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We are bound to influence our governments for everyone to enjoy this right. Freedom means the power that enables us to act freely in the public sphere, is the state of one who is not subject to captivity, oppression or a despotic regime. Article 4. No one shall be subjected to: a) slavery b) easement. These two behaviors are prohibited in all their forms. In general, it is the weakest and poorest members of society who are often subject to exploitation, that is, to a condition of bondage, exploiting other human beings. This leads us to articles CONVENTION ON ABOLITION OF SLAVERY FURTHER, THE SLAVE TRADE AND INSTITUTIONS AND PRACTICES SIMILAR TO SLAVERY. Article 5. Submission is forbidden to: a) cruel, b) and c inhuman) degrading treatment. When we talk about torture, we are referring not only to physical pain suffered by a person. We also refer to a destruction of the dignity of the person. We can not allow torture, which involves: a) cruel, b) inhuman, c) degrading treatment. This article leads us to: a) Convention against Torture, said that torture is any act that intentionally violates a person severe pain or suffering, mental or physical, when these sufferings are caused by government officials or by persons acting in of its functions; b) DECLARATION AND PROGRAMME OF ACTION COMES 1993, c) CONVENTION AGAINST TORTURE AND OTHER CRUEL, inhuman or degrading OF 1994 (, Committe Against Torture, Concluding Observations, Comments: Spain and Hungary) Article 6. Everyone has the right to legal personality in all parts of the world.

The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights  

A presentation by Rubén Fernández Vela, during the REactor conference.

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