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Colour vision in the darkness.

INTEGRATED SOLUTION FOR CLEAR COLOUR VISION IN THE DARK Videotec has always been committed to researching and developing optimum solutions for outdoor surveillance and protection of critical infrastructures and other complex environments. One issue often found in critical applications is the poor lighting of the monitored areas. Among the solutions proposed by Videotec for this type of application is the combination of of Videotec’s robust and precise ULISSE2 positioning system with the SONY SNC-VB770 ultra-high sensitivity IP camera with Full Frame 35mm CMOS sensor and SELP28135G motorised zoom lens. This integrated system represents one of the most powerful PTZ 4K/30fps camera on the market for the challenging monitoring of perimeters, critical infrastructure and wide low-light areas.

SNC-VB770 + SELP28135G by Sony

ULISSE2 by Videotec

APPLICATIONS One environment that might have complex requirements regarding lighting at night is airport external zones. The level of brightness must make signs on runways easily visible but not be too glaring or disturbing to taxiing aircraft. It can be complicated and expensive to carry out long-range monitoring in large perimeter areas that are poorly illuminated.









The UPTBKITVB770 adapter support has been designed to make the integration of the SONY SNC-VB770 camera and SELP28135G lens within the ULISSE2 positioning system easy and rapid. The camera/lens installation operation is simple and internal connections for power and heater are easily accessible thanks to the housing’s side opening.


Ultra High Sensitivity 4K FullHD

Unique in the market, the ULISSE2 unit offers the configuration and the full management of both SNC-VB770 IP camera and SELP28135G motorised zoom lens from PC and VMS, through ONVIF Profile-S communication protocol.

ULISSE2 & SONY SNC-VB770 + SELP28135G Sturdy and precise Full IP PTZ system ULISSE2 PTZ guarantees protection in harsh conditions with rapid and smooth positioning of the Sony camera and zoom lens.

Maintenance free. 3 years warranty.

ULISSE2 performs continuous rotation at up to 100°/s with an unbeatable positioning accuracy of 0.02°. Thanks to ONVIF Profile-S protocol, all PTZ camera and lens functions, as well as the wiper, washer pump and pre-sets can be controlled by a standard VMS (tested with Genetec Omnicast and Security Center, Milestone Xprotect Corporate and Enterprise, ONSSI Seetec Cayuga). The PTZ is equipped with a wiper that, with the help of the optional washer kit, always keeps the camera window clean for perfect visibility in all weathers. The efficient automatic self-test rapidly detects the state of the system and all reported events are stored in the internal log. A complete system backup is possible via the Micro SD slot. The easy accessibility to connections allows you to carry out wiring and diagnostics quickly and easily, without dismantling the product. ULISSE2 can be completely assembled using a single hex key (supplied).


IP Camera Management ready

- No plug-in required. Only ONVIF drivers. - Utility allows direct connect to camera web interface - Single IP address for camera and P&T combo


Standard VMS compatible

4K UltraHD


Wiper Washer

IP66 and NEMA Type-4x - Sturdy construction - Wind resistance: up to 220km/h (136mph)

Full range of accessories and mounting options




Full IP PTZ unit for complete management and control of IP ONVIF-S cameras 60 Mbit/s video stream for 4K cameras Compatibility with motorised zoom lenses with common wire, polarity inversion, RS485 serial port and one push autofocus Direct access to third-party cameras via a browser, for setup and diagnostics as a single IP address Tested and certified from -40°C (-40°F) up to +40°C (104°F), IP66 and NEMA TYPE 4X Wind resistance: up to 220km/h (136mph) Horizontal rotation: 360°, continuous rotation (horizontal speed: up to 100°/s) Unbeatable positioning accuracy: 0.02° Sophisticated temperature control and demisting system Improved accessibility to connections for wiring and diagnostics Complete installation made easier by a single key (supplied) Maintenance free, 3 years warranty Options: • Add-on camera SONY SNC-VB770 with SELP28135G • Anti-icing heated glassAnti-icing heated glass

Constructed from aluminium and tecnopolymer Epoxypolyester powder painting, RAL9002 colour Horizontal rotation: 360°, continuous rotation Vertical rotation: from -40° up to +90° Horizontal speed (variable): from 0.02°/s up to 100°/s Tilt speed (variable): from 0.02°/s up to 50°/s The unit automatically reduces the speed according to zoom with Add-on camera and motorised lenses with potentiometer Accuracy of preset positions: 0.02° Internal usable area (WxHxL): 100x100/60x414mm (3.9x3.9/2.4x16.3in) (See drawings) Cable glands: 2xM20 + 1xM16 + unique seal for RJ45 cables Unit weight: 20.4kg (45lb) Housing with side-opening

For installation indoors and outdoors Operating temperature: from -40°C (-40°F) up to +40°C (104°F) De-icing function intervention: from -40°C (-40°F) up to 0°C (32°F) Wind resistance • P&T static: 220km/h (136mph) max Relative humidity: from 10% up to 95% (no condensation)

Installation made easier with a single hex key and captive screws Top mount Extremely smooth movement Transmission through toothed belt with zero backlash Reading via ONVIF of the pan/tilt/zoom position Slip-ring Electronic limit switches Integrated wiper Micro SD slot for configuration and log storage Housing equipped with forced-air ventilation Zero compensation on mechanical horizontal axis (pan offset) User configurable electronically limits for vertical and horizontal axis

HOUSING ‘S WINDOW Glass window extra clear: • Dimensions (WxH): 125x91mm (4.9x3.6in)



ELECTRICAL Supply voltage/Current consumption: • 230Vac ±10%, 1.1A, 50/60Hz • 24Vac ±10%, 10A, 50/60Hz • 120Vac ±10%, 2A, 50/60Hz Power consumption with camera VB770 & SELP28135G: • 40W, P&T static, heating switched off • 55W, P&T in motion, heating switched off • 130W, P&T in motion, heating switched on Signal cable section: from 0.5mm² (20AWG) up to 1.5mm² (16AWG) Self-powered alarm inputs: 4 Relay outputs: 2 (1 A, 30 Vac/dc max) Temperature-controlled forced air creates an anti-condensation system for the window De-icing system with self-heating glass, 7W max (optional)



532 NETWORK Ethernet connection: 100 Base-TX • Network protocols: IPv4, HTTP, Bonjour, DNS, NTP, RTSP, RTP, TCP, UDP, IGMP, RTCP, ICMP, DHCP, ARP, ONVIF profile S • Supported protection systems: password protection (digest-authentication and ws-security)

The indicated measurements are expressed in millimetres.


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Made in Italy, since 1986

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Videotec ULISSE2 and SONY SNC-VB770 integrated solution for colour images in the dark  

Videotec has always been committed to researching and developing optimum solutions for outdoor surveillance and protection of critical infra...

Videotec ULISSE2 and SONY SNC-VB770 integrated solution for colour images in the dark  

Videotec has always been committed to researching and developing optimum solutions for outdoor surveillance and protection of critical infra...

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