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==== ==== The #1 Best Weightloss Tips for 2012 = Secret Weightloss tips of the year!- Free Diet tips and advice for achieving your weight-loss goals of 2012. ==== ====

Looking for guidelines to help you out in attaining the weight you have been dreaming of? Here are 10 weight loss tips that can help you lose those unwanted pounds. 1. Exercise or do manual work to burn the calories that are part of your daily food intake. You should be able to sweat off more than the calories you take with enough physical activity - this is how to lose weight rather than believe false claims of so-called "miracle foods" that promise weight loss even if you do not diet or exercise. 2. You should just target 500 calories daily to be sure that your body's metabolism can handle that conveniently. Know what your base metabolism is, and you can guide yourself on how much calories you should allow yourself daily. 3. Record honestly the number of calories you take in with every meal. Different kinds of food have estimates on the number of calories you will get on taking them, and you should not exceed your target calorie goal. 4. Choose good sources of fat, like olive oil (virgin) and fatty fish, instead of indulging yourself in butter, bacon, whole milk, and coconuts. Peanut butter is in the gray area - you can just have a handful of peanuts now and then, and it will not do much harm to your dieting efforts. The main idea is really for you to just take those fatty foods that will not cause the clogging of your arteries. The fat in olive oil and fatty fish is good for the arteries anytime. 5. You can eat small but frequent meals for you to lose those extra pounds, instead of spoiling yourself with the very heavy meals thrice a day. Dieters who succeeded in losing their unwanted fats attest to this fact. 6. Do not be lax on your weight training. You could lose muscle mass as the fats slowly melt away when you are on a diet, so make it up by diligently following your weight training regime 7. Avoid alcoholic drinks. Avoid also groups that are heavy drinkers, instead, go with the same people who are also dieting and trying to get back in shape. The taunts that you have become indifferent to your drinking buddies before cannot be avoided, so do not go near them so you cannot hear the challenges they throw in your direction. 8. Do not overdo cardio exercises; 45 minutes on the stairmaster daily is enough to get the pounds off quicker. Doing longer exercises than necessary could cause you to lose muscle mass instead of firming them up. You can also opt for one session in the morning and one in the evening but stay within the 1- hour limit. See to it that you stay in the 65%-70% heart rate zone to achieve

optimal fat burn. 9. Dieting is no fun at all so give yourself a treat at least once a week. When you have to indulge yourself on your favorite juicy, but fatty burger on your "cheat" day from your dieting, do some extra cardio for at least three days before the "big day." 10. Your dieting will be okay if you take soy products like soy hot dogs or burgers and the other kinds of eats made from soy products. They are mostly plant protein but this kind of protein is also healthful and especially if you drink milk with your soy burger. You get the benefit of any proteinrich food from eating soy based food.

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==== ==== The #1 Best Weightloss Tips for 2012 = Secret Weightloss tips of the year!- Free Diet tips and advice for achieving your weight-loss goals of 2012. ==== ====

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