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Victoria West Elementary School Parent Advisory Committee October 9, 2013 General PAC Meeting 1.

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Introductions/Role of the PAC (10 min) a. Executive b. Members at Large c. What is the PAC? Overview Acceptance of the agenda (1 min) Principal’s Report (10 min) Executive Reports a. Treasurer’s Report (Carolyn) (5 min) b. President Report (Mercedes) (5 min) Business/Action items arising from previous minutes a. Labyrinth Update (10 min) b. Communication Board(5 min) c. Pampas grass removal New business a. Teacher Fund Requests for Consumables (5 min) b. Snacks at meetings (5 min) c. Pumpkins for Halloween Howl? (5 min) d. Parent Education at PAC meetings (5 min) e. Mural Replacement (5 min) f. Paper Mache (2 min) g. Resilient Neighbourhoods- Vic West (2 min) Questions/Comments

11 members, 2 administrators present 1. Introductions/Role of the PAC (10 min) a. Executive introduced: Mercedes Calvert – President Aaren Madden (absent) – Vise President Amy Bronee – Communications Director Carolyn Morris – Treasurer Coral Forbes - Secretary b. Members at Large- Conan and Debbie Webb c. What is the PAC?/Why did we get involved? – making the school a better place, helping teachers, improving communication, enjoy being involved with the school 2. Acceptance of the agenda (1 min)  Agenda accepted, earthquake committee added, VCPAC update added 3. Principal’s Report (10 min) - Parent/Teacher conferences- 15 min only then please make an appointment with the teacher for more time - Meet the Teacher Night – later than usual b/c of new staff coming on. New ideas for next year, perhaps PAC involvement? - Book Fair coming up – need volunteers

Seismic upgrades – steel girders along perimeter, also across rooms and braced by concrete slabs. Working before and after school to minimize disruptions to students. Need to do some painting and so classes may be moved to the library. On a different note, the library will be getting a new floor soon! - Fire drill happened and earthquake drill is coming up. Please remind your children that it’s only practice and not to worry. - The school will be doing a musical for Christmas... more details to follow. - Cross country running club meets at the end of the month (gr. 3,4,5) - Last Wednesday was a soccer jamboree (gr. 4,5) - Red cedar authors are being read in the library by grades 4&5 - The knitting club will be starting soon for grades 3,4,5 - Badminton runs on Mondays (grades 3,4,5) - Choir on Thursday afternoons (grades 1-5) - The sports club is currently playing soccer and then will move on to basketball (grades 4,5) - Chess club coming! Thanks to Carolyn Morris and Mrs. Carrico for sponsoring it. - Halloween Howl will take place in the gym again this year (Oct. 31st?). Kindergarteners will have their own celebration. Students are allowed to wear their costumes all day (or black and orange). No masks, swords, etc. - All of these events require volunteers - Characteristics of a principal list – given to the executive to add to. Give back to Principal with any edits, additions by Thursday of next week. - Need new sponsor for breakfast program (only $400 left)…Bayview approached by the Administration. They would appreciate PAC help with this. Permission given for PAC to approach corporate sponsors/Coast Capital? Costs are approximately $6000/school year. Action: Ms. D to write out list and PAC will help inform the parent about the clubs and events to encourage volunteering Action: Ms. D and Mr Cardle to inform PAC if Bayview is unable to support breakfast program. In this case, the PAC would then pursue corporate sponsorship for the program. -

4. Executive Reports a. Treasurer’s Report (Carolyn) (5 min) - Will put up a link on website so that the public can see all accounts for complete transparency. As of Oct. 9/13, general: $4469.95, gaming: $4453.92, savings: $251.34 ** Note: 2013/2014 gaming disbursement cheque to the school for class field trips has not been written yet. CM to do this next week. b. President Report (Mercedes) - None

(5 min)

c. Victoria Council of Parent Advisory Councils (VCPAC) Meetings - Congress is 2x per year (round table of hot topics), regular meetings happen monthly.

- Carolyn attended the congress this week and learned about ‘member services’ (websites, emails, surveys via Survey Monkey); Great way to connect with parents. - Feb. 1st is the Vancouver Island parent congress…anyone want to go? 5. Business/Action items arising from previous minutes a. Labyrinth Update - CF for AM (absent) (10 min) - Hoping to happen some time over the next month depending on the weather. - Location to be on the black top above the rocks on south side of school Action item: AM to continue work with Beth Threlfall to complete the Labyrinth and to put a call out for volunteers when needed. b. Communication Board- CM (5 min) - Cork and white behind locked Plexiglas cover. Action item: CM talking with Joe re: location. Will be in addition to electronic media. c. Pampas grass removal - CF for AM - Being removed due to safety hazard, not enough room (growing too large for space) and because it is not native - A neighbor, Pete Willis kindly removed the most of the first pampas grass but the root ball still needs to be removed and taken away. This will require a Landscaper/Gardener who is knowledgeable, has the right tools and the transportation to take away the waste. - AM has spoken to Ms. Birkett’s husband who may do the work for free Action item: The PAC has voted that AM may spend up to $200 on an Honorarium d. Earthquake Committee (CW) - Created last year when the Administration asked for support from the PAC to replace their current emergency supplies in the event of an earthquake. - Took stock of kiosk behind the school – inventory taken. PAC/Earthquake Committee would like more items in addition to District requirements. Action items:  AM speaking to Bayview re: new shipping container. Some concerns about the location. Ideally not placed where students play.  PAC Members to decide if they would like to be a part of the Earthquake Committee. So far Coral, Conan….who else?  CW to compile a list of additional items to purchase for the kiosk, have approximate cost approved by PAC and then delegate shopping duties to Committee members 6. New business a. Teacher Fund Requests for Consumables (5 min) - Mrs. Cottier requesting PAC money for catapults- passed $239 b. Snacks at meetings (5 min)



Should there be an expectation that the Executive will always provide homemade snacks for the meetings? No snacks needed? PAC voted…  Outcome: MC will buy store bought snacks (no more than $10/month) c. Pumpkins for Halloween Howl? (5 min) Action: MC to speak to Ms. Carrico re: receiving a pumpkin donation from Save on Foods PAC also participating (pumpkin bowling)in Vic West Comm. Center Halloween fest on Saturday, October 26 – AM, CM, and MC to attend

d. Parent Education at PAC meetings (5 min) - Considering offering a parent education component to the PAC meetings rather than separate. - Tentative schedule: 6-7 meeting, 7-8pm education (in computer room, kids in gym) or vice versa 6-7 parent education, 7-8 meeting - Tentative start date: January, 2014 - Will we still have enough time for all agenda items and discussion?? PAC Meetings always take a minimum of 1.5 hours. Still open to discussion. e. Mural Replacement (5 min) - Replace prints at front of school? Faded and ripped. Important to the PAC that the school looks clean, fresh and inviting. - New art is still being discussed. Action: CM to find out from artist if school owns the prints then can discuss having them reprinted/repaired f. Paper Mache (2 min) - Publication distributed thru school. According to the Administrators, the magazine is still accessed by students electronically. Action: AB to post on website or fb the steps to having your child’s work published in Paper Mache g. Resilient Neighbourhoods- Vic West (2 min) – encouraging communities with kits and funding for gatherings/street parties Action: AM to attend. 7. Questions/Comments - Nada Next PAC Meeting: Wednesday, November 13, 6:30-8:15 pm.

October 2013 vw pac meeting minutes  
October 2013 vw pac meeting minutes