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Small Successes Lead to Major Victories

Annual Report 2017

Victory Programs opens doors to recovery, hope and community for individuals and families facing homelessness, addiction and chronic illnesses like HIV/AIDS. Victory Programs proudly dedicates our 2017 annual report to: The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, for its wide-ranging financial, volunteer and in-kind support of Victory Programs and its impact on all of our clients through its charitable mission “to make a meaningful difference in communities it serves…and to build neighborhood excellence.” Bank of America Charitable Foundation’s dedicated local leaders, including Senior Vice President Alicia Verity and Bank of America President Miceal Chamberlain, have made a profound impact on all of Victory Programs and the economic mobility of our clients. Bank of America Charitable Foundation and its exceptional individuals like Alicia, Miceal and their passionately committed employees have taken the time and effort to understand our client’s journey from hopelessness to home firsthand. They understand that financial support and human connections go hand in hand, supporting our work with time and resources that meet basic needs in tangible ways. Our friends at the Bank of America Charitable Foundation have deeply strengthened and fortified the lives and health of all of the individuals and families at Victory Programs. And... The Association for Behavioral Healthcare (ABH), led by its excellent and exceptionally talented President and CEO, Vic DiGravio, and his gifted and deeply caring team of advocates and defenders. ABH has diligently ensured fundamental and lasting rights for those seeking substance addiction and mental health treatment on the local, state and national levels, as well as supporting the stability of established, mission-driven organizations dedicated to offering quality care and services. As a founding member of the ABH trade organization for the last three decades, Victory Programs has benefitted time and again from ABH’s empowering action on public health policy, quick organization in response to pending legislation, critical action alerts and countless community advocacy initiatives fundamental to the health, wellbeing, safety and stability of individuals seeking substance addiction or mental health treatment in the Commonwealth. Our Yearlong Sponsors:

See our website, vpi.org, for our full list of “Sources of Support” Cover photography by Greig Cranna. Report design by Flatfive Design, www.flat5design.com

dear friends of victory programs “The inspiring story of Victory Programs: How small, successful strategic steps became a consolidated, state-of-the-art service provider for our most marginalized individuals and families.” On June 25, 1991, Victory Programs was formally founded, built on the groundwork laid with the opening of Victory House, in 1975. From the first, Victory House served as an intimate, client-centric community that offered the building blocks of health and hope for individuals who arrived isolated, alone, and in deep despair. By 1991, AIDS was reaching a pinnacle of pain, horror and suffering. Many Victory House clients were gravely ill, dying in our residential home because they had nowhere else to go. We desperately wanted to offer long-term treatment for those living with both AIDS and addiction, however, our original mission limited our ability to expand. This was the time to take a bold risk and face this burgeoning, worldwide crisis head-on. Few were as willing, prepared and ready to start innovative programs to meet emerging needs. Consequently, on June 25, 1991, we filed new “Articles of Incorporation” to formally change our corporate name and reimagine our mission to include homelessness, the broader scope of substance addiction, HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses. Our revolutionary, re-invention in this extraordinary time of crisis happened in three small but mindful strategic steps: Step #1. Our Name Change: By changing our corporate name in 1991 from Victory House, Inc. to Victory Programs, Inc., we expanded our reach from a single program/ single contract service model agency to a robust multiservice/multi-program/multi-contract organization. The vision was to meet essential gaps: substance addiction treatment, AIDS services, and transitional and permanent housing for homeless individuals and families.

Jonathan D. Scott, President & CEO

Step #2. Our Mission Expansion and Change: Redefining our mission to an “umbrella organization” allowed us to broaden our core competencies from alcoholism treatment alone to expansive substance addiction treatment, AIDS services, and family transitional and permanent housing programs. It opened the doors to developing ground-breaking new projects and merging with other community based programs. The Victory umbrella gave us the stability to persevere through even the most turbulent times. Step #3. Reconstitute a New Board of Directors: Reconstituting a new Board of Directors gave us the flexibility to recruit individuals from all walks of life who believed in our new vision. Phillip Goldberg, the first chair of the newly reconstituted Victory Programs board, helped navigate the last act of the original board before they disbanded, entrusting Victory House to this new vision of “Victory Programs Inc.” – an agency fundamentally committed to serving all those in need. This change ignited a 26 year journey culminating in an organization that has overseen 30 unique communitybased programs. 19 of those programs are active today, serving more than 2,400 individuals and families each year. From all these small successes, Victory Programs has remained adaptable enough to expand and contract based on current needs. Today, we are here for all substance addictions including the current opioid epidemic, family homelessness, dual diagnosis, and essential health projects addressing Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS. Implementing these small, strategic steps led to a major Victory – the long-term effectiveness of an agency always willing, prepared and ready to travel first wherever the need is greatest.

Brian Link, Chair of the Board

v i c t o r y p ro g ra m s


What Victory means... For Rob, a member of the Boston Living Center (BLC), New England’s largest

For Ellise, a client at New Joelyn’s Home, Victory Programs’ newest residential treatment program, victory means committing to her recovery goals, rebuilding trust with her family, and a better relationship with her daughter. “I watched a close friend overdose, then two days later I was in an accident after nodding out, then I failed yet another drug test while on probation, all within a week,” she explains. “I realized it was either get clean or die,” she says. “My bottom didn’t exist.” Ellise’s drug use was connected to a toxic relationship. “He’s my daughter’s father,” she says. “I had this idea that we needed to stay together and be a perfect family.” Ellise lost custody of her daughter due to her substance addiction. “I need to do this for myself, so I can be there for my daughter. My mother is an addict and was never there for my brother and I.” Ellise understands that reestablishing trust will take time. “It’s great knowing there is support,” she says. “This is a safe place.” She is focused on establishing a routine including maintaining her job and getting herself back on track. “Choosing each day to stay at New Joelyn’s Home is a huge victory.”

community and resource center for people living with HIV/AIDS, victory means facing bumps in the road with the right resources. In 1993, Rob was in New York City working with children living with HIV when he received his own diagnosis. Rob had to leave work due to AIDS-related complications in 1999. “When my professional identity was stripped away,” he says, “I felt that I no longer had a life purpose.” By 9/11, he was in a cycle of addiction and depression as he attempted to cope. He returned to his hometown. “I was going home to die.” Rob started recovery in 2007; however, his illness had taken its toll on his heart. He knew he could find cardiology specialists with HIV experience if he moved to Boston. At the BLC, Rob found resources to secure affordable housing, transfer his healthcare team, and connect with peer support. In 2017, BLC members awarded Rob the Brenda Bellizeare “BIG” Better it Gets Award, acknowleding his journey. “When you are recognized by your peers, not only for where you’ve been, but where you are going, there is no greater reward.”

For Sharisse, a recent alumni of Portis Family Home, a family sober living program, victory means returning to the workforce, finding stable housing, and learning to love herself. Sharisse started using substances fifteen years ago. “It takes a long time to cause so much havoc,” she says. “It takes a long time to fix.” She started “fixing things” by beginning her recovery in March 2016. Eventually, she moved to Portis Family Home with her son. At Portis, Sharisse received support for her housing search and help pursuing education and employment goals. She reentered the workforce and developed an interest in a human services career. “While Sharisse was at Portis she would help other residents.” explains Program Director, Torleah Washington. “She was a real leader.” Sharisse recently moved into permanent housing with her son and says she loves living in a community. “It’s a great place to raise kids! Everything is in walking distance and people are friendly.” She says her son is adjusting and she is putting down roots. “I plan on staying put.”

For the staff at ReVision Urban Farm, victory means

For Curtis, a client of Victory Programs’ Mobile Prevention Team and a member of the Boston Living Center, victory means having control of his health outcomes. In early February 2018, Curtis proudly learned that he is clear of Hepatitis C. “I wasn’t educated on Hep C,” he shares. “I didn’t understand how important it was to be in treatment.” Curtis explains that he had trouble managing his treatments. “If I’m not acutely feeling sick, if I can’t see it, it’s not there.” Curtis joined the Mobile Prevention Team’s Hepatitis C support group last summer and hasn’t missed a meeting since. “Coming to the Hep C support group helped me to better understand the treatment,” he says. “Seeing others excitement about being treated and cured motivated me.” Curtis says that positive experiences while treating Hepatitis C have helped him improve his adherence to HIV medications and improve his overall health outcomes. Being part of a group helps build a sense of community, a key part of his treatment. “I plan to keep going to the Hep C group,” he says. “Having proper support, peer support helps get me through the stress of all this and keep me on track.”

resilience. This past summer, the farm staff took time to assess the challenges with growing on small, urban lots and saw an opportunity develop a permaculture design for the farm. Permaculture is an ecological land design practice incorporating principles that will allow farm staff to think more innovatively about urban farming. “We were able to create a design that will allow us to create a multigenerational food plan that can withstand the instabilities of climate change, the ever present threat of soil erosion and nutrient loss,” says Farm Manager, Joy Gary. “This past fall we began the process of contouring our fields to create microclimates and swales that will slow, maximize, and guide the use of the rain that falls on the property.” With the help of volunteers, the staff at ReVision Urban Farm was able to complete major sections of the available growing spaces. Today, ReVision Urban Farm is one step closer to creating a resilient future for the farm and continuing its mission to provide nutrient dense, flavor rich food for the community for generations to come.

Victory by the Numbers FY2017


Families Moved into Permanent Housing


New Recovery Beds for Women Added to New Joelyn's Home


Individuals Served in Our Substance Use Disorder Programs

29,431 Meals Served at the Boston Living Center


New Members Joined the Boston Living Center


Attendees at Mobile Prevention Team Groups


People Trained to Reverse an Opioid Overdose


Naloxone Kits Distributed


Volunteer Hours of Service


Participants in ReVision Urban Farm continued on page 4 » workshops

v i c t o r y p ro g ra m s


victory programs community map Victory Programs Administration Mobile Program Location Based Program




Downtown Boston 18

Back Bay Fenway

Victory Health 1


New Joelyn's Home


New Victories


New Victories for Women Shepherd House


Victory House


Women's Hope




3 17

Jamaica Plain


ReVision Family Home


ReVision Family Resource Center


ReVision Urban Farm


Ruah House


Serenity Supportive Housing


Victory Housing on Warren Street

Victory Prevention 18





1 7



Cedar Family Home Chamblet Family Home Portis Family Home

ry Housing

Boston Harbor Islands

4 10


Bobbie White Housing Services



South Boston


Victory Housing 8

South End

Living and Recovering Community (LARC)

Boston Living Center Mobile Prevention Team

annual report 2017

12 13


Mattapan 9


ROAD TO RECOVERY Precontemplation no intention of changing behavior; often unaware of problem

Stages of Change

aware a problem exists; evaluating options; not yet committed to action



wa e m rd s piral - learn fro


sustained change, new behaviors replace old ones

fall back into old patterns of behavior

ac h re lapse

for Recovery and Other Behavior Changes



intent on taking action to address problem; drafts plans; makes small changes


active in steps to modify behavior; on the lookout for potential barriers

Common Steps on the Road to Recovery for Individuals Accessing State Funded Services:


Recovery Homes

(3-5 days of 24 hour care and medical monitoring)

Clincal Stabilization Service (14 days of 24 hour treatment

(usually three to nine months treatment with individual counseling & groups)

in a highly-structured setting)

Initial Access Point

Harm Reduction Services

(needle exchanges, naloxone trainings, street outreach services)

Outpatient Counseling (ongoing)

Transitional Support Services

(28 days of 24 hour treatment in a safe, structured setting after detoxification)

Many individuals benefit from medication for addiction treatment such as methadone, buprenorphine, naltrexone, campral and suboxone and/or mental health services, job training, housing, family support, additional medical services, living skills, etc. throughout the recovery process. * Note: This map reflects one common route individuals struggling with opioid or alcohol addiction might follow on the road to recovery. There are many different routes to recovery, as every individual has unique needs.

demographics & populations served

For more than 40 years, Victory Programs has been committed to providing individuals and families of all races, cultures and sexual orientations with an equal opportunity for shelter, substance use disorder treatment, recovery and wellness. We strive to ensure that appropriate, quality care is available to all underserved populations. Adult clients served in FY2017 (unduplicated): 2,432 Mobile Prevention Clients (included in total adults): 558 Minors/children served in FY2017 (unduplicated): 115

Target Populations













Mental Health History


People with Identified Disabilities




History of Substance Use Disorder






50% White





Black/ African American



Unknown/ Other




Only Identify as Hispanic

21% of Victory Programs' clients identify their ethnicity as Latino and/or Hispanic



Homeless (SUD Programs)

*Clients with verfied insurance




MassHealth/ Medicaid, Medicare



48% HIV+

Age at Admission 0-17


Income Below Federal Poverty Level ($12,140)




annual report 2017

1% Asian


Native American/Alaskan



finances Statement of Financial Position Current Assets Cash and cash equivalents Accounts receivable Promises to give, current Inventory Prepaid expenses Investments Other current assets Total current assets

695,566 961,866 201,796 57,722 84,401 432,298 18,128 $2,451,777

Private Grants & Contributions $2,051,919 (17%)

Federal Grants & Contracts $1,563,076 (13%)

Fees & Other $57,078 (<1%)

$12,237,973 FY2017 REVENUE

Fixed Assets Property, plant and equipment 12,254,093 Less: accumulated depreciation (4,773,904) Total fixed assets $7,480,189

State Grants & Contracts $8,565,900 (70%)

Other Assets Restricted deposits Promises to give, net of current portion Total other assets

85,598 40,000 $125,598

Total Assets $ 10,057,564

Accounts payable Accrued expenses Long-term debt, current Other current liabilities Total current liabilities

258,463 576,512 56,238 22,640 $913,853

Long-Term Liabilities Long-term debt Other long-term liabilities Total long-term liabilities

Total Liabilities

Administration $1,787,491 (14%)


Current Liabilities

Fundraising $894,655 (7%)

5,996,078 32,862 $6,028,940

$ 6,942,793


Program Services $9,987,964 (79%)

Space limitations preclude a full audit presentation. Full audit statements are available upon request.

Net Assets Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Total net assets

2,797,975 316,796 $3,114,771

Total Liabilities & Net Assets $ 10,057,564 v i c t o r y p ro g ra m s


victory programs a year in review New Joelyn’s Home Grand Opening On May 18, 2017, luminaries from across the Commonwealth gathered to celebrate the grand opening of New Joelyn’s Home, Victory Programs’ state-of-the-art residential recovery program for women located in a fully-renovated Victorian home in Boston. The home represents the culmination of more than two-and-a-half years of planning, preparation and implementation to rebuild Victory Programs’ women’s residential recovery services after the unexpected loss of the 47 bed Joelyn’s Family Home facility located on Boston Harbor’s Long Island. Victory Programs is grateful for the support we received from both Massachusetts Governor Baker’s and Boston Mayor Walsh’s administrations, as well as the unprecedented generosity of our friends in the community. In addition to both the Governor and the Mayor attending the celebration and ribbon cutting of this newest addition to the Victory Programs family of health, housing and prevention services, we were joined by new neighbors, staff, supporters and leaders such as Marylou Sudders, Secretary of Health and Human Services; State Representative Liz Malia; Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson; Sheila Dillon, Director of Neighborhood Development for the City of Boston; and Chrystal Kornegay, Executive Director of MassHousing.

Celebration of Life Victory Programs’ Boston Living Center’s 30th annual Celebration of Life was a fantastically fun holiday feast served free of charge in the ballroom of the Hynes Convention Center to more than 700 members of the HIV/AIDS community and their loved ones. The event featured a sit-down dinner; entertainment by the Back Bay Ringers, DJ Ollie, spoken word artist Mason, Verna Turbulence and Friends, and Woza Moya; and a Resource Fair with more than 30 participating organizations. The evening also included the presentation of the Peter Daniel Clark Award for exceptional service to the HIV/AIDS community to Daniel Faucher AKA Verna Turbulence and the Brenda Bellizeare “BIG” Better it Gets Award to Boston Living Center member Rob Quinn, for his leadership in the HIV/AIDS community. In addition to providing a powerful opportunity for people living with HIV/AIDS to gather together, the Celebration of Life serves as the largest fundraiser of the year for vital services at Victory Programs’ Boston Living Center. This year’s event raised more than $130,000 to support programming at the Center! Victory Programs is deeply grateful for all of the generous support of the many people who make this event a success including our corporate supporters, special friends and amazing volunteers!

Gratitude Dinner The annual Gratitude Dinner and companion Manny Jefferson Gratitude Awards for volunteerism date back to when our first program, Victory House, was founded in 1975. Clients at Victory House gathered for an impromptu celebration to cook, eat and share stories of gratitude. More than 40 years later, hundreds of Victory Programs clients, members, residents, alumni, staff, board members and special guests still gather every year to share stories of Gratitude from across 19 health, housing and prevention programs. The event is also opportunity to recognize the exceptional contributions volunteers have made to Victory Programs through the presentation of the Manny Jefferson Gratitude Awards. In 2017, the awards were presented to agency photographer Greig Cranna who, for the past three years, has given his time and talent around Mother’s Day to take photos of mothers and children in Victory Programs’ three family shelters, and Reverend Judy Mannheim for her spiritual guidance and support of the members of the Boston Living Center. 8

annual report 2017

Remembering Absent Friends For over 30 years, Jan Quiram’s expansive career guided Victory Programs through thick and thin and just about everything else in between. She carefully coached us from adolescence to maturity. She conceived creative ways to control all the careening and colliding, complexities and perplexities, growing pains and growing gains, in the life of a bold new agency.

In Memoriam

Remembering her Wonder

Jan Quiram Confident confidantconsultant-counselor-coach.

We spent 30 years scribbling down every wandering word of her winsome wisdom. She might answer fiercest fears without worry; calmly with no time for tears: “It’s easy. Here’s what we do. First put one foot in front of the other. Then take a step. You are not alone here. We will do this together.” Is there a single word that could ever suffice? An indescribable friend-woman-mother-wife? Her life? In our world, she was nothing less than Wonder. “The wonder keeping the stars apart” (ee cummings). From day one, she gave us all the goals to start – but most of all – she gave her heart. In 1993, a small, group of young men, each with deep individual fears and struggles, left Boston and journeyed to a country retreat. The photograph of these friends resting on a sunny, late-spring afternoon, still hangs in Victory Programs’ main office. In the picture, standing in back, is John Morris. Seated on the ground is his future husband, Stephen Thomas. 1993 was the height of the AIDS pandemic, when little in life felt secure or safe, and the social stigma for alcoholics or addicts was rampant. Together, the young men shared a deep connection of hope, healing, and the promise that they “will know a new freedom and a new happiness…they will comprehend the word serenity and they will know peace. “

In Memoriam

John Morris

John Morris was the embodiment of these promises. His husband, Stephen, once wrote: “When I met the man of my dreams we were penniless, and jobless, but we knew we could build a wonderful life together and we did… The joy is in the journey. Enjoy every moment and be grateful for everything.” The community of support that binds all of Victory Programs doesn’t happen by accident. It happens because of people like John Morris and his husband Stephen who found gratitude for everything that leads to serenity, peace and unconditional love.

A small Victory at Shepherd House with life-changing consequences for women and newborns Shepherd House, with its capacity of 32 adult women’s treatment beds, broke all precedents this year by working diligently with the state’s health department to expand licensing to include six beds for new and expectant mothers! Shepherd House is the first traditional recovery home at Victory Programs to secure the special license required to accommodate newborns and infants in an adult treatment facility, ensuring that new mothers can return to the treatment program after giving birth rather than facing the stress of finding a new program. Victory Programs’ welcomed the first new mother to Shepherd House in 2017!

v i c t o r y p ro g ra m s


sources of support Victory Programs gratefully acknowledges our supporters for our fiscal year ending June 30, 2017.

Cash Contributions $100,000 to the sky! Anonymous

$50,000-$99,999 j Bank

of America Charitable Foundation j Janet and Jeffrey B. Larson j Larson Family Foundation Robert Lloyd Corkin Charitable Foundation j United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley

$25,000-$49,999 j The

Boston Foundation Doe Family Foundation Hanley Family Foundation j The Janey Fund Charitable Trust Liberty Mutual Foundation Mark Ranslem j Royal Commonwealth Society j Walgreens Walmart Foundation Hansjoerg Wyss The Wyss Foundation

$10,000-$24,999 Cabot Family Charitable Trust j Larry & Christine Carsman j Cedar Tree Foundation j Steven D. Corkin and Dan Maddalena de Beaumont Foundation 10

annual report 2017

j Eastern

Bank Charitable Foundation j David and Donna Frieze Frieze Family Foundation ▲ j Brian Gerhardson and John Shade Guaranteed Rate, Inc. Sharon and Alistair Lowe j The M.A.C. AIDS Fund Macy’s Corporate Giving Maguire Mechanical Services j Marnie Munger j Partners Healthcare System j Anne L. Peretz ▲ j Craig Robbins and Eric Huang Shippy Foundation j Joseph Smith and Scott Popkowski The Wilson Foundation

$5,000-$9,999 ALG Family Foundation Ameriprise Financial j Sara J. Andrews and Neil Bradley Anonymous j Ronald M. Ansin and James Stork The Bank of New York Mellon j Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Inc. Brookline Bank j Bushrod H. Campbell and Adah F. Hall Charity Fund Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Cares

Israel Deaconess Medical Center Boston Medical Center Boston Medical Center Healthnet Plan j Bristol-Myers Squibb j A. Joseph Castellana and James Seligman Cohn Reznick CREA, LLC. j Raymond F. Delano and Michael T. Fay Delta Dental of Massachusetts East Boston Savings Bank Charitable Foundation Essex Builders j Fenway Health Fidelity Foundation Friends of Freida Garcia Park j James P. Furlong j Gilead Sciences, Inc. Dave Hamilton j Robert Hardman j Helen Schmidt Hardman Charitable Trust Holland & Knight LLP Sasha Liang & Shynna Viteri j Rev. Judith G. Mannheim Eric Mazzacone and Jerome Holton Mollie Baldwin Foley Charitable Trust People’s United Bank $2,500-$4,999 People’s United Alkermes, Inc Community Foundation of Eastern Massachusetts j Anonymous Beacon Hill Circle for Charity j Jim Pettinelli and Thomas Keegan Tony R. Bertoldi ▲ j Daniel M. Schutt and Kevin L. O’Neil and Christian Flynn j Paul

and Patricia Daoust Flour Bakery Glassman Gale Family Fund j Anne Gilchrist-Hall Grace Jones Richardson Testamentary Trust Granite Telecommunications Greater Boston Council on Alcoholism j Esmond Harmsworth Charitable Foundation Health Resources in Action j Julian A. & Lois G. Brodsky Foundation j Daniel B. Kelly ▲ John  LeSaffre Macy’s Foundation Anne Mostue The Paul & Edith Babson Foundation James M. Pierce and Rick Cresswell j Roderic R. Richardson Sandy and Becky Sheble-Hall State Street Matching Gift Program j Thomas R. and Jane K. Talamini* TD Charitable Foundation Stephen Thomas j TJX Foundation Daniel Tyrrell

j Beth

Dugan and Jack Moran Eaton Vance Investment Managers ▲ j David L. Ebert Ecologic Entomology Ethel Kennedy Foundation Jay Falcon j Pam and Bill Feingold j Debbie and Ronald Fellman j Fellman Law Group, P.C. j Robert and Lori Fernandez $1,000-$2,499 Debra Ellen Fox j 5 Star Travel Services Give With Liberty Anonymous j Scott Gortikov and Ross Ozer j Jana and Fisk Bacon Lawrence D. and Lawrence Basile Beth C. Greenberg Berkshire Bank Foundation j Robert J. Griffin and j Erica and Brian Birke Roseann M. Russell Allyson Bloom Hackett Feinberg P.C. and Sam Thakarar Henderson Foundation Boston Gay Basketball Kevin L. Hepner League Hingham Institution j Boston Private for Savings j Boston Public Health Bill Horrigan Commission j  HUB International j Boston Red Sox New England, LLC Foundation j John B. Cruz Construction Souhail Bouricha, Company, Inc. in memory of Fatiha Bouricha j John Latella j Jim Bracciale and Richard M. Kestler, Jr. j James Liebau Breckinridge Capital Advisors James Lin ▲ Dane  Bremer Brian F. Link and Stacey Link Burns & Levinson LLP ▲ Craig  and Maureen j Paul and Catherine Malcolm Buttenwieser ▲ j Rosemary D. Maslow j C & P Buttenwieser Foundation MAX Ultimate Food j Lori D. Campana Erin McFrane Lee and Wendy Cappola Joseph Menick Appy D. Chandler III MGH Institute of Health Professions j Club Café New England Leather j Harry R. Collings Alliance and Daniel Moon John and Colleen Jeffrey A. Conrad O’Connell Craig Cormier Shawn P. O’Neill Coro Allegro Pegasystems Judith Cranna ▲ Sarah  Porter j Marc J. Davino ▲ Drusilla  Pratt-Otto Department of Public Terry and Susan Ragon Health Bureau of Substance Abuse Services Ragon Institute j State

Street Katherine Truscott and Sara Malconian Tufts Health Plan United Parish of Auburndale Mike Van Houten ▲ j Barbara A. Wetherington and Robert A. Moeser Winslow Evans & Crocker Inc The Yale Charitable Foundation

j Elizabeth

Jeremy Ryan D. Scott and Dr. Michael W. McGuill Rachel Segall and James Hurley Bruce Silverlieb and Mark Korson j April Simon Slattery Brothers, Inc. Poonam Soi & Tej Pavoor Staples Foundation Jessica C. Straus and David M. Berson Peter Tenggren and Warren Mitchell Margaret Tracey and Russell Kaiser Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Cambridge ▲ j Bruce D. Walker, M.D. and Alice Cort, M.D. ▲ j Ann P. Walsh-Macleod and Tucker MacLeod j Thomas White and Patricia Troy Wolf & Company, P.C. ▲ j Paul M. Yates and John F. Feeney ▲

Comella’s Restaurants Commonwealth Land Trust David M. Connelly Janice Corkin-Rudolf and John B. Emery David Coughlin j Robert J. Cummings and Dennis Condon j Mary and James D’Ambra j Dana Farber Cancer Institute j Philip N. Dearborn ▲ J  oan Denapoli-Byrne and Patrick Byrne Dana Dilworth Helen Donovan and Holly Nixholm Mark Douglass ▲ j Cecile Durham Elite Protective Services Jeffrey S. Feingold j Judith and John Felton Stephanie G. Fidel Fiduciary Trust Company j Andie S. Finard Sandro Frattura j Andrew Fullem $500-$999 Scott Galinsky and Ruben Loza ADP Gay Urban Running League Dara Alperen-Cipollone and Carlo Cipollone Andrea and John Geyling-Moore j Rafael A. Altieri and Steven Lumb Anne Giovanoni j Paul D. Anagnostos Gail Gitcho and Brian Price Dyan M. Goodwin Anonymous j Richard I. Gordon j Dennis Balog and Meg G. Hale Robert J. DeMers Harbor Hotel Provincetown ▲ j Julie Barnes ▲ j Caroline R. Helmuth j Joseph P. Barri Shauna Helton and and Randy A. Farrar Reyes Coll-Tellechea Elizabeth and j Prentiss and Polly Higgins Steven Beckhardt Brian Holliday Glen Bernstein and Edward Rocha David and Marcia Bjork Hope House Inc. Boston Pride Hockey j Jonna Hopwood Jeff and Aura Bruce and Gary Goldman Lawrence Buell Horizon Beverage Robert Burch Company, Inc. Business Copy Associates, Inc. j John Hornor and Ronald E. Skinn Jim Campen & Phyllis Ewen j Hornor-Skinn Charitable Fund Citrin Cooperman j David M. Hough Cynthia and Willard Clark j Jonathan

v i c t o r y p ro g ra m s


j Patsy

and John Howard Interior Resources Conroy Jackson David Jacobs Janssen Therapeutics Robb Johnson ▲ Ian  Johnson Mike Kelley Karl R. Krueger III j Christopher Lawrence and Philip B. White j James E. Long and Steven G. Connolly Nyna and Robert Malley j Samuel and Rae Ann Mandell David and Janet Mannheim Sean McConnell Missionary Society of St. Paul Joy Mosenfelder MPD Higgins Foundation Craig Nealy j Neighborhood Health Plan, Inc. Mickey Nguyen ▲ j David D. Nielson and Paul P. O’Brien Carolyn Orfanella and Brad Solomon Connie Packard Phil Paul Barry Perkins Phoenix Security Narendra Popat and Jyoti Popat Jill Preotle ▲ Matt  and Nicole Pritchard Providence Biltmore Hotel j James A. Quale j Jeffrey Ranahan j Frank Ribaudo Wilson and Elizabeth Rickerson Gerald L. Robbins RoLa Languages ▲ j Linda M. Rowley Robert Saurer j Peter and Cynthia Scott j Dr. Tom K. Scott and Margaret R. Scott j Wendy & Stephen Shalen Kristin and David Shapiro Gary Sherr 12

annual report 2017

Karen Siegel David Siegenthaler Joanne St. Pierre j Bradford and Tim Swing Sysco Talbots Charitable Foundation, Inc. Tufts Nutrition Infection Unit j Donald Vaughan and Lee Ridgway James R. Walckner j Lynn G. Weissberg Wholesale Carpet Susan and David Williams Ellen Wineberg Gail E. Young and Kenneth F. Jurist Lisa Zirpolo

Carolyn Crowley Devaney Energy Kathleen Donahue Dennis Duquette Stephen and Laura Durant Lucy Everett j Philip Finch and Will Halpin Harriet Finkelstein Frances and Jeremy Fisher Andrea and Steve Frank Leona Frank Tony Gale j Sterling Giles and Rudy Kikel* j Jonathan G. Goode and Cary Raymond Camilla Graham GraphicSmith Printing & Mailing $250-$499 Mary Beth Gray and Brent Gray Carole Aaron j Robert Greenwald j AIDS Action Committee and Kurt Einstein Robert Amelio Kathleen Griffin and Tim Williamson j Michael J. Hallman Anonymous Jean Hamburg AON Foundation James Hardison Bunny Aronson j Mark D. Harrington j Ken J. Arruda j Alfredo Hernandez Chavez Matt and Kevin Badger Robert Hibbard Bainco International Investors Paul Hibbard Bank of America Financial ▲ j James D. Higgins Joseph Barkus j Kay and Phil Hodge Beantown Softball League Robert Hosgood Thomas Belton j Philip and Holiday Houck Boston Strikers Soccer Club Mark Huberman Gail Boyajian John Huitema j Stephanie and Harry Hunt Kevin and Amy Brennan j J.J. Bodner Insurance Kaitlin Caldwell Agency Cambridge Boston Volleyball Association Judith Jackson ▲ j Aimee Boutin and Joseph R. Caputo Nathaniel Johnson j Paul J. Carey and Barry Pike David Kessler j Mary Carey and Marianne Wiser Frank Celeste Kids’ Corner City Service Mission | Boston Ciaran Lawlor Marianne Colacray Jonathan Li Tom and Liz Coleman ▲ Joanne  & Neil Lindenmayer Susan Collings Maloney Properties, Inc. Anne Marie Concemi j Miriam N. Mandell, in Colleen Connolly memory of Carolyn Murray Marc Croteau ▲ Lori  Manzelli


Carol A. Matyka Linda Mazak j Gabriel P. McGoldrick j Thomas and Leah McGuill j Sherry Meadows ▲ j Alison I. Merrill Robert Monahan j Cynthia L. Monroe Chris Montani Steve Morash Kim Moy and Douglas M. Fambrough Suzanne and James Nadeau North Cambridge Co-operative Bank Robert Oppenheimer Maureen Palmer Anu and Anand Parikh Richard and Cynthia Perkins Mark Pietkiewicz j Theodore W. Pietras Pinck & Company, Inc. j Marjorie Posner Ptown Bikes ▲ j Melissa Pullin and Michelle Conroy Tim Quin j Joseph T. Realmuto Jr. j Teresa Reyes and Martin Monas j Mary Richardson and Stanley Leven Anne and Arthur Robbins Leah Robins and Leif Larsen Rockland Trust j Barbara Schreiber and Michael Lambert j Peter and Margaret Sherin Heidi L. Siegal Lindsay Silverman j Charles Smith and Vinni Gallucci Darrell Smith MaryEllen and Mara Solomon-Auger Terry Stangel and Julie Anathan State Street Rinus Strydom ▲ j Kathy A. Sugrue j Temple Israel Fiorella Tramontozzi ▲j ▲j

Tony Vaccaro W. B. Mason j Bruce S. Weisberg and Serge A. Genesse j Richard and Sally Weitzen Frederick J. White, JR., D.M.D. j Jeffrey M. Williams j John F. Winterle Yankee Sprinkler Co. Inc. ▲ j Yumi Yasutake j David M. Young

$100-$249 Elizabeth Abbott Action for Boston Community Development John Affuso j Michael S. Albert Marijke Alsbach AmazonSmile Foundation Karl Ames Anonymous Leona Aronson Theodore & Patricia Arsenault j James Aurelio j David and Alexandra Austin John Avedian j Michael Bacon and Timothy Burgers Stephen Balkam Bank of America Matching Gifts Program Lynette Basile j Alan and Mary Becker Kara Becker Eugene Beresin and Michaela Moran Brad Blake Scott Bock & Louise Newman Don M. Bogdanowicz Ashok Boghani and Meera Boghani Ashish Boghani William Bole Paul Boos j Debra K. Borkovitz Boston Ironsides Rugby Football Club Boston Medical Center for Infectious Diseases

Boston Wet Sox Roni Boyles j John G. and Mary Brooks Alex P. Bruder & Fira Zainal, in memory of Tedy Bruder Robert Bryant David Buckle and David Bross Steven Burke j Steven Cadwell Cafeteria Plan Advisors, Inc. Steven Cagnetta Peter Cahn Andre Campagna and Gary Sherr Victor Canez Patricia Capalbo Jean Carroon j Christopher Casale and Jerome Kaper John Casey Marc Catalano Cengage Learning Dr. Paul Cernota Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz Marjorie Charney Robert Childers Raymond Chuairy j Patricia Church, in memory of Paige Farley Citizens Bank j Rev. Charles H. & Priscilla Clark Faith Clements j Eugenie H. Coakley Codman Square Health Center Community Research Initiative of New England, Inc. Tim Corcoran j Dr. Inge Corless James Cormier ▲ j Manny Correia and Tom Harvey John Costello Susan Coviello Chris Cox William Crane Maria Cranna Harvey and Tina Crosby j Karen Crounse

Peter Crowley John B. Cruz III David Curado D & N Provisions Michael Dagostino Geoffrey Davis j David and Mary Dearborn Brian Delfino j Meg R. Dellenbaugh j Lilibeth Denham and Kristin Dardano Edward Devlin j Michael J. DiCaprio Susan Dickason j Stephen Dickerman John M. Digaetano Marian Dioguardi Elizabeth Doherty Edward Dube Matthew Duffy Patrick Dutoit Karen Edlund and Barbara Fortier Stephen J. Engler and John S. Lopes Brian Espinola Ernesto Falcon j Bill Farmer Jacqueline Farrell Daniel Faucher and Tom Weisand Diana Feik Michael Fenter John Fernandes Peter Finnegan First Church in Cambridge Andrew Fisher and Daljt Chouhan j Rick A. Floreani and Thomas D. O’Toole j Kevin and Elaine Foley j Eileen F. Fox, in memory of Anthony Cousens Melissa and Chris Frail j Lorraine Franciose and Jane Kornblatt j Maryanne Frangules Eileen Franklin David J. Freed Barry A. Friswold Robert Galford Caroline Gaudet

How small “TIPS” add up to major opportunities: Victory Programs’ Boston Living Center’s 30th annual Celebration of Life could not have been a record-breaking success without the help of our hardworking TIPS Servers. Not only did they come to the event from all over the Greater Boston area to serve guests and make sure each had a fantastic experience – they also raised vital funding for lifesaving services at the Boston Living Center! Each year TIPS servers act as the backbone of this heartwarming community event. Each individual server commits to raising a minimum of $300, not much by itself, however, all these small “TIPS” add up. This year’s servers collected contributions totaling nearly $30,000 for the Boston Living Center to provide indispensable services like peer support, wellness services, educational opportunities and of course the meals and nutrition program at the heart of the Center. These small “TIPS” combine to make a big difference in the quality of care the Boston Living Center is able to provide for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. v i c t o r y p ro g ra m s


Kelly T. Gaule and Julie A. Clark ▲ Brian  Geer and Kevin Harrington Bob Giannino-Racine Lynne Gilbody Gillian C. Gill j Susan and Bruce Gold Virginia A. Golden j Ronald Goldstein j \Shirley and Normand Gonthier j Mark P. Gonthier Holly Goodale John Goodwin j William S. Grainge Robert Greene Steven D. Grinspoon Gulf Coast Community Foundation Nancy Gutmann j Barbara and Bob Haines j Joseph F. Haley and Eric Tingdahl Mark A. Haley Jacalyn F. Hamburg j Caroline G. and Gary Hamilton Kendra Hanlon Daryl Hanna Brian Hannon Dean T. Hara Kelly A. Harney Sunil Harpalani Khristian Hawver-Scott Edward Hennessy and Harriet Fishman Charlene Henry Matthew Hibbert Jenna Hickey ▲ Rob  and Julie Higgins Dean Hildreth James and Karen Hilton ▲ j Kathy Hinchcliffe Christine Hogan Lauren Holleran Janine Hollon j Bert Holman Douglas Hughes Bhuvana Husain iCater at Pine Street Inn ▲j


annual report 2017

Intel Corporation Holly Jackson Michael Jacobs Marylynn Jacobs Kristin James George & Nancy Johnston Diana Jong Justin Juarez j Deborah S. Judd Sue Katchpole Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz George Kaulbach Carolyn Kaulbach Danya Kazakavich John Keaney Scott Kearnan Louise and Richard Keeley j Dede M. Ketover, the Board Whisperer Timothy G. Kiley j Jim Kilmurray and Janice Quiram* Stanton Kilpatrick Kathy Kingston David Knapp Cynthia A. Koebert Roy and Mary Ann Koerner Robert Kunzendorf and Elizabeth Ritvo David Lane LANES j Andrew S. Lantz j Michaeline LaRoche and Robert Ouellette ▲ Kyle  Lawless Janet Lawn ▲ j Tim Leahy j Laura and William Lebow Jennifer Leclerc and David Martin Robert Levinson Steven and Donna Lipiner Nancy E. Lippincott Paul Lucerto Sandra Luikenhuis Meghan and Paul Lynch John MacDonald Stephen Madero Donald and Louise Maier j Noreen and David Manzo Julie Marston

Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling Massachusetts General Hospital j Daniel R. Mathieu and Thomas M. Potter Charles McBride Mary McCauley John and Patt McCone Claudia McCoy Kim McDowell Tim McGowan j Dr. Jean McGuire and Barbara Herbert Linda McManus David McMenamin McShane Charitable Fund Kevin and Mary Meagher Ron Medina Anmol Mehra Smita and Rohit Mehta Anjan and Ameeta Mehta j Deborah B. Mel Ronald Melendez j Tom R. Meringolo Joanna Messing Carol and Fred Millar j Mrs. Peter M. Moffitt Shelley Mogil Pascal Molenat j Monday Night Bowling League j Patricia and Kathy Moran James Morgrage Robert Morris j Lucy Morris Jill Morrison Multicultural AIDS Coalition Larry and Daphne Munhall William Myles Amy Nauss New England AIDS Education and Training Center Pam Nicholas Saraswathy and Kumar Nochur N’Touch Productions James O’Connell Cheryl Oelschlagel Ann O’Hara and Stephen L. Day

Matthew T. O’Hurley Valerie Oltarsh David O’Neil Joe Orfant Jonathan Ortloff Greg Pakhaldzhyan John Parks Steven and Claudine Pashko j Joyce and Bruce Pastor Patricia P. Irgens Larsen Charitable Foundation Inc. Bobbi Peckarsky and Steve Horn Chad Perry Don Picard The Picture Store Edward and Maryann Pilat j John D. Pinney, M.D. and Barbara L. Robinson Demi Plitkins j Marilyn Poindexter Pratt Medical Group, Inc. Michael Quintana Nathaniel Rabb and Michaelann Zimmerman Jeff Ramsey Ellen Reedy Suresh Reginald RI Realty Trust, Inc. j Frances and Hugh Rogovin j Larry G. Rosenberg Pattie Roth Shirley A. Royster j Deborah Ruhe Representative Byron Rushing j John G. Russell Cynthia Sachs Ruben Sanchez Ken Sawada Stephanie Schall Jim Schlosser Carl Sciortino Clare and Richard Segall James Seligman Julia Shepley and Alan Cohen Lauretta Siggers-Benton Joan Simpkins Steven and Troy Smith

Peter Soares Michael J. Souza SPAN, Inc. Marilu Swett and Carl Spector Rosanna Steinig Sebastian Stuart and Stephen McCauley Michael A. Sullivan Eric Sutherland Terry Tan Susan Tannehill Martha Taub Harold W. Taylor Marla and Steven Taylor Tennis4All Joseph Therriault Jansen Tiongson Brian Travis Tufts Medical Centerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Infectious Diseases Department Joseph Turner Michael Tyler Jennifer Vargas Carlos A. Vega and Arnold Ginsburg Vincent and JP Kristen Vella Robert Veneziano j Susan E. Vik Lauren C. Vinick Adelheid Voskuhl Kelly Walsh Stephen Walsh Sueq Wartman Henry Weinberger Andrew H. Schiller and Dr. Susan Westmoreland Whittier Street Health Center Deborah Wible Andrew Wigren Robert Wilson and Sergio Mazon Winthrop Book Depot Cafe Mark Wollaston j Leonard and Shirley Young Jay Zimmerman

$50-$99 Karen Akukwe Alejandro Alvarez Jim Anderson Anonymous Joe Antoun David Aronstein and Steven Tamsey j Steven Ascher Cynthia Aziz Judy Babitz Kenneth Bachman j Judith and Medhi Bahiri Laura Baldini Amy Ballot Dan Baptiste Damian Barr Charles Beamer j Alan R. Bender Mike Bibilos j Doreen M. Biebusch Lianne Bishop Steve Bjork Jay Blackwell Aaron Blaine Richard Blatt Adriana Bokel Herde Gerald Bonas Dana Bos Bruce Bouchard Beth Bouloukos Michael Bova Judy Bradford Suzanne Brendle Gary B. Brenner Lisa Brown Chris Burke Gary Buseck Michael Campenella Robert Casanta Ambar Cerrud Paul Chabot Ben Chapman Elyse D. Cherry j Frances & Phillip Christou Kathryn Christy Yenkuei Chuang Phillip Clawson j Donna Cohen

Dara Cohen Hanna Coleman Jennifer and Joan Collins, in memory of Christopher Collins Matt Collins Maureen Connelly Kate Constantino Joe Coombs Chuck Coppa Eileen Corbett Rachel Crowley Elizabeth Cureton Gary Daffin & Steve Wilson Brad Darrach Mark Davis Larry and Keturah Day Celeste C. Daye John de Angeli Jay Dee Regina & Paul Dembowski Josh Denis Faith M. Derderian j David Deslauriers Christopher DeVerna Cynthia Dickstein Chris Digaetano Pennie Dimartino Corey Dinopoulos Brian Donohoe William Trippe Duke j Nanette L. Dumas Colin Eddings El Amor de Patricia j Peter J. Epstein Michele Eschenheimer Eamonn Fanning Diane Faria Terence Farmer Stephen Feinberg Daniel Feingold j Ricardo Ferrer j Shelley F. Fishman Sean Fitzgerald David Fitzgerald j Alan Frank Michael Freeman Victoria Frothingham Janie and Leo Garvin Brian Garvin

GE Foundation Robert George Adam Geragosian Nooshin Ghazi j Nancy G. Gilman Earlene Givens Mitch J. Glassman Michael Goldrosen and Tin Hong Caleb Gonsalves David Gooden Lara Gordon Jack Gorman Duane Gosley Linda Goulet Peter Govek Simon Green Daniel Greenwood Jennifer L. Grenier Anne Griepenburg Kristine Grimes j Debra M. Grzywacz and Jodie Shapiro Ann Halley Anne Hansen Matthew R. Hanson Kathryn Harwick-Foley Lisa Haupt Christine Haverty Marie Herb and William Henning Tamara Hillstrom Amy Hoffman Rich Hurwitz James Hykel Latrinda Jackson Bernard Jackson Corey Jacobs Adam Jacobs Susan James â&#x2013;˛ Caitlin  Johnson Shiji Joseph Sue Joyce j Michael Kascak and William J. Hritz Joshua Kelley Jason Keo Jennifer Kettell Uma Kher Thomas Kilduff

v i c t o r y p ro g ra m s


Expanding Job Readiness with a Few Small, Critical Steps: Victory Programs’ Job Readiness Program offers training to heads of households living at our family homeless shelters. The Job Readiness Program has a long history of providing unique, stipend-paying jobs at our ReVision Family Resource Center and ReVision Urban Farm. This year our Victory Housing division expanded the program with a few small, critical steps to give the women a more comprehensive job experience. Prospective applicants must interview for open positions and will have regular reviews of their progress to meet job expectations. Each participant will now work assignments across three job sites: ReVision Family Resource Center, ReVision Urban Farm, and one of the three shelter sites. Rotating job-sites allows participants first-hand experience in urban farm management, general operations of working in a family daycare and family transitional housing oversight. This will give participants diversified experience for their résumés as well as a wider skill set, a necessary preparation for full time employment in the community. In addition to fulfilling the work requirements, each participant will work with a dedicated Resident Assistant for ten hours a week individually and in group workshops to help develop résumés, conduct job searches, prepare for interviews and build expectations about the working world. The combined small steps in our Job Readiness Program ensure each woman has the opportunity to learn and practice transferable job skills such as leadership, customer service and public speaking. Additionally, this process directly builds confidence with each participant, setting her up for success with all the resources and tools she needs to become an independent, self-sufficient member of the workforce.

18 16

annual annualreport report 2015 2017

Julian Kite Bennett Klein Lisa Kling Matthew Labadia Svetlana & Miroslav Ladan Kevin Lalli Jim Laprade Cindy Lauwers Cynthia Layne-Gordon Rachael Levay Marc Lewis Christopher Logue Stephen E. Loher Michael Lucerto Richard Lundstrom Molly Magill Michael Mallon Tom Malone John Mancone Laura Manning Cindy Manning Diego Mansilla Edward Marshall II Joseph McCarthy Christopher McCoy ▲ Kimberly  McGarvey Matthew McGuirk Andrea & Dale McLennan Jim McNulty j M. Azzam Mehssen j Jonathan Melman Melman Chiropractic Group Memorial School Dress Down Fund j Scot and Lorraine Miller Deborah Morris Christopher and Mary Mulroney Vinod Muralidhar Robert Murray Mei Li N. G. Stephen L. Naworski ▲ Cristina  Necula-Kilmurray Elizabeth Neidel Sean Neilon Margaret Nevins Brandt Newton Amanda Nicholson j Christine Paiva

Vincent Pascale Thomas Penque Laura Perna Sarah Petkiewicz j Samuel and Silvia Petuchowski David Phalstaf Vladimir Pilipenko Polly Pook Kristen Porter Kenneth R. Pratt j Warren Prescott and Robert Constantine PTC Inc. Brad Puglio Renee Pujols Sarah Purcell Robert M. Quist Ellen Radis Richard Radocchia John and Moira Raftery Fran Rappaport Red Hat Margaret Retsch James Rich Carla Richards Alexander Roche William Rohde Tammy Rollins Laurie Rose Leslie Rosenberg James E. Roy Susan Russell Thomas Salvoni j Thomas Santaniello Paul and Patrick Santos Michael Sato Esther Sayer Emily Schall Alyssa Schoenfeld Daniel Seah Donna and Scott Semel Robert Serio Norine and Peter Shults Ray Sin Hakan Sjoo Daniele Skopek Ronald A. Smith Jerome Smith Lindsay Strozza

Sun Life Finanical Foundation Meena Sundaram Ildiko Szabo j Joseph F. Szymanski j Matthew A. Thall Jim Torres Lisa Townley Paul Twitchell Bonnie Tyrrell Kelly Tzannes John VanBesien Harriet Vasilopoulos Yvonne Venuti Elizabeth Vincent Christopher Vyce Noriko Wada Bronwyn Wada-Gill Tom Walsh Mary Walsh Linda Ward Kristy Warner James Warren Craig Wells Thomas Wesley and Rebecca Wild-Wesley Jane Westgate David Whitmore Carol M. Wilson-Koyen Antoinette and Brian Winters Suzi Wojdyslawski and Andrew H. Goldberg

In-Kind Contributions $100,000 to the sky! Clear Channel Entertainment Boston Food Bank

j Greater

$10,000-$99,999 The Art Connection Circle Furniture Mass AV Massachusetts Convention Center Authority j Xaverian Brothers High School

$1,000-$9,999 Adams Chapman Alkermes, Inc Bay Windows Boston Spirit Magazine j Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage j Combined Jewish Philanthropies j Community Servings Eck MacNeely Architects, Inc. Jonathan Fenelon Foliaire David and Greta Fox Gourmet Caterers, Inc. Harbor Hotel Provincetown Museum Properties Ropes & Gray South End News j Toys for Tots

$500-$999 Boston Gay Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Chorus Jib Bowers j Club Cafe Coalition for a Better Acre DC Rentals Disney EDGE Publications Inc. Equinox Family Independent Initiative j Pam and Bill Feingold jetBlue Cha-Chi Loprete Stephen Lord William Lugo MJW Adventures Kristen Roger-Halloran School on Wheels Sheraton Boston Hotel Spectacle Eyeware Amanda Stegmann and Nat Taylor Sysco Teamsters Local 125 j Temple Beth Avodah The Colonnade Hotel j The PULSE Program for Service Learning | Boston College

j United

Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley Woza Moya Victory Programs would like to give special thanks to the volunteers that have dedicated their time and energy to our many programs. Their time and commitment to Victory Programs have a value of over $353,000 in total hours donated!

Sources of Contract and Third-Party Support Beacon Health Strategies Boston Housing Authority Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan Boston Public Health Commission: Ryan White CARE Act Title I Cambridge Housing Authority Chelmsford Housing Authority Child Care Choices of Boston (ABCD) City of Boston Bounty Bucks Program City of Boston Department of Neighborhood Development: Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) City of Lowell: Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development Massachusetts Department of Public Health: Office of HIV/AIDS Bureau of Substance Abuse Services Massachusetts Rehabilitation

Commission Statewide Head Injury Program (SHIP) Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership These lists represent contributions received by Victory Programs from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. We apologize for any errors or omissions and ask that you contact our development department with any corrections: (617) 541-0222 or development@vpi.org. j

 denotes Keystone Partner

Keystone Partners have made a contribution to Victory Programs in ten or more years.

denotes Cornerstone Partner Cornerstone Partners commit to making recurring donations to Victory Programs.


* denotes deceased

v i c t o r y p ro g ra m s


Board of Directors President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jonathan D. Scott Chair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brian Link Vice Chair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sara Andrews Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sharon Lowe Clerk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Noel Richardson Liz Beckhardt Tony Bertoldi Erica Birke Elizabeth Dugan

Fatema Fazendeiro, Esq. Andie Finard Alan Gentle Grace Harrell, MD

Andrea Laing Kyle Lawless Steven Lipiner Drusilla Pratt-Otto

Craig Robbins Sandy Sheble-Hall Susan Tannehill Rhonda Waters David Whitman

Leadership President & Chief Executive Officer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jonathan D. Scott Vice President & Chief Operations Officer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sarah Porter Vice President of Development & Communications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Marc Davino Chief Human Resources Officer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cecile Durham Chief Financial Officer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Christopher Lawrence Richard Baker, Mobile Prevention Team Program Director Sidney H. Burton Jr., Director of MIS Kathy Crehan, Director of Clinical Services Larry Day, Boston Living Center Program Director Rainer Felber, Director of Victory Health Janet Gardner-Robinson, New Victories Program Director Angela Headley, Shepherd House Program Director Jaclynne Lira, New Joelyn’s Home Program Director Eileen Maguire, Deputy Director of Victory Health Ryan McCallister, Victory House Program Director Zanele McIntyre, LARC Program Director

Lauren Migliacci, Director of Quality Assurance Rosemary Panzer, ReVision Family Home Program Director John O’Connor, Director of Facilities Anu Parikh, Assistant Director of Development Tashonna Simmons, Director of Supportive Services Tammy Simmons-Dixon, Director of Victory Housing Rosa Varraso, Accounting Manager Meg von Lossnitzer, Deputy Director of Victory Prevention Torleah Washington, Chamblet and Portis Family Homes Program Director Wendy Webber, Women’s Hope Program Director

“We fund Victory Programs because they have remarkable and unique programs in Boston’s urban communities that fight food insecurity and help homeless families make the difficult transition to permanent housing.” - Amy Doe Noordzij, Trustee of The Doe Family Foundation

965 Massachusetts Avenue | Boston, MA 02118 phone: 617.541.0222 | fax: 617.541.0094 | www.vpi.org /VictoryPrograms



Profile for VictoryPrograms

Small Successes Lead to Major Victories  

2017 Victory Programs Annual Report with Sources of Support

Small Successes Lead to Major Victories  

2017 Victory Programs Annual Report with Sources of Support


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