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The legal system of any country must recognize the legal personality of individuals. The legal protection involves shielding the legal system and must assume the responsibilities of the system. Article 7. All are equal before the law and to the protection of law. We all have the same protection against someone who may or violation of the Declaration. This article has a double meaning: a) minorities have equal rights, discrimination is prohibited, and encourage others to practice it and b), judges, government officials and police are subject to the same as the population. This article leads to the INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION ON THE ELIMINATION OF ALL FORMS OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION. Article 8. Everyone has the right to a remedy before a national courts when they violate constitutional rights or legal rights. When there is a violation of any of the rights must have the means to bring an action or an appeal to a "competent tribunal" (competent means that you understand a particular field of law) Article 9. No one shall be arbitrarily detained or arrested. This article is for groups who hold intolerant government and imprison arbitrarily (mean arbitrary detention or exile without a) commits an offense, b) without judicial process to determine guilt or innocence of the person) to the population as through repression of dissent. They perform an addition mistreatment and torture the prisoners. Article 10. Everyone has the right to be heard by an independent and impartial tribunal to discuss: a) their rights, b) debt c) if a criminal charge. Everyone should have the opportunity to present their case: a) criminal b) civil proceedings (demand), before an independent and impartial, to decide based on evidence and law without favoring either party .

The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights  

A presentation by Rubén Fernández Vela, during the REactor conference.

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