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Article 24. Everyone is able to: a) rest, b) enjoy the free time, c) periodic holidays with pay, d) relative length of the workday. This is Human Rights: a) persons entitled to be as far as possible, b) each State shall have laws that determine the maximum duration of working time, wages and minimum working age. Article 25. Everyone is entitled to an adequate standard of living and family, this includes: a) health, b) food, c) housing, d) necessary social services, e) clothing, f) medical, g) pension system d) other services. Also, everyone is entitled to maternity and childhood; with a special care for these groups. In addition, children in and out of marriage have the same rights. Everybody has the right to basic needs: a) food, b) housing, c) clothing, d) essential household items, e) community: water, sanitation, health, education. Those most in need should take, always the first to be helped. The problem is that the reality is different to those in need are marginalized, becoming poorer. The objective to reach is: a) eliminate poverty, b) to promote full employment, c) to promote productive employment, d) has been an active participation of all in society. Article 26. All parents have the right to choose the kind of education they wish for their children. All are entitled to free education at the elementary fundamental. The higher education is free for all, based on merit system. The purpose of education is the full development of human personality and training on human rights and freedoms, promoting the understanding of friendship and tolerance among all social groups. This will help the Organization of the United Nations to maintain peace. The right to education is one of the most important rights, with education we can: a) realize our potential, b) meet other people, c) practice tolerance. An interesting point of view must be the right to instruct on Human Rights. UN FOR SCIENCE AND CULTURE.

The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights  

A presentation by Rubén Fernández Vela, during the REactor conference.

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