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An online Altered Reality Game Combining serial fiction, social networking, learning games and teaching materials

Using entertainment to teach Christian Fonnesbech


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What is The Climate Mystery? When does it launch? Learning objectives Partners & distribution About CONGIN

The Climate Mystery is an online learning fiction running this autumn in conjunction with the UN’s global climate summit On September 14, 4 young people will call out for help as a mysterious force begins to threaten them. Through the Internet, kids all over the world will work together for 4 months - to solve the mystery and save the planet ~o~

The Climate Mystery is a tv-series for the YouTube generation, combining weekly video episodes with social networking, learning games and social networking

The Climate Mystery is an Altered Reality Game It pretends to be a true story that is happening right now

The site will have 4 main sections and a separate learning platform As well as a number of external, fictional sites

Landing page

Ongoing story

Social Network

Learning games

Learning platform

We know it works



In 2006 we launched The Galathea Mystery in conjunction with The Galathea Expedition which went around the world in 8 months

2. When does it launch?

Online launch: 14th September 2009 Each week the fiction and teaching materials focus on a new aspect of the global climate challenges

Week 38

Subject Jellyfish Attack - Ocean circulation

39 40

Clathrate Gun -Ocean warming Shutdown of the Great Ocean Conveyor - Ocean circulation

41 42

Stronger, but fewer hurricanes - Global warming More rain - Weather changes


Southern hemisphere Atlantic Hurricanes - Weather changes


Dengue fever - Living conditions

45 46

Glacier retreat - Ocean rising Flash Floods - Flooding

47 48

Toxic Algal Bloom - Water supply Ocean acidification - Changing habitats

49 50

Forest fires - Temperature rising Different agricultural yields - Living conditions


Flooding - Living conditions


Water scarcity - Living conditions


Heatwave - Wildlife changing habitats


COP15 Summit

NB: Order may change

The story unfolds weekweek-byby-week for 16 weeks And reaches its climax during the COP15 climate summit

“The most significant gathering on climate change since Kyoto in 1997� 18.000 people from 170 countries: Governmental representatives NGO's Companies Journalists Activists and many others A unique opportunity for teaching about climate and for innovating teaching methods across the world

3. Learning objectives

All story elements will be in Intermediate English

Video episodes Forum postings Newsflashes Blogs

Video dialogue will be in english With english subtitles

Curriculum mapping

Developed in collaboration with EUN – The European Schoolnet

The aim is to empower teachers Exclusive story info for teachers!

1. Teachers’ Teachers’ guide – User Manual 2. Supplementary teaching materials 3. Curriculum 4. Teachers guide for lessons 5. Didactical foundation Workgroup

4. Partners & distribution

Our partners make it free for schools and all other users!

The Danish Ministry of Climate & Energy

EUN – EUROPEAN SCHOOLNET European Schoolnet (EUN) is a not-for-profit consortium of 31 ministries of education in Europe created in 1997. European Schoolnet is at the crossroads of national and regional education networks, building synergies between communities of teachers, learners, developers, researchers and policy-makers.

Microsoft Partners In Learning (PIL) The project is being promoted through Microsofts PIL programme

PIL has 1.6 million registered teachers, worldwide. See

In addition, Globally, Microsoft has 110 Academic Programme Managers employed. These will promote The Climate Mystery locally, targeting the following: - Innovative teachers - National ICT centers - Local climate teaching initiatives - Educational ministries - Natural Science associations, institutions and so on.

5. About CONGIN

The Climate Mystery is developed and produced by CONGIN We make knowledge transfer into an experience



Ditte Lander Distribution Manager

Christian Fonnesbech Creative Director

Introduction - The Climate Mystery  

The Climate Mystery (TCM) is a highly entertaining global edu-game making the climate challenges interesting and accessible to a wide audien...