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I have a dream That one day On earth There will be no more Communists. Then, our rural peasants Will enjoy the full fruit of their labor. They will not toil in rice paddies Under the burning hot sun, soaked in sweat, Nor in the rainy storm, Cold and lonely in an empty field Until the grain is ripe and full, Only To be forced to hand over more than half To the dictatorial regime. What is left? Then, my countryʼs scholars Will raise their voice to truth, Because the figure 8 handcuff And provision 88 of the legal statute Will have been expunged From our thoughts. With it go provisions 79, 87, and 258 … Abominable forever! They are the unique products of our country And of other “socialist brethren”, But “Comrades”? An evil axis to be more accurate! Conspiring together They usurp the peoplesʼ wealth To themselves Forever! Then my countryʼs poets and writers Will flood their thoughts fully, Without suppressing them, Hiding them, hanging them, Bagging them, Or simply forgetting them, Pretending that they donʼt have any honest thoughts at all! And then, the poems and songs Of my country Will flourish, Even if they have to start all over. But, a single step

The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights  

A presentation by Rubén Fernández Vela, during the REactor conference.

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