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W3C - Principles 

Web accessibility (WAI) – people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the Web.

Internationalization – making possible use Web technologies with different languages, scripts and cultures ‘making World Wide Web world wide’.

Device independence – access to an Unified Web from any device in any context to anyone.

Mobile Web initiative – making Web access from a mobile device as simple as Web access from a desktop device. ‘work together to design Web technologies to enhance communication and commerce for anyone, anywhere, anytime and using any device’.

Tim Berners-Lee

Strengths and Weaknesses

Stakeholders Prospective business students / International Students / Domestic Students undergraduate postgraduate 

Staff Teaching staff; research staff (Business Education Research Group – BERG) general staff 

Board of Governors of the LMBS and London Metropolitan University

Corporate Sponsors Government bodies (could use Services to Business - consultancy) Chief executives (companies interested in LMBS) 

Professional bodies Chartered Institutes (CIPR, CIM, IPA) 

Government financial bodies Councils Local community 


Web Engagement Matrix - Board of Governors - Students - Prospective Students

Academic Staff Professional bodies Government

Aims of Digital Presence

Enhance the LMBS reputation and influence

Improve learning objectives; focus on teaching, research and service

Develop a network within the school community

Increase control, transparency, and accountability of LMBS leadership

Increase enrolment, retention rate, graduation rate and participation of students in activities and events

Increase relationship between LMBS and the business industry

Podcasts  

An audio file embedded into a web page Radio-like audio can be listened via:  PC or Laptop  iPod/MP3 players  Mobile phone

Advantages   

Easily accessible to a global audience One of the most cost effective electronic media distribution channel available 100% efficiency- episodes are downloaded on a opt-in basis

Video Podcast 

“As incorporating video onto the Web becomes easier and the quality of video gets better and better, consumers are expecting its presence on Web sites more and more. Video offers so many opportunities for marketers and Stakeholders to get their messages across in a more compelling, and more informative, way.” (Joe Boland, Target Marketing)

Advantages 

Increase learning objectives and enables lecturers to interact directly with students through Video Podcast or webcasting. It provides the LMBS website with the ability to provide students with videos about their specific Degree and the Modules being taught. Enable students to freely access Past lectures videos, which can help them to recall information and complete notes about the Lecture.

Blogs/Micro blogging 

 

A blog (short for weblog) is a personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Twitter (Micro Blog) Advantages  Easy to create  Can be maintained easily  Search engine friendly  Allows interaction with intended readers/customer base  Free  Gives unlimited space

Forums online community where visitors may read and post topics of common interest Advantages:  the views and advice offered by visitors' stays on your Website for all your visitors to see  attract a wide section of society to express their views  creating and building a rapport with your visitors, which can turn into long-lasting relationships Beneficial for:  Student (mainly prospective)  Staff (analysis of views of the university, ideas for improvement, etc.)  Alumni  Executive bodies  Professional bodies 

Social Networking Tools “Social Networks are among the most powerful examples of socialized Media. They create a dynamic ecosystem that incubates and nurtures relationships between people and the content they create and share.” (Brian Solis) Top 5 social Networking sites 2010. • • • • •

#1 Face book #2 My Space #3 Bebo #4 Friendster #5 Hi 5

Advantages • Provides the LMBS site with active and constant interaction with users trough the Social Network website. • It builds an online reputation for the LMBS. • Brings the possibility of monitoring users interaction in order to pinpoint issues surrounding the LMBS and what it is being said about it. • Easier communication and interaction between stakeholders. • Provide information about Social Events and other activities taking place at the LMBS. • Possibilities of creating specific groups to target specific students or any other stakeholder at the LMBS website. e.g. Facebook group specifically for Advertising and Marketing degree students.

Suggestions 

Embrace Digital PR tools to achieve open and inclusive, public engagement

make use of other tools, such as Google Analytics to improve LMBS website relationship with other websites, as well as monitor traffic to its website. LMBS directors would know who is visiting LMBS website, how long they spend on each section, which sites are not sending traffic, and which ones are potential joint initiatives.

improve communication with stakeholders by using appropriate media tools and platforms

address the quality of posting in new media to preserve, protect, and/ or increase LMBS reputation

allow LMBS to create a dialogue with its audiences, rather than just communicate messages. The authenticity and substance of the messages should be conveyed with simplicity in order to be successful.

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