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==== ==== December 21 2012: What Will Happen To You? ==== ====

A month ago I met this girl who told me about a plaque on the wall of her cleaners. She said that it was the authentic Mayan calender and that it describes an event so spectacular that the ancient Mayans claimed that their gods would return back to them. Can this be? She said that her relatives in Mexico at a university told her about the calender and other artifacts and that these artifacts do state that we are in for a series of upcoming catastrophes that humans have never seen on Earth and the return of their god will be necessary to help us get through this. I found it interesting so I began to look to others for more information about 2012 and to my surprise, their is a lot of information available that does conclude that something crazy IS going to happen on or about that date and that we will be getting some kind of return of the gods of some sort. It is nuts but I am starting to believe that this 2012 stuff could be true and their is plenty of evidence including a simple observation of the world as it is today. Of the many claims the one that interests me the most, is the claim of the return of the Mayan gods that seems to be very clear with all of the researchers out there. Have you ever heard about the 2012 Mayan Prophesy about the coming end of the world? It goes something like this. The Mayan calender goes for thousands of years and suddenly stops on the date of December 21, 2012. The Mayans make statements and claims about this date but the most fascinating claim is that their gods will be returning to them starting on that date and the world as it is will come to an end. There is also rumors of some sort of apocalypse that is suppose to be inescapable as a result of a polar shift that no one will be able to survive. The Mayan prophesy makes no direct statements beyond the claim of the return of their gods so what will happen in December of 2012? Miracles I believe that a series of fantastic miracles will occur starting on that date and from that point into the foreseeable future for all of mankind. I believe this because researchers in Mayan prophesy claim that the Mayan gods will return which is a translation of a story given by the Mayan documents and in Mayan folklore, but I believe that some of these researchers have mistranslated the Mayan documents and calender and their claim that the Mayan gods will return is in fact a story of a form of consciousness that existed long ago in ancient times that will return to the Earth starting on the December 2012 date. This consciousness that existed long ago was a collective consciousness that affected every Mayan and perhaps human of the time worldwide and I believe that the translation of 'gods' could more accurately be described as a 'god consciousness' where the people affected would be in communion with God through a mutual divine awareness. This mutual awareness would allow the people to experience the thought-feelings of God and thus be a part of his divine consciousness which is basically what is happening now, the only difference is that now we experience this in a

static form and staring December of 2012 that will fully change to a dynamic form. A good comparison is when you like your spouse which is static and when you love your spouse which is surely dynamic. One is dead and the other is alive. One you observe and the other you experience! This is what I see getting ready to happen in a few short years and as a result of this awareness that we will experience (not observe), we will share Gods consciousness and thus become divine. I believe that this also is what Jesus Christ spoke of to his disciples on many occasions and one of the disciples commented that they wish they could be here to experience it. At this point I see a series of miracles taking place on a worldwide scale that humans have not seen for at least a half million years, where we all share a collective consciousness of love through God and anything that we want we receive instantly. The Evidence There are a host of researchers out there in the 2012 field of Mayan folklore, Some professional and others amateur. Some straight forward with their finding and others not upfront with any of their findings. A few of these men and women are credible and some are not but one of the gentlemen that I like is James Sayer whose research somewhat conflicts with my personal feelings about 2012, but I still like his way of describing what is going to happen and must occur in order for the next world to come into being. A new Heaven over our heads and a new Earth under our feet. Mr. James Sayer tells a story about 2012 and how to survive the tough times which will lead to a series of miracles that happen startinf with worldwide peace. I enjoyed his take on 2012 because it reminded me of a story in the Bible in I believe the book of Revelations, that describes a devastation that humans have never seen before which would be what Mr. James Sayer is discussing in his '2012 Official Countdown Guide', and then a new Heaven and a new Earth which is what I expect to occur thereafter which is what I believe is what is recorded in Mayan folklore as the return of their gods. The 2012 official countdown guide is an excellent source of information on the 2012 event that will touch every person on Earth and it is important to understand that in any society their will be people who will know what is happening, people who heard something but are not sure with any certainty and those who will be ignorant about what is happening. It is a good idea to be in the group that know so that if things go very bad, at least you and I can take care of our loved ones who mean the most to us and be prepared.

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==== ==== December 21 2012: What Will Happen To You? ==== ====

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December 21 2012 Mayan Calendar: What Will Happen To You?