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The problem of meaning: Social Responsibility and personnel to the site by Human Rights. Social Responsibility, is the charge or commitment or obligation of a corporation, either as individuals or as members of a group. Responsibility to each other and with society as a whole. The concept introduces a more or less acts. This social responsibility can be considered ethical or legal. It differs because political responsibility is not limited to the assessment of the exercise of power by a state authority or state above. Social Responsibility, is personified in the Personal Responsibility. The principle of the Personal Responsibility must be accomplished so that the effects of your action are compatible with the permanence of genuine human life on Earth, in the words of Hans Jones, directed by the Kantian imperative. This implies that the value is in the consciousness of the person, allowing you to think, manage, guide and assess the consequences of their actions (morally). When discussing the level of ethics, an improvement of society, culture, equality, freedom, and so on. We therefore clarify that: a) the principles are rules of conduct chosen independently by the individual, b) the moral is the system of value judgments that are part of the culture of a society or human community, by that community which qualifies as good or evil acts of people who belong to it, c) ethics is the philosophical reflection, objective, rational morality is about proposing universally valid values . Therefore, an ethical life community may create new forms of life in harmonious coexistence among all people. Social responsibility - person seen by some authors: A) Being able to respond to human needs. GIACOMAN and OPAZO, 2002. B) The ability and obligation to respond to society as a whole, by acts or omissions. Exercised when applicable, from any of us to all others. Sテ・Z O., 2002 C) Personal behavior is the welfare of others and the planet. BERMAN, 1997.

The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights  

A presentation by Rubén Fernández Vela, during the REactor conference.

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