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On the honest path (if you dare to join), Is enough to overwhelm you! Really! Try it! When there is no longer a communist shadow In my country, Then the lawyer Will truly serve The heart of democracy! To deliver eloquent speeches, lecture, debate; To defend without being afraid Of being thrown into jail, Refusing to be dim-witted, Refusing to praise and glorify the communist gang, A decomposed corpse, a compost heap; To be great In the fight for truth On earth. Then There will no be extreme hardship For laborers, Gaunt, Perspiring through thin worn clothes, With a dirt cheap salary That could not be less. And there will no longer be calamity That spiritual leaders must endure Because of their resoluteness And their character, To be foolish enough To demand freedom of religions and religious beliefs, And furthermore To demand the return Of confiscated properties, unfairly seized; All in order to worship God, the Almighty, the Lord, Our Creator, And the Creator of the communists, too! Because He is the One who gave life To all of humankind. Therefore, communists, If you still have breath, Then definitely that notion Must mean something to you! (It does to me!). So, For those who still have a conscience

The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights  

A presentation by Rubén Fernández Vela, during the REactor conference.

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