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A Window Into My Life Victor Richardson’s Senior Valedictory Portfolio

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Anticipation for graduation and beginning my journey in college, unexpectedly seems intimidating and life– altering. Wrapping up my senior year of high school, reminiscent thoughts easily run through my brain. Back to when I first arrived at Fishers High School; a naive and joyful kid who admired the well-built senior’s every stride. Bizarrely, now I’ve become a senior and the idea that “time flies” is becoming a more realistic thought each day. There just isn’t enough hours in the day, and we must make the best out of time as it quickly fades away. I appreciate everyone who finds time to read my portfolio in the mist of their busy schedules. Enjoy this glimpse into my life!

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A Window Into My Life Valedictory Home Meaning of Life People

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Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Before the throne of the Almighty, man will be judged not by his acts but by his intentions. For God alone reads our hearts.” Defining yourself can seem like a stressful deed when invested in high school drama. Often, I sit back and reminisce about the times that I have experienced over the years, but my subjective memory gives me a tainted view towards myself. My friends say overthinking how others view me causes me to shift between two extremes. Yet the thoughts continuously run through my brain causing internal stress. Although I’ve never strived to be the most popular person or the most liked, the comfort of knowing how people view me would be alleviating. I’ve always tried to limit my stress over things I can’t control, yet constant thoughts of what people think of me or reading their minds to know what they’re thinking can become a major stressors. Unfortunately, I can’t control what people think or say about me. This is kind of saddening because I’m not a perfect man, or even remotely close to it. I just pray that people can see past my faults and see my intentions have always been pure. (201)

A Window Into My Life Victor Richardson’s Senior Valedictory Portfolio

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My Inspiration His eyes slump boldly with a hint of exhaustion, and his smile consumes his face hiding any hurt, stress, or fear. It’s hard to read a man when his eyes and smile tell two contradicting stories, almost making their lives a mystery to the outside world. As far back as I can remember, lies thoughts of my grandfather’s puzzling personality. A wise old man with knowledge to spare, his room decorated by framed diploma, showed me how to be a man. Historically my grandfather played the role of stronghold or backbone of my family. He possessed this paranormal ability to keep our whole family together and forced us to show love towards one another. As a young kid I always categorized him with superheroes like superman or Mr. incredible, no one could anticipate how correct that categorization actually was. Although he doesn’t possess some intergalactic superpower his will power to survive is equivalent in magnitude. Unlike these other superheroes his villain lives within. When faced with cancer most crumple over and weep as if death is the inevitable. My grandfather’s refusal to allow the inevitable control his life makes him my inspiration. Knowing the battles that he faces each and every day makes my struggles seem trivial in comparison. (209)

A Helpful Hand Most of the times fulfilling the duties of a grandson are fairly simple. Most grandchildren are only expected to give hugs and accept Christmas presents. Although I know my grandmother would love to provide me with the same kind of life as most children, her petite body renders her incapable. Arthritis flows through each bone in her body, making her body drastically weaker and incapable of doing some of the everyday task needed to survive. Just standing up is equivalent to climbing a mountain for her. Fortunately, as her body began to weaken I was growing into a stern young man. She relentlessly struggled for a while, determined to continue her independent ways, but the harder she would struggle the more her body would ache. Eventually we both came to an understanding that she needed me and I was willing to step up. I became her strength. The arthritis attacked from the inside, and I would bear the burden for each muscle that strength was taken. After willingly jumping at the opportunity to help one thing became clear to me, family is everything. (199)

A Window Into My Life Victor Richardson’s Senior Valedictory Portfolio

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A Glimpse into the past My First Practice

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I remember taking my first step out onto the field. The frostbitten grass glistened in the sun as I nervously observed each corner that wrapped around the field. Second thoughts quickly raced through my head causing me to stand motionless as the rest of the team rushed onto the field. My

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coach read my facial expressions and assured me it wouldn’t be that bad. I moseyed onto the field, my body stiff like an ox, and started stretching with my team. Maybe it was the twinkling grass, or maybe the arousing spring air, but something about that field made me feel alive. As practice progressed I could feel an oncoming obsession with the sport. I had only practiced throwing the ball a little prior to that date and I feared that I wouldn’t enjoy the game; that assumption was far from the truth. After that affirming practice ended, I knew that I found more than a new sport. I found a team that I would shortly call my brothers, and I knew I was destined to become a rugby player. (222)

Doubtless Starting something new always sounds good, but easily we can overlook the cost of getting what we want. I remember about 4 years ago when my dad announced that he planned on starting a new church. My whole family cheered around the house all day, naive towards what lied on the road ahead of us. For a couple of months we couldn’t find a stable building. We juggled between various schools around the city, and as a young teenager I couldn’t understand why all these obstacles blocked us from fellowshipping. Doubt overwhelmed me, leaving me confused about what to really believe. I would ask myself things like, “If God is real why would he put us through this.” I continued with that ambiguous mentality for about another three months until I heard the song Meaningless by Anthony Evens on the radio. Particularly the chorus which said, “It's meaningless without you. It's Meaningless these treasures I possess. Because only you can satisfy and only you sustain my life and without you, it is meaningless.” That song allowed me to view the world less close-mindedly. All of the material things, cars, clothes, and buildings became insignificant and I could doubtlessly fellowship once again. (242)

A Window Into My Life Victor Richardson’s Senior Valedictory Portfolio

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An Uplifting loss Approaching exhaustion we stood on the field, as a unit, awaiting the start of the second half. With a tied score, uncertainty over the outcome of the game consumed each player’s thoughts. After a previous defeat of 47 to 0, against the same team earlier that season, a thirst for vengeance ran through each Tigers (my team) veins. After the bell rung every thought and fear stopped, quickly being replaced by instinct and determination. The heart of a tiger became evident to everyone surrounding the field. We pushed ourselves past the limit and the opposing team responded accordingly. Finally it came down to the final three minutes and the scoreboard shined with a score of 17 to 15, their lead. Each player slumped over with eyes burning red from the sun’s rays and jerseys bleeding sweat. With only enough time for one more drive we decide to give our all but that wouldn’t suffice. The feeling of exhaustion began to overwhelm our bodies making each step feel weighted by a hundred pound brick. The final whistle blew leaving the score 17 to 15, shamrocks win. Although the scoreboard deemed us unsuccessful we gained the respect, honor, and praise of each person watching that game, and that made us triumphant. (209)

Make It Pay I remember it like it was yesterday; a luau themed gathering, an overabundance of food, and a comforting atmosphere. Previously, we all voted on a few awards to acknowledge the hardest working players on the team. The main three awards included best forward, best back, and MVP. The whole year me and the other center (Tyler) fought each game, combined we scored more than the rest of the team. Each person holds a certain role on the rugby team, the job of centers mainly consisted of running the ball and trying to score. Undeniably, one of us deserved to win that best back award. After giving away the rest of the awards, time came to give away the big three. Best forward went to Trey Henderson, best back Victor Richardson, and MVP Chase Buhl. A bittersweet shock ran through my body, although I was excited my teammates appreciated the hard work I put in, I felt as if Tyler deserved some sort of recognition. I walked back to my seat unconfidently, my face overtaken by a half-smile. As I approached my seat coach muttered that he still processed a couple of awards. Shock overtook the whole room because each award that we voted on already found its owner. Coach rambled on for a couple of minutes about how he gathered with other coaches around the state and picked these awards. Finally he announced that two players from our team won All-State. Almost like deja vu the names Chase Buhl and Victor Richardson rang through everyone's ear. This award had me completely discombobulated. This award showed that the whole state admired the hard work I put into the game and that meant a lot to me. Although I can’t always win games or award its nice every once-in-awhile to enjoy a pat on the back and be reassured that hard work actually does pay off. (314)

A Window Into My Life Victor Richardson’s Senior Valedictory Portfolio

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Personal Reflections on Pop Culture

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Pop Culture News:

Ocean Vs. Brown Recently a brawl broke out between two of R&B superstars, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean. I can’t say I wouldn't imagine this from Brown because earlier in my high school career he was on trial for domestic violence charges. Although Ocean allegedly only retaliated out of self-defense the example he set for younger kids is subpar, to say the least. I understand there was probably a lot of tension between the two A-listers but violence settled nothing. They said it all started when Ocean claimed that Brown stole his parking spot and escalated with the help of some strong language. Younger kids minds are so susceptible to the treacherous influences of media and as role models of these kids the two superstars should settled their problems a more efficient way. I understand that they are young also but when they established themselves as monumental figures in these kids lives they should have also been willing to protect the sanity of our youth. It is common knowledge that to whom much is given much is expected; well they have been given millions of dollars, cars, clothes, and most importantly the attention of our youth. Now all we expect in return is for them to be decent role models. (207)

Pop Culture News:

Beyoncé and Family Beyoncé tied the knot with one of hip hops most successful rappers towards the beginning of my high school career (Jay-Z). Since then she had baby and is expecting one soon. She is chasing the American dream and it is a beautiful thing. Not very often do you see Hollywood couples trying to stay together and raise a family, and seeing them together is a breathe of fresh air. They decided to have a baby so that their first born, Blue Ivy Carter, can have a lifelong friend. The thing that I find so interesting about this family is I had never heard about Beyoncé in a relationship prior to Jay-Z. Seeing someone who has selfpreservation as a trait has become such a scarce commodity in our society. I think her kids will look back at the life she has lived with admiration opposed to how most kids view their superstar parents. In todays society to keep kids away from all the mental danger that they can encounter. I believe the best way is to be an adult, set an example, and do show them the difference between right and wrong. (195)

A Window Into My Life Victor Richardson’s Senior Valedictory Portfolio

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Personal Reflections on World Events

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Obama Wins Often it’s hard to go outside of our comfort zone; its hard to do things when so much is against us. When Barrack Obama decided to run for president he did just that. For hundreds of years America managed to always elect a male of Caucasian decent as president. Anything different was highly frown upon, and anyone who tried to encourage change was highly hated. That’s probably why Obama has received more death threats than any other president in history. He built his whole campaign on the idea of change. Having an African American president draws attention world-wide. With America being such a major world power the people look towards us for help and ideas. Seeing a minority president in power grants hope towards aspiring humans worlds wide. It shows that everyone is accepted in America, and if you work hard enough any dream is obtainable. It’s hard for people to accept people for who they are. Its hard to ignore someone’s past and embrace who they’ve become. It’s hard to alter what has become so prevalent in our lives. Once we begin to stop allowing things to taint our views and start reading peoples heart then we will grow. (202)

"Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting: What Happened?" CNN. Cable News Network, 14 Dec. 2012. Web. 28 Jan. 2013.

Sandy Hook Overwhelmed by the hustle of life, 20 minutes never seemed detrimental in my eyes. Whether approaching A 20 minute car ride, withstanding 20 minutes left of school, or enduring 20 minute of rugby practice me along with extraneous amounts of people categorize 20 minutes as a short period of time. Unknowingly, parents waved goodbye to their kindergarteners and first-graders, as they enjoyed their last 20 minutes of life. Discovering 20 elementary kids lost their lives in only 20 minutes made my heart crumble. Confined to the ignorance of my life, blissfully, I failed to notice all the danger lurking in the world. Viewing school as a safe place, I never imagined the lives of any creature being threatened outside of science class. Undeniably, traitorous thing occur each day, forcing millions to live in fear. That fear often turns into hatred which quickly becomes cancerous and spreads to those who surround us. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” We all should just take 20 minutes out of our busy schedule to show love towards someone who is trapped in a world of hatred, and hopefully we can save a kids life. (211)

A Window Into My Life Victor Richardson’s Senior Valedictory Portfolio

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Time Capsule Reflection

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This time capsule is an attempt to capture a few prominent parts of my life now and explain its importance to me. I also believe that this will help me remember what is shaping me to be the man I’m destined to be.

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Time Capsule Piece 1: rugby ball

This item will show where my passion is. I love playing rugby and I feel like holding this ball will bring back some joyful memories. Time Capsule Piece 2: Ray Bandz

These glasses, although a little nerdy, define me. They are the most recognizable thing I have and the only thing that follows me where ever I go. Time Capsule Piece 3: Bible The Bible has a countless amount of benefits. It holds the answers for a lot of the hard questions it life. My studies of the bible have made me the man I am today. The quotes and words of inspiration are incomparable and I think it should be acknowledge.

Time Capsule Piece 4: Watch

I want to be remembered for who I am. A harmless kid who loves to have fun, and is occasionally late. I got this watch in attempts to stop being late and failed drastically but it’s a work in progress. Time Capsule Piece 5: Family Photo

My family has been there for me since day one. With all the people in it can be hard to stay in touch with everyone but they have all played a prominent role in my life.

A Window Into My Life Victor Richardson’s Senior Valedictory Portfolio

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Top Ten Musical Artist of 2013 Music is an important part of my life and knowing the types of music someone listens to can tell a lot about them. I want people to understand the kind of man I am

10— Kendrick Lamar


He is a great rapper. I think that he takes a lot of time to perfect his music and his rhyme scheme is each song is superb.

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9 –Asap Rocky When I'm cruising around in my car, windows down, and music blasting I always listen to Asap. His music is fun and I have made some great memories listening to his music.

8— Frank Ocean He simply produces great music. Frank Ocean has a very universal style so a lot of people can enjoy it.

7—Rick Ross There is a time to relax and there is a time to get hype. Rick Ross’s music can hype anyone up. I listen to him before games to get me in game mode.

6— John Mayor His music relaxes me. When I need to study or just take my mind off of life I always revert back to listening to John Mayors music.

5 – J. Cole He has one of the best flows known to man. His lyrics can get a little mind-boggling at times. He also raps about real life situations unlike most rappers who just rap about how much better their life is than mine.

4—Miguel Miguel has one of the best voices this generation. He has a pretty exotic style which may seem a little flamboyant to others but I truly enjoy his art.

3—Chris Brown Although he causes a lot of controversy Chris Brown produces some great music. A lot of people hate his character but admire every song he is sings.

2—Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake is the symbol for “cool.” His music is soothing to the ear and his swag is the foundation for attracting girls. Needless to say, JT is the man.

1— Drake Drake is an extremely chill rapper; Unlike other rappers like lil Wayne. Drake came out with an album called Take Care and I enjoy every song on it.

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