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Happiness lies in security. Eduardo Punset says that the soul and happiness reside in the brain. Love is also in the brain. This is not a simple act of giving and generosity toward another person. It is a tool for survival. An adult has to do with their childhood experiences and family ties, so since childhood the person should feel happy, feel loved. There are other external factors that help us escape the stress and a condition for happiness is security. Humans and animals react to pain on the same way that theli human but have one thing that animals do not have: the imagination. We just imagine the threat to be nervious. In addition, the feelings that are contrary to happiness are much easier to arouse, frighten is available to anyone. Through various experiments with people we know there is a model of a security form of happiness. This implies that a state of unhappiness, is a situation of insecurity. All this has a chemical explanation, the body directs a decrease in the distribution of glucose and therefore reduces the release of dopamine, this causes a blockage in neuronal processes. This leads to depression and with a depressional state can not create new neurons. Even when it is a very intense stress situation occurs the death of some of them. Louise MacBain gives us this fascinating statement, happiness is a consistent state in which the subject has nothing to fear. Therefore we must ensure that all great human beings feel safe, and that beyond the subjective concept of happiness, it is a matter of objective health status. Only through good gear operation of the application of Articles of the Declaration of Human Rights, everyone, absolutely everyone we can feel safe and happy, objectively.

The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights  

A presentation by Rubén Fernández Vela, during the REactor conference.