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[ Victor H. Rivera Andino ] Architecture.Portfolio.



it.Living the.River

240 W. broughton



African.Slavery.Museum [graduate studio 2|3_2013]

program|experience research

site| jacksonville, FL



The African Slavery Museum has as main objective to serve as a knowledge source and tell the story of the journey of slaves in America until they reach their freedom. This project aims to transmit through architecture the experience, feelings and difficulties that the slaves felt during their struggle. But at the same time the Museum will celebrate the people and groups that stood up against slavery and fought for equality. This museum will become a journey, a living experience of a permanent past that can change the future.

the portal of [sorrow] wind drew the landscape in front of me sun warmed my skin with a nice touch my eyes were glad of what they saw but suddenly, everything went dark screams, sounds unrecognizable to me, everything was confusing air, was taken from me, my path has become a secret silence and darkness has become my worst enemy forces escaped from me, sliding down these chains that wrap my hands light has returned but my nightmare is still present I turn my head and I see myself in many faces eyes, the looked empty, dead, hopeless there is no difference between day and night, I can only keep walking desperation has taken over my senses cold, I run as if there was no time fatigue and pain has become my sounding board uncertainty, is it worth the fight what I seek? they fight, I don’t know if it is for me or to forgive their conscience promises, appear on the horizon, more and more away and unreachable dreams? reality? I can only keep walking my shadow has become my only guide it all makes sense to me, everything is clear colors? white, black, none of that matters I can feel it so close that my soul smiles for what I have struggled, suffered and wept is before me now I have only one thing to do .... close my eyes and receive my Freedom [v.h]

[site location]

[city axes]

[project mass|landscape design]

[topography integration]

[reflective pool addition]

[form develpoment]


[ship journey room]

[main galeries]

[freedom garden]

Detroit.Living the.River [graduate studio 1_2012|with Michael J.]

The Detroit Riverfront Competition is an extraordinary opportunity to create a new icon/landmark that is representative of the transformation of the City and the People of Detroit. We recognize the challenge of the competition and the need of revitalizing the riverfront area of the city; but more than that, addressing all the problems that affect the city: education, housing, transportation, economy and social problems. The city has made a call to see if with a new input Detroit can go back on track and reestablishes itself as a prominent city on the map.

[city axonometric|site analysis]

[concepts diagrams]

[topography section]

[power plant]

[highway section]

[energy input to the city]

[longitudinal section through site

[retail space|highway]


[topography and public space]


240 W. broughton street infill [graduate studio IV_ 2013]

.siteplan|context [savannah, georgia]

.design concept|development

1 site context

2 building mass

3 division of mass



look up and enjoy!

to invert the storefront concept from a street scape level to the 3rd floor maximizing the store potential and experience of customers.



create intrigue with circulation

partial floor plan


5 0


detailed elevation 35

5 0


section perspective 0


35 15

celebration.of.Death [graduate studio IV_2013]

The colonial park cemetery is an scenario of dual purposes. Even dough is experienced as a park basically the majority of time we cannot neglect that the park history is based on death. It is on this neglect that this diagrams are born. Elements on the space, for examples benches, trees and paths attract and suggest people to interact with the site as a park. The same way graves, the fence around and the atmosphere at night completely change the perception of the place. This overlapping of information has a consequence of lost of significance to the event of death and a replacement of the ordinary in the lost of life. Park and cemetery becomes a battlefield. Who is more important? Instead of giving an answer I would suggest that the one place in where the two elements can coexist is underground. The recognition of absence is achieved, living and death intersect each other. A celebration of Death.

.colonial park cemetery|context [savannah, Georgia]

Field.Conditions [2nd Design Studio_2009]

.Mantis Shrimp

Phase I [ 2D Representation ] Field Conditions was composed of a series of analytical reasoning that started with the research of a auto-generative system. For this research I investigated the mantis shrimp which has a complex visual structure, this structure permits this animal to zoom at specific points, use x-ray and even thermal sensitive registration. The first phase of the project was to diagram the structure of the eye and had a 2-d representation of this analysis to then identify materials that reflected the properties of the visual structure.

.mantis eye

.3d representation

.2d analysis

.2d eyes representation diagram

.hinge [movement]

.screw [attachment]

.glass lense [optics]

Phase II [ 3D Representation ] During Phase II, a 3D representation was presented. This model articulated the properties of both, the visual structure and the diagramatic drawing. The materials used on this model were: raw optic lenses, which had different correction to represent the ability of the mantis to zoom at different areas; hinges, which allowed the model to move giving the notion of “living� to the project. From this physical models we had to diagram using both 2d and 3d representations and articulate an architectural design for the phinal phase. .Phase 2 Final Model

.final form analysis

Phase III [ Architectural Development ] The architectural phase of the project is sited in a dry dock, in the port area of San Juan. The program proposed for this phase was a observatory pavillion. The folded facade represents the movement of the eyes and the model and an important aspect of the project would be the openings on the facade. This openings are a source of light and visibility.

.Context [San Juan, P.R.]

.Site Plan

[program] .observatory .pavillion .teleferic .gathering space

Mayaguez.School.Housing [4th Design Studio_2010]

The Mayaguez School Housing project is a mix-use development that included a library, shops, galeery and housing for 200 students. Because of the urban density of the site a facade analysis was developed to give a particular and impressive sense to the project. A series of studies between the facade and the program were translated in the layout of program, circulation and visibility between the levels.

.siteplan|context [mayaguez, puerto rico]


.facade [generation] analysis

.facade|program [interaction]


Botanica. [center for spiritual advice] [3rd Design Studio_2009]

Program was the main driver of this project. The assignment of this specific program led to an research of how to re-invent the spatial experience of the “botanica”. A botanica has transformed from a place of super-natural experiences to a mere shop. The intent was to work with a generic box that represented the actual status of the botanica and then slice up that box to recreate the “lost” diversity of the botanica and how applies to different kind of personalities.

.section a-a

.program analysis

.form development diagrams

.generic box

.slice of box

.rotation of levels



.top view

.first floor plan

.second floor plan

Art.Movement.Architecture [1st Design Studio_2008]

Based in the painting, “niño comiendo chinas”, of respected painter Torres Martino our assignment was to capture in a two-dimensional drawing the movement perceived in the painting. During this abstractions we developed different schemes that resulted in a 9”x36” composition. Our final goal was to take this 2-D composition an translated in to a 3-D representation. This cube represent the overlays of information in the composition as well as the movement in a static environment.

.final model


.niño comiendo chinas, 1952

.first geometry abstraction


.9”x36” composition

+ [3]



Victor H. Rivera Andino 607 e. duffy Savannah, GA t. (787) 300-1697

hometown: Puerto Rico bilingual: English and Spanish AIAS member

M.Arch Candidate|2014

Savannah College of Art and Design. [Savannah, GA]

B.A. [2008 - 2012]

Environmental Design Major: Architecture University of Puerto Rico [Rio Piedras, P.R]

Summer Abroad Program |2011

ELISAVA Escuela Superior de DiseĂąo e IngenierĂ­a [Barcelona, Spain]


[3d modeling]



Integra Architects & Engineers

Architecture Intern Designed presentations. Created renderings and models. Drafted construction documents. Designed project schematics. Visited and researched project sites. [Jan. 2012- Sep. 2012]

McRoberts Security Screener Agent [2011-2012]

Carnival Cruises Embarkation Staff [2011- 2012]






[3d modeling]

Autocad [drafting]

Microsoft Office

education work experience proficiency

fall 2013

Victor H. Rivera Andino  
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