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PLAYGROUND SURVEY SUMMARY Vic West Elementary School PAC September 2015 Of the 70 respondents to last year’s playground survey, the most popular playground equipment and activities were those involving climbing. Rope structures, monkey bars, walls and other structures to facilitate gross motor activity were very popular, as was the suggestion of a zipline (feasibility will need to be researched!). Swings were a popular suggestion, often with the caveat that there be enough for a large group. Grounders and tag were listed as the most popular group activities, meaning a playground with plenty of raised structures and open spaces would be ideal. Other requests from both parents and children include lots of trees/ shaded areas, benches and quiet spaces for imaginative play. Parents expressed a desire for natural areas and structures (and an espresso cart!). This leads to the possibility of including something like a natural outdoor classroom/ theatre/ multi-use space (think stumps arranged in a circle!). The outdoor chess set was a popular item warranting further research. Thoughtful considerations like bike lockups were offered. Overall, choices indicated a desire for a combination of naturalized areas/ equipment and contemporary playground structures with a focus on climbing.


SURVEY RESULTS ! LET’S BUILD A PLAYGROUND Students and parents of Vic West Elementary School, VW PAC wants to hear from YOU!

Thank you! We have received and compiled 70 responses. 1. What is your favourite piece of playground equipment? a. slide (big): 12 b. swings: 31 c. things to climb: 26 d. monkey bars (to hang/ swing from): 27 e. tunnels: 18 f. other: zipline: 19; teeter-totter: 2; spinning thing: 4; balance beam: 2; sandbox: 1; trees: 1; ropes to swing from: 1; rope web: 1; punching bags: 1 2. What is your favourite playground activity in a group? (ie grounders, tag, pretend games, climbing, hide and seek, etc) pretend games: 29; grounders: 20; tag: 18; climbing: 17; hide & seek: 17; manhunt & ball tag: 2 each; telephone, squareball, digging: 1 each 3. What is your favourite playground to go to in Greater Victoria? Banfield Park: 19; Beacon Hill (main): 18; Beacon Hill (Cook St): 17; Gyro Park: 8; Crystal Pool, Beckwith & Memorial Park: 3 each; Victor School, Vic West 2 ea; Tillicum Elem, George Jay Elem, Majestic, Centennial: 1 4. What else is important to have at a playground? a. trees/ bushes: 38 b. places to sit: 35 c. places to put on shows: 13 d. places to be still and quiet: 16 e. other: picnic table: 4; places to hide: 2 water fountain: 2; climbing rocks, natural spaces, garbage can, bike lockups, washroom: 1 each 5. Please tell us anything else you would like the playground planning team to know. • •

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“I would like it to be fun” “I loathe the Cook St/ Beacon Hill playground because it has terrible sightlines – can’t keep track of my kids for even 30 seconds. There’s too much going on too close together. Banfield has great sightlines; it’s my favourite. I only go to Cook St when there are two adults: one for each kid.” “a climbing tree on west side for shade” “more tunnels” “a ship or a boat to play on”


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“having pretend castles are awesome” “having a natural area for children to explore/ discover (Cordova Bay Elementary) – driftwood, rocks, trees, etc.” “lots of monkey bars : )” “good luck!” “a twirly slide would be good” “there should be sign language: A, B, C…(not sure what this means – mom : ))” “water park” “rock climbing” “a gate around the playground with an archway to get in” “I think it’s a great idea” “a playground should be a safe and awesome place to be” “blue and black rubbery playground floor – because sand, stones, woodchip flooring gets stuck in shoes (google images for “rubberized playground surfaces)” “a jungle gym” “benches that have a roof” “I like climbing walls and netted merry-go-round” “ I would like to have a shaded/ rain sheltered playground and a place where the guardians/ parents can sit while looking after their children” “a tree house” x2 “ a dark place” “if there is going to be monkey bars don’t make them too high” “keeping kids active while ensuring safety is paramount. The ball wall court is in need of an extreme makeover too. This area gets a lot of use and repaving it and adding permanent hockey nets & lowering the basketball nets would be a priority in my mind. A lockable storage bin for outdoor play items in this area would also be a good idea.”




INSPIRATION PAGE The number indicates the amount of times the image was circled as a favourite. Email your images/ ideas to: www.newvicwestplayground@gmail.com











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A PAGE FOR GROWNUPS! Playgrounds are important places for adults, too. Here are the responses we got from parents regarding what they like to see at a playground. Shade and benches are a must! Natural areas and bike racks are popular as well. Other important considerations are sightlines, adult-friendly equipment – we want to play, too! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Banfield Park is so ideal (as is Beacon Hill) because it has big playground space plus a large grassy area & trees to run/ play free (espresso cart always helps too ; ) ) It would be nice to have a few places (some in the shade and some in the sun) to sit and relax. When there is lots of things to run around on (for the kids) we find it fun to play tag together. A spot to put our bikes would also be nice. Family sitting benches to eat snacks required. A place to hang coats and change rooms required. Need a wash room near to playground. Shade/ sheltered area for hot/ rainy days Places to sit Spot to leave bags coats etc. Using lots of nature: tree forts, stumps to sit on, etc Shade x 3 Shade/ trees Places to sit, benches & picnic tables Garden – food and harvesting! Natural space – habitat for animals & space for exploring Bike racks & paths Available water to refill bottles or give a dog a drink Shaded rain shelter area sounds great. I like things that lots of kids can do and not have to wait too long to take turns. I love swings and rock walls. “Adult” exercise equipment, covered areas to eat, places to put bags & coats, rock climbing, science stations; First Nations (West Coast art! & education) Definitely benches, natural shade, flat areas for bikes & scooters, garbage cans & dog waste receptacles; green space & safe space for little ones to run and a REALLY big slide Bike lockups & benches are great; kids love tunnel slides & swings Check out the ‘natural’ playground in Richmond BC – think WildPlay style Shaded/ rain sheltered area x 2 Benches Grassy areas A garden area/ natural areas Lots of swings; new tether ball poles/ balls


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Padded area for accidents Picnic tables out of the hot sun; drinking fountain; shade trees Water fountain; rock climbing; more benches/ picnic tables always a good idea Bag hanger for kids; more monkey bars; spinning wheel; more benches (with tree cover/ shade) Bike lockup Natural (rock, wood tree stumps etc, climbing structures) A great playground for me is that it be able to accommodate children who play actively and children who play quietly. It should feature clear lines of sight to allow us to monitor our children at play. Playground should include: seating or picnic areas, shade trees or canopies, security fences and water fountains. Elevated portion equipment should ave barriers to prevent kids from falling off. If we could have wider spaces for children to run around (on the grass) and more benches for grownups to sit on. Also have a separate ground where animals (pets) would be allowed to give the liberty to those who are allergic to pets (fur) to play freely. Spaces big enough for my adult hips to get through helps me to play grounders : ) Safe; places to sit; enough equipment for everyone An area with lots of swings, if swings will be considered. It’s sad when there are only 2 or 3 and difficult to take turns! Shaded/ sheltered areas; lots of climbing spaces A place to hang coats or bags for sure! Sheltered area for adults; picnic tables; swings; balance beam Picnic tables & benches; bike lockup; shade; pet free area (not all kids like dogs) Enough rain sheltered area; enough space to hang coats and bags Benches would be lovely A place to park bicycles & benches or natural spots (rocks) to sit & watch; lots of spaces to climb (without lots of places for adults to bump theur heads); the ability to play tag on the equipment without having to get on & off it (circular) Shade is a must Covered bike racks; seating for parents/ kids to have lunch (covered) Benches/ picnic tables; shade; bike lockup; water fountain to drink/ dog drink station We love the structures at Gyro Park. Large & colourful, they engage many ages and encourage creative play. I would love to see a structure that is not just one activity, but one that stimulates kids’ creativity as well. Bright with lots of colour! Multi-generational & open concept. Sheltered area for adults; swings of some sort; tunnels/ bridges; a little bit of everything would be ideal


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Playground survey results 2015  

Playground survey results 2015