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by Vincent Brown A new chapter in the destiny of this country began on Friday, Jan. 20, as Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. After a brutal election process in which Trump won the Electoral college, and Hillary Clinton won the popular vote – by 2.9 million, the most votes any other losing presidential candidate has won in U.S. history – raw emotion still remains at an all-time high more than a month since the inauguration. Some have responded with fear and anger as they are not sure what to expect from a Trump Administration. Without a doubt, the questions still swirling in the hearts of many are, "What will happen? Who can I trust?” Situations like these are nothing new as we are continuously put into predicaments where we must decide who and what will lead us.

Some may feel that their faith is being tested. We tend to put God in a box — trying first to figure out how we can resolve the issue ourselves. That is, until we become frustrated and then we seek the All-Knowing as an afterthought. How much anxiety and how many headaches could have been avoided if we had just sought God first? God wants us to have Victory in our faith. However, we cannot possess Victory if our faith focuses more on circumstances than The Creator. This is not only true of the current political environment, but also of anything seeking to take priority in our lives. Victory in our faith requires us to take God out of the box and put Him in His rightful position — first. So I ask you today, “Who is your Commander in Chief?” Who exercises supreme operational command and control of your life? In whom does your faith lie?

Victory! Magazine - Issue 2 - Feb 2017 - VGC