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Content Introduction……………………………… ………4 Learning reflection………………………….…..6 Unit 1: Profile ………………………… ….……..7 Unit 2: Restaurant “El Caribe” ……………..8 Unit 3: The Old Man and the Sea (El Viejo y el Mar.)….… ……..……..9 Unit 4: E-mails ……………………..………….10 Unit 5: Advertisement ……… ………….….12 Unit 6: Mobile Phone………… ……………..13 Unit6.1: Television……………………………..14 Unit 7: Free Time…………… ………………..15 Unit 7.1: Life is Fast……………………………17 Unit 8: Guanajuato…………… ……………….18 Unit 8.1: San Francisco……… ……………….19

Introduction This is a collection that I created during this school year, so far I have written 11 compositions.  The first one was a description about some friend.  The second composition is about my favorite restaurant, and my favorite food.  In the third one, I talk about “The Old Man and the Sea” that is one of my favorite books. In the fourth and the fifth compositions, I use the E-mail to reply of way correctly:  The fourth one is an answer to my colleague.  In the fifth composition is an answer to be a volunteer in a sport event. In the sixth and seventh compositions have in common the same unit and similars topics:  The sixth one I talk about the mobile phone, it's advantages and disadvantages.

 The seventh one, is about advantages and disadvantages of Television. The compositions number eight and nine, are from the Unit 7:  in the eighth composition, I give my opinion about the Free time and how I think is used.  In the nineth one, I give my point of view about the time and the life is enough to work and sleep. The last compositions, are the Unit 8:  In the tenth composition, I send an e-mail to some friend Carlos), about a place that I visited.  Finally in the eleventh one, I send an e-mail to Jose, my friend, describing the place where I live.

Learning reflection The English is a form of expression more, nowadays is really important, because enable new opportunities of the life, like a good job or simply for know more ... So, I think that the use of vocabulary and the rules of the English are very important, so, activities such as the compositions here presented are very important because serve to practice the language. The School year is coming to end, and I feel a grand satistaction, because, I lern very much along this one, not only in Enghlish, also in the more subjects, and, of course in the life... I hope you enjoy the content on my small compilation.

Victor Reza Estrada

Unit 1: Indivudual & Society Profile Name: Rosas Gonzalez Victor Alejandro Job title subject: student Work/studies: at Prepa 1 Interests/ free time Alejandro likes to play video games, He loves the online games; He was born in Mexico city on May 24th 1997;He studies at Prepa 1 from UNAM; He’s a good student, He lives in Tulyehualco; He’s a good friend, He’s a great person; He wants study Medicine; He loves Medicine.

Unit 2: Eating & Drinking Restaurant “El Caribe” Their menu consists of fish, shrimp, octopus, and several foods from the sea. They use fresh ingredients. They serve the fish and shrimp in several dishes, the dishes are delicious; you can choose from cocktail of shrimps or “vuelve a la vida”. The dishes have a great presentation, their dishes are healthy.

Unit 3: Art & Music The Old Man and the Sea (El Viejo y el Mar) Author: E. Hemingway The main characters: Santiago, the old fisherman Manolin, is a young, who helps to old fisherman. This novel is set in a village near the sea This is the story of an old fisherman. He is obstinate; He had 84 days without fishing any fish. He against his bad luck begins an adventure into the sea, where he is confronted with his bad luck and an enormous fish...

Unit 4: Hopes & Fears E-mails Dear Alex I’m writing to check our plans for the conference in Zaragoza, Spain. I am going to arrive by train at 10 a.m., where I hope to see you. After, we plan to take a taxi to the conference center, there we will meet Charlie. Well; I’m giving you my mobile phone; it is 55-31-16-9161, call me if you’re late or have problems, see you until next week. Best wishes Victor Reply: Dear Victor I hope you are fine I checked your plans and I agree with them I hope you arrive at Zaragoza without any problems. Best wishes Alex

Unit 5: Work & Leisure Advertisement Reply to and advert Dear Mr. Ellis, I want to be a volunteer for this event; I'm interested in all sports, especially athletics. I have language skills: excellent English, good Spanish and some French. Another reason, to be good for this volunteer program is that I have experience, I have worked at other international events, in tickets sales at Expo 07, and as a tour guide at a local museum last summer. I enjoy meeting people. Also I'm available in July. Yours sincerely: Victor Reza

Unit 6: Science & Technology Mobile Phone Nowadays, more people have a mobile phone, we use it for several activities, such as calling to someone or just entertainment. Use of cell phone has many advantages. first of all, I think that the mobile phone is a good communication tool, it’s smaller than other electronic devices, in addition, because of the advance of technology it is a great entertainment center, I believe that the use is beneficial to people, whenever it is used correctly. There are also certain disadvantages is using the mobile phone. For example, it is a mortal distractor to drivers, in addition, the excessive use of the mobile phone is harmful for your health. In conclusion the mobile phone is an excellent communication tool, if we don't it excessively.

Television Many people always watch T.V., nowadays it is a daily activity. Watching T.V. has many advantages. First of all, I believe that watching T.V. is very good because people can learn about very interesting topics such as documentaries of animals or the news around the world. Today, there are T.V.’s with access to Internet, It is a great advantage to have more communication with other people. However, there are also disadvantages in T.V. For example, watch T.V. in excess is bad to the sight, it is a distractor, in addition, it favours the consumerism. In conclusion T.V. is very good when we watch a good program.

Unit 7: Time & Money Free Time •

How do we spend the free time?

Do we give importance to free time?

Is free time beneficial for us?

I believe, nowadays the youngs have more free time than their parents and grandparents. The leisure is a time of the day or week, that usually, we use to relax or to have fun. -How do we spend the free time? In my opinion, we spend very much time in videogames and social networks; I think that a good way to spend this with exercise or reading a book. -Do we give importance to free time? Sometimes we don't give importance to leisure and we waste this time, I think, if we organized this time in study, maybe, we would be the best students; however, always there is time to relax.

-Is free time beneficial for us? in my opinion, the leisure is good when it´s spent in activities such as, exercise, reading or with the family or friends, but, I think it is a bad idea to waste time just in social networks. In conclusion, leisure is a good option to invest time when we organize it correctly.

Life is Fast •

How do we spend our time?

Time is money

Everyday people live with more pressure, and we use as an excuse work or school, so, time flies, the day passes very quickly. How do we spend our time? I Think that we spend very much time in worries, we are stressed, so, the time is enough to work and sleep. Time is money In my opinion, more people waste time trying to earn more money, this is a reason so that the time isn’t enough for people.

Unit 8: Home & away Guanajuato Dear Carlos I hope you are fine I’m writing to talk to you about my trip to Guanajuato. I went to Guanajuato six months ago, I stayed in the hotel Valenciana, in Guanajuato there are very many landmarks and tourist attractions, the landmarks that I visited were, a museum where there are mummies, an old mine, the church where Don Miguel Hidalgo gave “El Grito de dolores”, also I visited the museum of the inquisition and finally I visited the museum about history of Mexico. For me, Guanajuato a an excellent place to visit, because it has several, very interesting museums, also the atmosphere is very relaxed and typical, I recommend you to visit Guanajuato, Best Wishes Victor

My town: San Francisco Dear Jose I hope you are fine In this occasion, I will tell you about my town, my town is called San Francisco and it is a little town in the south of Xochimilco. In this place there is a very very old church, and it is the more representative landmark of my town; it is located 45 minutes from Xochimilco Center, there isn’t a big shopping center, so it is a very quite place, no much to do at the night. It is a good place to live. Until Next e-mail Victor

Thank you for reading!

English compositions II  
English compositions II