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is the

name of my little sister, she is 4 years old she is very funny and happy. When she born i was 14 years and i’m is an student. The first time to i watched to her i started to crying. It´s a little embarazing but it’s the true.


Is the place where i study my math course, when i finished i will could teach maths in the conamat. Ilove my book, because is so big and is like the maths bible.


the place when i want to live when i’m old, because i hope to saved money for can spend it.


is the name of my BEST FRIEND, female, she is 19 years old, she love’s the animals and she is really funny, i love to her so much she is super trustworthy.

GLORIA is the

class teacher of English, she is very good with their students. She like’s Chihuahuas dog and she lived in USA and she has a very nice smile.


Is the place when i want to travel, because all from this place is really awesome, the culture, people, traditions, ways to they get dresed, etc..

Ingenieria Civil

is the profession that will study, because I may work with my uncle and I can be part of the family business. I like this profession because I know if you work hard has its rewards.


My musical favorite movie, really love this movie, because makes me feel to in all people can change and deserve a second opportunity.


Is the name of the company, my uncle Cesar is the boss and when i finish my career i will to work with him in this company of construction.


the name of my rock star favorite she is so sexy, because i think she sing really good, my bigest dream is been face to face.


is my favorite chanel because i can see all kind of tv shows, my favorites are AWKARD, Catfish, South Patk, Sueños de Hollywood and Último Año.

Pi's Lullaby

Name’s of my favorite song, i listened this song when i watched the movie Life of Pi, this is one of my favorites movies, the languaje is Tamil.

ENGLISH My darling, the apple of my eye, Go to sleep, my dear precious one. Are you a peacock? A peacock displaying its beautiful plumage? Are you a Cuckoo Bird? Are you th chirping Cuckoo Bird? Are you the moon? Are you the moon's light? Are you the eyelid? Are you the dreams within the eyelids? Sleep humming.. Sleep humming.. Are you a flower? Are you the sweet nectar of the flower? Are you a fruit? Are you the sweet taste of the ripened fruit? Sleep humming..


கண்ணே, கண்மேிணே கண்ணுறங்காய், ப ான்ணே மேிணலா, ண ாகக மேிணலா குேிணலா, கூவும் குேிணலா நிலண ா, நில ின் ஒளிணோ இகமணோ, இகமேின் கேண ா ராராணரா, .. ராராணரா ராராணரா, .. ராராணரா மலணரா, மலரின் அமுண ா கேிணோ, பெங்கேிேின் சுக ணோ ராராணரா, .. ராராணரா


She also is my sister, she is 19 years old and she likes the guns. WTF!! She wants to be federal police, I think it's an crazy idea but she decided it.


This is the name of my school, is a little bored.


I have many web pages, but my favorites are facebook, fancy, behance, vip art fair, etc.. likes me to search images that could be representatives or also artistics.

Victor A to Z  
Victor A to Z  

About me and the things and people to make be who i am.