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No Win No Fee Solicitors: What You Need To Know There are claims whereby the claimant goes to court and if the case is won, they receive full payment. If on the other hand they lose they should not have to pay any money in legal fees. These claims are handled by no win no fee solicitors.

Not all circumstances attract this type of arrangement. This is the reason why a client should be very careful when they see such terms. One has to make sure that they speak to the lawyer about what it involves first, and then they will know if their claim falls under that category of cases. If it happens to be included within this category then they may start the proceedings. If not, they need to get legal advice concerning their personal circumstances. Damages are always paid to the winning party in a law suit. If in this case, the client wins and gets the damages then the lawyer will get his legal fees. There is a way in which that is established.

After a legal suit is concluded, there is a formula unique to the legal world that is used for that calculation of legal fees. This is what makes it important to discuss everything with the lawyer from the word go.

In some scenarios a lawyer will offer to carry out the law suit and not take any legal fees from the damages. This also has to be made clear at the commencement of the suit. That way the client will know what the situation is and the lawyer will have to honour his word. Other types of claims cannot be carried out using the no win no fee arrangement. This is because the chances of losing them are quite high. In fact the lawyer expects upfront payment before commencing the suit.

If a claim is lost then the client shall not have to


pay any money at all. If the facts are clear all the way from the start of the relationship then there should be no instances of a misunderstanding at the end. Usually an agreement is signed to confirm such a relationship. The clauses of the agreement have to be read carefully and understood completely. If a clause seems too vague then a client can ask for further explanation. If the explanation is still not satisfactory then one can ask the lawyer to change it. No contract should be signed if a client feels that it is too vague or has loop holes. A claim with no win no fee solicitors should be approached after understanding all the terms of the contract between the client and the lawyer.

You can always contact the law society for guidance on selecting a no win no fee solicitor.

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No Win No Fee Solicitors: What You Need To Know  
No Win No Fee Solicitors: What You Need To Know