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Why should you have a promotional video on your website? Because it's the best way by far to promote brand awareness, or sell your product or service.

Some stats...

UK online video viewing has grown by 37% during the past year (ComScore, April 2010) It is estimated that by 2012, 90% of data will be video (Cisco as cited by, July 2010 ) Cisco provide most of the plumbing on the internet, so they know what's going down the pipes.

So, if you don't want to be in that 10% of non-video traffic the message is clear.....

A promotional video has many advantages: * The capability to bring your business to life! * It can hold the attention of the viewer and get your message across. * It can use music to generate a mood or atmosphere. * The capability of combining multiple forms of media, including video, audio, text, pictures and animation. Some more stats to digest... * 75% of website visitors stay less than 30 seconds. * 33% watch an online promo video to the very end.

People don't like reading through reams of dense text, they'd much rather sit and watch a presentation. Obvious really, which is why TV adverts aren't just pages of text. And....people only tend to remember about 20% of what they read, but 80% of what they see ( “ 2012, 90% of data will be video...”) Your video is bait, to persuade your viewer to want more – to help turn your viewer into a customer! PS. Your video will “talk the talk”, but you must make sure you can “walk the walk” too, by incorporating the video into your overall marketing effort.

So, get in touch with Videoteq to discuss how you can promote your business. Together we will establish three things: • Scope: What is the work that must be completed? • Schedule: What are the time constraints for the project? • Budget: What are the financial constraints of the project? • There is a fourth force at work that holds all three together, QUALITY. • Simply put; Good, Fast, Cheap… Pick Two! There simply couldn't be a better time to have a promotional video for your company, hotel or organisation.