal against the Fighting Illini of University of Illinois. “I talk to the guys all the time and remind them that being a part of this team is not all about games and goals,” Head Coach Brian Corley said. “It’s about developing themselves as people and helping the community.” Toys for Tots, the recipient of the donated toys, is a non-for-profit Marine Corps Reserve organization that strives to bring the holiday spirit to less fortunate children. Along with the Teddy Bear Toss, tonight is ISU Hockey’s Greek night. Members of ISU fraternities and sororities are encouraged to attend the game. “There are so many members of the Greek community at ISU, so making the game Greek night will get more people to come out and

watch the game,” team member Joshua Ambrosat said. Team members have been doing whatever they can to publicize tonight’s event. The team has been spreading the word though Facebook and its team website, as well as personally visiting ISU’s sororities and fraternities to invite them to the game. The idea for the Teddy Bear Toss came from collaborations between the hockey team and the Registered Student Organization Administration. The RSO program has also helped provide publicity for the event via public relations staff and student interns. ISU will be playing against its fellow Illinois team from the University of Illinois. “It’s always a big event playing against them because our schools are so close,” Corley said. More than 1,000 fans are expected to attend the Coliseum for tonight’s hockey, Greek and philanthropic festivities. Corley hopes to attribute an increased attendance to the Thursday night placement of the game. “I think it makes the kids more inclined to come to the game if they can go out and explore Bloomington afterward,” Corley said. “It

Photo courtesy of ISU club hockey

More than 1,000 fans are expected to attend tonight’s game against Illinois to watch the ISU hockey team including Joshua Ambrosat (above). should be a rocking good time.” The hockey team is thankful for the increased interest, not only for bringing publicity to its program, but also for helping give back to the community.

“We’re doing a good deed for a good program,” Ambrosat said. The ISU hockey team faces off against the University of Illinois at 7 p.m. tonight at the U.S. Cellular Coliseum.

by TODD MARVER, Reporter

life of an

athlete Illinois State golfer Rachel Powers has been named the Missouri Valley Conference Golfer of the Week twice this season. The Quincy native propelled the Redbirds’

women’s golf team to an eighth-place finish at the LPGA Xavier Invitational in Daytona Beach, Fla., from Oct. 5-7 with a team score of 920. Powers tied for fifth in the tournament, her highest finish of the season, with a six-over-par score of 222. While the senior golfer has been able to experience success on the course, she has also gained valuable life skills as a student-athlete that she will be able to take with her after college. All the while, she has been able to have a little fun at the same time, like any typical

Rachel Powers ISU women’s golfer student.

How do you budget your time between school and golf?

I guess being a senior I’ve learned how to do that. It’s just knowing if I have to stay up late, then I’m going to have to stay up late. But it’s not terrible.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I live with two of my other teammates and one of my best friends from home, and we pretty much just hang out all the time. Golf is pretty much my free time.

Can you describe a typical day?

On a typical day I go to workouts at 6 a.m. and then get a little nap in. Then I go to class

and after we have practice from 2:30 p.m. on. Then I go home, do homework and that’s about it, and I do it all over again the next day.

What’s your favorite part about ISU?

My favorite part is being on the golf team and my best friends are my team. We always have a good time.

How do you think being a studentathlete helps prepare you for life after college?

It’s definitely about time management and organization and everything. You have to balance school, workouts and golf altogether. Really it’s going to help me out in the future with my job knowing that I’m going to have to get something done in that certain amount of time.

I’ll start this column with a disclaimer: I’ve been defending Jay Cutler against attacks from friends and Bears fans big and small for the past two seasons. That means I’m probably less likely to convince you because, let’s face it, I’ve never been much of a critic. Nonetheless, it’s moments like these where I feel compelled to speak up. Bears fans are never happy with anything, so I don’t expect everyone to come away with a change of heart. But let’s take a spin through the usual objections, shall we? Starting with what’s inevitable, I’ll give you one thing if anything: Cutler has been prone to injury. After caving to a knee injury in the NFC championship game (when the Packers nearly handed him their upcoming Super Bowl win on a silver platter), fans have been critical of this. Now that he’s sitting out for a month with a groin injury, the usual suspects are at it again. Granted, now is not the most ideal time for him to be out, but this is something every team has to deal with. Doesn’t it speak for itself that even the most naysaying fans are not cheering that he’s warming the bench? It’s time to stop acting like Jay Cutler is a terrible quarterback. He is the Bears’ all-time leader in passer rating (83.4), and has the most completions (1,777) and passing yards per game (224.5). Cutler has the second most yards in franchise history (13,922), and also has the second most touchdowns (94). At 60.3 percent, he’s also completed the second most passes in Bears’ history, following only Shane Matthews (61.1 percent) in 1999-2001. If Cutler signs a contract extension in the offseason, he will eclipse every Bear’s passing record. Needless to say, he is the farthest thing from the worst quarterback the Bears have ever had. His numbers thus far this season are better all around than they have been in the last four seasons. Another fairly common criticism of Cutler is that he hasn’t exactly been the nicest player to work with in the NFL these past few seasons. Fair enough, but don’t assume that it’s just because he’s an a-hole. Almost the entire offense has been ­— shall we say — less than ideal (at least) since 2009. Most of the blame for that falls on the shoulders of not Cutler, but Lovie Smith. Smith’s inability to build a cohesive offense hurt the entire team, especially the quarterback, who hasn’t had a decent quarterback coach or offensive coordinator to help him lead the team for years, nor has he had anything other than a stupendously bad offensive line between him and the dirt. That would get on anybody’s nerves. So far this year, at least as

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The Bird 10.24.13  
The Bird 10.24.13